Cottage Grove sentinel and Cottage Grove leader. (Cottage Grove, Oregon) 1915-1921, December 23, 1921, Image 1

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More Than Half o f Required Member
uhtp Already Recruited; Business
Men O ffer Cooperation.
Melvin G, Winstock, Oregonian of
long standing, was in Cottage Grove
Wednesday oil business and called ou
The Sentinel long enough to touch
briefly on his great hobby “ The
Limitations o f Arina neat Conference.“
Mr. Winstock, since October 1, has
delivered addresses on this subjeet in
Portland, Heat tie, Tacoma, Bellingham,
Eugene, Corvallis ami many other
cities, and he regretted that time did
not permit mi
hires» at Cottage
“ A ft
said, “ that cost
in I*.
. 1 ween 35 and 40
iiu ',
.. wounded and missing
r i ,
n gold; that incredibly
.ah i ■ »t
national debt o f every
' t.n- world; that has placed
uii I h , i ruiUi
hardens on the backs of
plain p , ic everywhere, nations for
1921 2: have appropriated still further
billions for armies and navies.
“ Our country seeks to make a be
ginning toward tin* promotion o f pear»*
and the reductions o f these back
breaking taxes and ]»eiialties. Germany
is requested to pay for her sins but
$900,000,000 a year for 50 years as
her indemnity.
We, who have com
milted no international crime, this
year sptuid twice that sum for military
mid naval expense.
Continuance of
this procedure is a crime against the
“ And yet we have men in the land,
who for partisan political purposes an­
nounce violent opposition to the rntifi
cation o f the four nation agreement.
“ The good citizen of Cottage Grove
can perform no higher act of patriot
isin or human service than not only
to approve Am erica’s course but to
down on every effort to
divide our country’s sentiment on this
stupendous w ork.“
nUncle Burne” Veatch, Resident of
Cottage Grove Country 6 8 Years,
Passes Beyond in Ninety-fourth Year
A machine gun unit o f mux ini um
“ Uncle Hume “ Veatch, one of the
Htrcuglh is i he goal set by K. C. H|»rny,
best known and most highly esteemed
enlisting ol I iccr, ami those HMmx'iHlni
citizens o f the community and a res
with in in in tin' organisation o f a
iflent o f the Cottage Grove country fn
military company for Collage drove,
more than 68 years, passed away at
to attain which they must secure tin*
the home o f his daughter, Mrs. K. S.
ujqdiuul ions o f 80 men.
Minty eight
Ilfddermaa, at 3:30 o ’clock Sunday af
ix ail liiut ix reginreai lor tlie niiuimiiin
teriux n, following a partial stroke o f
Htrength, liut Mr. Spray duos not in
paralysis which he suffered some ten
teud to »top at that number.
flays 1 m * fore. Surrounded by his chil­
than half the required number have
dren and grandchildren he went peueo
already been recruited.
fully it tit I painfully out upon the long
Sergeant Frank «1. .Iirak, o f the ad
long trail at the rip«* old age o f 93
jiitunt general’» office in Salem, wax
years, 1 month, H days.
in the city Tuesday to assist the local
Harvey Clnyburne Veatch was born
recruiting stuff in its work and in a
November 10, 1828, at Enfield, Whitt*
half hour informal meeting at Ainerl
county, 111., and crossed tin* plains in
can Legion hall met with about thirty
1853 in the train o f Samuel Marion
representative Cottage Grove business
Knox, whose daughter, Margaret Jane
men, who endorsed the movement and
Knox, he married on Christmas eve,
pledged their cooperation.
1854, and they made their home on
Discussing the benefits to member»
Mr. W a tc h ’s homestead a mile and a
of the organization and to the coin
half from Collage Grove*. Eight chil
mututy Sergeant .Iirak dwelt iifmii its
drew were born to them, seven v»f
social and athletic activities nijd said
whom survive. They are Samuel P.,
that it would bring in $8000 to $10,000
o f Portland; Oliver ()., o f this city-
a year, the pay for a half hours drill
Mrs. Rosetta Miller, o f Walla Walia,
being: for private, $1; first class
Wash.; Mrs. W. V. McGee, o f Albany;
private, $1.17; corj»oral, $1.27; sergeant,
Mrs. R. 11. Mosby and Mrs. E. S.
$1.50; first sergeant, $1.75; second
Holderman, o f this eity, and Klhanen, land of prosperous and happy people.
of Portland. There are many grand
$5.25; captain, $0.66, and $20 a month
“ Uncle Burnt*“ had been a member
children and several great-grandchil of tin* Presbyterian church for 6(5
for commanding the company, in ad
dren. Mrs.Veatch died November 27, years, and a member o f the Masonic
dition to this members would also be
1!*!'.*, a 1 tile age <»t ss yeayg, AH Of bulge for more than 48 years.
paid an additional sum ranging from
the children were here for the funeral
50 cents to one dollar a day during the
The funeral was held tit 11 o ’clock
except S. P., of Portland, who is in Wednesday morning from the Presby
a u u iiu 1 e lira in pme u t.
Texas on a visit and could not arrive terian church, Rev. A. R. Spenrow, pas
Sergeant .Iirak said that no prospec­
in time.
tive mem be 1 need be deterred from
tor o f the church, officiating, and in
enlisting because o f the- impression
“ Uncle Burnt*“ and “ Aunt Jane,’ ’ torment was in the A. F. & A. M.-I. O.
CUT IN HIGHWAY BILL as they were familiarly known, were O. F. cemetery beside the body o f the
that it would interfere with his
freedom to remove to none other
prominently identified with the de­ wife with whom he lived for nearly
Although the »lute highway enmmis velopment
locality; that an application for dix
Cottage Grove 65 years. Members o f the Masonic
charge, acorn pa nied by an uiiiduvit of tion at ii conference with members o f country, which they helped to develop lodge attended the service in a body,
permanent removal, would be promptly the I.nno eounty court in Portland 1 : 1*1 from a wilderness inhabited by Indians anti there were many beautiful floral
week agreed to lop o f f between $1*00 and wild animals to a rich and fertile offerings.
and *1900 from the county'* bill of
approximately $03,000 alleged due the
state for highway work, where the
money i* coining from and when it
will be paid is *till a vexing problem.
County Judge Barnard say* that he
does not know whether or not under
the law the county could pay the bill
Head*, of Families Arc Given An Ad and that at the present time there is Administers Toe Hold to Doughty Mrs. 0. W. Hays, W ife o f Superin­
dition&l Exemption; Single
no place where the money can come
tendent, and Two Pupils Are
Spokane Grappler for Two
Persons Get No Relief.
Straight Falls.
111 With Diphtheria.
The commission agreed to lop o ff
$1500 from the cost o f the overhead
For the information and assistance crossing at Divide und the item of
Tin* Cottage Grove schools have been
Ralph Hand, popular Cottage Grove
o f taxpayers in preparing their income ♦040 for a watchman at the crossing wrestler, added to his laurels and took closed until January 2. The action was
lax returns for the year 11121, Clyde was divided 50 50. A number o f other another step toward the middleweight taken Sunday afternoon when it was
Huntley, collector o f
internal items under dispute were taken under championship o f the world Saturday learned that Mrs. O. W. Hays, wife of
leveiruf, ha« issued a statement in advisement and a decision will soon night when he defeated Young Harken inC -superintendent, had contracted
whieh he briefly discuss«»» the ma be made by the state commission.
Judge Barnard states that the higl schmidt, o f Spokane, in two straight diphtheria and that the house had
tenal provision» of the new revenue
falls, the first in 32 minutes and the been quarantined. Two other mem
net and points out wherein those pro way commission announced a policy second in 14, using his favorite toe hers o f the faculty, Miss Dorothy
visions differ ! roui the act under during the session o f demanding from hold for both. From the call o f time Hays and Miss Katherine Mendenhall,
which last y e a r ’s return» were made. all other counties the amounts due the the bout was fast and furious, neither are quarantined with Mr. and Mrs
state on liighwny work before enter­
'I’lie statement follows:
man abatiag for an instant the ter Hays. In view o f the fact that it was
* * '1 lie exemption allowed for a de ing into further coo|s‘ mtive construe rific pace begun at the outset.
impossible for the remaining members
p«ndent is increased from $-00 to t ion agreements.
llaekensehmidt has speed, strength, of the faculty to perform the extra
$400. Married person«» living with hu>
cleverness and endurance, is clean and work and the fenr that other cases
band or wife and heads o f families COTTAGE GROVE SHOOTERS aggressive, and put up a beautiful might develop resulted in the decision
are allowed a personal exemption of
battle, but at no time did he succeed to close tin* schools until after the
$2,500 (instead of $2,000; unless the net
in getting a dangerous hold on his holidays.
income is in excess ol $5,000, in winch
Children under eighteen yours of age
resourceful antagonist. Hand, always
ease the pvrsonal exemption is only
H. S. Lus»well. Pet«? Nelson and Alta fast and clever, showed brilliant bursts have been forbidden to attend public
$2,000. The act provides that in no Groves, of the Cottage Grove Bod nml of speed which brought roars o f up gatherings, and a number o f entertain­
case shall the reduction of the js rsonnl Gun club, went to Yonculla Sunday plause from the audience, and at the ments and other unnecessary meetings
exemption ou $5,000 incomes ojH’rate und participated in n turkey »boot close o f the match was apparently as have been postponed.
to increase the tux which would be with satisfactory results. Nelson ac fresh as when he started. It was a
Mrs. H ays’ condition has not been
payable if the exemption were $2,500 cumulated nine turkeys, r^i:^w**ll three clean and thrilling battle and was de serious at any time and she is now
by more than the amount o f the net and Groves one. There was no shoot clnred by many to have been the best thought to bo well on the road to re
income in excess >f $5,000. *1 his is to on tin* local field Sunday.
ever put on here. Hand weighed in co very.
overcome tL a «* disparity in the case of
Two other cases have been reported
at 163 and Hackenschmidt at 165.
two taxpayers, one ol whom is just
Aged Couples Wed
“ T e x “ Knight, o f Springfield, refereed to the health officer. They are Dora,
within the lower $2,000 exemption and
Saturday was a goo«! day for mar the bout.
the little daughter o f Mr. and Mrs.
the other just within the higher $2,500 riage licenses to aged couples.
Hand’s next match is at Gold Hill Horace Conner, and Glen, the little
exempt ion.
county clerk issued a license to Wil on December 23, when he is slated to son o f Mr. and Mrs. Charles McKih
“ Single |M»r**ouH and married persons limn Lam*. HO, and Mrs. Emily J. I-am­ meet Professor Kinthc.
ben, and both ure reported to be get
not living with husbands or wife ure mo n, (13, both o f Cottage Grove. They
In a preliminary bout refereed by ting along very satisfactorily.
allowed au exemption of $1,000. Per were married at the court house by
Ellsworth Da me wood, Harry ('runic, of
«ons having gross iusouies lor 1921 ol County Judge C. P. Barnard. This was
$5,000 or over are required to make a the groom ’s fourth marriage and the
Knight, o f Springfield, getting a fall
return, regardless o f the amount ol third for the bride.
with a body scissors and arm lock in
uet income».
Harry M. Newell. 71, and Sarah E. 27 minutes.
That the present, cold snap is tin*
“ The excess profits tax is nqtenled Ihilbert, 5H, both o f Eugene, were also
best thing that could happen from the
as o f Juuuury 1, 1922. The rules for granted license to wed, this being his
fruit growers’ standpoint is the asser
1021 are unchanged.
third trial and her second at mat
lion o f ( ’. E. Htewnrt, county fruit
“ The surtax rates for the calendar rimony.
Mr. »Stewart
says the
(Special to The Sentinel.)
year 1021 ure unchanged, and range
Other licenses were issued to the fo l­
present cold wentlier will “ harden the
Dec. 21.— Miss Elsie M cCollum re sap” in the trees and vines so that
from 1 per cent ou the amount of net lowing: William A flams 35, and Mamie
income between $5,000 and $0,000 to Skoog, 32, both o f Eugene and both turned Sunday evening from a two they will stand the eolder weather
•05 jw-r cent o f the amount o f net in married once before; Charles E. Wil weeks' visit with relatives and friends later in the winter. To have had a
•come hi excoas o f $1,000,000. Fur the liams 53, ami Lola Heed, 46, both of in Roscburg.
warm early winter would have kept
calendar year 1922 the surtax rates Eugene, and each having been married
Mrs. Faneho Stubblefield and little the sap up in the trees so that the
daughter, o f Pilot R ock, Ore., visited first real hard freezing weather would
range from 1 js*r cent oil the amount once.
•of net iucome Indweeu $0,000 and
Thursday o f last week with Mrs. Earl have done damage, declares the in­
$ 10,000 to 50 per cent on the amount
Royal Neighbors Elect.
by whieh the net income exceeds
Mr. and Mrs. Oscar McCalister are
Royal Neighbors o f America have
$ 200 , 1 . 00 .
lected the following officers: Eliza visiting Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Phillips
Brumfield Appeal Filed.
“ Provisions is made for the repeal beth McFarland, oracle; Anna Elledge, at Wildwood this week.
Ore., Dee. 17.— Tin* appeal
as o f January 1, 1922, o f tin* tax on vice orach*; Mildred Baker, chancellor;
Mr. and Mrs. Harry Lnnaii and little
in the Brumfield murder ease has been
stockholders o f a personal serv ice cor Nellie Black more, recorder;
Myrtle daughter, Leona, and “ Dutch” Liman completed ami District Attorney George
po rat ion as such. After that date such M nnrlnnd, receiver; Anna Swanson, spent Tuesday in the Grove.
•corporations ure to be taxed in the marshal; Eden Jones, inner sentinel;
Mrs. C. l i Jennings and daughter N(*uiu*r is in possession o f a copy of
the bill o f exceptions and transcript.
same manner as other corporal ions.
Esther Hohl, outer sentinel; Mary Faye, o f Dorena, visited Sunday with The bill contains 102 pages and the
“ The income tax on corporation» lor Baker, malinger for thr«*e yearn; Min the B. F. McCollum family.
the «alcndttr year 1022 and thereafter nie Miller, musician.
Ernest Sloan and W. W. Jackson, of transcript 509 pages. A date will be
is increased from 10 to 12‘/j per cent.
Green Forest, Ark., are visiting with set soon for the filing o f the appeal.
The defense takes exception to tin*
The $2,000 exempt ion heretofore ill FREE METHODISTS W ILL
Mr. Sloan’s parents, M.r and Mrs. (1.
order o f Judge Bingham overruling the
lowed corporations is to be granted
•only to those corporations whose net
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Premazzi and motion for change of venue. It is also
claimed that the court erred in orerrul-
u a come is not over $25,000.
A seri«'« of revival meetings will be Mr. and Mrs. Tunis VnnProoyen at ing the motion o f tin* defense to quash
“ Many persons are under the im begun at the Free Methodist church tended the show in the Grove Hatur
the indictment, alleging that the grand
preasion that the tax»*s on ice cream on Tenth avenue on New' Year’s day lay night.
jury was not properly empaneled. It is
soft drinks, «*te., monthly returns ol and will continue for three weeks.
Chloe Whiteley and Virgie and
whi eh lire required, have been repealed Rev. Huskabee, a well known Cnl Gladys Carjienter, of Star, spent Wed also claimed that Joseph Hammersley,
with the enaetment of the new a d . ¡forma orator, will have charge o f the nesday night with Mr. and Mrs. Joe deputy district attorney o f Multnomah
county, appointed to assist in prosecut­
They remain in force until lieeember meetings.
ing the case, had no right inside the
11, 1921.
Fred Me Master, Johnny Thru» and
grand jury room. »Several objections
“ No change is made in the tax on
Arthur Tanner motored to Eugene
to testimony and technicalities are con­
tdiuissioiiH, except that after January
1, 1922, there will be no tax where ud
Among Grove visitors from here Sat­ tained in the appeal.
mission is JO cents or less. Effective
urday were Mrs. Frank Pleunrd and
Jnn. 1, 1922, the taxes are abolished
daughter Grace, B. F. McCollum and LOCAL MOTORCYCLISTS
an musics I instrument», sporting goods,
daughter Pearl, Mrs. Ellen Owen#,
«•hewing gum, portable electric fans,
Ralph Pleunrd and Nellie Pleunrd.
It is fenred that the cold snap
thermos bottles, fur articles, pleasure
There will I m * ii Christmas tree, pro
Harry Rentle and George Foster,
o f the past few- days has seriously
rniKH», toilet artieles, medicine» and
gram and dance at the cook house to local motorcyclists, will participate in
interfered with the winter small
(Dimerous articles o f apparel.
night under the auspices o f the B> an endurance run to be staged by the
fruit crop. Strawberry plants have
hernia I «umber company.
Eugene Motorcycle club New Year’s
been well loaded with berries. Our
day. The run will be from Eugene to
rant bushes have been budding and
A newspaper without an editorial
Read the editorials. You may not Medford find return, starting at 12 p.
ago is like a »hip without a rudder- j small fruit generally has b«*en ex­
hibiting intentions o f producing a agree with them but they arc likely to m. New Y ear’s eve, the riders to leave
nd you are
willing to take
make you think, and that'a worth five minut«*» apart. It is thought likely
imncr» on a »hip with a flimsy st«*er I crop.
that others from here will also enter.
w h ik.
*g gear.
### I
The kiddies are having a grand and
glorious time this week.
With the
temperature hovering about the free/
iug point every night, and not rising
near far enough in daytime to meet
the approval o f Webfooters, and with
almost enough snow on the ground for
coasting, the youngster», most o f whom
have only a bowing acquaintance with
this variety o f weather, have been
having the time o f their young lives
while older folk, muffled in many
clothes and shivering, pray for the
warm drizzle and the balmy spring
atmosphere that belong» to Oregon.
Small fruits and vegetables, which
had been continuing blithely upon their
way to Cottage Grove tables, and
flowers and plant» which had flour
¡shed throughout the fall and winter,
have succumbed to the frost king, and,
should the present temperature con­
tinue much longer, the strident, voice
o f the ice skater and the thwack of
the hockey stick will be heard in the
There has been very little snow-. The
temperature for the past week has
been as follows;
Min. Max.
Friday....................... ................... 24
Saturday.......... ........
M outlay__ __ _______ Z ..Z .1 Z .... 25
Tuesday...... ............. ................... 20
Wednesday.... ——__ ..... ..............19
Must Have the Best.
J. S. Benson writes from his W olf
Creek ranch that he thinks the price
o f The Sentinel is too high but that
he has learned that all good things
come high. As he must have the best,
he sends his check, with the wish that
it may receive as warm a welcome as
tin* live wire newspaper does each
In the report o f the open forum of
the chamber of commerce, published
December lti, there was ur inadvertent
omission which made it appear that
the chamber o f commerce was entirely
responsible for tho establishment of
the cannery. The speaker who referred
to the establishment of the cannery
was tho president o f tho commercial
club at the time the final drive for
subscriptions for the cannery was
made and well remembers that the
grange took a part equally as active
as that o f the chamber, which fact
was mentioned at tho open forum
meeting. As a matter of fact, tho can­
nery was first proposed by the grange,
which solicited the cooperation o f the
commercial club.
While the larger part of the funds
was raised inside, the city, yet the
committee which visited the producers
put in tho greater amount of effort
due to the fact that those to be seen
were greatly scattered and to the fact
that subscriptions came in smaller
The Sentinel corrects the error so
that all may get tho credit due them.
Higher Gas Tax Is Proposed.
County Judge C. 1*. Barnard is re
sponsible for the introduction und
passage o f a resolution at the annual
convention of county judges and com­
missioners in Portland favoring the in­
crease ill the tax on gasoline from 2
to 5 cents u gallon, the proceeds to bo
devoted to road uiaiuteneiiee and ap­
portioned as follows: Two cents to
the state highway fund and 3 cents to
the county of its origin.
When presented by Judge Barnard
the resolution provided (bat 3 cents
should go to the state highway fund
and 2 cents to the counties, blit the
association reversed the proportions in
favor o f tho counties.
The second number o f the high
school lyeeuin course, N'- Pomoceno's
Filipino qunrtet, will not be presented,
as advertised, at the liigli school and
itorium Monday evening, December 20,
owing to the ban of the health otfiee
on attendance at public gatherings of
those under IS years o f ago.
This company, or one substituted for
it, will appear here at u later date,
according to Principal Hargreaves, of
the high school, who was ill eoniiimni
-lition with tho Kllison White l.yccuni
bureau Tuesday.
A number o f other meetings and en
tertninmeiits have also been jiostpoiied.
Grange Elects Officers.
Cottage (trove grange lias elected
the following officers: M. M. Wheeler,
master; 0. W. McFarland, overseer;
W. K. Dorward, stewivrd; Mis. Julia
Ashby, secretary; J. K Cooley, treas­
urer; A. J. Stevens, chiiplin; T. C.
Shaw, gatekeeper; Mrs. M. M. Wheeler,
lores; Mrs. J. Hardy Crow, Pomona;
Mrs. C. W. Sears, Flora; Mrs. G. W.
McFarland, Indy assistant steward. In
stallation will ho held at the January
A wnntnd will sell it.
Sneezing is not ordinarily eon-
sidored violent exercise or dan­
gerous amusement, although some­
times considered discourteous. How
ever, A. W. Helliwcli, o f Helliwell,
things and Markshury, has found it
at least dangerous. l’ urtici|>ntiiig in
that kind of exercise resulted for
him in tearing loose some o f tho
ligaments near the heart. The doctor
ordered him to spend several days
at home, and that right during the
holiday rush. He was able to get
back on the job Tuesday.
Light and Power Company
May Voluntarily Inaugurate
Lower Schedule.
Tlio Sentinel hud intended this week
to publish a comprehensive statement
of the new electric light and power
rates ordered by the public service
Upon preparing such a
statement, however, it found that, in
some instances the rates were not only
not lower than former rates but
had been, iu some instances, actually
raised, notably in the rates for power
and for commercial cooking ou a
metered basis.
The situation was premmted to the
officials of the electric company, who
stated that they were dissatisfied with
the situation and really wished for a
reduction in rate». The Hentinei sug­
gested that if a reduction were the
desire it was within the power o f the
company itself to initiate such reduc­
tion, the rates set by the commission
being maximum rates only. Manager
►Shinn seemed to be o f the opinion that
such a reduction could not be initiated
without giving notice of 30 days to
the commission and immediately ar­
ranged with Mayor Knowles to make
a trip with him to ttulem to have a
session with the public service com
mission, which trip was made Wednes­
day but too late for The »Sentinel to
give a report o f the results.
Libert Bede, editor of The »Sentinel,
is in Salem and expects to be present
at tho meeting. He already has in­
terviewed the members of the commis­
sion and finds that the rates shown in
the commission’s order were such as
were thought to be fair and equitable
without particular regard as to whether
or not they were a reduction. He also
has learned that it is within the power
o f the electric company to put into
immediate effect any reductions in
rate which it may desire, being only
prohibited from going above the rates
set by the commission.
In view o f the fact that Manager
Shinn has indicated that he wishes to
put into effect rates whieh will be
satisfactory to patrons o f his company
and to the fact that it is possible for
him to do so, The Sentinel anticipates
that the schedule o f rates fixed by the
commission never will become effe c­
For this reason it would be
wasted effort to publish a table com­
paring these rates with past rates.
All the rates shown in the new
schedule fixed by the commission in
elude a charge o f 50 cents for service
or overhead before a charge for service
is made. This fact results in no re
duction to the patron using on lf a
small amount o f power.
Resolution to Levy Additional One
Cent a Gallon lor Purpose Is
Passed by House.
Salem, Ore., Dec. 21.—The house of
representative* of the special sessiou
of th- Oregon legislature late tonight
passed a resolution levying an addi
tional tax of one coat a gallon on gas
oliue to produce funds to support the
proposed world exposition in Portland
in 1925. The vote was 45 to 11 with
one member absent, and was taken
after a lengthy debate. The resolution
now goes to the senate.
The eity o f Portland has voted to
levy a tax o f $2,000,000. An additional
million will be raised by popular sub­
scription and the resolution passed to
night is designed to raise $3,000,000
from tlio state at large. An easy pas
sago through the senate is indicated.
Tho resolution is a proposed consti­
tutional amendment which will lie re­
ferred to the people.
The proposition of a direct tax to
finance the fair ran up against a legal
snag and had to be abandoned and tho
gasoline lax measure is a compromise
bill. The new bill is a copy o f tho
first except that the funds to finance
tho exposition are to come from the
gasoline tax, botli having been pre
seated by Representative Kubli. At
the 0 o ’clock adjournment the house
seemed about ready to vote ou this,
with the assurance that it would pass
by u good majority, and that a bill
by Representative Fletcher to raise the
gasoline tax from two to three cents
would be given immediate considera­
tion and it, too, go through on greased
A losing fight was waged by the op­
ponents o f any state tax for the pro­
motion of an exposition and also by
those who wished to make some vital
While the gasoline tax is not exactly
satisfactory, either to proponents or
oppoueuts, yet it seems tho only f i ­
nancing measure possible to get liy tho
session aud tho most likely to get by
tho people, t<> whom it will bo re­
Miss Marjorie and Miss Muriel Shay
are expected home tomorrow for tho
holidays. Miss Marjorie has been vis
iting at Kelkig, Idaho, for the past
three months, aud Miss Muriel is teach­
ing iu tho public schools at Nyssa, iu
eastern Oregon.
Little girls sure would be delighted
to havo the nifty now play house at
tho Silver Star Exchange. Also, play
table and chairs.
Miss Martha iluey Johnson is homo
from tho U. o f O. for tho holidays.
Miss Alice Garetson is also a guest
at the Johnson heme.
The Sentinel wants all the news all
the time. I f you know an item, phone
it in. Our number is 15P-J.