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in other words
Small Town, Big World: Is Modern Medicine Missing Something?
Five years ago, I ventured off to 
India  to  study  eastern  medicine  with  a 
small group of students and an interna-
tionally recognized Ayurveda physician.  
The basis of the “medicine” I was study-
ing  consisted  of  eating  and  living  with 
the seasons, using herbs, physical activ-
ity  and  breathing  practices  to  create  a 
personalized, daily wellness formula.  In 
such a place where healthcare is hard to 
come by, prevention proves to be worth 
its weight in gold. 
As  one  of  eight  “medical  stu-
dents,” six of whom were actually doc-
tors,  we  spent  nearly  twelve  hours  per 
day  learning  and  practicing  our  skills 
with patients in clinic. 
India was truly amazing, but the 
part I found to be best of all was clinic.  I 
say “clinic,” but it wasn’t fancy.  It was a 
pad on the floor in the living room of an 
old farmhouse, with the kitchen convert-
ed into a “farm-acy.”  The “lobby” was 
a  small  room  with  a  screen  door  —  no 
chairs,  with  room  enough  for  crowded  basic  treatments  and  witnessed  many  things validated by western testing.
things we did not understand but myste-  
seating on the floor.  
These  diagnostic  processes,  al-
In  this  little  country  clinic,  I  riously and perfectly lined up with west- though  dissimilar  in  many  ways  to  our 
witnessed  physicians  from  across  the  ern medicine.  We saw the uncanny, yet  western  medical  approach  revealed 
globe accompanying their patients from  unfaltering correlation between physical  how our bodies are a living map of our 
wealthy countries in search of solu-
choices, and how we do anything is
tions to unheard of health ailments, 
how we do everything.    The  mind 
and I saw impoverished farm work-
is  a  profound  teacher,  healer,  and 
ers who had never stepped foot out 
guide  when  we  build  a  respectful 
of  their  villages.  We  saw  typhoid 
relationship  with  it  to  accomplish 
fever, liver and kidney failure, can-
good things in our lives, and it is a 
cers,  schizophrenia,  depression, 
misguided  and  loose  cannon  when 
severe  anorexia  (not  the  psycho-
we do not take time to get to know 
logical  type,  but  the  kind  caused 
it and direct its energies toward the 
by  internal  mal-absorption),  and 
good life.  
the rarest of skin conditions.  And I 
  My  take-home  message,  liter-
saw amazing treatments and heal-
ally,  was  this:    just  because  I  can’t 
ing  take  place  I  would  not  have 
see it, doesn’t mean it isn’t real, and 
been convinced possible had I not 
just  because  I  don’t  understand  it, 
The lobby of the farm clinic, outskirts of Pune, India. doesn’t mean it isn’t some seriously 
seen with my own eyes.
As  student  providers,  we  were  trait and disease. We witnessed how eye  powerful medicine.  
taking pulse (the seven layers... not just  characteristics, nail shape, tongue color   
Here’s  to  eating  with  the  sea-
the  lub  dub),  assessing  organ  strength  and landscape, skin tags, and pulse pre- sons,  moving  your  body,  breathing 
and discerning the relationship between  sentation expressed the honest and inno- deeply, and trusting that there is more to 
what  is  happening  in  one’s  psychology  cent truth of what was happening within  medicine than meets the mind.
and  one’s  physiology.  We  administered  one’s body and mind. And we saw these 
The Vernonia Lions Club
held their annual “Spam
& Eggs” fundraiser for
the Vernonia Cares Food
Bank at R&S Market on
Saturday, April 11th. The
Lions raised $285 and
many pounds of canned
protein. Hormel supplied
SPAM T-shirts, coffee mugs
and Frisbees to help boost
donations. Pictured are
(L to R) Randal Harvey,
Teresa Brucken, Sandy
Welch and Muffy Marshall.
6, Noon-6 pm
Insurance accepted
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Heather Lewis,
A new self serve car wash has opened 
in Vernonia.
Reggie  Ward  has  installed  a  spray 
wash  facility  that  utilizes  a  water  recovery 
system behind his auto repair shop on Adams 
Avenue.    Entrance  to  the  car  wash  is  from 
Maple Street.
Cost to use the self serve spray washer 
with soap brush is $2 for four minutes.  There 
is  also  two  coin  operated  vacuum  canisters 
and an interior shampooer that costs $2.
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Self Serve Car Wash Opens
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