The Hood River sun. (Hood River, Wasco County, Oregon) 1899-19??, October 26, 1899, Image 1

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    VOL. I.
NO. 5.
President....... .. William McKinlej
- Vice-President Garrett A. Hobart
Secretary of State John Hay
Secretary of Treasury.... ..Lyman J. Gage
Secretary of Interior... . T... Cornelius N. Biiss
Secretary of War , ... Kl'.hu Root
(secretary of Navy John D. Long
Postmaster-General. . ...James A. Gary
Attorney-General John W. Gricgs
Secretary of Agriculture James Wllcon
Rpnl,tnr, 1 -Geo. W. McBride
benators j Joseph Simon
Congraien: j -J-h-;
Attorney-General.., ..I). R. N. Blackburn
Governor ....r..;...T. T. Geer
Secretary of State... ......V. I. Dunbar
Treasurer ...C. 8. Moore
Printer..;;. W. H.Leeds
Supt. of Tublic Instruction J. H. Ackerman
C. K. Wolverton
F. A. Moore
R. S. Bean
Circuit Judge W. L. Bradshav)
Prosecuting Attorney A. A. J ay no
State Benators j IZZon? ilM
Representative - J. W. Morton
Jnilge , , Robert Mays
Commissioners j .7.V.!!ii.""7V".'.N.8C.IKva?is
Countv Clerk..... .Z!"!!Z'.""Z". '.l! 'k. M. Kelsay
Sheriff' , ....Robert Kelly
Treasurer .L....C. L. Phillips
Assessor W. H. Whipple
School Superintendent .C. L. Gilbert
Surveyor ..; J. B. Groit
Coroner .S..N..W. H. ButU
Justice of Peace ....-George T. Prathei
Constable I E. 8. Olinger
The County Court of Wasco county meets on
the llrst Mondays in January, March, May,
July, September and November. . v.
Circuit Court of Wasco county meets on the
third Mondays In February, May and Novem-
Mayor , ., -. m....E. L. Smith
............,.. A'
P.. Bradford, Br.
.. A. 8. Blowe a
, Clyde T. Bonney
.....J. H. Dukes
. 3. H. Ferguson
Pecordor J. R- NlckeUen
Treasurer.,. George P. Urotfell
Marshal 8. Olinger
Jay P. Lucas
..Oils ratterson
....... ...W. R Dunbar
, ,......i.L. B. Clough
, ...John M. Hill
, Thomas Masgrove
;...;...........C. R. Moores
William Galloway
Register ....
- vu
... AND ' "'
Dcean 8teameri Leave Portland Every ( Day!
Steamers Monthly from Portland to
Yokohama and Hong Kong, Tia the
Northern Pacific. Steamship Co., In con
nection with the O. ft. & N.
For full Information eall on O. R. K. agent
E. B. CLARE, Hood River, or address . -,.
General' Passenger Agent, Portland, Of.
O. R. & K. Time Table for Hood Klver
No. 4 4:87 p.m.
No. 8 ..; 6:67 a. m.
No. 1 4:00 p. m.
Wayfreightl0:26a. m.
Mo. 'i ..m-.ri p. m
Way freight.. 2:45 p.m.
E. B. CLARK, Agent.
The ' ;
Steamers Daily (Except Sunday) Between
Portland, Cascade Locks, Stevenson,
Sprague, White Salmon, HOOD
RIVER and The Dalles.
THE DALLES OFFICE : First and Court Sts.
" General Agent,
The Dalles, Or.
Due at Hood River, eas tbound, 4 p. m. : west
Lound, 9:80 a.m.
leaves Portland at 7 a m.; Leaves The Dalles
MAILS. ""- -
The mall arrives from Mt. Hood at 10 o'clock
a. m. Wednesdays and Saturdays; departs the
same days at noon.
For Chenoweth, leaves at 8 a. m. Tuesdays,
Thursdays and Saturdays; arrives at 6 p. m.
For White Salmon (Wash.) leaves daily at 6:45
a. m.; arrives at 7:15 p. m.
From White Salmon leaves for Fulda, Gilmer,
Trout Lake and Glenwood Mondays, Wednes
days and Fridays.
ForBingen (Wash.) leaves at 6:45 p.m.: ar
fives at 2 p.m.
From All Parts of the New
World and the Old. '
Comprehensive Review of the Import
. ant Happenings of the Past Week
Galled From the Telegraph Columns
The ' Boers made three attacks on
.Vlafeking and were repulsed with'-: it
heavy loss of BOO men. The British
lout 18. 'V; . --, : l ;.:..";. 1 . ,
For a week a snow storm has been
raging iu the mountains surrounding
dented Ht this time of the year.
The powers are again wrangling over
Samoa, and there Is talk of partition-!
iug the islands. England has offered
to purchase Germany's interest.
A hand I of 300 Mayo Indians have,
joined, the Yaquls in their war with
ifexlco. Heretofore the ' Mayos have,
Mused; to aid the Yaqui tribe in Iti
-ebeuidns. - V -
The Boers-, secured the ' telephone at;
Modder river and attempted to speak
jcvith Kimberley, hoping to learn the
disposition of the .British forces there.
The maneuver was discovered and frus
Tated. K tapper, editor 'of the Deutsche
Agrai Correspondenz, at Berlin, has
been sentenced to imprisonment' in s
fortress for six months, on a chargefof
lese majeste, for criticizing Emperor
William. . .. t i ' . i
An explosion of mine gas in a col
liery near Pittsburg, Pa., resulted in
entombing 22 miners. Ten were re
Scued alive, but it is feared the others
a re dead, lhe mine took tire and. is
burning. : ' ''. '
The Columbia won the second race
tvith the Shamrock. Soon after the
start the Shamrock's topmast was
broken and she returned. The Colum
bia sailed over the course and was given
the race. ... v; : - ' 1
Surgeon-General Sternberg has re
fused to recommend, the building of a
large military hospital at Vancouver,
Wash., saying that the post hospital at
that place is abundently able for the
present needs. . . . , ;
A dispatch from Nogales, Ariz., says:
A sheriff's posse has encountered Mexi
can bandits and killed one an d wound
od another. American and Mexican
officers are now in pursuit of live oth
ers, who escaped. ' . "
The .smallpox scare at Astoria, re
sultant' from the case of Beecher ' D.
Slurp, has about died out. The patient
is getting along nicely, and the attend
ing physicians have no doubt as to his
speedy recovery. - - . j
The British steamship Knight Bache
lor has arrived at New Orleans from1
Hamburg, Germanjr, with 78,567 bags
of raw beet sugar, equal to 7,310 tonsi
This is the largest cargo of foreign
sugar ever brought to New Orleans.
The Washington ' volunteer regiment
will be mustered out at San Francisco
on the 31st inst. ? A . Z . - 'i
A new fast mail service has been in-,
augurated between Chicago and 6an
Francisco, the schedule, timo being 73
hours. I - . . -
- General William B. Shatter, who
for over a year has had the position of
brigadier-general of volunteers, hae
been retired. ;
. Early in December the Onited States
will havo 70,000 tiooph In the Philip
pine inlands, and 45 wai vessels in the
island's waters. ; . : -Cr
The Orange Free State troops have
cut the telegraph wires and destroyed
i.he railroad track at Norvalsport, just
across the Orange Free State' southern
border. ?
Tlie Boers have cut the telegraph
wires at many points, and reliable
nnwd is hard to obtaiu Iron) the more
Important cities lu the war districts of
South Africa.
. Tohn R. Dodnojr, of f'ortland. 'has
written to hieuila fioin Dawson City'
that ho is taking the census of al) the
pnopltt la the Yukon valley, on Ameri
can territory. A .. " t s.
A dispatch from Caracas, Venezuela,
save that President Andrade is prepar
ing to Ipave the country, and the insur
gent loaritir. General Castro, Is master
of the situation. ..
The Portland Press Club at its meet
ing recently urged its luemliers to stand
by the 1903 exposition project ami to
do all in their power to bring the affair
to a successful conclusion. . . i
A train of flat cars loaded with gravel
was wrecked ou trie Northern Pacific
track on Jefferson street. Olympia, de
molishing about' 100 yards of track.
The trainmen escaped unhurt. '
The, price of fall chinook salmon,
steel head? and silversides has reached
the highest figure ever offered on the
Columbia; 4 cents a pound, and 2
cents is being paid for dog salmon.
James Roach goes free from further
prosecutiou or even the imputation of
guilt of stealing cattle from his neigh
bors, after a struggle in the courts
which has gone on for more than a year.
.... '
- Charles Winters; '.- of Jacksonville,
Or., a native of Sweden, aged 79 years,
who has been a resident of Jackson
ville for many years, died at Talent,
where i he had gone for a short visit
with friends. -
. . Hardy Getty, a 16-year old boy,
while operating a stamping machine in
a Fairhaven, Wash., metal works, had
both of his hands so badly mangled
that he will never be able to use them
again, .. '
State elections will be held in IS
itates this year. '
The navy department has difficulty
m getting sufficient medical meu.
The transport Senator has arrivod
lately at Ban Francisco.
General Miles will be nocompotii'id
yy his family and a few friends ou his
our to the Pacific coast.
Secretary Long has issued an older
wsiguiug Admiral Dowey to special
iuty at the navy yard department.
Fifty-three Boers were killed and
large nuinbor - wounded in the eu-souut-r
with Baden-Powell' forces at
.VJafoktng. . -. ; .. C
.An enthusiastic mooting to promote
the movement to erect a monument to
Parnell was held in New York. Over
1 10,000 was collected. ' .J.,.:
Sir Thomas' Lipton has the spirit of
It plucky sportsman and wilt chaUetup
us again for .the America cap. - tie
says he cannot g)t ready for next year,
but will be prepared lu 1901. . -.
The strike of the ironmolders and
the coremakers at St. Paul has ended,
and the men have returned to work.
Tho employers grant a slight advance
in wages and recognize the union. '
It is understood that the president
has given to Archbishop Chapellu defi
uito instructions which will govern his
actions relative to establishing peace
with the Filipinos, but these instruc
tions are to be withheld from publica
tion. . ; ' y : -' .
At Atchison, Kan., two robbers shot
and killed one man and wounded an
other in a store, which they later rob
bed. - They were pursued by a posse
and they shot ' and killed a policeman
and another man, both members of the
pursuers. ;
As a corollary of the Pullinan-Wag-ner
consolidated deal, the readjustment
of railroad stockholders on an enormous
scale is said to be the next move on the
boards. -A welding together of tho rail
road properties controlled by the liar-riman-Gould
and Vanderbilt' interests
is epoken of.
War between Americans and Mexi
cans broke out at Naco, Ariz. . with dis
astrous results. The fight started be
tween Mexican guards and American
cowboys, and as a result four guards
were killed and one seriously wounded,
An American named Ryan was instant
ly killed and a Bisbee miner was shot
through the leg. '
' The Canadian government has : been
advised that the i United States and
British governments had given effect to
a provisional Alaskan boundary, which
was arranged between Sir Louis Ha
vies .and Mr. Choatc, in London. This
arrangement makes no change at Skag
way, but it fixes a point on the Dalton
trail. There is very little travel by
that route. ,
Anew German warship has been
launched. ' She was christened Kaiser
Karl dor Grosse, by Dr. von Moncke
berg, burgomaster of Hamburg.
The Boers, according to a special dis
patch from Pretoria, ropulscd a small
force of Cape mounted police near
Berkeley, West Cape Colony, captur
ing two. . ; . . ,. -
The dwelling once occupied by ox
president Martin Van Buren, at 3?
East Twenty-seventh street, New York,
has been sold, and it is announced that
the property will be converted into a
business block. W
Commandant-General Jon bert has
arrived at i Newcastle. - Natal. He
found only 100 men there when he en
tered tho town. The report current at
Delagoa bay that 6.000 Boers have been
repulsed at Newcastle is false.
An Ashcroft, B. C, report states that
there was a big robbery t the Cariboo
mine, near Quesnelle Forks. . Tho big
safe in the : Cariboo Hydraulio Com
pany's office was blowu open, and part
of the amalgam, worth $50,000, stolen.
. The Great Northern road has lately
bought 17,000,000 feet of fir timber in
'Washington, nearly all - of it for the
road's proposed ore dock at Allouze
bay, on Lake, Superior. Nearly half
this enormous order has been bought in
the past 10 days. ', s -. v -
The transport Senator is expectod to
arrive from Manila next week. J The
news of the terrible experience of the
steamship Empress of India cause no
alarm for the safety " of the Seuator,
which is supposed to also have passed
through the typhoon. T '
A dispatch from Ladyimlth says
that a letter was brought to the Brit
ish pickets by Boor cyclists bearing a
white, flag. ! signed by the Newcastle
magistrate and sent by permission of
Commandant-General .Too here, stating
that the British who remained in New
castle are well.". -;
. Three hundred recruits, under com
mand of Captain W. N. Hnghns, Thir
teenth infantry, and Lieutenants Wil
son, Pascoe and Kinzio, have been as
signed to the transport Manueuse, at
San Francisco, with two companies . of
the - Thirty-first, under command of
Lieutenant-Colonel Hayes. ' -
The postmaster-general has Issued a
formal warning to all ' postmasters
against the levying of political assess
pents, and - simultaneously the civil
serivco commission has called attention
to the law governing the subject, nd
of the commission's intention to en
force it. :
h. D. Carl has returned to his home
in Roseburg, Or., after a 20 months'
sojourn in the Alaska gold fields, dur
ing which - time he is said to have
cleaned hp $20,000. , . -
A few growers are. employing Indians
to pull, top and load beets, says the
LaGrande Observer. It is no uncom
mon thing to see an Indian and Indian
women drive into town in a spring
hack, purchase their supply of groceries,
and return to their work Indian la
bor is much preferred to Chinese.
British Rout Kruger's Troops
; - ? at Glencoel'
Brltlih I.oas S50; -Boera 800 Invaders
. Surprised the British Camp by Open
- log Fire Wi'ta Artillery. .
Glvucoe Camp, Oct. . 23. After
eight hours of continuous heavy1 fight
ing.'Dundee hill was carriod by the
Dublin fnsileers and the King" Royal
rifles, ' under cover of a well-directed
artillery fire by the Thirteenth and
fiixty -ninth batteries.1: The Boers, who
threatened' the British rear,- have re
tir&l. " .,; .;
; The fight was almost an exact coun
terpart of that of Majuba hill, except
thai the position of the Boer and Brit
ish, -forces were reversed. . General
Symohs was severely, bnt not danger
cously wounded. -; " :
The battle today was a brilliant suc
cess. The Boers, got a reverse which
may possibly, for a time at any rate,
check all Aggressive action. The Brit
ish artillery practice iu the early pari
of the day'docided the battle. " ' -
The seizure of hill by the
Boers was a surprise; for, although the
pickets had been exchanging shots all
night,' it was not untill a shell boomed
pver the town into the camp that theix
presence "was discovered. Then the
shells came fast. The hill was posi
tively alive ' with the -swarming Boers
till the British artillery -got to work
with magnificent energy and precision.
Directly the Boer guna ceased firing,
General Symons ordered the infantry to
move oni the position. The infantry
charge w;as magnificent. Tho way the
King's Royal rifles and the Dublin fu
sileers stormed the position was one ol
the most splendid sights ever seen.
General Symons was -wounded early
in the action, and the command then
devolved on Major Yule. '
Tb.e enemy as they fled, were fol
lowed by..;the cavalry, mounted infan
try and artillery.'; The direction taken
was to the eastward. At the latest re
ports the cavalry had not returned.
A rough estimate places the British
loss at 250 killed or wounded, And that
of the Boers at 800. - ; i
.. . ... Agreement as Alaslca.'
Washington, Oct. 23. Mr. Tower,
British charge here, called at the state
department today and notified Secre
tary Hay of the formal . acceptance by
his, government. -of the proposition for
a temporary adjustment of the Alaska
boundary line proposed by Secretary
Hay.' ,
The state department is confident it
has conserved American interests in
the matter, without unjustly treating
Canada. - The divisional line, bounded
on ' the west by the Dalton trail, is
placed 22 miles above Pyramid har
bor, which is regarded under the treaty
as a tidewater mark, so the Canadians
are not allowed to reach . any point on
Lynn canal. Moreover, - there is no
permission for a free transfer across
American territory of Canadian goods,
except miners' belongings. These
matters may figure later, when it comee
to a permanent boundary line, but they
are not touched upon in this modus. .
r.: Strike Cannot Be' Averted.
r St. Paul, Minn.; Oct. 23. A Great
Northern official said today that tho
conclusion had been reached' by the
road that a strike could not be averted.
Higher officials will, not talk, but the
wholesale merchants have ..been prob
ing into the situation, and- their reports
confirm the statement' that the Groat
Northern is likely to witness the most
effective tie-up ever experienced in the
West.' The jobbers will lose thousands
of dollars per day, and are anxious to
head off a strike. " The : recent order
making -conductors responsible for dam
age to their trains is the last straw.
Every organization is involved, and
every trainman, from conductor down,
including telegraphers,, will : go out if
the strike is ordered..
, ' The Columbia TPine.
J New York, Oct. 23. Through wild
and heavy seas, in a breeze that ap
proached the dignity of a gale, the gal
lant sloop Columbia today vanquished
the British challenger Shamrock by 6
minutes and 18 seconds actual time and
6 minutes and 84 seconds corrected
time, thus completing the series for the
'America's cup with a magnificent
rough-weater duel and a glorious Yan
kee victory. '; :. '. . .. -.-
Crisis la Venezuela Elided.
Caracas. Venezuela. Oct. - 23. The
Wisis is virtually over. General An-
drade, the president, has accepted the
conditions proposed by the insurgent
commander, General Castro, and will
go abroad, the presidency devolving
on the' vice-presidency. Castro will
enter Caracas peacefully, thus avoiding
bloodshed. .'.''..' 1
r i Want Reciprocity. '
Washington, Oct 23. Reciprocity
arrangements are sought by tho island
of St. Kitts and Turk's island, British
West Indies. The arrangements so far
cover nearly all the British West In
dian possessions. y-'.Q.''.
Library for Manila Soldiers.
San Francisco; Oct. 23. A commit
tee of prominent citizens beaded by
Rabbi Jacob Voorsanger, and. includ
ing among its members General Shat
ter, Mayor Phelan . and ; Mrs. Phoebe
Hearst, has taken steps -toward the es
tablishment of a library in Manila for
the use of the United States soldiers.
The project, which was originated by
the late Colonel Miley, has been taken
up with enthusiasm by men and women
who are determined to carry it into ex
ecution. .
Wants to Turn Over Salvador to the
J. - Mexican Government.
Chicago,, Oct. 21. A special to the
Record from El Paso, Tex., says:
General Ezeta, ex-president of Salva
dor, and an exile from that country,
who : disappeared, mysteriously from
his home in Oakland, Cal., where he
bad lived for three years, came to El
Paso Saturday last, and left over the
Mexican Central railway for the City
of Mexico, in company , of J. H.
Holmes and O. S. Greene. Holmes is
manager of the Iturbide hotel, of the
City of Mexico, and Greene is the city
attorney of Pasadena, Cal.
: General Ezeta divulged his identity
to an official of the Mexican Central
road at Juarez, Mexico. The ex-president
said he had become tired of his
banishment from his native country,
and preferred to die in an attempt to
free his people from tyranny than re
main an exile for life. .General Ezeta
said he and his v party would confer
with the Mexican executive on the sub
ject of a revolution in Salvador for the
overthrow of the present administra
tion. ... - '- '
It is understood that General Ezeta
will, offer to turn over Salvador to the
republic of Mexico, in return for the
financial aid of the Mexican govern
ment in his venture. - ,.
No Doubt as to His Stand on the Phil
- ' . r... ' ippine Question.
Washington, ; Oct. . SSI. President
McKinley's message to the next con
gress is expected to be the most impor
tant document of the kind since the
civil war. After the president's West
ern trip there can no longer be any
doubt as to his intentions regarding
the Philippines, for it has been amply
demons tarted that be will recommend
that the islands become the permanent
property of the United, States, leading
their treatment to congress, but asking
that a policy be early outlined, in or
der to quench the Filipino hope that
there will be a change in public senti
ment in the United Staes which will
result in the domination of. the anti-expansion
element. ' .
; Fears for the Senator'
Victoria, Oct. 21. The steamer Em
press of India, which has reached here
from Japan, has completed the rough
est trip of her 43 voyages. The second
day out from Yokohama she encoun
tered a typhoon which smashed all
telegraph communication between the
engine room and the bridge and de
stroyed some of the boats, The storm
continued unabated one day and night.
Fears are expressed by the officers
for" the transport sterner Senator, carry
ing borne the Fifty -first Iowa regiment.
She left Yokohama1" for San Francisco
eight hours before the Empress, and,
having large upper works, would fare
badly in a storm. ;
' Boilermakers' Strike.
San Francisco, Oct. 1. The boiler
makers' strike is over, and the. men
will go back to work tomorrow. The
men have conceded the nine hours a,
day on all vessels not owned by the
government. ; On these latter the day's
work will be eight hours for 10 hours
pay. In order to make up for the ex
tra hour on outside ships, a slight ad
vance has been made of the men's pay.
As a result of the artisans going back,
to work, nearly all the transports now
in port will get away next week.
. . . Newark Sails for Guam.
' San Francisco, Oct. 21. Tha.cruisej
Newark sailed today for Manila via
Guam. The transports Tartar and
Olympia will sail in a few days for
Manila with troops. The , charter of
the Tartar will expire in about 30 days,
and it is understood - the government
will buy the vessel outright. It is
possible the transport Manuense will
be used exclusively as an inter-island
transport after taking troops from here
on her initial voyage.
Ticket Counterfeiting;.
Denver, Oct. 21. The officials of the
Colorado . Midland Railroad Company
have discovered a case of ticket coun
terfeiting which promises to prove one
of the most extensive ever discovered
in this country. . The ticket counter
feited is what . is known as a skeleton
round-trip form. The ticket is so made
that, with the coupon attached, it can
be made out to any point in the conn
try and return. '.'.,'!'' -
' r l Storms in Southern Italy. - ;
-Rome, Oct, 21- Serious storms, ac
companied by floods, prevail in the
southern districts of Italy, ; working
widespread damage. : At San Giorgio,
a bridge and 20 houses have been
swept away, and it is belioved there
has been considerable loss of life there.
At Mounte Mesoula, a church was
struck by lightning during mass, three
persons being killed and 40 others
more or less injured.' '-'".--' --.-
Mayos Join the Yaquli.
- Chicago, Oct. 20. A special to . the
Record from Austin, Tex., says: A
dispatch from Ortiz,' Mexico, says that
a band of over 800 Mayo Indians has
joined the Yaqui rebels at their rendez
vous near Sahaurpia.
In the previous wars of the Yaquis
against the government the Mayos re
fused to become their allies, and the
present action of the younger "Mayo
braves is strongly disapproved by the
older element of the peaceable tribe.
Suleide of a Cashier's Wife. S J.
Colorado Springs, Colo., Oct. 21.
Mrs. W. S. Jackson, wife of the cash
ier of the El Paso County bank, of this
city, committed suicide this afternoon
by shooting herself. She had been in
poor health for some time, and it is
believed self-destruction was caused by
Austrian Reiohsrath Reassembles.
Vienna, Oct. 21. The reichsrath re
assembled today with a full attendance.
Dr. yon Fuchs was re-elected president.-
Filipinos Ask Otis for a.Dis
. cussion of Peace Terms.
Officer Klllod ami Two Men Wotmded
- in an Attack on a Launch Daatli of
: Malor Howard. .':
. Manila, Oct. Hi. An American
officer was killed and two men wounded
by the Filipinos in an attack on a
launch with General Lawton's expedi
tion in the Rio Chiquitac near San
tsidro. The rebels fired volleys from
shore. ,
: General Otis has replied to the three
Insurgent officers who entered Angeles
last Friday with ; a : request, made
through General MacArthur, for per
mission for a Filipino commission,
beaded by a Filipino major-general, to
visit General Otis in order to discuss
peace terms and to arrange for the de
livery of American prisoners, that the
desired interview cannot be granted be
cause the suggested" propositions of the
Filipinos are vague," indefinite and un
military, and because . the Americans
must continue to decline to receive any
representative of tho so-called Filipino
government. ' -,;. -, '
. - . - - i.
Death of Major Howard. '
Omaha, Oct. 24. A. special cable
was received here today announcing
the death in the Philippines on Satur
day of Major Guy Howard, son of Gen
eral O. O. Howard. The cablegram
was received by Judge J. M. Wool
worth, father-in-law of Majoi Howard,
and read as follows:
"Guy Howard killed in action to
day." - v. ., ' -v
. Major Howard was well-known in
Omaha, being ou his father's staff when
the latter was stationed here; He was
married in this city 15 years ago to
Miss Wool worth, and the nuptials were
a notable society functibn. " Mrs. How
ard resides here with her three chil
dren. -- '''- l- - -:'.
Heavy Firing Reported From Vicinity
, . -' - , of .Dundee.,
Cape Town, Oct. ' 24. A dispatch
has just arrived announcing that the.
Boers are shelling Dundeee, east of
Glencoe, at long range, but that theii
fire is ineffective. .... . -. . ... -
- Met a Strong Force.
v London, Oct. 24. According to o
special from Glencoe camp, the British
cavalry, while .pursuing the' defeated
Boers, were engaged by a strong fore
of the enmy on the ' north road. Fir
ing is now in progress.
Heavy Firing Is Taking Flace.
.. Glencoe Camp, Natal, Oct. 24.
Heavy firing isjiOw in progress In the
northwest of this camp,
Transport 8enator Weathered the Ty
phoon in Good Shape.
San Francisco, Oct. 24. The Fifty,
first regiment of Iowa volunteers, num
bering 764 men and 46 officers, under
the command of Colonel J. C. Loper,
arrived here today from Manila, on
the transport Senator, There was no
sickness aboard The .only 'death re
ported is that of Edward Kissick, com
pany F, of Oskaloosa, la. , who died at
Nagasaki of dysentery. . The. only inci
dent of the voyage was ah accident that
happened to ; Edwin Statler, company
M, and Homer A. Reatfj company A,
three days out from Nagasaki. They
were injured by the breaking of a spar,
which fell on them. Sutler's leg war
broken and Read sustained a fractun
of the skull.'- Both men are doing well..
' The Senatoi was caught in the tail
bf the typhoon encountered by the
jiteamer Empress of japan.' She was
tossed about lively for -several hours,
put suffered no severe, damage. So
serious did the situation appear to the
pfficers of . the steamer at one time,
that all the passengers were ordered be
low, and : the hatches were battened
down. - "- ' "' - -; ' ' -
The Deadly Knife. 1
Lebanen, Or., .Oct. 24. A serious
stabbing affair occurred at Sweet Home
last evening. J. P. Hahn, theySweet
Home merchant, stabbed.- and serrious
ly wounded ; Albert Wed die, the saw
mill man at that placed The trouble
arose in the settlement of accounts be
tween the two men. Weddle's brother
owed Hahn ' and Hahn tried to work
the account in against Albert Weddle,
and the trouble started. Weddle was
stabbed three or four times, one slash
being in the abdomen and letting the
intestines out. A physician was sum
moned from this city, and when he ar
rived he found Weddle in a critical
condition, and there is but little expec
tation of his recovery. " -
Hahn said he was coming to Lebanon
to surrender himself to an officer, bnt
he has not arrived here. "The ' feeling
at Sweet Home is bitter against him.
Revolution in Columbia.
Colon, Colmbia, Oct. 24. The revo
lution has extended from Gundina
rnaica to Lima. The Colombian gun
boat Moyaca is about - to leave, for
Gauca, where an army of 10,000 men is
being assembled by the government.
" . Rear-F.nd Collision.
. Salt Lake, Oct. 24. An air-brak
failure caused a wreck on the Oregot
Short Line at Farmington, 18 mile
north of this city, this evening. '
Fireman Harry Coleman is painfully,
but not fatally injured, and Engineer
Sim Plgman was badly shaken up.
Both saved their lives by jumping.
The wreck was a rear-end collision be
tween two southbound extra freights.
Trains to and from the north are do
layed several hours, (
His Expedition Moving North to Take
Tarlae Heavy Rains Reported..
Manila, Oct. 23. General . Lawton
and General Young are at Arayat with
a force of nearly 8,000 men. The gun
boats Florida and Oeste aro preparing
to move along the river to San Isidro,
which will be held as a base for opera
tions in the north. Extensive prepara
tions have been progressing for several
days, and the expedition, whose objec
tive point is Tarlao, is expected to
start today. Supplies will be taken on
cascoes. -".
: General Lawton's force consists of
eight companies of the Twenty-fourth
infantry, under Captain Kellar; eight
companies of the Twenty-second infan
try, under Major Baldwin; nine troops
of the Fourth cavalry, mounted, under
Colonel Hales; a mixed regiment, con
sisting of one company of , the Thirty
sevent infantry,: six guns, commanded
by Captain Scott, one company of cav
alry and Captain Batson's Macabebe
scouts. .-The Third cavalry - is equip
ping at San Francisco,. to. join the expedition.-
.' .
Heavy rains, tho first in weeks, be
gan last night, and have continued
steadily. ,.- .. - ; .
Evening Lawton is supposed to
have reached San Isidro. ' No commu
nication has been received from him ,
since he left Arayat this morning.
" American T.osb Was One Killed.
: Manila, Oct. 23. General Young's
advance guard of General Lawton's col
umn, left Cabio yesterday morning and
entered San Isidro. The American loss
was one killed and three wounded.
ml i x i . ..i
at San Fernando, where the enemy de
strooyed a bridge. General Rio del
Pilar arrived from San Miguel and per
sonally commanded the Filipinos. He
and the bulk of the enemy retreated up
the river. One Spaniard and 15 insur
gents were captured. The loss of the
enemy is not known.;- The town people
appear to be friendly.
Federation of I.abor. .
Washington, Oct. 23; The executive
council of the American Federation oi
Labor, at its session today, voted that
the federation financially assist the
jewelers of New York, Newark and
jProvidence, with a view to more
thorough organization of the trade and
be helpful in every way to secure recog
nition of the union, as well as a reduc
tion in the hours of their daily labor.
loss of the Pelican. :
San Francisco, Oct.-23. Advices re
ceived by the Alaska Commercial Com- -
nfinv indinfl.ta - that. tharA ran Ka. nn
Jonger - any doubt that- the British
feteamer Pelican, which ' left - Puget
sound in October, 1897, for China,
foundered, near the Aleutian islands,
and that her entire crew perished. The
message recived comes from the Alaska
Commercial Company's agent at Un-
alaska. It is dated October 6.
Dewey's Trip to Philadelphia.
Washington, Oct. ... 23. Admiral
Dewey last night met a select commit-,
jtee of the municipality of Philadelphia,
beaded by Mayor Ashbridge, who tend
ered him the hospitality of Philadelphia
during the latter part of this month.
Admiral - Dewey accepted the invita
tion, naming October 31 as the date of
his arrival, returning on the night oi
November 1. .- - -
Mules for South Africa.
Chicago, Oct. 21. A special to the
Times-Herald from Evansville, Ind.,
pj.ys: An agent of the British govern
ment was in this city today and shipped
jlOO mules to St. Louis. They are in-
tenaea tor uoutn Airica. xnere are
Several agents scouring the counties ,
bf Southern Indiana an'd Illinois, buy
ing mules for the British government.'
. The Alaska Agreement. : '
London, Oct. 23. The British office
Asserts that the verbal changes in the
terms of the Alaska modus vivendi are
of no practical importance, and have
been readily agreed to, and that it ia
assumed Secretary "of State Hay and -the
British charge d'affaires in Wash-
tnrtsn urlll avn 4v-m firmw - -
' Taqulna Jetty Damaged.
- Yaquina, Or., Oct. 23. A gale has
blown for the past 24 hours, being ac
companied by heavy rain and thunder
and lightning. ' "'"-
The heavy sea carried away about
700 feet of the north jetty. The total
lenght of that jetty was about 2,300
feet, and it was part of improvements
that cost about $700,000. ...
Thirty-Ninth at Vancouver. ' -
Vancouver Barracks, Wash., Oct.
23. This afternoon . the steamer Un
dine and Lurline, towing a large barge, -reached
the government wharf at Van
couver barracks. ' On board were two
battalions of the Thirty-ninth, - tho
band, hospital corps and all theirjmg
;age and equipment. ' - -
JF. ' "
In the House of lords.
London, Oct. 23. In . the house oi
lords, ' the premier, the Marquis of
Salisbury, presented the queen's mes
sage calling out the militia and moved
an address of thanks to her majesty.
The address was immediately adopted,
and the house adjourned until Thurs
day next. '
President at Washington. .
Washington, Oct. 23. President Mc-
Kinley and party reached Washington,
nearly an hour behind schedule time.
Mrs. McKinley's health has been im
proved by the trip.
Germany Opposed to Arbitration..
, London, Oct. 23. The Times' Ber
lin correspondent says: - The sugges
tion of submitting the: Samoan ques
tion to arbitration does not meet with
approval in authoritative circles here.
' Forty-fifth Starts Sunday.
'Minneapolis, Oct. 21. The Forty
fifth regiment, at Fort Snelling, will
break camp Sunday morning and leave
for San Francisco, en route for the,
Philippines, . .