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Address Is to Be by F. J. Haas, Lorane, Home of New Commissioner
Only One in This Section Giv­
Pastor of First Methodist
ing Vote for Secali
Church, Eugene.
Commencement exercises for tho
1924 class will be held tomorrow
night in the high school auditorium.
The commencement address will be
given by F. J. Haas, pastor of tho
First Methodist church in Eugene.
Professor Sweetser, of the Univer­
sity of Oregon, who had been select­
ed for the address, had to cancel
the appointment on account of the
serious illness of Mrs. Sweetser.
The complete program is as fol­
March—Mrs. Bessie Sutcliffe.
Invocation—E. R. Clevenger.
Address F. J. Haas.
Piano solo—Mrs. Oren W. Hays.
Awarding of diplomas—H. J.
Shinn, chairman school board.
The class night program held last
night, was as follows:
Boll call-—Marion Richmond, class
Piano solo—Gordon Wright.
Salutatory—Miss Donna Nichols.
Vocal duct—Miss Nellie Stewart
and Miss Buthy Powers.
Class will—Miss Helen Waples.
Violin.solo-—Miss Velma Madden.
Class poem—Miss Beaulah Smith.
Vocal solo—Miss Ray Godard.
Class prophecy—Miss Genevieve
Clarinet solo—I-eo Brand.
Valedictory—Miss Helen Breed­
Tho junior reception for tho
seniors will be held tonight.
Baccalaureate exercises were held
Sunday night at tho Methodist
church, the sermon being by E. J.
Adams, pastor of the Christian
church. He gave an inspiring ad­
Members of this year’s graduat­
ing class are as follows:
Bernice Brainard, Helen Breed­
love, Verna Caldwell, Myrtle Dob-
berstein. Bay Godard, Lois Jack-
son, Genevieve Johnson, Hattie Le
bow-, Donna Nichols, Meltha Pen-
tieo, Buthy Powers Genevieve Bice,
May Rouse, Jeanette Spahr, Beau­
lah Smith, Helen Waples, Nellie
Stewart, Naomi Wynne, Velma
Madden, Leo Brand, Homer Dixon,
Glenn Gillespie, Robert Galloway,
Byron McFarland, Carl Porter,
Marion Richmond, Ned Smith,
Henry Snauer, Samuel Swartz,
Hazen Williams, Gordon Wright,
Joe Young, Henry Hubbell, George
Hewitt, John Hewitt, Jack Beager,
Lois Caldwell, Dwight Buchanan.
Mrs. Bessie Lewis Sutcliffe pre­
sented her piano pupils in u pleas­
ing recital at the high school audi­
torium Friday evening to a large
and appreciative audience. On the
program were 25 numbers, ranging
from simple primary studies to mas­
terpieces of classical composition.
A largo number, unable to obtain
seats, filled much of the available
standing room and remained until
the end of the long program.
Few’ cities are blessed with so
large a percentage of discriminating
music lovers as Cottage Grove; and
though many of these have begun
to fear that tho art of the musician
is being slowly but surely sub
merged in the raucous racket and
stuttering syncopation of the schooi
of jazz, there were both encourage­
ment and inspiration in the spec­
tacle of a class of 56 students, rang­
ing upward from six or seven years
of age, presenting a comprehensive
program of good music in a manner
which surely could have pleased
none so much as the instructor.
Technique and execution were uni­
formly excellent throughout.
Among the advanced students.
Gordon’s Wright’s interpretation of
Rnchmaninoff’s “Prelude in G
Minor’’ was perhaps the most im­
pressive, although Leo Brand’s
spirited work in Koelling’s “Hun­
gary’’ brought nn enthusiastic and
well deserved encore and little Miss
Thelma Kent played the Chaminade
“Arabesque” with all the grace,
artistry and aplomb of a finished
concert performer.
Several two-piano and three-pinno
solos demonstrated a precision of
tempo almost metronomic, as did
likewise a three-piuno, 18-hand num­
ber which was heartily received.
Mrs. Arah Hoyt Rae, popular
Eugene contralto, sang the “ Harvest
Lullaby” and “Thank God for the
Harvest” and was enthusiastically
encored and recalled. Mrs. Victor
Kem. popular local soprano, sang
“The Wind’s in the South“ and
responded to an encore with the
Kashmiri song, “Pale Hands.”
Memorial Service Sunday.
Commissioner Sharp’s home terri­
tory stood by him. The recall
against him lost by 87 votes in the
city. Lorqpe precinct alone, in
this end of the county, gave a
favorable vote on the recall against
Sharp, although in Cottage Grove
No. 1 the recall against Roney was
favorable by 4 votes uud Sharp had
a lead of only 2.
Zimmerman was hardly even an
4 * also ran” in his contest with
Congressman Hawley.
Cottage Grove’s candidate for the
democratic nomination for county
commissioner, W. T. Poole, failed to
There was a great deal of misun­
derstanding of the ballot. Counting
boards report that many voted to
oust the commissioners and then
voted to put them in again, while
others voted against the recall and
then voted for the recall candidate
instead of for the commissioner.
Many were confused by the fact
that the name of Commissioner
Sharp appeared upon the regular re­
publican ballot as well as upon the
recall ballot. They did not realize
that Commissioner Sharp’s term
would have expired next January
and that it was necessary to nomi­
nate someone as a candidate in
November regardless of the result
of the recall. Clinton Hurd, who
will take Mr. Sharp’s place, is also
the regular republican nominee for
the general election in November.
Despite the intense interest in the
recall election and in some of the
other contests, there was less than
a 50 per cent vote.
J. S. Medley, former resident, re­
ceived a handsome complimentary
vote from his former neighbors
here for the democratic nomination
for district attorney. One man who
said he had voted but once in his
life went to the polls particularly
to vote for Medley.
Vote by precincts in Cottage
Grove on contested offices was as
12 3
4 5 Total
For recall of Sharp:
Yes ........... 67 16 60 10 35 188
No ........... 69 66 82 35 51 303
For recall candidate against Sharp:
8 37 179
Hurd ....... 65 13 56
Sharp ---- 61 58 77 30 40 266
For recall of Roney:
Yes ........... 69 20 62 12 40 203
Nn _____
For recall candidate against Roney:
Crowe ..... 61 18 59 10 39 187
Roney ..... 56 52 73 30 43 254
For Harrisburg bridge:
Yes ........... 99 63 108 30 60 360
Nn ......... 23 11 20
8 18 80
For transfer road money:
Yes ........... 53 44 75 27 41 240
No ........... 61 20 41 14 28 164
For U. S. senator:
8 16
Baker ..... 25 19 28
3 11
Kubli ....... 9 4 23
McNary .... 41 30 52 14 36 173
Stallard .... 0 2 4
For member of congress:
Hawley .... 64 53 89 25 51 282
Zimmerman 6 2 11
4 24
For attorney general:
d’all ....... 40 27 71 15 31 181
VanWinkle 36 24 33
9 20 122
For legislature:
George ..... 32 26 45
9 33 145
Howard —. 42 26 42 14 28 152
Potter ..... 50 38 58 22 22 190
6 15 108
Roberts — 26 18 43
Wheeler .... 32 18 58 11 2« 145
White ..... 37 23 44 12 18 134
For district attorney:
Brownell .. 22 13 27 6 17
Johnston - 14 7 26 13 13
Jones ....... 24 27 36 12 21 120
Wells ----- 10
7 12 4
For county commissioner:
1 11
Bailey ..... 14 3 18
5 19 117
Hurd ....... 28
9 56
Sharp .... ... 37 44 39 17 29 166
For sheriff:
Liles ......... 8
5 35 4 6
9 23 138
Svarverud 28 16 61
Taylor ...... 3« 34 6 11 25 112
For assessor:
5 25 129
Callison .... 30 17 52
Keeney .... 45 38 56 20 34 193
For district attorney (democratic):
Medley .... 30 17 23 16 14 100
Young ..... 4
1 15
The vote on the recall in Pre- i
cincts outside of Cottage Grove in ¡
this end of the county was as fol-
Rocnll Recall
Yes No Yes No
29 58
Brumbaugh . ........... 24 62
13 23
Disston ............... 11 25
5 53
Dorena ................... 6 51
60 77
Latham ................. 59 78
Saginaw ............... 15 47
15 47
9 43
Silk Creek ........... 7 44
25 45
Wallace (London) 25 45
39 12,
Binala w (Inorane) 39 12
Cottage Grove and all outly ng
precincts gave President Coolidge a
splendid endorsement.
The vote on district attorney in
outlying precincts in this end of
the county was as follows:
♦----------------------------------------------- +
Becoming a grandmother at 40 ia
no feat at all in this favored sec­
tion of the famous, fertile, fruitful
Willamette. The Sentinel published
last week the names of two grand­
mothers, one becoming such at 41
years and the other at 43 years.
Since then word has been received
from Mrs. A. L. Monroe, who is
now on a motor tour with her hus­
band, She became a grandmother
at 36 but did not enter The Semi­
uel ’a contest because she thought
there would be others much younger,
Her oldest grandchild is Edgar
Roy Smith, of Eugene, son of her
daughter Margaret (Scheufele). He
wus born August 12, 1920. The
grandmother will not be 40 years
ol age until July 6 of this year,
while the grandson will be four
years of age the next month.
Was Operating Hand Brake When
Staff Gives Way and He
Falls Under Wheels.
A little girl is very unhappy be­
cause her playmate, a Collie dog,
has been missing for a week. A
wanted in this issue offers a re­
ward for the return of the dog, but
the ad does uot tell all the story.
The little girl is the six-year-old
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Joe Per­
kins Jr. The dog was her constant
companion and faithful guardian.
On last Thursday Mrs. Perkins and
the daughter visited at the school
house in the Walden district. It was
thought that tho dog must have
followed them and must have
strayed away or might have been
stolen by someone.
The person who returns tho dog,
or gives information leading to its
recovery, will not only receive u
material reward but will be more
fully rewarded by the happiness
that will be brought to the little
girl whose tears show how much
she misses her pet.
Recall of County Commissioners in Salt Laker Doesn't Get to Use His
Lane County Goes Over by a
Airplane Spin But Gets Infor­
mation on Toehold.
Decisive Majority.
W. C. Stafford, of Roseburg, a
Iu the cleanest and keenest wrest­
Unofficial returns from over the
biakeman on Southern Pacific extra
state show that Coolidge received a ling match ever seen here, Ira Dem,
No. 2542 eastbouud, met instant
two to one vote over Hiraiu John Salt Luke airplane spin specialist,
death at 11:30 Monday night when
son. Senator McNary carried every was victorious Tuesday night over
he fell under the wheels of a freight
couuty ia the state, having an ac­ Ralph Hand, although ho didn’t
ear which was being shunted into
tual majority over his opponents, get a chance to use his famous
method of giving ’em a taste of
the yard of the Oregon Pacific &
George Baker and K. K. Kubli.
Eastern railway. He was operating
Congressman Hawley received his high life aud then slapping them
the hand brake when an apparently
usual overwhelming majority in to the mat. As a matter of fact,
defective brake staff gave way and
this district. Congressman Sin not he was kept busy keeping out of
he fell forward in front of the car
was rcuomiuated in tho eastern Hand’s famous toehold, which the
i nd under the wheels, which passed
Oregon district aud Crumpacker was local man succeeded in slapping on
over the body diagonally. The body
nominated iu the Portland district for one fall.
Dem took tho first fall in 49
was dragged for a distance.
on tho republican ticket to opposo
Coroner Branstetter held an in-
Elton Watkius, incumbent, re no mi­ minutes with a cradle lock and toe
Hand took the next in 23
quest Monday, the jury returning
nuted ou the democratic ticket.
a verdict that death resulted as
I. H. VanWinkle has been re­ minutes and tho Mormon boy tho
stnted above.
nominated for attorney general, al­ next in 21 minutes with n head
Stafford was born in Missouri
though for a time it seemed that scissors and arm bar.
Mike Mosby was the third man in
and was aged 31 years. He had
Kuykendull might land. The latter
the ring but he had little to do
been an employe of the Sou(hern
carried Laue county handsomely.
Pacific since January, 1917.
Torn Kay received tho republican except to keep out of the way,
wif<« and a daughter survive. A. A.
nomination for state treasurer, tho which wis difficult at times ns the
Cody Evans, Salem, Takes the 76-80 Stafford, of Portland, is the father
office which ho once hold for many whole of tho mat was often covered
and Mrs. Della Winters, of Portland,
Per Cent 400-Foot Grade
years, nud Thomas Myers, holding within a few seconds us tho two
is a sister. A. H. Stafford, a broth­ Interest of Number of Women Is tho office by appointment, received catty contestants grabbed for a hold
in 13.3 Seconds.
from a standing position or pounded
er. arrived here Tuesday morning
thu dem ocratic nomination.
Maintained; Good Start Made
from Roseburg for the body. Mrs.
Milton Miller received the demo out of one. The wrestlers did not
Three machines, all Harley Du­ (). F. Haley, of Round Prairie. Ore.,
cratic nomination for United States have to bo put back on the mat
for Next Year’s Event.
vidsoas, negotiated the 70-80 per is a sister and a brother, J. M.
senator over W. H. Strayer, al­ more than half a dozen times. They
cent grade of Mount David ia tho Stafford, lives at Clear Lake, Okla.
though the endorsement given Mc­ attended to that matter themselves
fourth annual hill climb held hero
Nary indicates that tho honor will by spending vor^ little time on it.
Dorn made a hit with the fans as
Sunday afternoon.
bo an empty eno.
LIFE AFTER HALF CENTURY activities of this time of the year,
Cody Evans, Salem, won i first
Main interest in the county elec­ a clean sport and us a sure coiner
the light heavyweight champion­
prize, making the 400 feet in 13.3
tion centered upon the recall in-
There is practically no limit to Grove was successful, Although a voked against the county commis- ship, It was tho general opinion
seconds in the 01 cubic inch profes­
sional class. Harry Lewis, Rone- the life of the printed word. It large number of women were not sioners, which wus decisively sue- that he is the only man who has
burg, was second, his time being may drop from sight for a long reached by tho demonstrations, a cesst'ul in both cases. Early returns met Hund here who has put up
14 seconds flat. Evans made his time and then be unexpectedly t.ember of the wopien were interest­ indicated that the recall
___ against
____ fully us square a contest as tho
The Salt Laker gave
record on the third trial. He went brought to light, When F. G. Stiller ed, throughout the campaign, A good both candidates would bo successful local favorite. “
over on the first trial in 14.8 and tore down an old building which start for Better Homes Week uext but friends of tho commissioners his woight as 170 and Hand . his
failed to reach the top on the sec­ had stood for probably half a col­ year was made this year, ia the wero encouraged by reports reaching as 163.
Called upon for a speech, Dem
ond trial. The only other time that tury on “the island” nn the west i pinion of Mrs. Clara Burkholder, here Saturday afternoon to tho ef­
the hill was topped was when Evans side of tho river, he found that it local chairman.
fect that the early leud against the said that Hand had shown him
With Mrs. Burkholder’s report to commissioners hail been cut down something new in a toehold and he
did it in the 80-iuch open event in had been papered with copies of
17 seconds.
the Pioneer Press, of St. Paul, Herbert Hoover, national leader in by returns from outlying precincts. was going to try nnd figure it out.
movement, she will recommend Such reports, however, were uot When ho lost the full to Hand ho
G. Beachtold, Portland, on an In­ Mian., of the years 18(18 and 1809.
dian, took the 00 cubic inch event, While it was impossible to remove a change to an earlier «lute for the borno out by an actual compilation did not realize that the local man
going 232 feet. L. DuBuy, Eugene, the papers ia such a manner as to event.
of the figures. The latest unofficial wns seriously attempting his fa­
Pictures of both the exterior and returns show 4967 votes for tho vorite bone crusher.
was second, as he was also in the preserve any story in its entirety,
Hurry Neet and “Spike” Dig­
80-inch event, on a Harley David­ much of tho printing could yet be
Roney recall and 3968 against, with
read. Mr. Stiller did not know who be sent with the report, not only 50112 votes for the Sharp recall and gins, local men, wrestled a 30-min-
About 3500 were present for the erected the building or how long it
3892 against.
A knockout in the sporting line
event, which was sponsored by the had stood, but he was certain that but because these pictures, it is
O. E. Crow’e, of Lorane, was
motorcycle clubs of Cottage Grove, the lumber was produced by tho felt, will help to advertise Oregon elected to tho unexpirod term of was the other preliminary when
first sawmill to be operated in this in the eastern states.
Eugene and Roseburg.
Roney by a vote of 4561 for Crowe four good sized boys, McC’argar,
Cooperation of the business houses, to 3211 for Roney. Clinton Hurd Swanson, Gordou and White, put on
section, which was located upon
newspapers and ministry helped to was elected to take Sharp’s place a blindfolded boxing match, carry­
Silk ereek.
impress Better Homes Week on the by a vote of 4561 for Hurd to 3162 ing cow bells to make known thoir
Merchant Team Plays First Game, minds of tin1 people. Among the for Sharp. These are unofficial fig position to the others. There was
no decision.
The merchants’ baseball team •evcrnl attractive windows put in ures.
Matthew L. Tompkins, veteran of
the stores were the two kitchens,
Next in interest probably was tho
the Civil war and for 10 years a played its first game of the Reason by
at the Darby Hardware com­ contest for district attorney, Clyde MRS. NAOMI BALES DIES;
resident of Cottage Grove, died at last evening with the Pioneer Lum oqe
pany and the other nt Bressler’s Johnston, the incumbent, having
his home on south Sixth street company’s team at Curtin. The furniture
taken u prominent part in tho recall
Monday morning from a complica­ Sentinel went to press before the
A remarkable fact in tho life
campaign. This wns won by How­
tion of diseases, after having been result was available. The Pioneer
an invalid for five years. The fu­ Lumber company’s team defeated BIGGEST CELEBRATION EVER ard Brownell, who had a lend of less of Mrs. Naomi Bales, who died
SAYS PUBLICITY COMMITTEE than 300 over Johnston, the lowest May 16 at her home near Doreua,
neral was held Wednesday from the Rice Hill team in a game
on the list, and less than 200 over wus that of nine children who sur­
the eliapel. Pastor A. J. Adams, of played at Oakland Sunday, the score
“The biggest celebration in Ore­ his other competitors, Walter B. vived infancy all were living at
the Christian church, officiating and being 9 to 2.
gon” is what the publicity com­ Jones and Gordon 8. Wells,
the time of her death.
Appomattox post, G. A. R., of which <¥>--------------------------------------------
mittee advertises for the observa­
Mrs. Bules was born in Jofferson
Next in interest was the contest
Mr. Tompkins was a member, assist­ | WOMAN AWAY FROM HOME
tion here of the Fourth of July.
couuty, Hl., February 17, 1846, and
ing. Interment was in the A. F. 4
FINDS THAT THERE IS NO j Some of the classiest advertising fur assessor, Ben F. Keeney, incum­ had passed her seventy-eighth birth­
A. M.-I. O. O. F. cemetery.
bent, having taken a prominent part,
ever gotten out for a celebration in supporting tho commissioners. day anniversary. 8ho lived in Mis­
Mr. Tompkins was born Novem­
—■— ■■ ■—1
— -
Keeney won over Callison by about souri and Colorado before coming to
ber 28, 1843, in Monroe county, N.
The Sentinel has received the eral hundred curs will carry win­ 700 votes.
Oregon in 1886. 8he had made her
Y., and had passed his eightieth
birthday anniversary. He wns mar­
E. O. Potter, II. C. Wheeler and homo over sinco at Dorena. The
ried in New York to Emma Randall,
Emmett Howard were nominated on funeral wuh hold Sunday afternoon
The advertising says (here will bo I lie republican ticket for seats in from tho Dorena church, A. R.
who survives They moved to Iowa, Becky.” The name of the writer is
fun for young and old, with some­ the legislature Ed F. Bailey and Speurow, pastor of tho Presbyterian
Utah and California before coming withheld by request:
“Hero is what I have heard a thing doing every minute. A cham­ Ralph Laird, who had no opposition, church hero, officiating. Interment
to Cottage Grove in 1905, when they
settled at Lora e, remaining there former Cottage Grove woman say in pionship wrestling match, with were nominated on tho democratic was in the Scars cemetery beside
the husband, who died February 12,
until moving into this city in 1913. speaking of your paper: ‘It is the Ralph Hund as one of the partici­ ticket.
Other republican nominees were 1913.
Mr. Tompkins served in F com­ best home town newspaper I have pants on the night of July 3, a
Tho surviving children are U. 8.
pany, 105th New York volunteer ever read and if you don’t believe snappy baseball game and an all- Edna Ward for treasurer, R. 8. Bry
get away from Cottage night carnival are among the fea­ son for clerk, P. M. Morse for (Grant) Bales, Mrs. Mary England,
infantry. The only surviving child >t.
is C. R. Tompkins, of Lorane. M rs. Grove and find out when it comes tures. There will be the usual sun­ county engineer, E. J. Mooro for Mrs. Minnie Wagner, Arthur Balos
W. F. Johnson, of this city, is a every week.’ The womnn to whom rise salute, big street parade, speak­ school superintendent and W. W. and Mrs. Anna Doolittlo, Dorena;
she was speaking, also a former res­ ing program, basket dinner in city L'tanstotter for coroner. None of Charles E. Bales, Cottage Grove;
ident of Cottage Grove, agreed with park small sports of every these had opposition.
Frank Bules, Los Angeles, Calif.;
her. She had lived there from the kind; also a firemen’s water battle,
J. 8. Medley took the democratic Mrs. Zillah Isind, Alexandria, B. O.,
Eugene Plays Here Sunday.
time she was five years of age to street carnival, fireworks display nomination for district attorney and Mrs. Rebecca Chapman, Eugene.
The baseball season will be offi­ the time she was a grandmother at and jitney dance.
Mrs. Kate Sears, Cottage Grove, is
lrom Donald Young.
cially opened here Sunday, when 44 years.
Frank Taylor won the republican a niece, and u stepson, Alvin Bules,
Eugene will be here for a contest
Poppies to Be Sold Saturday.
“This same grandmother learned
nomination for sheriff und Hugh lives in Elkland, Mo.
with the regular team. Manager to dive after she was 50 years of
Imitation poppies which are made Earle the democratic nomination.
Earl Hill has had his men prac­ age and has dived into a few risky by the disabled veterans in the
Clinton G. Hurd, the recall can­
Fifth Graders Stage Flay.
ticing every evening and hopes to places—speaking figuratively—but Portland veterans’ hospital, will be didate against 8hurp, was also nom­
The pupils of the fifth grade on
have them in shape for a real con­ has been able to come to the top ev­ sold on the streets all day Saturday inated over him on tho republican
test with the county seaters, A ery time so far. If one does not for Decoration day boutonnieres by ticket for tho term beginning next tho west side successfully staged n
play, “The Bulb of the Crimson
contest between these teams is al­ know what he can do, he can learn the auxiliary of tho American Le­ January.
Tulip,” yesterdny afternoon in their
ways a keen one.
like this grandmother did—bj- learn­ gion. The entire proceeds arc to go
The Harrisburg bridge curried by school room. Tho play was of the
The local team will go to Rose ing to dive and finding out by as for the relief of the veterans who an overwhelming majority.
revolutionary days and Mina Odessa
burg the latter part of next wee)/ eertnining.
made tho flowers. Since the world
The democrats plan to take ad­ Knowles aud Elwyn Whitely had
to play the team of that eity in a
“Is there another grandmother in war the poppy has become recog­ vantage of tho break in the re­ tho loads. A spelling nnd nrithmo-
contest that is to be one of the Oregon who has learned to dive ”.f- nized ns the proper flower to be publican ranks and hope to put over
tic contest was also held. Parents
strawberry festival attractions.
ter 50 years of age!”
worn -in Memorial day.
several of their candidates nt the of the students made up the audi­
November election. They plan to ence.
put over at least one man for the
legislature, who would be Ed Bailey,
History of Order Is Told.
tiow a member. They probably
The Odd Fellows lodge was ad­
vould pick Emmett Howard as the dressed Saturday night by F. Nelson
easiest one of the republican candi­ Smith, of Minnehaha lodge, Winni­
dates to beat, as his lineup with peg. He gave a history of the or­
the anti-recti Ilers resulted in his der, tracing it from its inception to
being tho low man of tho three the present time. Ho has visited
some 3000 lodges in 22 jurisdictions.
Likewise with the nssessorship, He visited The Kent i mJ and re­
they think there is a good chance marked that Cottage Grovo has one
to beat Keeney because of his of tho best newspapers and one of
prominent part in tho recall.
tho best newspaper plants ho has
Thu democrats are really ponfi- over seen in a small city.
cent that they can land the dis­
Watch the label on your paper.
trict attorneyship with J. 8. Med­
ley, but the sheriff’s office is tho
prize ti|>on which the democrats will
<'incentrate, ihero was no split in
the republican ranks upon this of
fico, so that the contest promises
to be a lively and clone one.
A special memorial service will
be held Sunday nt the Christian
church. A. J. Adams, pastor, will
deliver the sermon and there will
be special music. Several fraternal
organizations plan to attend in n
body. The American Ix'gion, with
the assistance of the young married
women’s elaaa of the Christian Sun
day school, are decorating the I Brumbaugh ........ .... 1» 3 fl 10
church appropriately for the oeea- Disston ................ ... . 11
2 3
Dorena ................. .... 19
8 1« 20
Ijithnm .......... ..... .... 43
Saginaw ..............
Bond Election Tomorrow.
2 8
The special school election for the i Silk Cri’->k ..........
consideration of the issuance of Wnflaee ....... ..... .... 5 7 6 5
bonds for the erection of the pro­
The live wire print »hop ia alwty*
posed new grade school building
and class room gymnasium will be ready to help in the preparation of j The picture sb. ws Ralph Hand, local middleweight wrestler, giving a demonstration of the toehold, his fa«
held thia afternoon The polls in advertising and printing copy.
the high school auditorium will be experience may be worth something ! vorite form of punishment for making some of the beet of 'em slap the mat. The other man in the picture
to you.
rxx 1 is his wrestling partner, Fred Brown.
open from 2 to 7.
Miscellaneous Sale to Be Held.
The Mothers’ club will hold n
miscellanei.'.!» sale Saturday, May
31, at the rest room. The club finds
that the rest room is growing in
popularity and that it is continually
requiring more money to support it,
so they are putting on this affair
for the benefit of the enterprise.
Cooked food, clothing, fancy work
ami many other articles will bo on
sale. Tlie club will appreciate dona­
tions of those articles. Ice cream
and cake will be served.
You bave a modern live wire
print shop in your own eity.
do you rend other people’s
—of course you do; and you
may bet they read yours; and
they profit by your bargains
just ns you profit by their
—tell them, through this
paper, of your goods; then
have your sales people deliver
the goods.