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Although Oars Are Demolished,
Occupants Escape With
Minor Injuries.
♦----------------- - --------------------- «
The milk of human kindness con­
tinues to flow in the human breast.
Several weeks ago O. R. Cochran
had a notice inserted in a radio
magazine stating that because of
infirmities which prevented his do­
ing any great amount of work he
would appreciate gifts of spare
parts of radio outfits. Within a
short time he received a complete
new ouftit from the Ferrell Manu­
facturing company, makers of radio
outfits. One of the officers of the
company had seen the notice and
had acted immediately. Mr. Cochran
has to use a battery, because of not
having electric power service in his i
home, and business men of the city ’
bought him one. The new outfit is t
a six-tube one. He already had I
two-tube and three-tube outfits and I
wishes to dispose of one of them.
Mr. Cochran states that he gets i
more pleasure out of tinkering with i
outfits than he does from the actual I
operatiou and in that way much of
his spare time is consumed.
Commissioner Sharp Develops Agility
as Passer of Buck in Road Controversy
Makes Many Statements in Strenuous Attempt to Lay Blame Onto Others,
All of Which Are Proved to Be Entirely Out of Harmony With the Facts
♦------------------------------------- ———♦
Henry Bennett, employe at the
Woodson garage, is not easily
shockbd, but something happened a
few days ago that completely upset
him aud he plainly showed his agi­
tation. He was sending some tools
from the lower floor to the upper
floor of the garage by the elevator.
The steel cable with which the ele
vator is operated hud become short-
circuited with tho electric motor
and when Mr. Beunett took hold of
it, it immediately became affec­
tionate towards him and insisted
upon hanging onto him. Ho had to
put up quite a struggle to loosen tho
Mr. Bennett stakes his reputation
as a punster upon tho statement
that an affectionate short-circuited
cable can give pointers to a short-
skirted flapper—his kuowledgo of
tho latter being hearsay und obser­
vation only.
Several automobile accidents hap
pened in this vicinity Sunday and
Monday, Cars were demolished but
The controversy over the manner vernation are that the laying of the Grove road had been reduced to
occupants escaped.
in which the county court permitted rock on the road had been complet­ mush.
Early Sunday morning a Stude­
the rock to be laid on the Ixirane- ed at that time and that the meet-
“I would call your attention to
baker from Eugene headed north
Cottage Grove road seems to have to which Mr. Morse referred was the fact that at the very moment
and a Chevrolet from Roseburg
developed into a game of passing one of indignation, rather thau of that the placing of the rock on the
headed south locked their hubs while
the buck on the part of Commis­ approval of the course of action of Lorane-Cottage Grove road started
passing each other a mile north of
sioner Sharp, with Commissioner the county court. It was at that I called you personally on the
Walker. Both cars were badly dam­
Roney, no doubt, on Sharp’s side time useless to use the roller and phone, stated that I understood that
aged. The big Stndebaker, after
and County Engineer Morse appar- the wagons and those with whom you were disregarding your promise
being struck, ran off the grade on
ently on Sharp’s side, although in a Mr. Morse held the conversation so made the delegation which visited
the wrong side of the road and
private conversation with citizens stated. Mr. Morse joined with those you, and at that time you assured
turned over onto its side.
of Cottage Grove and Loraue held with whom he held the conversation me that there was no intention
Chevrolet, with both wheels and
on the streets of Cottage Grovo, af­ in condemning the manner iu which whatever to evade the promise made
running board on the left side torn
ter the laying of the rock had been the road had been constructed, or at to tho delegation of which I was
off, skidded along on the pavement
completed or nearly completed, he least acquiesced in the statements chairman.
and when it camo to u standstill
expressed the opinion that a grave made by those who did condemn
‘ ‘ The above facts do not har-
was headed in the wrong direction.
error had been made in laying the the manner of construction.
mon iso with your statement that
No one was injured in the accident
rock on an unrolled roadbed without
Mr. Sharp makes much of the the aanio delegation that visited you
but those in other cars, who stopped
rolling the rock as laid.
faet that it would have cost 30 afterwards visited tho engineer aud
at the scene of tho accident, feared
County Judge Barnard evidently cents tho yard additional to have made a directly opposite request. I
that injuries might result over the
maintains the position whieh he has laid a macadam road. Tho fact is know to my own personal knowl­
attempt of the drivers of the two
consistently held from the first, that that it would have cost almost noth edge that the delegation which vis­
cars to fix the responsibility for
rock laid on a dirt road for traffic ing more to have let the original ited the county court did not later
the accident and they suggested to
to work in is money thrown into a contract for such a road, and the visit the county engineer nnd make
Night Marshal McFarland that ho
rat hole, which is about what th" further fact is that the road will any request of him, either for or Had Been In Restaurant Business
for 23 Years; Known for
go out and adjust the matter. When
Lorane road has become.
now have to be rebuilt at an ex- against wetting and rolling.’*
he arrived, however, the drivers Amount of Produce Put Up This
Many Charities.
Despite tho repeated statements pease much greater than an addi­
were in a cheerful mood and the
of Commissioner Sharp that the tional 30 cents tho yard—at the ex­
No answer was received from
police officer’s services were not
road was standing up splendidly and pense of the taxpayers.
Commissioner Sharp, but n reply
Mrs. Edgar A. Willson, resident of
360,000 Pounds.
that the Lorane and Cottage Grove
was received from County Engineer Cottage Grove for 83 years, died at
On Sunday evening a car driven
people would rise up in the spring
The following, referring to story Morse, as follows:
1 o'clock Saturday morning, nover
by an employe tf one of the mills
“Eugene, Ore., Oct. 13.—You with having fully recovered from an at­
Despite the faet that the pack to call the county court blessed, the in The Sentinel of a week ago (that
or camps up Row river collided with
tack of paralysis of soveral weeks
a car driven by Joe Damewood Jr. thiB year was somewhat smaller has disappeared in the mud, aud appeared iu Friday's Register:
and Lorane discussed with me on before. Funeral services were hold
than last, indications are that this
The accident happened up tho river. year
the county court is trying to save
“Emmett Sharp, county commis­ the streets of Cottage Grovo a week Sunday afternoon from the chapel
The driver of the other car made a
what is left of the road, if not its sioner, defends the action of the or so ago the rolling of tho rock
settlement with Mr. Damewood, while those last year were not. Last face, by closing the road for tho county court in not wotting and on the Cottage Grove-Lorane road. and the body was taken to Portland
for cremation. Rev. A. R. Spearow
who stated that he got clear of the year there was a large loss due to w-inter—and this comes within a rolling the gravel on the Cottage
“At that time it was the senti­
road to let the other car by. Occu­ spoilage, attributable to a lack of few days after Commissioner Sharp Grove-Lorane highway by stating ment expressed by all present that officiated at tho services here.
Bertha Pauline Smith was born in
pants of tho cars sustained only
cient help to get pears into cans pooh-poohed the idea of the road that the same delegation that tho good gained by rolling would San Francisco March 21, 1864, and
minor injuries.
going to pieces. The people of this called on the court and requested not be onough to warrant the ex­
had passed her fifty-niuth birthday
Early Monday evening a car driv­
This year there has been careful section are blessing the county court that it be rolled asked County En­ pense and thnt it would bo better anniversary. She was married there
en by Carl Shoen and a ear owned
all right, as Sharp said they would, gineer Morse later on not to wet for the »oad to put the same amount February 28, 1900, to Edgar A.
by J. L. Shambrook, of Roseburg,
but the emphasis on the words used nr.d roll it.
of money in additional rock later Willson. They removod at onco to
but driven by someone else, came it has been possible to get suffi­ is not exactly what he seemed to
“The commissioner made this oa.
Cottage Grove and started a rostau
together head on on the hill just
“In view of this conversation, rant business which they continued
statement yesterday after reading
The plant has completed opera­
this side of the McVeigh overhead
to operate until recently. Surviving
crossing out of Eugene. In the car tions this year except for apples, Lorane road are briefly these:
Cottage Grove correspondent who court, I do not understand your relatives aro the husband and a sis
with Mr. Shoen were M. Parks and which are now coming on.
The pack to date is as follows:
tor and two brothers, Miss Nettie,
Ivan Clark, all employes at the
Beans, 59,605 pounds; blackber­ and Lorane secured the promise that pieces on account of not being just handed mo to read.”
Fred and Frank Smith, all of San
Walter Woodard mill. Mr. Shoen
went out through the windshield ries, 130,303 pounds; pears, 86,180 road they wanted. They demanded the cost of wetting and rolling tho
To tho above letter tho editor of
Mrs. Willson’s outstanding char­
and straddled the hood but sus pounds; prunes, 81,846 pounds; rhu a waterbound macadam and such gravel would be 30c per cubic yard The Sentinel replied as follows:
acteristic was her charity for tho
tained no injuries. Mr. Parks, who barb, 456 pounds; plums, 1279 was promised them.
pounds. These items total nearly
unfortunate, unostentatiously ex
remained iu the car, sustained minor 360,000
At the time the laying of the rock
“The commissioner said that the statement in your letter of October pressed.
injuries, while Mr. Clark, who also
was started it was reported in Cot-
roller ar.d water wagons were sent 13, which roads as follows:
remained in the car, was badly cut
tage Grove that the roadbed was to the scene of operations but that
“ ‘You with several others from
about the face and sustained a gash 5219. Nearly all were of the No. M) not being rolled and that the con- the same men who took the trouble Cottage Grove and Lorune discussed
on one leg. Mr. Shoen and Mr. size.
Nearly $5000 has been paid to tractors had no instructions to ro’l to como to Eugeue to ask that tho with me on tho streets of Cottago
Clark, in some inexplicable manner,
either the roadbed or the rock.
water and roller be used requested Grove a week or so ago the rolling
exchanged caps in the accident. Mr. growers on produce bought for cash.
Elbert Bede, who was chairman that they not be used. The roller of the rock on the Cottage Grove-
Shoen had his own cap on, he said, Over half the pack was pooled and of the delegation which had culled and water wagons are still there, ho Lorane road. At that time it was
just before the accident. When he a distribution to growers will not upon the court, immediately got Mr. said. Mr. Sharp denied that the the sentiment expressed by all
arrived on top of the hood outside be made until the produce is dis- Sharp upon the phone and he as­ road is going to pieces and said that present that the good gained by
Organization of tho committee
of the car he had on his partner’s posed of.
sured the residents of this section it is standing up well.’’
rolling would not be enough to war­ which will handle tho winter lyceuni
cap, while Clark had on Shoen’s
that the promise which had been
rant tho expense. I do not recol­ course was completed Munday eve­
cap. No one in the Studebaker sus­
made would be kept. He now states
Tho editor of Tho Sentinel imme­ lect the remaining portion of tho ning at A meeting of tho signers
tained more than minor bruiseB.
that previous to this time the same diately wrote Mr. Sharp as follows: statement ‘that it would bo bettor hi Id in the high school auditorium.
Because of the injuries to Clark,
Tho following officers were elect­
delegation that had asked for a
“I wish to have for publication for tho road to put the same amount
the party, on their way here, came
real macadam road, and had been the names of those to whom you re­ of money in additional rock later ed: President, O. W. Hays; vice
on into Cottage Grove in another
president, H. J. Shinn; secretary-
promised such a roud, had requested fer in news story published in The on. ’
car and secured medical attention
that the former request be disre­ Register as having first acted for
“Your letter then states, ‘In treasurcr, W. E. Lebow; press agent,
for Clark’s injuries. They placed
Effective November 1, rates for garded. He seemed to know nothing the wetting and rolling of the Lo­ view of this conversation, which I Elbert Bedo; advertising manager,
the blame for tho accident on the water to users outside the city will about such a request at the time of
rane road and later asking that it reported to the county court, I do H. W. Iximbard; season ticket sale
other car, saying that it shot out be 50 per cent greater than to those the telephono communication, when bo not done.
not understand your letter to Mr. manager, M.a. Clara Burkholder;
from behind a horse-drawn rig and inside the city. Unanimous action he gave reussurance that his prom
committee on general arrangements,
“Tho writer has interviewed sev­ Sharp, which ho has just handed me Homer Dickson and Bonita Benger.
that the driver admitted that his to that effect was taken at the ses­ ise would be kept. Residents here
brakes were in poor condition. sion of the city council Monday. think it rather odd, to use milder eral of those who were members of
Season tickets for adults will Im
‘ ‘ I am pleased that you havo sot
Shoen stated that he got off the At present the rate is 25 per cent terms than thoBe in general circu­ tho delegation who visited the coun tho date of that conversation as u sold nt $2 and for students nt $1.
paving to let the other car go by greater. The demand for water by lation here, that such a request ly court and all of theso use em­ week or so before the date of your
Tho numbers on the program are:
but that it probably was going too those living inside the city is so should be so firmly impressed upon phatic language in saying that they letter, which would place it at not
November 19—Leake’s Orchestral
fast to safely pass between the great that tho council felt that his mind now, when he had no rec­
before October
" ■
* 3. Will you now Entertainers.
horse-drawn rig and the Shoen car. users outside the city should in this ollection of it at a time that was sort happened.
January 3—Buckeye Male Trio.
inform me when the rock was laid
In another accident Monday eve­ way do their part in bearing the nearer the time at which he now­
“From the amount of criticism on tho Lorane road!
January 25—Dr. Mattison Wilbur
ning a car driven by E. M. Simpson city’s expense in providing an am­ states such a request was made.
which is b-ing directed at you for
“Is it not a fact that all the Chase, lecturer.
coming north collided with the blue ple supply. A policy of making no
February 12—Capt. T. Dinsmore
At the time the delegation visited failing to keep y«ur promise, I feel rock had been placed at that time
stage going south. The accident 'urther extensions of lines to prop­ the county court and received tho quite certain that no one from this and that those with whom you had Upton, lecturer.
happened near the bridge south of erty ourside the city has been in promise of a real macadam road, end of the county made any re your conversation expressed their
The signers of the contract are:
the city. Mr. Simpson’s car was effect for some timo and during Mr. Sharp stated that if the people quest that wetting and rolling of disgust at tho action of tho county Clara A. Burkholder, H. J. Shinn,
somewhat damaged but the stage
of this i section would permit the the road bo eliminated.
court in not keeping its promise to Elbert Bedo, 8. L. Mackin, Geo. O
escaped without serious injury. No bility of furnishing no water outside laying of loose rock on a loose
“From a conversation held two wet and roll both courses of rock Knowles, Karl K. Mills, M. H. An­
one in the stage was injured and the city limits has been considered. grade the
traffic of the winter weeks or more ago with the county as laid upon the roadbed, which derson, I. E. Warner, C. A. Bartell,
Mr. Simpson sustained only minor
would I make a macadam road as engineer, I am quite certain that was to bo rolled before any rock H. W. Titus, W. E. Is'bow, Gaven O.
injuries. The two drivers could not SAW MILL’S MINIATURE
Dyott, Herbert W. Iximbard, H. C.
pretty as any to be found any- .he did not understand that any one was placed!
agree as to who was to blame for
AETNA TO BE CONTROLLED where. . Against the expressed wishes asked him, or suggested to him, that
“Was not the statement or con Adams, O. W. Hays, Harry Neet,
the accident.
of the residents here and contrary the wetting and rolling be elim­ vernation which you quote mado in R. L. Stewart, F. E. Dickson.
view of the fact that the court had
The miniature Aetna, the designa­ to their own promise, the county inated.
tion which some have given the eourt tried to make a macadam road
“Unless you furnish tho names violated its promise to lay a stand­ BEAVERS AND SUNDODGERS
FOE REPORTORIAL ABILITY refuse burner at the Western Lum­ by that method and it now devel­ ot those who made such a request, ard macadam road and that those
ber and Export company’s mill, is ops that the residents of thia sec­ I shall feel free to state that no with whom you held the conversa­
Oregon Agricultural College. Cor
tion felt that no good could eome
University of Oregon, Eugene, to be brought under control. That
such requests were made.
Oct. 17.—(Special.)—Marian Lowry, was the report made to the city that a road could not be built by
“As to whether the road is stand­ from rolling a road when rock had vallis, Oct. 15.—Beavers vs. Wash­
of Walker, a junior student in the council by a special committee ap
ing up, the Ixirane Orchard com­ been laid upon a roadbed which had ington university “Bundodgers” is
school of journalism at the Univer­ pointed to interview officials of the has been built by the method which pany has hail to haul pears to Cot­ not been rolled, with no rolling or the big bill that will be put on for
tho collego alumni, Oregon news­
sity of Oregon, has been selected company. The committee had been
tage Grove by way of Eugene. Sure­ wetting of the rock as laid!
“The delegation whieh visited the paper mon and other attendants at
us a news editor of the Emerald, appointed in response to a petition in which opinion Judge Barnard ly they would not add 30 miles to
county court asked for a water homecoming, Hnturday, November 3.
the eampus daily newspaper. Only asking for an abatement of flying did not concur, and against which their haul just for fun.
bound macadam road. Do you think The Rook Hoph bag rush, varsity
students of superior journalistic fiartinlly burned sawdust from the the delegation protested in no un­
“Scott Jackson was in the eity that rolling the road later than tho “O” procession, cafeteria lunch and
ability and past experience on the burner. The committee reported certain terms, Mr. Sharp now at-
staff of the Emerald are chosen for that screens with which to control temps to pass the buck by stating today and he remarked that tho date you have set, October 3, would annual ball aro other events already
this responsible position.
the burner had been ordered pre­ in a news story in The Register, road past his place (the Lorane- have given what the delegation scheduled.
I-ast year Miss Lowry won a V, lous to the visit of the committee. that the people who used the rond Eugene road) was as smooth as a asked fori
“I wish to have the following D COMPANY FOOTBALL TEAM
prize for being the most efficient
As to that portion of the petition (in order to build a road by the board while the Lorane-Cottage
questions answered:
and consistent worker on the rep- which alleged that the company’s method Sharp suggested) are to ♦-
“Who from Lorane or Cottage
ortorial staff of the paper. She was log pond had caused surface water blame for it alL
Commissioner Sharp has publicly
Grove asked to have the promise
also awarded the prize given for to back up for two blocks to the
The “D” company football team
of the county court disregarded!
the most unassigned stories printed south, the committee reported that stated that the county’s road roller
will play tho Roseburg Elks team on
“Previous to the time that all Stouffer field Bunday afternoon at
the company’s pond did not seem and water wagons were sent to the ♦---------------------------------------- *
in the Emerald.
the rock had been placed on ail or 2:30 o’clock. This will be the first
to be at fanlt, but that in any job and that the rolling and wet­
a larger part of the road, did any game for the local team, which is
event the construction of a sewer­ ting of the grade and roek would
have proceeded except for the re­ Grove either have implicit eonfi-
CLOSES ON OCTOBER 80 age system would be necessary to quest of residents of this section dence in the eity council and the one from Cottage Grove or Lorane made up largely of former members
indicate in any way that we had of Cottage Grove high school teams.
bring relief. That leaves it up to
that their former request be disre members of the citizens’ budget changed our minds about wanting
The season for hunting deer closes the property owners in that section garded. Mr. Sharp has refused to committee, or else they show a <le a waterbound macadam road!
Jerseyx Bring Good Price,
tomorrow, instead of November 1, of the eity.
answer an inquiry as to who asked plorable lack of interest in their
“If so, give their names.
Fourteen head of grade Jerseys
as has been announced. There has
to have the request disregarded, but own affairs, Not a taxpayer ap-
“Have you seen the road •inc« brought an average price of *101
been some doubt as to the date for NO LET UP IN BUILDING
as to the presence of the roller and peered at the taxpayers ’ ’ rriAAiintF
at tho stock salo of George Clark,
ACTIVITY; PERMITS IS8UED water wagons, the facts are thnt held Monday night to go over the the “If
the close of the season, due to the
so, do yon think that there
faet that the game sommisaion tried
the roller and the wagons were no­ items in the 1924 budget. The bud­ is anything there that in the slight of Lorane, held last week. One
to arbitrarily change the date of
There seems to be no abatement where near the road until after all get will now go before the tax su­ •st has the appearance of a water grade Jersey sold for *140. Theso
prices are far above the average
opening, which wonld have changed in the unusual building activity or a larger part of the roek had pervising commission of the county. bound macadam road!
aad indicate that stockmen are
the date of closing to November 1. here. Permits have been granted been laid, when the use of the roller
“Did you not express to me your much interested in increasing their
The courts have ruled that the com­ to Fred Thomas, John P. Runk and and the wagons would have been ♦ -
' -- -----
----- »
personal opinion thnt the eourt was herds. J. K. Greer, who handled the
mission had no power to change W. A. Fredericks for the erection useless
not keeping its promise and that the auction sale at the Clark farm, says
the dates, for which reason the of residences and to George R. Med
County Commissioner Sharp gets
kind of a road being laid would not that it has been several years siuce
dates provided by law will prevail. ley for the erection of two dwell­ County Engineer Morse to reply to
The law says the season shall close ings. Peewits for the erection of the demand for the names of those ♦----------------------------------------♦ stand up nnder wet weather and such prices have been obtained for
would not be much of a road under grade Jerseys in this vicinity.
October 20.
garages have been granted to J. F who asked that the demand made
Boy Grigg», of Comstock, is is a any conditions!
Twenty-one head were sold.
Spray and C. 8. Milne.
by the eitizens of this section, and hospital in Eugene receiving treat­
“I shall expect an immediate
Eugene expects to come here with
the promises of the court be dis ment for an X-ray burn which ht reply for publication.”
Railway Commissioner Visits.
a band and a train load of rooters Former Resident Kilted at Corvallis regarded. Mr. Morse, in a letter m.staiaed to his back eight months
T. K. Campbell, railway eommia
for the gridiron elash tomorrow be­
E. G. Anderaon, who was killed to Elbert Bede, states that he sgn in an examination. Hkin graft­
It is well to keep your shoulders •inner, former resident, was a vis­
tween Eugene high and Cottage in a hunting accident at Corvallis (Bede) aad several others were the ing bus been tried in an effort to
Grove high. The Torsi» have b< on Monday, was a former resident of ones who made the request. Mr. hasten the healing of the burn. The back and your head erect—but ' itor here Friday. Be said that he
training bard since their defeat Cottage Grove. He was at one time Morse sets the date that such a grafts were furnished by Mr. don't carry it so high in the air would be here again shortly to look
last week by Rone burg and intend employed in the lath section of the request was made ss oa or about Grigg«’ wif*, his brother, H. B. that you can’t see your neighbor»— into the request of petitioners for a
Griggs, of this eity, and by Roy feist carry it high enough to over­ crossing Iwll at the Saginaw cross
tc give the county seaters • real J. H. Chambers mill and later con­ October 3.
ducted the Anderson Fuel company.
The facts in regard to this eon Beetle and Jack Kave, of Comstock. look their faults.
The Wife Who Lived Here Was Not
Mother of Alton, the Youth­
ful Murderer.
The continued startling develop­
ments in the Covell murder case at
Bandon are of interest to Cottage
Grove people because of the faet
that a part of the Covell family
were residents here ten years ago.
Dr. Covell was a chiropractic
practitioner here. Dr. Covell’s wife
of that time, who was his assistant
in his practice, died after the fam­
ily removed to Bandon and the wife
who was murdered by Dr. Covell’s
son Alton was not known here. Al­
ton is a son by a marriage even
preceding that with the wife who
resided here. Alton, so far as re­
membered, did not at nny time live
with his father here, he and his
sister Lucille being cared for by
Dr. Covell’s people, who lived else­
where. A son of Mrs. Covoll by a
previous marriage was with the
Covells when they lived hero and
it is thought that Lucille was a
resident hero for u short time.
The most recent developments in
the ease are that both Alton, wlio
has confessed to murdering his step­
mother by smothering her with
ammonia fumes, aud the crippled,
bed-ridden undo, who incited the
boy to the crime, will stand trial
separately. It has developed that
tho boy would havo been in the
stato school for tho feebleminded
except for the crowdod condition of
the school. Tho murdex of Mrs.
Covell was planned a month ahead
and Mrs. Covell had herself pre­
dicted that October 3, according to
her horoscope, was the date for her
It has developed that tho uncle,
Arthur Covell, instigator of tho
crime, was a most kiuuly man until
sustaining injuries when crushed
under jt truck three years ago.
A largo numbor of people of Ban
don and vicinity were to havo boon
murdered, according to diary notes
of Arthur Covell, the contents of
which have been divulged by tho
authorities. It is thought that it is
possible that horoscope's prepared by
the crippled astrologist may have
figured in tho murder a year ago
of Desmond Taylor at Hollywood,
which has never been cleared up.
Charles Guggisbcrg, 13-year-old
son of Mr. und Mrs. Fred Guggis-
berg, who sustained severe injuries
when knocked from a load of hay
which ho was assisting to unload,
and who remained in an unconscious
condition for sovcrnl days, has re­
gained consciousness so far as to
recognize those about him and tho
attending physician believes there is
no doubt of his complete ultimate
recovery. Ho stated that there havo
been cases in which unconsciousness
continued over a much longer per­
iod and yet recovery was complete.
While young Guggisberg was
working on top of the load of hay,
the horses became startled by a bale
falling forward onto thorn. They
jumped forward und the boy’s head
came iu contact with tho track upon
whieh tho barn door operated. Ho
was struck on the side of the head,
the blow barely missing tho tomplo.
If your business isu’t better this
year, the reason probably is that
you haven’t done a sufficient
amount of judicious advertising in
The Sentinel.
Whatever has been said for or
against newspaper advertising,
Now York learned, during the
time tho newspapers could give
no advertising on account of the
pressmen’s strike, exactly what
it means to be left without news-
paper advertising of tho
sales. Evon Wall street,
takes but a comparatively small
corner of the Now York nows
paper space, learned that its cue
turners depend upon the news
paper announcements of financial
offerings, and several large mon­
ey offerings were postponed un
til newspaper advertising could
be had.
Stores depending on special
sales wore most seriously af­
fected. In lieu of newspaper ads
these stores sent out printed cir­
culars, but theso were not nearly
so effective as tho ads, the man­
agers admitted.
In the words of Hearn W. 'I
Street, one of the executives of
Blair 4 company, a lending bank
ing house:
“Investment bankers were not
certain until the pressmen '» strike
begnn that newspaper advertising
played a big part in their bind
ness. We know now what in­
valuable service the newspapers
render us. It. is next to impos-
«ible to put over a big bond issue
without advertising. Our elients
expect advertising and will not
bother to read circulars.’’
The experience of New York
in her “newsloss’’ days should
be of infinite value to
_ anyone
who doubts tho effectiveness of
newspaper advertising.