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    FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 10, 2017
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INTEGRATIVE PHYSICAL THERAPY IS searching for a Rockstar Customer Service
If you enjoy:
• Making others smile
• Learning, taking action, and taking initiative
• Meeting and talking with a variety of people
• Having a truly pivotal role in growing a company that helps those in pain
This could be the perfect position for you!
Our ideal candidate will possess:
• A cheerful demeanor and an affi nity towards chatting with people and making them
feel welcome
• Natural empathy and compassion for those in pain
• Eagerness to learn and implement feedback
• Strong attention to detail
• Fantastic organizational skills
• Track record of working very effi ciently and handling a wide variety of tasks
Excellent speaking/communication and computer skills are also imperative. Outside
of greeting and chatting with patients, you will be responsible for taking and returning
phone calls as well as making calls to other healthcare offi ces.
Approximately 16 hours per week to start with the potential for more hours.
If you’re interested in being considered for this position, please send an email to with “I want to be your Rockstar Customer Service Specialist” in
the subject line. In the body of the email, write a few sentences explaining why you think
you’re a great fi t for the job. Finally, please attach your resume and 3 professional refer-
ences as a PDF fi le. 11.17
Bebe’s word search
Dinkins said, “None of
the sage grouse in Baker
are going to have a GPS
backpack. They’re going
to be some down in the
reference sites that will.
That’s daily data, with
location data more than
once a day.
“Ten of the ravens are
going to be collared, and
will have GPS units, in
Baker, so, we’ll get more
refi ned data daily.
“All of the birds that
have a backpack or collar
that’s a VHF, we’ll have to
ground track them. We’ll
get one or two locations
per week, which is a
pretty typical way of going
about collecting data for
these types of analyses ...
It would be great if they
could all be GPS units, but
they’re much, much more
Catching sage grouse
involves soft captures at
night, using a fl ashlight
shined in their eyes, and
tube nets placed over the
top of them, one at a time.
“There are other methods,
but, that’s the softest way
to capture sage grouse,”
Dinkins said. On the raven
side of things, the most
effective way is to use a
leg hold trap, similar to
one used to catch mam-
mals, which are padded,
with a small gap, to avoid
breaking the ravens’ legs,
he said.
It’s early in the study,
Dinkins said there aren’t
any results to share yet,
and he didn’t necessarily
have a theory about what
may be occurring, but, “If
we assume that ravens may
be an issue, what I’d found
in the past was, popula-
tions of sage grouse that
are in severe decline, and
that have a small spacial
footprint—so they’re
not buffered with immi-
grants being able to come
in—those are the ones
where conservation action,
quickly relieving one of
their stressors—ravens in
this case—could help them
to pass recovery.”
But, he said that, if
non-lethal mechanisms
are put into place, in order
to manipulate the number
of ravens, there would be
greater success. “Really,
that’s what’s in the frame
work for designing this
project. You’d be reducing
carrying capacity, or, the
ability of sagebrush, for
the ravens. If you reduce
food resources in the win-
ter in Baker County, then,
not as many ravens will be
able to over-winter there,
which, over time, reduces
your abundance.”
Dinkins said, “Juniper is
a mechanism that could be
in play, behind the increas-
ing utility of sagebrush, to
something like a raven, or
other raptors ...Yes, I have
thought about that quite a
bit, so, the raven students
are going to be analyzing
how, collecting data on
structures (man-made and
natural), so, junipers would
be one of those ...”
Dinkins’ previous
research on the topic
includes his dissertation,
“Common Raven Density
and Greater Sage-Grouse
Nesting Success in South-
ern Wyoming: Potential
Conservation and Manage-
ment Implications,” writ-
ten in 2013, as part of his
PhD in Wildlife Biology.
He joined the OSU faculty
last September.
EOU’s fall enrollment numbers
Eastern Oregon Univer-
sity announced fall enroll-
At 3,016 students total,
with a full time equivalent
of 2,152, EOU saw a 3
percent decrease in both
credit hours and full-time
equivalents. The university
welcomed 327 new fresh-
men and 439 new transfer
students. Economics,
education, general science,
humanities, library science,
music, physics and social
science programs saw
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The Littles’ crossword puzzle
1- Discharges;
7- Peace offi cer;
10- Salts;
14- Elder;
15- Do one’s part?;
16- Caesar’s wings;
17- Coddle;
18- Hosp. section;
19- Would ___ to you?;
20- State of being tran-
23- Higher;
26- Where It.’s at;
27- Gossipmonger;
28- Surf sound;
29- Lawyer’s charge;
30- Old California fort;
31- Sanctifi ed;
33- Law enforcement
34- High mountain, as
found in central Europe;
37- Alias;
38- City in GA;
39- ___ Misérables;
40- Actress Sandra;
41- Bert Bobbsey’s twin;
42- Adversary;
43- Values highly;
45- Damage;
46- Average mark;
47- Tons;
48- Fall bloomer;
51- Fond du ___;
52- Pipe cleaner;
53- Removed bends;
56- Uttered;
57- Feed bag morsel;
58- Second-largest
62- Sacramento’s ___
63- Night school subj.;
64- Nerve cell;
65- Sketched;
66- ___ Dawn Chong;
67- Spanish fl eet;
1- PC panic button;
2- Prizm maker;
3- Naval rank, briefl y;
4- Teachers in habits;
5- ___ is human...;
6- Mex. miss;
7- Long narrow skiff
used on the Bosporus;
8- Transpire;
9- Spitting sound;
10- Followed;
11- Exhausted;
12- Singer Bonnie;
13- Later, dude!;
21- Sewing instrument;
22- Ancient musician;
23- Living in a city;
24- Lively Bohemian
25- Song of praise;
29- Stench;
30- Corpulent;
32- Adventurous expedi-
33- Swindle;
34- Journalist ___ Rog-
ers St. Johns;
35- Yellowish citrus fruit;
36- Basil-based sauce;
44- Membrane in the ear
45- Lea;
46- Bovine animals;
48- Syrian president;
49- Belle or Bart;
50- Instant;
51- Tibet’s capital;
52- Put off;
54- Attendee;
55- Granny;
59- Tax-deferred nest
60- Atlantic food fi sh;
61- Santa ___, Califor-