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    4 • FEBRUARY 2020
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Same owners•Same tires
ing sure they get all the credits or deduc-
tions they’re entitled to.”
Is there any part of the business that’s
surprised you?
“Actually, yes, when I came into the
business I was surprised by how many
people file their taxes late. My first month
someone came in and needed to file seven
years of taxes.”
How far back can you file?
“To get a refund, you can only file back
three years. If you wait too long, then you
just lose your refunds. If you owe, the IRS
can make you file back as far as they want.”
What’s the most common question
you get?
“The most common question is, ‘How
long does it take to get my refund back?’
(Ha-ha). We have the option for some cus-
tomers to get an advance on the refund
without any fees. Now they can get some
of it for free. That was one of the reasons
I was excited about buying H&R Block
because they have a few things that help
take care of customers.”
What are the benefits of having pro-
fessional tax professional help?
“You can be confident and have the
peace of mind that they’re done correctly.”
Are there any common misconcep-
tions you encounter?
“The idea that people can claim their
boyfriend or girlfriend’s kids as their
own, when in reality, until you’re married,
they’re not yours unless they’re blood.
They’ll try to get extra credits that way
and come in here and find out they’re not
What should people bring (when
“They should just make sure they’ve
waited for all their documents in the mail.
Employers are required to mail them out
by Jan. 31. If they have any questions they
can call and we can make sure they have
Are there any particular changes this
year that people should be aware of?
Same great service
Essence Series
• Fiberglass
exterior windows
& patio doors
Are there any customer stories that
resonate with you?
“One time I had a guy come in. His
wife was upset because they kept get-
ting letters from the IRS each year want-
ing more money. He came in and the IRS
wanted about $30,000 and Oregon wanted
another $7,000. I looked at his tax return
and found out he was paying taxes on his
personal home that he had sold. I re-did his
taxes for him and he didn’t owe anything
on it and he got back a refund of almost
$60,000 plus interest. So he comes and
gets his taxes done here every year.”
How much is it to file?
“$69 for the federal and $59 for any
states we have to file. If it’s more compli-
cated it goes up.”
Who are your typical customers?
“We get all kinds of customers from
students to businesses — a little of
What’s your favorite part?
“Just getting to help people. Most peo-
ple leave pretty happy knowing it’s done
What’s the most common mistake
people make with their taxes?
“The most common mistake is not mak-
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H&R Block Tax Consultant Chris Holloway poses for a photo with his loyal, 14-year-old companion
Millie. Holloway, 46, also has four kids with wife, Julia, ages 26, 24, 18 and 15.
“One of my favorite parts this year is
there is no longer a penalty for not having
health insurance. They took away the man-
date that it’s required and if not you got
penalized on your taxes. I hated that part
because I had to tell people “You would
get a refund but you owe for insurance or
you owe this. It wasn’t fair. They’ve also
changed the W-4, they have one for Ore-
gon and one for federal. It helps people
limit their tax liability a little bit.”
Now at the start of 2020, are there
things you recommend people do to
limit their tax liability in the new year?
“They should make sure they get that
new W-4 filled out. That way, it’s correct
for Oregon and federal, now that we have
a form for each.”