The Cottage Grove sentinel. (Cottage Grove, Lane County, Oregon) 1922-current, September 07, 1923, Page 5, Image 5

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What the World
Is Doing
(Popular Mechanics Magazine.)
---------------------------------------------- #
Perfumes Will Add Reality to
Motion Pictures
Starts You Toward the Ownership of a
and in a short time you will have a car of
your own. Then all “out-of-doors” will be
yours to enjoy with your family.
togetner ana noia tnc mpne aown se­
curely. Oue hole is drilled through
each outride I k “ am mid a aeries of holes
through the inner ones so that he two
base niemliers can lie locked together
at different points, to obtain proper
licit tension. Floor beams of thwiame
type are attached near every ergine-
dnven machine, so that, to attach toe
engine, it is only necessary to slide it
into place and slip in the rod.
• • •
C Recent testa made by the ImpesiW
Institute indicate that the taUpot
palm, or fan palm, of South India may
prove a promising paper-making ftta-
toriaL The leaf stalks give a good
e e e
q Word comes from England that aa
important weekly has begun the use <■
the new rubber-latex paper, tn which up
to five per oent of raw rubbe» b hmoe-
porated with the pulp.
Buy your car under the terms of the
For as little as $5, you can select the Ford
you want and place your order at once. We
will put this money in a local bank for you
—at interest. Each week you add a little
more. This also draws interest. Soon your
payments, plus the interest earned, makes
the car your own. Come in! Let us give
you full particulars about this new plan.
When a person gets to be too re­
the neighbors think he is
The drawing shows a simple theft
trying to hide something.
slnrin that can be attached to any car,
• • •
an<l will, when set, sound the horn and
Patience is a crime sometimes.
keep it sounding, the moment the
emergency brake is released. It con-
A man makes a fool of himself
sists of a switch having two spring­ over one woman, but there’s no cure
contact blades located in a V-shaped for him when he takes on two or
Theft Alarm Safeguards Car
Pleasant odors, typical of the scene
lieing shown, may bo used in motion­
picture theaters, shortly, to add reality
to the screened picture story. This
rill be accomplished by working keys
at the organ, which will bu connected
to suitable spraying apjiaratuB. When
an ocean scene appears, the bracing
odor of salt air, with its pleasant tang,
will be wafted through the theater, as
a natural accomjianiment of tho set­ Travel by Stagecoach and
ting. Similarly, a country background
Camels in Australia
will coll forth the characteristic fra­
grance of freshly mown hay. Exotic
The interior of Australia covers so
perfumes and incense will be used in Vast an area that only a small portion
Oriental presentations. Theator of it can be reached by rail. In the1
owners believe that this t. >uch of reality yrly ’80s an American started a line of slot, cut in the floorboard at right
angles to the brake-lever slot, and s
v ill add materially to the enjoyment
movable fiber arm that is pushed be­
of the film.
tween the ends of the blades, after the
brake lever is pulled book, so that the
lever cannot be moved forward without
dislodging the arm and dosing the
switch. When the owner uses the oar,
he pulls the arm book, so that the brake
lever may be moved past without die-
turbing it.
Think of the comfort, the pleasure and
happiness which will be yours.
Use Radio on Motorcycle»
to Catch Bandits
Radfp-eijuipped motorcycles hare
been put into service in tho East to
copo wi )h automobile bandits. Aerials
in the fc rm of a loop are attached to a
sidecar which also curries tho receiving
apparatus. Two men are detailed to
each maihino, ona to drive and the
other to net as radio operator. By tho
use of the radio, police headquarters
are able to keep in touch with each
machine and direct its movement*.
Woodson Brothers
Authorized Ford Dealers
coaches from Melbourne to Caatle-
maine. This was soon after gold was
discovered. Since that time a network
of coach routes has been built up, cov­
ering a large area. These link up the
coast cities, situated on railroad lines,
with the interior—the "back” coun­
try. A journey by coach is not always
a pleasant experience in Australia.
South Australia lays claim to the
doubtful honor of what is railed the
“ dead finish ” in coach travel. Thia is
a trip from Haddon Downs to Farina,
some 404 miles, and the fare, one way,
is 150. It is not a “de luxe” journey,
as may be judged from the time-table,
which states distinctly that “Female
Passengers are Not Carriod.” Nor is
the coach used at all times by the
travelers. One coach lino notifies its
passengers that they “must be pre­
pared to travel the latter part of the
journey on camels.”
• • •
Ant Army Marches in Circle
Payments on Weekly Purchase
Plan will be deposited with the
In watching the march of an army of
ants, seeking a new homo, a naturalist
recently noted that, in many days and
nights of constant moving, the insects
had blindly tracked a circlo more than
a thousand feet around, and ended at
the starting point. Urged by blind in-
stinct, each one following tho ant in
front, bearing et-,gs and food for a new
nest, they tram)ied along in a strong
column, six lines wide at some places.
• • •
A person who has never amounted
to anything will eventually be
called upon to take the leading rolo
in one event—his own funeral.
* • •
Tho public is often milked with
watered stock.
A woman who knows how to run
her husband nevor lets him know it.
A girl is more concerned over how
her wedding dress looks than over
how her future husband looks.
• • •
Bo right and you will not often
be wronged.
Woman’s Statement
Will Help Cottage
Grove People
“I hated cooking because all I ate
turned sour and formed gas. I drank
hot water and olive oil by tho gal
Ion. Nothing helped until I used
Adlerika.” Most medicines act only
on lower bowel but Adlerika acts
on BOTH upper and lower bowel
and removes all gas and poisons.
Excellent for obstinate constipation.
Helps any case gas on the stomach
in TEN minutes. The White Phar­
Bracing Chimney Extension
Don’t Confuse
High*Price” with
If ratetnobtk oils were priced solely on qttab
tty and efficiency, no oil should cost you more
than good, high quality Zerolene. Brat quality
and efficiency do not determine the price of
ods sold hen. The difference in the price of
Zexolene and other oik usually goes into long-
haul transportation and high merchandising
costs, niid) we do not have to pay to makeZerolene
anadahie. AH that you spend for Zerolene goes
to boy high quality only.
Therefore we any,Iwin on Zcrolene—even if
infos antics." Ask for it by name—Zero/cne
Subscribe if you can, borrow it if you need to,
steal it if you must, but—read The Sentinel
S. L Godard
“Loud Speaker” Guides
Vessels to Port
Morine engineers at an English port
have devised a voice-amplifying appa­
ratus, which, it is claimed, greatly re­
duces tho danger of accidents to largo
veeeels approaching their docks in a
busy harlMir. With tho new loud
speaker, a dock superintendent may
throw his voioe out over a long stretch
of water to the helmsman of an incom­
ing ship. Complete docking directions
can be given in much lees time than is
required when whistles and liells are
used. The amplifier is so large that a
crane is necessary to swing it into posi­
tion for use. An attendant, mounted
on the hoist, points the instrument in
the proper direction.
• • •
Removing Headlamp Rima
A tinsmith who was confronted with
the problem of erecting an extension on
A low chimney, without attaching guy
wires to the
roof, braced
the extension
in the manner
shown in the
An iron band
was bolted
around the
chimney as in­
dicated, and
were fitted in
I k les drilled on
each side, for
the guy wires.
The latter were fastened to the top
the chimney extension and to the stovo-
Ixilts, and were spread apart by means
of a steel hoop, which was held in posi­
tion by wrapping each guy wire around
it once. This bracing made the exten­
sion so strong that it has withstood the
heaviest gales.
• • •
When it becomes necessary to re­
move automobile headlamp rims, it will
frequently be found that they are so
rusted that they cannot readily be
turned by hand. This is due to tho Attaching Wire to Concrete
fact that insufficient “ grip ” is obtained
liecausc of the high polish of the nickel
or enamel.
A good method of attaching wire to
Before applying tools, which may concrete fence posts is shown In the
mar the finish of the rims, apply a strip drawing. One side of the post, as far
of friction tape around the entire outer as it extends above the ground, has
edge, and try again. In moot cases, ths
small grooves’
rim will readily come off. After ths
formed In it,
about 2 in.i
ap>.rt. 'These'
groove» »ret
made by'
wooden stripe
nailed to the
face of the
form tn which
the posts are
made. The
fence wire is
laid in the
grooves as shown, and bound in place
by a short length of wire, passed around
the concrete poet and twisted around
the fence wire.
I a - vu rvpiHit u, il
tllOVTsl, Mild UiS iU'h'tii'F
ti><: polished surfer* with
• • •
tn|æ i» re
noed fron.
Pail With Float Prevent» Calf
Drinking Too Fast
Fast drinking is a habit which care­
Have a packet in your
pocket for ever*ready
Aids digestion
Allays thirst.
Soothes the throat.
Everett Powell
disorders that affect the animal in
after life. An effectual check against
this is believed to have been found in
a simple metal float that fits into a
straight-sided pail in which it slowly
drojia as the calf feeds. A hole in the |
center of the float, the upper surface I
of which forms an inverted cone, regu­
lates the flow of milk, and prevents its I
being drunk too fast.
Springs Co.
Moat people who insist on telling
all they know make many repeti­
at one dollar a plate
are now serving their
Chicken Dinners
Because here you will re­
ceive a thorough, practical
business training under the
direction of qualified teach­
But Not So Bad if You Know How
to Beach the Cause.
Nothing more discouraging than a
constant backache. Lame when you
awaken, pains pierce you when you
bend or lift. It’s hard to work or
to rest. Backache often indicates
bad kidneys. Cottage Grove people
recommend Doan’s Kidney Pills.
Bead this case:
Mrs. J. W. Clark, 8. 2nd St., Cot­
tage Grove, says: “I can recom­
mend Doan's Kidney Pills from ex­
perience. My kidneys were in a bad
condition and I suffered with a
continual dull, nagging backache
and had no energy and became run
down. I also had spoils of head­
ache and the action of my kidneys
was irregular. Doan ’s Kidney Pills
were recommended to me so I
bought somo at the Now Era Drug
Store. They helped me wonderfully,
strengthening my back and kidneys
and benefiting me generally.”
Price 60c, at all dealers. Don’t
simply ask for a kidney remedy—
got Doan’s Kidney Pills—tho sarno
that Mrs. Clark had. Foster-Milburn
Co., Mfrs,, Buffalo. N. Y.
Because our charges are rea­
sonable and our equipment
is up to date.
Because when you have com­
pleted one
you will be
cept a good
make good
accepted it.
of our courses
qualified to ac­
position and to
after you have
Because with a business edu­
cation the road to success
will be an easier one to
Because no investment you
could make will pay you
bigger dividends in the fu­
And finally because you owe
it to yourself and to the
community to prepare so
that you can take your
place in the front rank and
do your part in helping to
solve the big problems of
the day.
In the County Court of the State
of Oregon for Lane County.
Notice is hereby given that the
uudersignod administrator of the
estate of Anna Willis, deceased, has
filed his final account with tho
County Court of Lane County, Ore­
gon, in the matter of said estate
and an order has been made and
entered of record directing notico
ting Saturday, the 29th day of
September, 1923, at the hour of 11
o’clock a. m. at the County Court
room in Eugene, Lano County, Ore­
gon, as the time and place of hear­
ing objections, if any, to said ac­
count and for the final settlomont
of the said estate.
Administrator of the estate
of Anna Willis, deceased.
Attorney for estato.
Will you do it! Then re­
member that September 4
is the date for the beginning
of our regular fall term.
Eugene Business College
A. E. Roberts
Grove Transfer
Furniture Moving
Department of the Interion, U. 8.
Land Office at Roseburg, Oregon,
July 27, 1923,
Notice is hereby givon that Al-
bort H. Bissue, of Cottage Grove,
Oregon, who on 9th of July, 1920,
made homostead entry serial No.
013066 for 8ft 8EH, Section 7,
Township 21 South, Rango 2 West,
Willamette Meridian, has filod no­
tice of intention to make three year
proof to establish claim to tho laud
above described, before Register
and Beceiver, U. 8. Land Office, at
Roseburg, Oregon, on tho 14th day
of September, 1923.
Claimant namoa as witnesses:
William Stinett, of Cottage Grove,
Oregon; Goorge Durest, of Cottage
Grove, Oregon; Fred Frost, of Cot­
tage Grove, Oregon; Clifford Le-
bow, of Cottage Grove, Oregon.
Piano Moving a Specialty
F. W. Jacobs, Proprietor
Office telephone_________ 4
Residence telephone..... 21-F3
Woodson Brother» Garage.
Phone 27. After the garage
cloaes, phone to 165-R.
It Always Pays to
Attend the Eugene
Business College
Notice is hereby given that the
undersigned, as administrator of tho
estate of Love Allen, deceased, has
For Quality, Flavor and
filed his final account in the office
of the County Clerk of Lane County,
the Sealed Package,
Oregon, and that Saturday, the
22nd day of September, 1223, at
tho hour of 11 a. m. in the forenoon
of said day, in the County Court
Boom of said Court has been ap­
pointed by said Court as the time
and placo for the hearing of ob­
jections thereto and the settlement
Dated and first published August
S FLAVOR LASTS 24, 1923.
Last publication September 21,
Administrator of the estate
A Good Thing - DON’T M18S IT.
of Love Allen, deceased.
Send your name and address plainly J. E. YOUNG,
Attorney for estate.
written together with 5 cents (and this
•lip) to Chamberlain Medicine Co., Des
Moines, Iowa, and receive in return a NOTICE OF MEETING COUNTY
trial package containinff Chamberlain ■
Cough Remedy for coughs, colds, croup,
bronchial, "flu” and whooping cough«,
Notice is hereby given that the
and tickling throat: Chamberlain • Stom­ County Board of Equalization for
ach and Li vsr Tablets for stomach trou­ Lane County, Oregon, will meet at
bles, indigestion, gawy pains that crowd tho Court House in Eugene, on the
ths hesrv, biliousness sn<l constipation socond Monday in September (be­
Chamberlain’« Salve, nealed in »very ing the 10th day thereof), 1923;
family for buns, scalds, wounds, piles and will publicly examine tho as-
und skin affections; these valued familj sessment rolls and correct all errors
medicines for only 6 esuu. Don’t miaa it in valuations, descriptions or classi­
fications of lands, lots or other
property assessed in said rolls, at
which time and place all persons
DAY and NIGHT Bonded interested are notified to appear.
Dated August 16th, 1923.
County Asseessor.
stock raisers are anxious to correct
Simple Portable, Adjustable ful
in young calves, for if allowed to con­
Base for Fann Engines
tinue, it is likely to cause digestive
The problem of holding -town a gaso­
line engine, without remit ting to the
usual method of bolting it to the floor,
was solved by the portable anil ad'ust-
atJe base shown in the drawing. 'Two
heavy wooticn lienniH are bolted to the
unilenuiie of the engine, their ends pro­
jecting far enough to be used as han­
dles. Two amilar Isamu. somewhat
shorter, are permanently attached to
the Auer so that those on the engine
will fit between them. A removable
rod is then puriuil through holes
ir» «11 fniie kns ma fzv Irwelr ffKanw*
City Transfer
A. 0. Anderson, Proprietor
Hauling & Draying
Piano moving a specialty. Daily
freight to and from Eugene. Wo
are equipped to haul, polos, tim­
bers, etc.
Office in Spray brick near 8. P.
Station. Office phone, 99; res­
idence phono, 124-J.
Tho tonic for tho business world—
live wire wanted*.
Specialist in Obstetrics
Will cure for confinements at his
home if desired. Special nurse if re­
quired. Phonos: office, 34; res. 126J
H. W. TITUS, D. M. D.
Modern equipment. First National
Bank building. Hours. 9 to 12 sad
1 to 6. Evenings and Bundays by
appointment. Guice phone, 10; res-
idonee phone, 184-J.
Attorney at Lie
First National Sank Building
Cottagli Groves Ore.
Phone 94
Office in Lawson builring
Phone 47
Cottage Grove
Chiropractic, Mechano-Therapy,
Gynecology, Uydro Tharapy, Electro­
Therapy. Office over Darby Hard
ware. Phone 116-J. Office hours: 9
to 12; 1 to 6; Sundays by appoint­
Physician and Burgeon
X-ray work in all its branches. Eve
nings by appointment.
634 Main
Cottage Grove. Oregon
Offlee Fifth and Main. Hourn, 8:30
to 12 and 1 to 6.*30. Evenings and
Sunday* by appointment. Phones:
office 36, residenee 134-Y.
Estate of Benjamin D. Stephen­
son, decesLsed.
Notice is hereby gi iven that Mabel
Alstott was on the
te 28th day of
August, 1923, appointed adminis-
tratrix with will annexed of the
estate of Benjamin D. Stephenson,
deceased, by the County Court of
the State of Oregon in Lane County
and that all persons having elaims
against the seid estate are required
to file the same, duly verified, with
said Administratrix, at the law of­
fice of H. J. Shinn, in Cottage
Grove, Lane County, Oregon, with
in six months from the first publi­
cation of this notice whieh will be
the .31st day of August, 1923.
Administratrix with will annexed.
Attorney for estate.
Licensed Drugloas Physician
Phone SO. Ostrander Building,
630fc Main Street, Cottage Grove
Beal Estate, Insurance and
406 Main Street
Cottage Grove
Particular Work for
Particular People.
300 U»in Street
Phone 116-L
Attorney at I*w and
Notary Public.
Practices in all courta. Thirty years
of experience. Bader building, Cot­
tage Grove, Oregon.