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    community news
April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month
communities to be a resource to teens so they learn and  To create a vision for a future without sexual violence, 
every voice can play a role in a healthier, safer tomor-
How can we support teens during this time of  row for all. 
You can use your voice to start the conversa-
change and discovery? Young people need age-appro-  
priate information about healthy sexuality and relation- tion. You can support the voices of young people, and 
ships  from  trusted  adults.  The  first  step  is  to  start  an  together we can amplify our voices for a healthy future.
It’s time…to talk about it!
open  dialogue.  Ask  questions  and,  most  importantly,   
listen.  We  can  all  play  a  role  in  model-
ing healthy behaviors, promoting positive 
skills,  and  creating  safe  environments. 
It is important to empower the voices of 
Oregon Food Bank received increased USDA-TEFAP 
youth  and  challenge  negative,  unhealthy 
guidelines  which  allow  more  help  for  households 
with  groceries.  The  new  gross  income  guideline  for  a  one-
It’s okay if you do not have all the 
person  household  is  $1,799  with  $626  for  each  additional 
answers. It is more important to welcome 
“This  is  good  news  for  people  who  need  grocery 
questions and learn together. SAFE of Co-
help,” states local food bank director Sandy Welch. “We hope 
lumbia County offers a variety of resourc-
more  people  will  utilize  the  assistance  we  offer  at  Vernonia 
es to help prevent and respond to sexual 
Cares,” she concludes.
Vernonia  Cares  Food  Bank  (VCFB),  located  at  627 
Adams  Avenue,  is  open  Tuesday  and  Thursday  from  10:00 
AM until 2:00 PM. Any questions may be answered by calling 
the  food  bank’s  phone,  503-429-1414.  If  not  open,  leave  a 
County.      It  is  never  too  late  to  donate:  www.
message and your call will be returned as soon as possible.
Registration  requires  about  ten  minutes,  as  clients 
The  United  Way  of  Columbia  County 
present proof of address and list how many people are in their 
would like to thank everyone in their community 
household. They sign a document stating they fall within the 
for their continued support of United Way in their 
income  eligibility  guidelines. The  goal  of VCFB  is  to 
mission, “To increase the organized capacity of 
provide, on a monthly basis, three days’ worth of emergency 
people  to  help  one  another.”  The  Board  also 
groceries. “Every item we can provide is one less item families 
recognizes  and  appreciates  each  Community 
have  to  purchase,”  encourages  director  Sandy  Welch.  “We 
Partner’s accomplishments and commitment to 
want to help!” 
change lives in Columbia County. 
United Way Board of Directors invites 
the community to help them celebrate their 50 th  
Anniversary  of  working  for  the  common  good 
of the residents of Columbia County.  Watch for 
the United Way float in community parades and 
join them July 26, 2014 in Clatskanie City Park 
at the Rhythm on the River Blues Benefit.  More 
The children and teens of today are our hope 
for tomorrow. It is important for us as parents, caring 
adults  and  communities  to  help  set  young  people  on 
the path for a healthy future and support them as they 
work to create positive change. April is Sexual Assault 
Awareness Month, and this year’s campaign is focused 
on youth. Youth in our county experience sexual vio-
lence at a higher rate than youth elsewhere in the state. 
In 2013, 10% of Columbia County teens reported being 
sexually  assaulted  in  a  survey  by  the  Oregon  Health 
Authority. This April, the campaign, It’s time…to talk 
about it! Your voice. Our future. Prevent Sexual Vio-
lence, encourages individuals and communities to sup-
port healthy sexual development.
Young  people  face  many  challenges  during 
adolescence. Stereotypes and negative messages in the 
media do not make the process any easier. By learning 
and talking about healthy sexuality, adults are able to 
support the teens in their lives. It is time for adults and 
Help with Groceries
United Way of Columbia County
Another  campaign  year  has  come  to  a 
close.  The United Way continues to be impacted 
by the economic climate in our area, including the 
fact that over  73%  of  our  workforce  commutes 
out of area to work, as well as  changes in annual 
company  campaigns  and  corporate  foundation 
guidelines.  At campaign end this year the United 
Way is 12% below the amount raised last year.
The  United  Way  awarded  $129,391 
to  local  organizations  in  2014.    Among  the 
recipients  were  several  Community  Action 
Team programs for a total of $32,684; Columbia 
Community  Mental  Health-$5,811;  Columbia 
Pacific Food Bank-$31,109; SAFE of Columbia 
County-$6,846; and Vernonia Cares-$16,052.
To assure that for this year-two funding 
cycle there would be the same allocatable dollars 
available for partner agencies as was awarded last 
year,  the United Way Board reduced personnel 
costs and operating budget. The Board then made 
a  decision  to  withdraw  funds  from  the  reserve 
account to help cover operating expenses. They 
understand that demand for services continues to 
rise and funding is at a critical level for many of 
these  programs.    The  borrowing  of  funds  from 
the  reserve  account  means  they  will  all  have 
to  work  even  harder  in  the  upcoming  year  to 
increase support for United Way and their  efforts 
to help change lives in Columbia County.
Some  programs/agencies  were  not 
eligible for funding as they did not apply in year 
one.    As  always  donor  designations  are  paid 
as  directed.    Eligible  organization/programs 
received  at  least  the  same  amount  of  allocated 
funds as last year.  Any reductions in funds are 
due  to  lower  donor  designations.    Partnership 
with United Way of Columbia County is not an 
entitlement  to  funding.    The  good  news  is  that 
the total of allocated funds is exactly the same as 
was disbursed in 2013.
It  is  important  to  remember  funds 
must  be  raised  locally  and  they  stay  local  to 
provide  services  to  the  residents  of  Columbia 
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