The Cottage Grove sentinel. (Cottage Grove, Lane County, Oregon) 1922-current, August 31, 1923, Page 5, Image 5

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George Edwin Bushnell, of Dex­
ter, and Louellen S. Knowlton, of
this city, were married August 25
in Eugene, Justice of the Peace
Jesse G. Wells officiating.
George W. McQueen was in Eu-
gene Saturday on business.
Galloway writes insurance.
Mrs. Rachel Walker and
ter and son, Mrs. M. H. Getz aud
Glenn Walker, of Waldport, who
had been visitiug at the homo oi
Mrs. Walker’s brother-in-law, R. E.
Walker, spent tho week eud with
friends at Dorena. They left for
Walker the fore part of the week
to visit friends.
Make EVERY Pay Day
You cannot work for yourself forever. One’s
earning days are numbered and it behooves
each of us to make EVERY pay day count.
By opening a Saving Account with this
strong bank and adding something to it each
week, you are not only building up a tidy
sum for the future but also for any unforseen
emergency that may be ahead. Why not start a
Savings Account the first thing TOMORROW
and obtain a Liberty Bell Bank?
Bank of Cottage Grove
are nigh and they mean several
hours of eye strain for your
youngster each day. Is he or
she qualified to stand it? Per­
haps a pair of glasses would
help. Or those he or she now
has need changing.
At any rate, it’ll pay you to
bring the youngster here for
an examination. We’ll guaran­
tee satisfactory results.
D. J. Scholl
Factory on Premises
Cottage Grove
l Tales of the Town
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Jo«t and Bert
Willard and family, of Roaeburg,
spent the week end at the home of
Mrs. Jost’s and Mr. Willard's par­
ents, Mr. and Mrs. O. H. Willard.
Cecil Caldwell got a deer last
I will not be responsible for any
debts contracted by anyone other
than myself.—Elmer Jones. a24s7p
Shelby Churchill and William
Kirtljy and family returned las*
Friday from McCredie springs.
Tho E. O. Saltsmnn fnmily re­
turned inst Friday from Long
Beach, Calif.
Dorf’i City Bakery—Bread
8c and 12c.
Careful, painstaking prescrip­
A. L. Butler and family, of
tion work at White Pharmacy. Scottsburg,
who were on their way
Mr. and Mrs. C. A. Kurre re­
turned Sunday from their tour of
southern Oregon and California.
An 8-pound »on was born Friday
last to Mr. and Mrs. Harvey O.
Denham, of Lynx Hollow.
A 9t4 pound «on wus born August
23 to Mr. and Mrs. John Trunnell.
to Portland, stopped over Friday
with Mr. and Mrs. O. E. Woodson.
Mrs. Sarah Tyler, of Los Ange­
les, arrived Saturday to visit her
niece, Mrs. N. 8. Hays, of London.
Daily motor freight between Cot­
tage Grove and Eugene. City Trans­
fer. Phone 99 or 124 J.
CLOSED (F a «)
This Store Will Be Closed All Day Monday, Sept. 3
SUGAR has advanced. Our price for this week is the
same—100 lbs. for--- ----------- -------------- —...... $8.90
PEACHES are now at their peak for canning. Let us
quote you on bushel boxes,
$1.25 and $1.50
PEARS, Bartletts, per bushel.
TOMATOES—We will have tomatoes for canning next
week. (Short crop.)
MEI j ONS— We have a good supply of watermelons, can­
taloupes and muskmelons.
CABBAGE for krout, 50-Ib. lots, 2c lb.
DEUVERY—Yes, we deliver free. Our delivery costs us
less than 1% of our sales so we abtiorb it as it is not
enough to add to the consumer.
Smith-Short Grocery
Toilet dainties—White’s.
Mr. and Mrs. A. Ulmer, of New
York city, who had been visiting
nt tho home of their daughter, Mrs.
John F. Woodard, returned Thurs­
day of last week to their homo, ac­
companied by Mrs. Woodard and
A. Brewer and daughter, Mrs.
Stella Marcum, of Portland, spent
the week end here with friends.
Money to loan on city or farm
property. J. F. Spray.
Dale Wyatt spent the week end
in Salem and Portland on business.
A marriage license was issued
Friday last to Herbert J. Rand, of
Brick, tile, hearth tile. S. L. this city, and Leia ~
Barlumi, of Eu-
Miss Fay Jennings, teacher at
A Better Film With a Wider
the Dorena school, was in Eugene Range—Ansco—at New Era Drug
on business Saturday.
Albert Lee underwent an oppia­
tion on li is throat and nose last
Buy a
your tire troubles. West Side Garage.
Bruce Holman left last Friday SEWER PIPE, CEMENT,
for Yreka, Calif., on a business
Mr. and Mrs. John Wallace left BRICK,
Saturday for Eugene, where Mrs. PLASTER,
Walluce will keep house for her BRICK.
nephew, Minor Allen. Mrs. Allen
was called to Roseburg on account
of the illness of her mother.
Shingles, Extra Star A Star
W. L. Hubbell
Face creams and powders at
White’s Pharmacy.
E. C. Lockwood has sold the Fred
Ernst plaeo, located on old south
Pacific highway, to W. M. Taylor.
Horace Conner, who sold his homo
on Birch avenue to Mrs. Nannie
Hopper, was up from Grants Pass
Saturday to close the deal. Tho
sale was made through J. F. Spray.
Have You Seen the Dollar Ansco I
New Era Drug Store.
Mrs. E. C. McKinney and daugh­
ters Misses Isabello and Dorothy,
of Portland, who had been visiting
for two weeks at the home of Mrs.
McKinney’s brother, W. E. Dor-
ward, returned home Sunday.
Miss Margaret Neal, of Oakland,
who had been visiting her aunt,
Mrs. Orrin Perry, returned home
Mrs. M. M. Childs, of Medford, is
visiting this week at the homo of
her son, Leiter Childs.
Ernest Dahl, son of George Dahl,
arrived Wednesday of hist week
from California, where he had been
for throe years, to mako his home
with his father.
Shingles. S. L. Godard.
Mrs. W. L. Bunge and her moth­
er, Mrs. R. E. Wilkinson, were in
Portland this week on a business
Miss Esther VanOsdnll, until rc-
contly employed nt the Bouthorn
Pacific station, is now’ taking
_ a
short vacation before entering tho
Eugene business college for the fail
term. Her position has been taken
Stewart for good plumbing. bjr^fiss_Gwendol^n_Moone^^_^_
Mrs. A. J. Gowdy left for Port­
land Saturday to visit her son, Guy
Miss Bessie Mooney, of San
Francisco, who had been visiting
for two weeks with her parents,
Mr. and Mrs. Butte Mooney, of
Mosby creek, returned to San Fran­ We have storage room for
Anaco Films, Ansco Cameras. New hay and grain. Call on us
Era Drug Store.
for storage rates.
Prof. E. J. Lea, who had been
visitiug his parents, Mr. and Mrs.
George Ixia, returned Saturday to
his home in Berkeley, Calif.
O. L. Jones and Ralph Hand, who
were hunting in Cow creek canyon,
got four big bucks last week.
Attention, Farmers!
Sterling Feed Co
Shingles. S. L. Godard.
F. M. Woodson and family left
last Friday on a pleasure trip to
bo spent in Portland, on the Colum­
bia highway, at The Dalles, at Sea­
side and at Newport.
Miss Olivo Cole, of Cheyenne,
Wyo., spent the week end at the
W. J. Woods home.
For Sale—Some good second hand
sacks. Good for wheat or oats.
Beidler’s Feed Store.
al 7tfc
Mrs. Fannie Davis and her
daughter Miss Dorothy, of Lincoln,
Neb., and her granddaughter Miss
Joan Hall, of Waitsburg, Wash.,
who had been visiting at the home
of Mrs. Davis’ daughter, Mrs. W.
J. Woods, returned to their homes
Miss Zetta Doak, of Powers, Ore.,
who was on her way to Bend, spent
the week end with Miss Kathryn
Storage. City Transfer.
Clarence O. Anderson, who until
recently was employed at White’s
Pharmacy, has accepted a position
in the Al wood Drug Store at As­
toria. Mr. and Mrs. Anderson loft
Sunday for that city.
Mr. and Mrs. Bert Stoneburg,
Mrs. Hugh Milligan and son Verlyn,
Harry Stoneburg and family, the
Harry Gates family and Fred An­
derson and family motored to Ban­
don Sunday for a week's outing.
Ansco Films to Fit Any Kodak
at New Era
" Drug
N. J. Nelson Jr. and family re­
lurried Sunday from Vancouver,
B. C.
Mrs. Fred Jones and daughter
Miss Lucile, of Mareóla, visited dur­
ing tho week at the home of Mrs.
Jones’ parents, Mr. and Mrs. W. A.
Why pay rent when you can own
a home for the rent! Bee Spray,
105 Main street.
Mrs. Pet Sanford, Mrs. Ida Miller
mid Ren Sanford motored to Rose­
burg Sunday to spend the day with
Mrs. "
Sanford’s and - --
Mrs. Miller’s
niece, Mrs Ida Dysinger and nt the
home of their great nephew, Cletus
Woodson Brothers received nnoth
er carload of Fords Monday.
A carload of Old English
cement. Want some? S. L.
G. W. McQueen loft Sunday with
Sol Davidson, of Powers, on a mo-
tor trip to Montnna. Mr. Davidson
was going on business and Mr. Me
Queen was induced to join him for
the plensure of the trip.
Mrs. Mitchell Wilkins and chil­
dren, of Birmingham, Ala., visited
over Sunday with the N. J. Nelson
Sr. family.
Galloway for insurance, 511 Msin.
The local Knights of Pythias
lodge has received an invitation to
attend an open air convention and
picnic to be given at Brownsville
Friday, Sept. 14, for all lodges in
Lane, Linn and Benton counties.
None of the members from here are
planning to attend.
Dr. and Mrs. Wnlton anil dnngh
ter, of Portland, visited at the A.
W. Kime home Monday.
I have several roal bargains in
city property; also good farms,
small or largo. J. F. Spray. m2tfc
Mrs. H. E. Allison, of Roseburg,
arrived Monday to visit her par­
ents, Mr. and Mrs. H. H. Fiester.
Mr. and Mrs. O. H. Shaw motored
up from Grants Pass Saturday to
look after their ranch east of the
city. The Shaws own a restaurant
in Grants Pass.
A carload of Old English
cement. Want some? S. L.
W. O. Wilson and family motored
to Albany Bunday to visit at the
home of Mrs. Wilson’s sister, Mrs.
Bruce Hunter.
Sterling Feed Co
Mrs. Elmer Robbins was culled to
Albany Sunday to attend the fu­
neral of a cousin, Johnnie Foster,
12-ycar old son of Frank Foster.
The lad fell from n horse he was
riding, dying from concussion of
the brain.
Buy a Fisk Rod Top and forget
your tire troubles. West Side Garage.
Mrs. Mabel Alstott has been ap­
pointed administratrix of the estate
of her father, Benjamin D. Stephen­
son, who died nt Nevada, Mo., July
19, leaving property or the esti­
mated value of >5000 in Lano coun­
ty. He was a resident of Cottage
Grove. Worth Harvey, John Dur
ham and John Nukes hnve been ap­
pointed appraisers.
Brick, tile, hearth tile. 8. L.
Calapooya Springs
will be full and heated from
Tuesday afternoon to 11
o’clock p. m. Sunday of ev­
ery week during the season.
Water kept at a delightful
temperature. Slide, spring­
board and bucking barrel
will furnish amusement for
1922 tickets good during
Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Smith, ac­
companied by Mrs. Victor Cham
bera, left by motor Sunday for
Crater lake, tho Oregon caves and
other points of interest in southern
Harry R. Knight, agent of the
Oregon Electric railway in Eugene
since 1912, died at his home in Eu­
gene Friday night, after a brief ill­
Monroe, the photographer, who al­
ways pleases, has again taken charge
of his studio at 22 north Sixth
street and challenges the photogra­
phers of the world to equal his rec­
ord of 700 sittings with only one
resitting. After extensive travel he
is able to say that no better por­
traits can be made anywhere than
he is prepared to make for you. He
uses only the best in Collins mounts
and material. If you have never
had a good photograph, try him.
He guarantees to please you. a31s7c
Mrs. J. B. Lewis arrived Wednes­
day evening from Miuneapolis,
Minn., for an extended visit with
her daughter, Mrs. R. 8. Trask, who
met be.- in Portland. Mrs. Trask's
sister, Mrs. Nettie Oberg, who ac­
companied her mother from Minne­
sota, stopped at Gaston for a visit
with Mr. Oberg's relatives.
Herman Edwards goes to Port­
land tonight to meet Mrs. Edwards
upon her return from visitiug her
folks in Spokane.
Everything a drug store
should have, or we get it.
White’s Pharmacy.
Mrs. Jack Callahan and sons Jack
and Robert, of Portland, who had
been visiting nt the homo of Mrs.
Callahan’s sister, Mrs. W. A. Ga-
routto, of Row River, returned Sat­
urday to their homo.
A son was born August 22 to Mr.
and Mrs. Fred ~ Sturdevant, of Lo-
Get 6 out of 6 With Anaco Film.
New’ Era Drug Store.
“We are running a little in ad­
vance of schedule and we have
passed every night in a good, com­
fortable hotel,’’ said Fred J. His-
scy, who, with his party, was reg­
istered at the Bartell Thursday.
This is their second motor trip this
season from Sun Diego to Portland
and the second time they have vis­
ited Cottage Grove. They nro plan­
ning to return for a throe-day out­
ing in the McKenzie or Brice creek
regions with Mr. and Mrs. D. O.
I will take $450 for my
Dodge. Fully equipped and in
fine condition. Cash or bank­
able paper. Elbert Smith, at
The Sentinel office.
Mrs. B. R. Job went to Newport
Saturday to join her daughter, Mrs.
Charles Adams, in an outing.
Mrs. Catharine Bader returned
Saturday from Newport.
Fred Warbingdon and family, of
Hoquiam, Wash., who had been vis­
iting at the homo of Mrs. Wnr-
bingdon’s grandparents, Mr. and
Mrs. William Lynch, of Lorane, re­
turned home Sunday.
Mrs. G. M. Scott visited during
I the
he week at Wendling with her
sister, Mrs. Charles Chandler.
Tho last quarterly conference for
the church year will be held in the
Methodist church
3 by
Dr. Dunford, district superintendent.
Mrs. J. Al Pattison, of Portland,
formerly Miss Hattie Landess, of
this city, has begun suit for di­
vorce. Cruel and inhuman treatment
is given ns the cause for tho action.
They were married in Salem Juno
12, 1919. There are no children.
Alimony of $50 a month is asked.
Those who have seen the new
house being erected by George Mat­
thews say it is about tho niftiest
thing in residences in tho city. Tho
Matthews residence is one of about
a dozen now nearing completion.
C. H. VanDenburg left Tuesday
to visit his old home in Michigan,
which lie has not seen for 30
years. His place with Darby & com­
pany has been taken by Kenneth
M c Reynolds.
Miss Kate Stewart, sister of
Robert Stewart, and tlio latter's
niece Miss Josephine Ralston, of
Albany, visited the latter part of
last week at the Stewart home.
J. W. Veatch, son of “Uncle’’
Jim Veatch and brother of Mrs. H.
F. Wynne, has been appointed man
nger of the Evening News at Boise,
Mrs. A. J. Stevens returned
Thursday of last week from Tilla­
mook, where she had been visiting
her son, William Stevens.
Tho Alfred White family motored
to Newport the latter part of last
week and joined tho N. W. White
family in an outing.
Mrs. Jessie Vnndenburgh and
daughters Misses Vera and Jessie
Louise, of Oklahoma City, returned
Saturday to their home.
Mrs. Lucy Currin arrived Monday
from Salem, where she had been
for some time, and is again nt
home here.
Mrs. Smith Bailey is reported to
be quite ill. Her daughter, Mm.
Ruby Wright, of Roseburg, 11 with
A little pet lap dog of Beulah
Hanna’s sustained a broken leg the
fore part of the week. Aa it was
lying on the poi irch the wash board
fell onto tho do|
log, the injury result
Marv in Smith has bought from
Mrs. C. W. Caldwell the honke
which has been used as the practice
house for the domestic se iene*
girls of the high achool for two
Mrs. E. J. Lacey and Mr*. M. L.
Chappel, of Pueblo, Colo., visited
the latter part of last week st tho
John Lamaon home. Mrs. Lacey 1s
a grandmother of Francis I>seoy,
formerly of thia city but now or
Corvallis, where he is employed by
the Standard Oil company. Mrs. Iz-
coy and Mrs Chappel, arrompa
nied by Gerald I.acey, Francis'
younger brother, have spent the
summer in the west, visiting with
Mr and Mrs. Francis Lacey at Cor
You’ll Always Find
Your Friends
Filling their
Grocery Needs
at --------------------
Ostrander &b McQueen
Cottage Grove Creamery
is now paying Portland
quotations for butter fat
So long as all of our product is consumed
at home we shall be able to do so.
Buy Red Rose Brand Butter and lee
Cream and thereby help to give our
farmers the benefit.
There Are No Substitutes for Dairy Products
vallis tho fore part of tho summer.
Gerald is remaining nt their home.
Mrs. Lnccy and Mrs. Chappel loft
from here Monday for Portland,
where they are thinking of lo­
D. R. Hamant, Miss Mariotte
Hainnnt, Miss Nellie Myers and tho
A. L. Wynne and Elbert Smith
families picnicked Sundny near tho
B. M. Hawley ranch on Sharp’s
creek. Mrs. Smith remained for a
few days visit with tho Hawleys.
Miss Maude Skidmore returned
last week from a throo weeks ’ mo­
tor trip to Seaside and tho Tilla­
mook county beaches.
Mrs. A. W. Helliwoll and HOU
left Tuesday for Melrose to visit
M th . Helliwell’s parents, Mr. and
Mrs. E. L. Smith.
Tho F. J. Alstott family will move
next week to Eugene.
Miss Naomi Mooney left Tues­
day for Portland to recoivo medical
Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Spencer, of
Eugene, visited Monday at tho home
of Mrs. Spencer's parents, Mr. and
Mrs. W. II. Ostrander.
Clifford Allen, son of J. S. Allen,
of Mosby creek, sustained n dis
location and slight fracture of tho
largo too of the left foot Monday
when a horse which ho was riding
slipped and fell on the pavement
of Pacific highway. The accident
happened a few miles north of the
Mrs. John Madsen and Hon ro­
turned Tuesday from ti visit of n
week at Grants Pass.
A. L. Monroe has again taken
over his studio which was operated
by Mr. Suaders while Mr. and Mrs.
Monroe were on u motor trip of
several months into California and
from which they returned Inst. week.
Mrs. F. L. Grannis, wife of the
principal of the Cottage Grove high
achool for tlio turning year, was in
this city Friday looking for a resi­
dence. Sho found houses very
scarco and returned to Eugotio
without obtaining ono.
Exhibitions of sfieeily motor
cycling were givon nt the Calii|>ooyn
springs Munday. Several hundred
people were at the springs that
Tho porch of tho Cottage Grovo
flour mills warehouse at tho South
ern Pacific station was wrecked
Friday when a circus train which
was taking tho siding failed to
come to a stop when it camo to
tho end of tho track and rammed
into tho warehouse. Borno of the
piling supporting tho building were
Judge Barnard was lip from Eu­
gene Tuesday inspecting work nt
tho county crusher on the Coast
fork road.
Bob Galloway, who is working at
Hnlsoy during tho summer, accom-
panied by a friend, Joe Morse, of
that place, spent the week end at
tho homo of his parents, Mr. and
Mrs. Homer Galloway.
“I'm glad to got back to Ore­
gon,’’ were almost tho first words
of Mrs. J. V. Stewart, who was a
delegate to the Ladies of the Orient
convention iu Cedar Rapids, Iowa,
upon her return last week. She also
visited relatives in Minneapolis,
Tho Loo Nixon and E. J. Sears
families, of Delight Valley, aro en­
joying an outing at Newport.
Misses Rita Kelley and Hallie
Willits left yesterday morning for
Klamath Fulls and several southern
Oregon points, whore they will visit
relatives and friends.
Frank, Ixionard and Miss Rosa
Willis arrived Wednesday from
Post to attond tho funeral of their
brothers, Cash and Clarenco Willis.
Tho new house of Albort Wood­
ard’s on south Third street has been
rented by the high school to bo used
as a practice house this school year.
Mary Ellon Benson left Wednes­
day for Wolf Creek to stay with her
father, J. S. Benson, this winter, ns
she is to teach the primary grades
of the Wolf Crook school. Brighton
Leonard will teach tho higher
Mr. and Mrs. Davo Rinard, of
Cedar Rapids, Iowa, aeo visiting
this wook at the home of Mr. anil
Mrs. B. F. Rinard.
J. I. Jones, of Eugen», was here
Tuesday visiting his children, Frank
A.F.&A.M. Attention
Regular communication nt
8:45 p. m. Wednesday, 8e|>-
yGUT I ember 5. First regain r
meeting since culling off.
Important business. Members uro
urged to be present and visitors
will bo cordially welcomed.
By order W. M.Secretary
'J di S PO­
C old
S hower
Jjttle Plumber
and Fountain
Special Brick Ice Cream
for Saturday and Sunday
-Neapolitan and Princess
Gray Goose Tea Room
A Good Place to Eat