The Cottage Grove sentinel. (Cottage Grove, Lane County, Oregon) 1922-current, September 07, 1923, Page 8, Image 8

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Now is the time to be fitting the little miss with clothes for school. And
it’s a wise mother who shops at our store, for we carry a large assort­
ment of practical garments for the younger generation.
Girls’ School Sweaters
Specially Priced
at $2.98
School Coats
for Fall
Made on growing lines that for style will appeal to the girls
and for quality and price to you mothers. Many styles to choose
from. Bloused or straight line backs, side ties, imitation fur or
self collars. The materials include Velour, Polaire and Cassi-
meres in various shades of blue and brown.
Coats for Girls 6 to 9 at $4.95, $6.95 and $7.95
Coats for Girls 10 to 14, $7.95, $9.75 and $10.75
Girls’ coat style wool sweaters,
two pockets, belted, pockets and
collars trimmed with cont lasting
colors. Colors: Buff, Harding
and Jockey. Priced very special
Famous “Munsingwear”
Union Suits
In the fall and winter weights.
“Munsingwear” is famous for its
perfect fit and long wearing
qualities. Comes in fine cotton
or wool mixed garments. Priced
at the suit—
$1.25 to $2.75
Once more you parents are directing your time and energy in
buying the proper apparel for Bon and daughter. You are en­
titled to the most in value for every dollar you spend. Make
this store your shopping headquarters.
Girls’ Sateen Bloomers
Umbrellas That Shed
Bloomers for girls 6 to 14 years,
made of good quality sateen in
black or white, elastic top, the
Girls’ umbrellas, made with ring
handles, seven rib frame and good
quality cotton top, priced at
each— •
95c and $1.25
Hose School Days
for Girls
Medium weight cotton, made
with reinforced toes and
heels, black and cordovan,
pair...................... 30c and 35c
When a woman can select school hosiery for all the children
in one place, shopping becomes a real pleasure. To her, this
hosiery section becomes something more than a place to oc­
casionally buy a pair of stockings. It becomes a real factor
of service, a guide to hosiery VALUE and ECONOMY.
Allen A
Style, with us is nothing vague or indefinite. We interpret
it to mean “smartness,” good appearance and quality—plus
exceptional durability.
The long wearing qualities
of ALLEN A Hosiery for
children make it much less
expensive than ordinary
brands of doubtful quality
offered sometimes at “bar
gain prices,” but which no­
body wants to buy a second
Fine quality mercerized lisle
hose, made with reinforced
toes and heels, black and
cordovan......... 45c and 50c
School Days
Are at Hand
Larger Stocks, Better Quality Merchandise
and Lower Prices make it the ideal place to
to some youngsters means little in their
young lives. To others the thought of
books and study after a happy vacation
is not so welcome.
One thing that will strike a happy chord with the boy though, is a new suit bought at our
store now. It will give him a certain amount of pride and take away any gloomy thoughts he
may have of getting back to books and study. Mothers, too, will appreciate our offering in
Iwo Knicker Suits at $9.85
Cassimeres, worsteds and serges, made up in the new belted styles for boys 6 to 14
has two pairs of full lined trousers. New brown, gray and blue colorings.
A Sale of Boys’ $2.00,
$2.50 and $3.00 Xtra
Knicker Pants
Boys’ Pull-Over
for Boys
Heavy ribbed cotton, made
with reinforced toes ami
heels, black ami brown, all
sizes, pair.......................... 35c
These extra pants are in
School sweaters for boys
all wool and wool filled
of the popular pull-over
materials, fully lined, sizes
style, black, maroon and
6 to 14 years, brown and
blue with body stripes of
gray mixed patterns.
orange. Sizes 28 to 34.
Extra heavy ribbed cotton
hose, made with reinforced
toes and heels, black only,
made to stand the hardest
wear, pair........ 40c and 50c
Each suit
“Munsingwear” Union
Suits for Boys at
$1 to $3
We carry this famous
make of union suits for
boys in cotton and worsted
and in weights for fall and
winter. Well made, per­
fect fitting and long wear­
ing garments are “Mun­
Peter’s “Diamond Brand” School Shoes
for Boys and Girls
are made of solid leather
Every pair of “Diamond Brand” shoes is made of solid leather because there is nothing as good as leather for making shoes
Sol'1 1 th
give better wear than shoes which contain substitutes. The heels, counters, insoles and outer soles are solid leather well Dut towth " w-1’ ri- s loes
k ®
. We offer you
the following styles at prices no higher than shoes of inferior quality arc often sold at:
Misses’ mahogany brown calf,
round toe, “Nature’s last.” rub­
ber heel, all solid leather.
Misses’ black gun metal, round
toe, “Nature’s last,” rubber heel,
all solid leather.
Misses* 8-inch top English sport
last, brown calf, rubber heel, fan­
cy perforated toe, welt, guaran
teed solid leather.
Misses 8-inch top English sport
last black gun metal, rubber
heel, welt, guaranteed solid lea­
Tailored of all wool cassimeres and sergi's. Sizes 30 to 36
Sizes liy2 to 2 ..................... $3.35
Sizes 11% to 2........
— $3.25
Sizes llVi to 2
Sizes liya to 2
cheat im asBie. Stylish are these suits, for they are made up
I in the new belted models and all the newest fall colorings:
I blue, gray and brown mixtures, stripes, cheeks, etc. Moder
Sizes 8Va to 11....................... $3.00
Sizes 8% to 11........
Sizes 8V2 to 11
Sizes 8i/2 to 11
Youth’s First Long Pants Suit
I ately priced al
Boys' black waterproof blu-
cher, heavy chrome leather,
solid leather counter ami
leather soles.
Sizes 2Vj to &/t
Sizes 114 to 2
Sixes 9 to 11
$3 65
$2 95
Day(i(jkf Storefor Qualify and Service
$3 25
Boys black calf dress shoes,
blucher, medium weight sole
rubber heel.
Sues 2»/2 to 514 ......... J3J5
81«« 11*4 to 2.............. 12J6