The Hood River sun. (Hood River, Wasco County, Oregon) 1899-19??, October 26, 1899, Image 4

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    True 'Economy
The difference of cost between a
good and a poor baking pow
: der would not amount for a fam
ily's supply to one dollar a year.
The poor powder would cost
many times this in doctors' bills.
Royal Baking Powder may cost a little
more per can, but it insures perfect,
wholesome food. In fact, it is more
economical in the end, because it goes
further in leavening and never- spoils
the food.
Royal Baking Powder used always in
making the biscuit and cake saves both
health and money.
You cannot, if you value good health, afford
to use cheap, Jow-grade, alum baking pow
ders. They are apt to spoil the food; they
do endanger the health. All physicians will
tell you that alum in food is deleterious.
The Mlsslenary'a Little Joker.
A native Maori chieftain, the de
scendant of cannibal kings, is now com
pleting his medical education in Chi
cago. Cannibalism ended in his tribe,
he eays, when Bishop Selwyn converted
his grandfather; but he tells some stap
les of it which have a distinctly humor
rous flavor. - For instance: It is said
that onoe a chief captured a missionary
who was anything but a toothsome
morsel, as he was old and thin and
looked as if his flesh would be tough.
The missionary warned the ohief that
he would not make a good dinner, and
pulling up his trousers, cut a slice off
the calf of his leg and. offered it to the
chief. The - chief tasted it, said he
didn't like it, and passed it to a sub
chief. The sub tasted it, made a wry
" faoe, and passed it on. The next man
who took a bite of it spat it out. The
missionary was released. After he had
gone it was discovered that he wore a
cork leg. - ' :
Use of Great Name.
Here's a tip for some of our old
friends who have big names and need
a little ready money: Turner Beall,
president of the Produce Exchange
Trust Company used to be seoretray of
the Produce Kxcange and of the New
York Southern Society. Among the
men of his acquaintance he admires
none so much as he does Colonel Wil
liamde Hertburne Washington. A lit
tle while ago he asked Colonel Wash
ington if he might use his name in a
financial transaction. Having implicit
faith in Beall, the colonel consented,
and was pleased to receive a short time
afterward a check for $15,000, his
hare of a deal made by his friend on
the strength of the name of Washing
ton. - "
The Elder's Inspiration.
At the close of a forenoon session of
a ministerial conference, in announcing
the opening subject for the afternoon,
the presiding officer said: "Elder H.
will present a paper on 'The Devil.' "
Then he added, earnestly: "Please
be prompt in attendance, for Brother
H. has a carefully prepared paper and
Is full of his subject." And the
Homiletic Review says that it was
some minutes before the presiding offi
cer understood the laughter which fol
lowed his remarks.
Cooked Towel. In Vienna.
One of the best known citizens of
Santa Clara, who has been along while
Europe, brings back a number of funny
stories about Vienna.
- "In that city, " he says, "poker and
cocktails are playing the duce with
men and women, especially these pre
pared cocktails. I was in a Viennese
liquor place where one of the men
spoke a little English.
'"Buy a bottle of cooked towels?' he
asked me. v .
" 'Gracious, what is that?'
, " 'Not know cooked towels? -Surely
monsier is an American?'
" 'I am.' '".
" 'Why cooked towels is the name of
your drink. The great American
drink.' . . " ' ; -"
" 'Do you mean cocktails?' I asked.
' " 'Ah, mon Dieu, no. - Cooked tow
els. See, here's the inscription.'
- " 'We call these cocktails, my friend. '
" "Ah, thank you, I thank you. I
ask the American ladies and gentlemen
to buy the cooked towels and they
laugh at me. Now I know. It is
cockus tails. Ah, that is good to know;
cockus tails.' " San Francisco News
Returned the Compliment.
The obsequious person who seeks fees
from travelers by pretending to mis
take them for noblemen occasionally
meets one who does not fall into the
trap. The following example is taken
from an English paper: An English
gentleman of somewhat imposing per
sonal appearance had a door opened for
him at the Paris opera house by an
usher, who bowed low and said: "The
door is open, prince." The English
man glanced at him, and, without ex
tending the expected fee, sipmly said:
"Thank you very much, viscount."
In Too Great Baste.
Wife What's the matter, John?
You walk lame. Husband Yes, a
pretty girl with fluffy hair and dia
mond earrings got on the car coming
up, and I sprained my leg in giving
her a seat. New York World.
Ho One Said Nay.
"Scotland's emblem is a thistle, and
her poets are fond of talking about
braes," said - the reckless punster.
"One would judge from this that Cale
donia is a paradise for donkeys."
No DISEASE has so baffled the medical
skill of all ages as RHEUMATISM.
and no remedy ham over boon known
to euro It until "3 Drops,"
the Rheumatlo Cure . demonstrated Its
wonderful curative power, V..
Jt ham never failed to oura RHEUMATISM
In any form, Aouto or Ghronlom
fvn I. wrrmt a PramlnMift T vslMnn haa 1 1 wttn tiaksi hail ftfl
tkade mask - years of active Practice of Medlaln. t
I have never before In my m years of cractlcc of medicine riven tny testimonial or recom
mendation to any patent medicine, but there Is a remedy, the result of which has come under my
own observation ; for there Is no Disease which has so baffled the medical skill of all ages as
Kheumatlsm and to Una a llellable remedy lor the same. At last we have found it
"5 DROPS," manufactured by the Swanson Hheumatio Cure Company, Chicago, 111. ..
The "5 DROPS," has prove Itself wonderful for its curative power In Rheumatism, not
l Temporary Reliever only, but to give a Permanent Cure even in chronic cases. Son
ago, I had among others several Rheumatic esses, under my treatment and prescribed for these
patients the very best Remedies which I skillfully selected, but without desirable results. I then
beard of 5 DROPS " and of its Wonderful Cares, and prescribed it to a few patients who
Wisconsin Farmer Makes a Disoovery
in an Abandoned Building-.
Mr. Whitte, a Pleasant Prairie,
Wis,, farmer, has more bees and honey
than he knows what to do with. -About
two years ago a swarm of bees took
possession of an old frame house on his
farm and as they were not disturbed
they multiplied until there are mil
lions of them.
. Mr.' White recently made an attepmt
to enter the old house; he succeeded in
getting far -enough to find the whole
interior ; lined with honey comb and
then he made a hasty retreat. He says
there must be several hundred pounds
of honey there, but he does not want
any of it at present. He will wait fcr
zero weather before making another at
tempt. ; -. ' -. ' . i j
The machinery moulders of Pitts
burg have decided to ask the manufac
turers for an advance in wages of at
least 10 per oent, and the establish
ment of a minimum wage rate of not
less' than $2.75 per day. The attend
ance numbered over 300, representing
every machine shop in the city and al-
most 1,000 skilled mechanics. The
moulders have made no demand for a
wage advanoe since- 1880, when they
won their fight "after a short strike.
Since that . time wages have gone up
and down, and all semblance of um
formity has been obliterated. Some of
the shops are paying as high as ?3 a
day, while others pay 40 to 50 cents
An ordinary' dinner-table wine glass
was recently broken by singing. The
man who did it had a deep, full voice,
He set the glass on the table, stood be;
side it and ran up and down the scale
as though in search of a note. When
he settled on one rather high the glass
shook visibly. The note was repeated
sung as loudly as possible, and finally
the glass shivered and crashed into bits,
The lily of the valley contains prus-
sic acid. It is thought dangerous to
put the stalks in a person's mouth, be
cause if the sap chances to get into a
crack in the lips an annoying swelling
is produced. :
Holds Up Peruna as the Ideal Rem
edy For Female Catarrh.
found relief from its use within a few days. After that I prescribed it to a great number and to my
surprise, I will soy that in the course of Two or Three Weeks after they had used "O DROPS"
and "5 Drop" Plasters they were Cured.
Amonsr these were a few who had. for a number ef veara been suffering with Chronic!
Rheumatism, who had piloted themselves around on Crutches. They came to my ofBce with
out vrutcnes ana 101a me iney were perieciiy well. . xncy give an tne crm to " o wkui h -end
to "a Drop" Plasters and this is their testimony t. the Swanson Rheumatic Cure Com
out Crutches and told me they were perfectly Well.
pany for tbeir kindness and for the conscientious fay in whloh they are placing these Wonder-
ful Remedies among suffering humanity, which they told me to write to the Company as an
acknowledgement. - - ,
As I have seen the Curative Power of "5 DROPS" and "5 Drop" Plasters, In a great
many instances, I can Truly recommend them and also that the firm is perfectly honest and re
liable to deal with. C. A. JACKSON, Physician and Surgeon, Kearney, Neb., Aug. 29, 1890.
Haw Lohg Hmvm You Svffmrd with RHEUM A TISM 7
How Long Hmvm Ton Rmmd About "S DROP" Without Tmklng Thorn T - -
Do you not think you have wasted precious time and suffered enough? If so,
then try the " 5 drops " and be promptly and permanently cured of your afflictions.
" 5 Drops " is a speedy and Sure Cure for Rheumatism, Neuralgia, Sciatica,
Lumbago (lame back), Kidney Diseases, Asthma, Hay-Fever, Dyspepsia,
Catarrh of all kinds, Bronchitis, La Orlppe, Headache, Nervous or Neuralgic,
Heart Weakness, Dropsy, Earache, Spasmodic and Catarrhal Croup, Toothache,
Nervousness, Sleeplessness, Creeping Numbness, flalaria, and kindred dis
eases. " 5 Drops " has cured more people, during the past four years, of the above
named diseases than all other remedies known, and in case of Rheumatism is
curing more than all the doctors, patent medicines, electric belts and batteries
combined, for they cannot cure Chronic Rheumatism. ' Therefore, waste no more
valuable time and money longer, but try " $ Drops " and be promptly CURED.
" 5 Drops " is not only the best medicine, but it is the cheapest, for a $ 1.00 bottle
contains 300 doses. Price per bottle $1.00, prepaid by mail or express, or 6 bottles
(or 45-00. For the next 39 days we will send a 35c sample FREE to any one
pending 10 cents to pay for the nailing. Agents wanted. Write to-day.
g; r Mrs. Clara Makemer.
Mrs. 'Cllara Makemer, housekeeper for
the Florence Crittenden Anchorage Mis
sion, of Chi -ago, writes the following
letter from 802 Chestnut street, Chi
cago: .; ..- :
- "Peruna is the best tonio I have
ever known for general debility, a sur
cure for liver complaint, and a nevei
failing adjuster in cases of dyspepsia.
"I have used it in cases of female
irregularities and weak nerves com
mon to the sex, and have found it most
From early girlhood to the end of th
child-bearing period ' few women an
entirely free from some degree of ca
tarrh of the pelvio organs. . '
. With Peruna the thousand and one
ailments dependent upon catarrh ol
the pelivc organs can be wholly averted.
"Health and Beauty" sent free to
women only, by The Peruna Medicine
Co., Columbus, Ohio. v
The Grand Braee.
One of the Bohemian citizens of the
town went home the other . night after
having donned a pair of skates that
would have slid him over an Arizona
desert with the mercury bubbling out
of the top of " the thermometer. He
had no recollection of how he got home
and even the next morning he was not
certain whether he was on a storm
tossed Atlantic liner or making a leap
from a balloon minus a parachute,
He went down ' to the breakfast table
with enough." wet towels wrapped
around his head to make a turban for
the mahdi. His "wife met him with
reproaches in her eyes, but she did not
scold mm. .She wanted to inform him
of his conduct the night before, how-
"My dear,';' she said, "did you know
that you came very near killing us all
when you went to bed last night?"
"Nope," said her husband, thickly,
as he felt his hot forehead. .
"Well, you did. You knocked over
the baby's cradle. Then you blew
out the gas and we were nearly as
phyxiated. What do you think of
that?" ;
Her husband is usually a resourceful
man, but the fumes of many cocktails
taken the night before somewhat cloud
ed his intellect. He made a grand
brace and tried to look pathetic. .
M'love, he said, as a rayof inspir
ation burst through his foggy brain,
"wasn't I here to die with you?"
Washingtoa Post. -
r Vanderbilt an Inventor.
"She works, Mr. Waite," said Cor
nelius Vanderbilt,- Jr., as he entered
the office of the superintendent of mo
tive power of ; the New York Central
railroad. He had just come down
from Albany, ' where locomotive No
947 had been tested to see if the fire
box invented by Mr. Vanderbilt was
a real fire box or only a toy. v
The young scion of the great rail
roading family ran the locomotive him
self. It was built at the company's
shops at West Albany, and it made its
first tirp on Wednesday afternoon.
The Vanderbilt fire box can be easily
taken out for repairs and put back
again. This is an improvement over
fire boxes in use at present, which can
not be extracted under 10 days. :
Young Cornelius, the inventor, is a
draftsman in Mr. Waite's office, and
has designed several locomotives.
Thirty years ago there were only two
dozen explosive compounds known to-
chemists; now there are over 1,000.
Passing of the Horse.
80 soon as nature sees an improvement
there is a change. The candle gave way to
electricity and the horse to the automobile.
The fact that Hostetter's Stomach Bitters
has been sold for over half a centurv.
proves its value.1- There is nothing to equal
it tor stoniacn or liver trouDie,
The Old Man Caught.
The Father Yonng man, I think 1
heard you kissing my daughter in the
parlor a short while ago.
The Yonng Man- Oh I then you are
not as deaf as people think you are, af
ter all ? Yonkers Satesman.: ,
There Is more Catarrh In this section of the
oountry than all other diseases put together,
and until the last few years was supposed to be
incurable. For a great many years doctors pro
nounced it a local disease, and prescribed local
remedies, ana py constantly railing 10 cure
witn local treatment, pronounced it incurable,
Science has proven catarrh to be a constitu
tional disease, and therefore requires constitu
tional treatment. Hall's Catarrh Cure, man-
uiaoiurea Dy r. j. uneney uo., xoieao, unio,
U the only constitutional cure on the market.
It is taken internally In doses from 10 drops to
a teaspoonful. It acts directly on the blood
and mucous surfaces of the system. They offer
one hundred dollars for any case it fails to
cure. Bend for circulars and testimonials. Ad.
dress. P. J. CHENEY s CO., Toledo, O,
Sold by Druggists, 78o.
Hall's Family Pills are the best. - -
literary Switzerland.
A French statistician ' records that
Switzerland ' produces annually more
books than any other country in pro
portion to the number of inhabitants
namely, one to every 8,000. Germany
comes next with one to every 8,200,'
Italy with one for 8,800, France one
for 8,500, England one for 6,500 and
the United States one for 12,400.
Pittsburg Post. '
Improved, Train Kqnipment. -
The O. R. &,N. and Oregon Short
Line have added a buffet, smoking and
library car to their Portland-Chicago
through train, and a dining car service
has been : inauguarated. - The train is
equipped with the latest chair cars,
day coaches and luxurious first-class
and ordinary sleepers. Direot connec
tion made at Granger with Union Pa
oiflo, and at Ogden with Rio Grande
line, from all points in Oregon, Wash
ington and Idaho to all Eastern cities.
For information, rates, etc.,-call on
any O. K. & N. agent, or address VV.
H. Hurlburt, General Passenger Agent,
Portland. : - .
A half million-dollar cotton mill let
to be erected in North Carolina and
operated by electric power entirely.
Piso's Cure for Consumption has been a
family medicine with us since 1865. J. K.
Madison, 2400 42d Ave., Chicago, Ills. -
To - help the lock-out workmen in
Denmark an entertainment and ball
was given in Brooklyn recently, ,1
Permanently Cured. No fitsor nervousness
after first day's dm of Dr. Kline's Grttni
Nerve Restorer. Send for FREE S2.QO trial
Donieana treatise, vn. n. tu JUSiHi, LXO., 1
Area street, Philadelphia. Pa. -
A $500,000 sugar beet factory has
been offered Fort Dodge if sufficient
beets are guaranteed.
Mothers will find Mrs. Winslow's Booth.
ins SvniD the best remedv to use for their
children during the teething period.
For 13 years the left arm of " Eli
Forbes, of East Brushfield, Mass., had
been useless from rheumatism. ' He
was sitting at his 'window one evening
recently when a 'thunderstorm arose.
A flash of lightning seemed to play
about his affected arm, causing a shock
and prolonged pricking sensation. In
an instant the arm shot forward invol
untarily, and , from that time it has
been as well as ever. '
Beginning Tuesday last, the Denver
Overland Cotton Mills put on a double
shift of workmen in response to the de
mand for : low grade cotton stuff
throughout the country The compan,
will run day and night. The former
force was 250 employes, but this will
be doubled as rapidly as the works can
be adjusted to -the new conditions.
The Unpardonable Breach.
"Maud, would you like to sue a man
for breach of promise?" . 1 - - v
"Not unless the promise he had made
was to buy me ice cream."- Chicago
Tolume and Value Testify to Prevailing
Prosperous Conditions.. '
Bradstreet's says: Trade activity is
widespread, all volume and value testi
fying to prevailing prosperous condi
tions. Only good reports are received
from distributive ' trade centers, and
some markets report fall demand as
holding ' out longer than - expected,
Railway earnings, bank clearings, re
turns and quotations of staple prices
are all encouraging, pointing as they
do to a maximum volume of business
for this period of the year.; Crop re
turns for October bear our earlier im
pressions of shortened yields of most
leading agricultural products.. . Expec
tation of more moderate yields of lead
ing cereals is not confined to this coun
try; the world's wheat crop will admit
tedly be smaller, and rye, barley and
oats yields are not expected' to be so
large as a year ago. The higher range
of prices of all staples, and particularly
of agricultural products, will furnish
a profitable balance of producers.
The liberality of foreign demand is
perhaps, best known in the September
report of exports of leading products.
Shipment of breadstuffs are as large as
those of August, and there was natur
ally a heavy gain in-cotton exports,
which are doubled those of the same
month a year ago. Totals of leading
exports show an increase of 23 per cent
over September, 1896, but a decrease
of 8.5 per cent from . September 1897.
which witnessed very heavy shipments
of breadstuffs.
Wheat, including flour,' shipments
for the week aggregate 5,265,634 bush
els, against . 5,183,898 bushels last
week, 4,729,996 bushels in the corre
sponding week of 1898, 5,549,720 bush
els in 1897, 4,156,817 bushels in 1896
and 2,409,446 bushels in 1895.
Business failures in the United States
number 164, as compared with 146 last
week. ' -
Portland Market. - -
Wheat Walla Walla, 57 & 58c; Val
ley, 680; Bluestem, 60c per bushel
Flour Best grades, $3.25; graham,
$2.65; superfine, $2.15 tier barrel.
Oats Choice white, 85 36c; choice
gray, 88 84c per bushel.
Barleys-Feed barley, $15 16.00;
brewing, $18.5019.00 per ton.
Mulstuffs Bran, $17 per ton; mid
dlings, $22; shorts, $18; chop, $16 per
ton. --. - .: . -
Hay Timothy, $9 11; clover, $7
8; Oregon wild hay, $6 per ton,
Butter Fanoy - creamery, 45 50c:
seconds, . 4042o; dairy, .80 35c;
store, 222740.
Eggs 2022Kc per dozen.
Cheese Oregon full . cream, 18c;
Young America, 14c; new cheese 10c
per pound.
Poultry Chickens, mixed, ; $3.00
4.00 per dozen; hens, $4.50; springs,
$2.003.50; geese, $6.007 for old;
$4.506.60 for young; ducks, $4.50
5.00 per dozen; turkeys, live, 12
14o per pound.
Potatoes-5060o per sack; sweets,
22o per pound.
Vegetables Beets, $1; turnips, 90c;
per sack; garho, 7o per pound; cauli
flower, 75o per dozen; parsnips, $1;
beans, 5 80 per pound; celery, 70
75o per dozen; cucumbers, 50o per
box; peas, 84o per pound; tomatoes,
25o per box; green , corn, 122
15o per dozen. .;.-
Hops 710o; 1897 crop, 56o,
Wool Valley, 1213o per pound;
Eastern Oregon, 814o; mohair, 27
8O0 per pound. s
Mutton Gross, best sheep, wethers
and ewes, 3&c; dressed mutton, 6
7o per pound; lambs, 7Ko Tier pound
Hogs Gross, choice heavy, $5.00;
light and feeders, $4.50; dressed,
$6.00 7.00 per 100 pounds.
Beef Uross, top steers, $3.504.00;
cows, $3 8.50; dressed beef, 67Mc
per pound.
Veal Large, 6M7Mc; small, 8
8to per pound. - '
Seattle Markets.
Onions, new, $1.251.50 per sack,
Potatoes, new, 75c$l.
Beets, per sack, $1.10.
Turnips, per sack, 75o.
Carrots, per sack, 90o.
Parsnips, per sack, 90c.
Cauliflower, 75c per dozen.
Cabbage, native and California.' $1
!1.25perl00 pounds.
Peaohes, 6580o. ' .. - .
Apples, $1.25 1.50 per box.
Pears, $1.001.25 per box.
Prunes, 6O0 per box.
Watermelons, $1.50.
Cantaloupes, 5075o. ; -Butter'
Creamery, 28o per pound',
dairy, 17 22of ranch, !217o per
pound. - .,- ;
ifiggS Z7Z00.
Cheese Native, 1314o. .
Poultry 14c; dressed, 5c.
Hay Puget Sound timothy, $8 11;
choice Eastern Washington timothy,
$14 15. . .
Corn Whole, $23.00; cracked, $23;
feed meal, $23.
Barley Boiled or ground, per ton,
$21; whole, $22.
Flour Patent, per barrel, $3.50;
blended straights, $3.25; , California,
$3.25; buckwheat flour, $3.50; gra
ham, per barrel, $2.90; whole wheat
flour, $3.00; rye flour, $3.75.
Millstuffs Bran, per ton, $15.00;
shorts, per ton, $16.00.
Feed Chopped feed, $20.50 per ton;
middlings, per ton, $22; oil cake meal,
perton, $35.00." v ...
San Francisco Market.
Wool Spring Nevada, 1214oper
pound; Eastern Oregon, 12 15c; Val
ley, 17 19c; Northern, 810o.
Hops 1899 crop, 912o per
pound.' ' - '; -
Onions Yellow, 7585o per sack.
Butter Fancy creamery 29 80c;
do seconds, 25 28c; fancy dairy, 24
25c; do seconds, 20 22c per pound.
Eggs Store, 22 2 7 c; fancy ranch.
86 38c. -
Millstuffs Middlings, : $18.50
20.00; nran, $16.50 17.50. ;
Hay Wheats $69.50; wheat and
oat $6.008.50; best barley $5.00
.00; alfalfa, $5.00 7.00 per ton;
straw, 2535o per bale.
Potatoes Early Rose, 4050o; Ore
gon Burbanks, $1.25 1.50; river Bur
banks, 50 75c; Salinas Burbanks,
90c $1.10 per sack.
Citrus Fruit Oranges, Valencia,
$2.758.25; Mexican limes, $4.00
00; California lemons 75c$1.50;
do choice $1.752. 00 per box.
Tropical Fruits Bananas, $1.50
50 per bunch; pineapples, nom
inal; Persian dates, 66sO per
Pound. '
Tor 1900
We 'mean to have the new volume surpass
all former ones in the Interest of its articles,
, .,, the charm of, its stories, "and the value of
its miscellaneous reading. : ; : : : : .
The Companion Calendar
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The Youth's Companion, Boston, Mass.
Scarcely any German soap comes to
this country. England is Germany's
best soap customer, and last year
bought 2,250,000 pounds out of a total
export of less than 6,000,000. In 1898
Germany's exports of perfume amount
ed to $2,250,000, a gain of. almost
$500,000 over 1897. 1 - i
The Terre Haute city council has
passed a resolution for which Council
man Eeinbold, . vice-president of the
State Federation of Labor, has been
working for , three years, that all city
printing be done in a union office.
Every alderman in Grand Rapids
who voted for the street railroad fran
chise and stood for, re-election in the
recent municipal contest was defeated
by ihe labor vote. - . .
, Denny "Th' gur-rul thot Oi mar
ray must be loike foine silk." Nora
"An'J how is thot?" Denny "Not
shrink when it comes to washing."
When first known to the Romans
silk , was so dear that it was sold
weight for weight with gold. v -
German production of pig iron in the
first half of the current year was
4,000,000 tons, against 3,000,000 in
the same time in 1898.
, .
Berlin has the smallest elephant in
the world. It is but 89 inches high
and weighs 160 pounds.
Tacoma cigarmakers earn $12 to $18
ft. -OTAftlr. .- -v--
New York city is to pay unskilled la
borers $2 a day. ' -
hub. iMtvuiTcri, nsnitir ', meyefet, rhoUrgrsplile
lust wbattyour storekeeper at home must pay for
'sand will prevent him from overcharging: you on
; explains Juat how to order, how much the iWlirlit, -
THIS BIG CATALOGUE eoutalHs lfiSa pse, Is ixm Inches
10,000 Illustration?, the Unreal, Moat'eonplele mnS lowest priced eetelosiw
itr?vUTu.'". ",'S!,ts TH' iPWESTWHOlESAlt CHICAGO PltlCES M
EVEAYTHINO Including everythin,: in Groceries, Drueo, IlrjUued., K
tlooe, UloUtlnf. , Uleako, Dreetee, Boote Md Skoes,, Jewelry, Books, '
Herd were,, Irrleultarel Implesieals, rursillare, Harness, Saddles,
Buggies, Sewlag Backless, troekerj, Organe, Pianos, Mnsieal Instrnsieate.
rnrnlsklng woods, duns, Re.ol.era, risking Tsekle, Blereles, Pkatographlo
Muu"s um i cud juoii nuavj
anythlnir you DUV . e
xpt-ou or mall will be on anything to your town. The bic book
costs nearly fl.OO, the poRtajre alone Is SI cents.
OUR FRFF OrrPR Cut this ad. out and aend to us
r vrrpH. with ia ectaU ln .tamps to
help pay the 34 cents postage, ad tlie Big Book wilt he seat ( Fit KM
by sill potpId,and if you don't think It In worth 100 tlmen the lfteenta
you send, as a Key to the lowest wholesale prioos ol everything, say
so and we will immediately return your 16 eenli.
"It Is a monument of business mformation." Minneapolis (MinnJ
Tribune. :
"A wonderful piece of work." Washington National Tribune.
"The Catalogue is a wonder." Manchester N. H. Union.
'Rears, Roebuck A Co. li one of the largest houses of Its kind In
Chicago." Chicago Inter Ocean.
OtralrJ pofslbly be sent Into a district." Boyce's Monthly, Chicago y ,
a v.a vavwuvHU" " m 'Ml uopKrfriueii BW1U PUIIVU QOW1I,- AUttnio UOrirUl UHlOn.
"The catalogue is certainly a merchandise encyclopaedia." Chicago Ep worth Herald-
" A law should be passed compelling the use of this catalogue In all public schools." The Hon. G- A- Sonthtoun.
We COUld QUOte thousands Of similar nxtrmotm. fUnd 1ft Anta at nmmm ..II! -.i ib. A-.-a knL ..
The arabs assert that they were the
first to make better. The method was
strangely discovered. It was their
habit to carry milk in skins, on the
backs of camels. , The steady logging
of the animals churned the milk into
butter. - - y . .
Folic, and Wire Works.
and lroii fencing; office railing, etc. !W4Alder.
of a
Hob. J. H. Fletcher, formerly I
vv.viuv. vi Kuuu V.SUUt, put MXVYf
a resident ol Salem, Ore., says :
"For oyer two years my daughter
bad been deollnlng from a strong,
healthy, rosy-cheeked girl to a pale
weak and helpless Invalid She
was afflicted with terri ble headaches,
and gradually grew weaker and more
languid, apparently without eause.
I tried several doctors, butall without
avail. Finally, to please a friend, I
bought a box of Dr. Williams' Pink
Fills for Pale People, and to our sur
prise, before It was nsed her head
aches ceased, the color began to re
turn to her cheeks and lips and her
strength began to assert itself. I
bought Ave boxes more, nnd by the
time she bad finished them she was
completely restored, and to-day she
is a robust, rosy, healthy girl Instead
of a pals, tired and sickly one."
Jom tht Oregon independent, Salem,
Ore ,
Dr. Williams' Pink Pills for Pals People
re never told by the dozen or hundred,
but always In packages. At all druggists,
or direct from the Dr. Williams Medicine
Co,, Schenectady, N. Y., 60 cents per box,
6 boast $2.60.
en Can't Make a Mistake by Taklrg the
Machinery ami Supplies.
clunery, supplies. 48-60 First St., Portland, Or.
JOHN POOLE, Portland, Obeooit,
can give you the best bargains In general
machinery, engines, boilers, tanks, pumps,
plows, belts and windmills. The new
steel I X L windmill, sold by him, is un
equalled. - .: - -
Barters ink
Makes millions think.
'. ...TATUM St BOWEN...
29 to 36 Flrtt Street V PORTLAND. OR.
" . DR. HARTKLV BOOK,', ' '
lief for Women"
twuirw, in puun, wuea enreiopo. wtim
to-dy for this Book, containing Parti ca
Ur And TestijnoiilaU of DR. MAKTliLH
French Female Pills.
Praised bj thousands of satisfied ladies a
safe, always reliable and without an equal, -Boldbralt
drutctrisrsln metal box. Frencfc
ton In HhiA white unH u.l TbWa .a uk..
rreiwb Orug Co.,88l ft 883 fearlBU, hew Yor City. -
C, H. W00DAK0 k CO..
treated scien
tillcally and
conildentl al -
.j. ... ly. CurrapMstiiet
Itlicitil .
108 Second St., Portland.
ITCHING Piles prodnce molsturu and o.QHe ituhins;
This form, As welt as Blind, Blending or Protruding
Piles are cured by Or. Boaanko's Pile Remedy
Stops Itching and bleeding. Absorbs tumors. 60c a
Jar at druggists or sent by mail. Treatise free. -Write
me about roux case. SU.BOSANKO,Ph ilada., Pa.
I rjUEei
1 ta b de.s.
Dot le stricture.
For it is the favorite through Dinine Car
and Buffet-Library Car Line East.
For further particulars call on or address
. R. NAGEL, G. P. A. W. E. COMAN, G. A.
(J. O. XEBKY, T. i: A.
124 Third Street, Portlanh, Or.
For Gonorrhoea and Gleet set Pabst's Okay Specific. It
the ONLY medicine which will cure each ami every
oase, NO CASE known it has ever railed to cure, no
matter how serious or of how long standing. Result
from Its use will astonish you. It is absolutely safe.
rcv.Dui Hvrioiurw, ana can do ntaeo wiiuout inconve
lience and detention from busineM. PTtlOE. ttS.00. For
sate by all reliable drafrfsta, or sent prepaid by express,
plainly wrapped, on receipt of price, by
' PaBWcHEMIOAlX).,Chlceo,IU.
Ciraular mailed on request. - t -
Use Big for unnatural
discharges, iiiliaiiinmtious.
irritations or ulceration. '
Of Itl Ilf,1H
IPrsreots eentMioa. Pninlees, and not astrinC
THeEvans OhemicalCo, eut r Poisonous.
now y .'ruc-arlats,
or sent in plain wrapper,
by express, prepaid, for
tl.flO, or S bottles, 2.75.
Circular wit on -request.
ONE FOR A DOSE. Cure Sick Headache
and Dyspepsia, Remove Pimples and Purijy tke '
Blood, Aid Digestion sndPrerent Biliousness. Do
not Gripe or Sicken. Tocon.lnce rou.we will mail
"?p'e 'ree, or full box for 25c. DK. BOgANKO
CO.,Phiia(la.,jVeuna. Sold bj DruggisU.
That tired, languid feeling, the valnsin the
back and the olironio headache will disappear
quicklyif you take
Hoore's Revealed Remedy
It Is an Ideal medicine for women, easy and
pleasant to take, fl.00 per bottle at your drug.
gist's. .
k,i Best Cough Syrup. Tames Good. TJse fjl
I E3 ' )" t'- "'i PT driigflats. Kr
IP BICKFORU. Washington. D. C. they will re
I ceive quick replies. B. nth K. H. Vols.
Staff 2uth Corps. Prosecuting claims since 187a.
K. P. M. V.
'NO. 43-'9t.
USD' writing to advertisers please
mention this paper,