The Cottage Grove sentinel. (Cottage Grove, Lane County, Oregon) 1922-current, December 03, 1909, Image 9

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    ence Of death. This is an incident of
the recent mining disaster in Cherry,
Ill. Homer H. Harris, sings, “He’s the
One.” Epworth League meeting at
6:30. The century mark is sure to be
passed. Public worship at l>a. m.,
with address by pastor oh “Christ’s
Proclamations.’^ These are
The Knights of Pythias have elected- Too much praise cannot be given the , Blessed
of God, the Brother­
fficers as follows : James Hemenway, 1
of man and the Queenhood of
Club and Lady Quartette of hood
hancellor commander ; D. J. DuBruille, Symphony
to appear here on Dec. 11, at ' woman. Bible school at 10. Attend as
'ice-commander; E. C. Lockwood, pre- Chicago
of these gatherings as possible.
Hall. This company is in many
ate; J. T. Allison, master of work; 1
H. VanDenberg, keeper of records its
1 20th year of success, and is acknow­ WATER-TIMBER CONTROVERSY
md seal; F. H. Ronsgnberg, master- ledged everywhere to be the most “up-
it-arms; B. K. Lawson, master of fi- to-date” Musical Company traveling. “Spectator” Says Both Water and Saw- ■
lance ; J. K. Barrett, master of exche- "Everybody likes music and everybody
mill May Be Secured.
[uer; D. C. Bosley, inside guard-; A. enjoys a hearty laugh. A delightful
The issue faces us, and we cannot 1
and fine music is dodge nor avoid it; yet to broadly con- S
. Wynne, outside guard; J. C. John­ blending of pure fun
one.reason why the above company has sider both sides seems impossible for g
son, trustee.
The Woodmen of the World have won its way to the ¿top notch of public some, and we have heard many a rabid fl
sleeted officers as follows : Consul, C. esteem. Poceeds for the benefit of the and narrow-gauged assertion from citi­
3. Hambrick; A.- L., J. H. Bartels; piano fund. Tickets 25, 35 and 50 cents, zens generally deemed sane and safe to
Banker, C. F. Walker ; Clerk, ,C. H. at the Wave.
be at large. But let us consider.
Booster Hartog believes in wanuts,
VanDenburg; • Escort, C. L, Churchill;
Both the splendid water system and the '
Watchman, Chas. C. Conner; Sentry,
advantageous timber sale are feasible
Vrooman orchard of Farnquëttes together. Sides ' have been chosen,
Ben Emmerson; Past Consul, J. W. .Oregon
Veatch, Manager, Dr. J. O. VanWinkle.
warm requests have-been made, and to
A number of our young people who chard he: says bore 82 pounds when what purpose? We do not want to lose
are attending school at a distance three years old, 520 pounds when four, control, nor expose to contamination
spent Thanksgiving holidays at home. 3,700 pounds at five, 6,000 pounds at and pollution a water system second, to
Mr. John Cooter came up from O. A. six, 12,325 pounds at seven, and 24,314 Bull Run, and equalled by none in its
C. and Misses Nellie Hemenway and pounds at eight years.
unparalleled conditions ; nor do we de­
Mr. Kurtz will meet all applicants
Emma Job from U. of O. Miss Mozell
sire to spend further than we can af­
Hair visited with Miss Job. Mr. Homer for survey crew at Venske Big. Sunday ford; nor do we in any way want to
and Miss Alsea Hawley spent the va- I 3:00 p. m. One place still open.
sacrifice a single item in our dire neces­
Hienz’s mince meat, dill, sweet, and
cation at the country home of their
sity for water and growth that we can
parents, Mr. and Mrs. James Hawley. sour pickles in bulk. At Kerr & Sils­ keep together by a civic union and a
Mr. Lemuel Rees and Miss Anna
common cause.
Storey, both of Cottage Greve,- were
Superintendent Hill of the Brown
The city fathers have acted sternly,
united in marriage at the Christian par­ Lumber Company is not only a lover of but wisely, in this holding of our
sonage last Sunday afternoon, the Rev. horseflesth, but an enthusiastic bowler rights. We are not bashful to criticize,
W. A. Elkins officiating. They will as well. It is proposed to organize condemn and blame where blame de­
teams for a series of contents during serves, but in their unfailing tenacity
make their home at Yoncalla.
Geo. Bromfield has bought from D. the winter, and if the plan is carried to our lone hope of a perfect water
Allison residence property on “the is­ out Mr. Hill will probably be selected supply they deserve great credit. For
land” and has taken possession.
as captain of one of them.
the sake of a few commercial dollars
“The Fearful Colliery Disaster” at
Eugene pays its night policeman $75 many would lose sight of-what we owe
the Methodist church, Sunday evening. per month. Cottage Grove pays less the next generation. But let us be
The Junction City basketballists will for a longer shift.
fair, in fact, although we only surmise
get theirs at the Armory tonight.
A. A. Thorne of Butte, Montana, who j and overestimate our share of the bene­
Edw. Adams, who recently bought ; recently bought forty' acres of land 3 fits of such a timber operation, we
the Underwood place, has lost two 1 from D. D. Knox, one miles east of honestly
believe we will grow, and
horses by death lately, the last dying ■ town, wants The Sentinel so as io keep 1 thrive from its affects.
on Sunday. A neat sum was raised by ’ posted on the country. He will come 1
One the one hand, it is the beginning
subscription to assist in repairing the ! to Cottage Grove next summ
or a t of industrial improvements locally, on
visit, and may take a notion to remain i : the other we need most a tin; pail bri­
The initiative petition containing 11,- permanently.
gade, that is a full payroll. The ques-
900 signatures for the creation of Nes­ Rèv. H. M. Mount of Eugene was in i tions are asked and answered, let us
mith county was taken to Salem Tues- the city on Wednesday. "Mr. Mount is > get both. We all want both, it’s the
day by R. M. Veatch and C. E. Stewart the
1 preacher who took issue with Prof. “how” ¿that troubles most. Unity of
and filed with thé Secretary of State, j Howe of the university recently over purpose, let that sink deep. Why,
Solicitors found a general favorable ( questions of religious beliefs.
some of us accuse our old friends of
tendency toward Nesmith county/all The assessed valuation of the proper­ trying to “bust up” the town, and
over the state. A number of places , ty in Eugene is $4,740,645.
“jaw” one another at every corner.
took up the work without solicitation,
Percey E. Artlett, manager of -the We even go so far as to instruct and
Pennsylvania buckwheat flour, unlike , California Ink Company, Portland, threaten from our narrow personalities.
other kinds, in purity and flavor. You writes The Sentinel: “We extend to An organization comprised of intelli­
can taste it in the cakes. At Kerr & you our heartiest congratulations, for gent citizens loses its objective and
success of your paper under the disintegrates in its own dissention—a
James Plaster has^ recovered from new management. It«is a hummer.” representative of the people forgets to
blood-poisoning. His case looked ser­ ' “King Saul” will be presented in Cot­ consider but one view—all its turmoil,
ious for a time.
tage Grove by the Royal school before in the midst the rotund visage of the
Mrs. C. F. Walker has returned from the Christmas holidays.
¿"sleek one who would talk us from our
an extended visit-to California.
Joseph F. Matlock, accused of at­ rights. Chaoticdamnfoolishness and
Aiderman Hogate, who is employed tempted rape upon the person of Clara you have it.
in building a bridge across Sharp’s Nirschl at Eugene, failed to appear for
Be sane, be clear minded. Prelimin­
creek, spent Sunday in town.
his second trial when the case was call­ ary surveys have already begun for the
Miss Nellie McCord of Creswell spent ed in the circuit court and his bond of water line, let’s have it, and the best.
Saturday in Cottage Grove.
$1500 put up by his father, J. D. Mat­ A company waits to take out the tim­
A. B. Banta, representing The.States- lock, and brother, E. D. Matlock, was ber. Let’s help them cut it up. How?
man of Salem, was in the city on Tùes- declared forfeited.
That is easy. Unity .of purpose. If
Mayor Job has received a letter from they don’t want to spoil our water sys­
Congressman Hawley left on Monday District Forester Chapman in which he tem, and we want that timber milled
for Washington, D.'C.
says the request made by the city of here, get together with a Unity of Pur-
A senior class of ■ eleven has sprung Cottage Grove for a water shed in the- - pose.
from a junior class of eight in the high Umpqua national forest reserve will be
school. That’s going some.
given definite reply within two weeks.
The Shields and Blue Mountain Mr. Chapman assures the mayor that
schools, presided over by D. L. Rowe the department will assist thé city in Southern Pacific Lines in Oregon Give
Special Fares to The Dalles.
and Miss Alice McCormick, respective­ every Way possible.
rate to The Oregon Thresh;
ly, held joint exercises last Friday, the
Geo. McQueen reports another rich
occasion being the closing of the latter discovery at the North Fairview mines. ers Association, The Dalles, Oregon,
school. The exercises lasted through­ This ore is a splendid quality of quartz, December 2, and 3,1909.—One and one-
third fare on the certificate plan will be
out the day, a bounteous dinner being ' carrying free gold.
served at noon.
Mrs. J. B. Morrison of Eugene re- made from all points on the Southern
Chas. Adams and .H. M. Anderson 1 turned to her home yesterday after Pacific, lines in Oregon, to The Dalles
have been hobbling about the past few spending several days with her grand- and return. Tickets on sale November
29th, 30th, December 1st, 2nd and 3rd.
days, and both swear that they are ! son, the Rev. W. A. Elkins.
afflicted with rheumatism.
L. F. Killingbeck of Walker called Filial return limit December 6th. Im­
J. M. Sherwood has returned home ■ on The Sentinel last week, and wanted portant addresses will be made by Rep­
from Seattle.
the paper made larger, saying it afford­ resentative of the U. S. Department of
D. B. Chamberlain is preparing to ed him reading matter for only the bet­ Agriculture Department of Good Roads,
Prof. Phillip S. Rose, Madison, Wis. ;
make an exhibit at the coming poultry ter part of the week.
B. D. Clark, Editor American Thesher-
Charles Destel has gone from his Bo_ AMONG THE LOCAL CHURCHES. man; Hon. Lional R. Webster, Port­
land, Oregon ; and others, on subjects
hernia camp to Portland for the winter.
Topics for Discussion at the Several of importance. $200,00 in gold .will be
The Griffin & Veatch Company has a
Cottage Grove Places of Worship.
given as prizes for best wheat raised
decidedly attractive show-window. A
“He shall Be Great,” Luke 1:32, is in Oregon. Silver cup for outfit thresh­
globe is formed of dragsaws, at the top
of which is planted the United States the subject of the morning discourse at ing $100.00 prize bushel of grain For
flag in snow and ice. Above the de­ the Christian church next Sunday. The further information calL on any S. P.
sign is the query,, ¿¡who discovered the evening services will be decidedly out Agent or write to.Wm. McMurray,
of the ordinary. The subject will be, General Passenger Agent, Portland,
north pole, Cook or Peary?”
Mr. and Mrs. Jones of Pendleton wére “The Battle of Life.” On the large Oregon. _____ _________
guests of relatives in this city on Mon­ blackboard will be a colored crayon pic­ THANKS PEOPLE OF OREGON.
ture of a battle. By way of giving
Mr. and Mrs. Hasp have gone to Ne­ emphasis to the military phase of the' Nesmith County Committee Sincerely
subject the speaker will appear in the
Appreciates Assistance Rendered.
braska to take up their residence;
The Nesmith County Committee de­
Mr. and Mrs. Roy Woods have this uniform of a military officer.
Don’t miss hearing Rev. F.< E. Bill­ sires, through,the columns of The Cot­
week entertained Mrs. Welch and son
ington in his Bible School Institute at tage Qrove Sentinel, to express its ap­
of Portland.
the Christian church next Tuesday
Some individual who hides his iden- evening, Dec. 7. He is an expert Bible preciation and extend its thanks to the
citizens of Oregon for the assistance
tity, “knocks’'’ the publicity campaign School worker.
now being waged by the Commercial The ‘ ‘boy evangelist, ’ ’ J esse Kellums, rendered it in procuring the requisite
club through tbe columns of our esteem­ will begin a series of meetings at the number of signatures of, legal voters to
ed contemporary, The Leader. But Christian church Sunday morning, a petition for the creation of Nesmith
there are knockers in every commun­ D6c. 26. Evangelist Kellums is only county. It is through the liberal mind­
edness of the citizenship of the state
ity, and they must be-tolerated.
seventeen years of age, but he has that the committee has been enabled to
Senator I. H. Bingham of Eugene wonderful power as a preacher.
file the petition with the Secretary of
was in the city on Monday.
The subject of Rev. Selden Adams’
Meet me at Kerr & Silsby’s. That’s - discourse at the Presbyterian church State with 35 per cent more signatures
the place I get good tea and coffee. .. next Sunday morning will be “How to than required by law, showing that the
The surveying crew for the proposed Pray.” Evening topic, “God is Love.” people recognize the justice of our claim
and are willing that the qualified elec­
pipe line will leave over the O. & S. E.
Extra seats are to be placed in the
Monday' morning. All arrangements Methodist church this week to accom­ tors of the state pass judgment upon
have been made for extensive work. modate the crowds attending the Peo­ the question at issue at the next gener­
The work will be in charge of Mr. ple’s Popular service at 7:30. p. m. At al election.
By G. L. Rees, Secy.
Kurtz, C. E.
this gathering on Sunday, Robert Sut-
An apprentice is wanted by Geo.
Homer H. Harris sings at Methodist ; cliffe speaks upon “A Husband’s Mes­
sage to his Wife,” written in the pres- Bohlman, the tailor, West side.
church, Sunday evening.
®ln> City ttt Irirf
Holiday Announcement
Useful Things in
solid gold jewelry
Solid Gold
Xmas Presents
Buttons in sets
Veil Pins
Handy Bags
Signate Rings
Silver Bags
Vanity Cases
Gold Beads
Match Boxes
Cigar Cutters
Scarf Pins
Let Us Assist
a Delightful Christmas
The approaching Holiday season finds this store’s stock augmented with the new­
est things found in the markets today. Experience' has taught us the wants of
this community and we have purchased holiday goods in keeping with .that de­
mand. We may have reached out somewhat beyond the demand, but that re­
mains to be seen. One thing is certain, never before has there been shown in
Cottage Grove such a Magnificient display of
Watches, Jewelry, Silverware, Hand-painted China, Cut Glass, etc
(Upon Your Visit we will Demonstrate that this is NO EXAGGERATION)
A Complete Line of Sterling Silver Ware, Art Metal Ware, Fancy Clocks, Trays,
Novelties, Toilet Sets, Souvenir Spoons, and Hand Painted Vases.
Make your selections NOW, pay us a small amount down, and the balance when
you take the goods. This will make easy payments.
We are selling beds that are guaranteed for 25 years against breakage. Every
casting used in their construction is tested by 30 tons pressure. The tubing is
entirely seamless, welded tube, and they are finished with three separate coats
of enamel, baked to a hardness at a high temperature. We will give you a
bonifide guarantee with every bed, and we offer a
large and beautiful line to select from, prices from
We also have a large assortment of other makes from $3 to $18
Come in and see our Holiday Goods. Make your selection now and get the
advantage of a complete stock to select from? Furniture, Carpets, Stoves, Paint.
At Oregon Agricultural College Janu­
ary 4 to February 18.
Practical work, lectures and demon­
strations will be given in such vital
subjects as General Farming, Fruit
Culture, Animal Husbandry, Dairying,
Poultrykeepiag, the Business Side of
Farming, Forestry, Carpentry, Black­
smithing, Mechanical Drawing, Cook­
ing, Sewing, Dressmaking, Home Man­
agement, etc. .
All regular courses begin January
4th and end February 11th, Farmers’
Week February 14th to 18th.
A cordial invitation is extended to all
Walker & Kinter have a Christmas
announcement today.
Flour has nearly doubled in
Price, but we sell
at the same prices and it is
the best.
Cookies, Buns,
Cinnamon Rolls and Dough­
nuts 10c per dozen. Pies 10c
and 15c each. Our Cakes
are always the best.
Parker’s Bakery
Do-nut Foundry