The Hood River sun. (Hood River, Wasco County, Oregon) 1899-19??, September 28, 1899, Image 4

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Again Banning Thing! HI Own Way
In Dawson Other Klon
dike Mote. ' '. .
"Swift-water Bill," says the Dawson
Dispatch, has somewhat of a "pull" in
Dawson, and has exercised it to the
extent of exterminating . the famous
Lamore , family, root and stem, from
the Klondike capital. :
William Gates, or VSwiftwater Bill"
has had a world of trouble with this
family, and during the spring when, by
reason of prior water rights, Gates was
unable to obtain wator to sluice his
Dominion claims, they were making
him squirm , by reason of his shortage
. of ready cash. But when the first
water rights were consumed, Gates got
his dumps under wash, and once again
the famous silk hat and long-tailed
coat were taken in hand and "Swift
water Willie" was the Yukon. Monte
Cristo of old.
He secured as a special attraction a
young ' girl from Portland, notwith
standing he had to start her mother in
the lodging-house business in Dawson
and supply her sister with ready money
to act as chaperone. This young lady
was a trained, vocalist and pianist, and
Hum nnt a enroll In flia Ttawann tanrlar.
loin, and with Gates' dust soon wis a
power. :
TMVa 'Quriffxirofoi. "Rill" Ctoa liat.i-Ai-
known as Gussie Lamore, and her two
sisters and brother are now en route to
San Francisco, and claim that Swift-
water jobbed them, as they were given
eight hours- to transact any pressing
business and leave the Yukon forever,
the officials claiming - that they were
too light-fingered in handling miners'
dust in the Yukon. It is estimated
that they had $25,000 each as a result
of their stay in Dawson. -
"Swiftwater" is now cock of the
walk in Dawson and the same spend
mil lib m ui uiu. -
i . Klondike Notes.
Unusual interest is being manifested
in the approaching trial of Arthur
Goddard, who killed James:' Prather,
his cabin mate last May. He has been
acting . very . strangely . in his prison
apartments in the barracks lately and
the police are of the opinion 'he is in-
sane. He is closely watched night and
day. Captain W. W. Robinson, jr.,
has sent in a long letter saying the
prisoner was severely injured when a
boy and that his family considred him
partially insane.
Recently the Ottawa authorities or
dered returned to American -territory
1,018 barrels of beer imported by the
Alaska Commercial Company and the
North American Trading and & Trans
portation Company. Governor Ogilive
has just issued a permit allowing the
shipment to go to Dawson and placed
in the bonded warehouse, along with
8,000' barrels of other beer, pending a
final decision by the Ottawa govern
ment. P 6ince the opening of navigation, ac
cording to local passenger lists, 9,447
people have left Dawson and 2,899
have arrived there, r-- This aggregate
does not include 1,000 or 1,500 men
who floated down the river to Cape
Nome. " It is estimated ' that there are
8,000 "broke" men in the Klondike
who must get out of the country or
- become objects of charity next winter.
.". I. Hobson and A. B. Crane have re
turned . from a prospecting trip on Coal
and Twelve Mile creeks and Porcupine
river, along the foothills of the Bocky
Mountains, without finding any placer
or quartz gold indications. They pro-
nounce the country barren of . valuable
mineral. - It is a hunter's paradise,
they say, and the valleys abound with
all kinds of game. -
The remains of Chester Payne Hughes
have been shipped to Seattle for inter
ment, lie is the son of Mr. and Mrs.
W. H. Hughes, and died as the ice
went out of the river on the 17th of
last May. ' J. L. Bell, who died on De
cember . SO, 1898, has been exhumed
and sent to his old home in Whatcom,
at the request of his ion, J. H. Bell, jr.
Judge S. O. Morford, formerly pro
bate judge of Yakima county, Wash.,
has sold his property ' interests on Bo
nanza, ' Hunker and other creeks to
Tom Kirkpatrick and Dr. Bonner for
$95,000. He will return to his Wash
ington home next winter and live in
peace and happiness the rest of his
days. . '- ,' ' - " - .
rm.A y..AM..4. i v . . : 1 .1 :
0.11O gUVUlllUlUUU IB UUllUlUJg U, WKgUU
trail from Caribou crossing to a point
below White Horse rapids through
Watson valley and around Thirty Mile
river. , This will lessen the distance
on the winter trail fully 100 miles.
It is estimated that fully 40,000 tons
of , general t- merchandise has been
shipped to the Yukon valley via St.
Michaels and White Pass. - There is an
abundance of food at Dawson to supply
all requirements.
Thomas Mahoney, .' general manager
of the North American Trading &
xrnuspurinnuu vumpauy, una pur
chased the mercantile holdings of the
British American Company, The pur
chase price was $100,000. -
Henry Piltz is accused by Edgar
Mizer of converting to his own use
$1,500 from the French Hill claim.
The fire limits of Dawson City have
been defined and the chief of the de
partment is compelling owners to re
move all tents within the limits 24
hours after notification.
Henry Coon, late foreman, and Peter
Wyberg are charged with stealing $3,
000 worth of gold from claim No. 86
on Bonanza creek.' The complaint was
filed by the N. A. T. & T. Co.
'. The telegraph line has reached a
point on the Yukon river 150 miles
south of Dawson. The work is being
pushed ahead at the rate of five miles
a day. ' . ' - -t ' -.', .
Wilder Brigade. ,' -
General John T." Wilder's brigade
is to have a two days', reunion at
Chickamauga park in September on
the annversarr of the battle. During
the enoampment the entire battlefield
will be visited and the shaft ereoted
to the honor of the brigade will be
dedicated. Chicago Chroniole.
Miss Cree Stanley is the first woman
member of the Sydney (Australia) Trade
and Labor Council, being the delegate
f the Female Employe Union.
General Builn.u of the Country Gobi
Forward at a Good Pace.
Bradstreet's says: With compara
tively little stock or other speculative
ctivity, and with few strong new fea
tures presenting themselves, the gener
al business of the country goes lorward
at a good pace, and with unprecedented
volume for this period of the year.
Fall trade activity would appear to be
it its maximum, judging fiom advices
of activity and strength of demand re
ported alike from Western and Eastern
markets, and shared in also by most
South Atlantio and interior Southern
3ities. - , ' -
Iron and steel are, quiet but "very
atrong at the East. y -
Little improvement seems to be noted
in wheat though the government report
was temporarily stimulating. Weather
conditions are partly responsible for
the better demand for butter. The
strength of cotton goods is . notable.
Lumber retains all its old strength and
Borne new buying is responsible for ad
vanced ,: quotatons at several centers.
This is true also of most building ma
terials with the exception of brick
whioh is rather weak; owing to reported
over production. Wool is firmer at all
and higher at some markets and muoh
interest is taken in the next Loudon
wool sales. ; - -'
Wheat (inoluding floor) shipments
for the week segregate 4,000,000 bush
els against 4.853,903 bushels last week
8,675,291 bushels in the corresponding
week of 1898. 6,299,948 bushels in
1897, 5,966,852 bushels in 1896, and
2.892,259 bushels in 1895. ' ;
Sinoe July 1,' this season, the exports
of wheat aggregate 42,012,798 bushela,
against 86.469,091 ; bushels last year,
and 44, 602, 700 in 1897. - "
Business failures for the week num
ber 149, against 123 last week, and 179
In this week a year ago. " '-
Portland Market.
Wheat Walla Walla. 68 60c;
Valley, 59 61c; Bluestem, 606l0
per bushel. - . . - . - -
Flour Best grades, $3.25; graham,
$2.65; superfine, $2.15 per barrel, :
. Oats Choice white, S640c; choice
gray, 86 88c per bnshel.
Barley Feed barley, $1516;
brewing, $18.50 per ton. "
MillBtuffs Bran, $17 per ton; mid
dlings, $22; shorts, $18; chop, $16.00
per ton.
Hay Timothy, $8 9; clover. $7
8; Oregon wild hay, $6 per ton.
Butter Fancy creamery, 4550o;
seconds, 8540o; dairy, - 80 35o;
store, 2227)6o. ; ?
; Eggs 20o per dozen. ' -:
Cheese Oregon . full cream, 12o;
Young America,- 13o; new cheese,
10c per pound. - -
Poultry Chickens, mixed, $4.00
4. 60 per dozen; hens, $5.60 springs,
$2.604.50; geese, $6.50 8; for old,
$4. 60 6. 50 for yonng; ducks, $4.60
5.60 per dozen; turkeys, live, 12
18c per pound.
Potatoes 65 75c per sack; sweets,
22e per pound. -'
Vegetables Beets, $1; turnips, 90c
per sack; garlic, 7o per pound; cab
bage, 12o per pound; cauli
flower, 75o per dozen; parsnips, $1
beans, ' 66o per pound; celery,
7076c per dozen; cucumbers, 60c per
box; peas, 84c per pound; tomatoes,
2530o per box; green corn, 12g15c
per dozen. . ' '
Hops ll18o; 1897 crop, 4 6e. "
" Wool Valley, l13o per pound;
Eastern Oregon, - '8 13c; mohair,
27 80c per pound. -
.Mutton Gross, best sheep, wethert
and ewes, 8o; dressed mutton,
7c; lambs, 7o per lb.
Hogs Gross,, choice heavy, $5.00;
light and feedersr $4.50; dressed, $6.00
7.00 per 100 pounds. , .
Beef Gross, top steers, 8. 50 $4. 00;
cows, $3. 00 8. 50; dressed beef,
6 7c per pound.
Veal Large, 6)7)gc; small, 8
8jc per pound. : -
Beattle Market.
Onions, new, $1.52 1.50 per sack.
Potatoes, new, 75c$l . .
Beets, per sack, 75$1.
: Turnips, per sack. 50c- , ,
Carrots, per saok, 60 75o,
Parsnips, per sack, $11. 75.. , .
Cauliflower, 75c per doz.
Cabbage, . native and California
$1 1,26 per 100 pounds. . V
Cherries, 75o$l. ; ;
Peaches, 7590c. ; - 'r
Apples, $1. 251.75 per box. -
Pears, $1.752per box.
, Prunes, $1 per dox. :'
Watermelons, $12.50.
Cantaloupes, 50 75o.
Butter Creamery, 27o per pound;
dairy 1722o ranch, 12J17o per lb.
. Eggs', 26c. '"..
Cheese Native, 13 14c.
Poultry 18 14c; dressed, 16 c.
Hay Puget Sound timothy, $79;
choice Eastern . Washington " tim
othy, $14.00.
4 Corn Whole. $23.60; cracked, $23;
feed meal, $28.00. '
Barley Boiled or ground, per ton
$21; whole, $22.
Flour Patent, per barrel, $3.60;
blended straights, $3.26: California
$3.25; buckwheat flour, $3.50; graham,
per barrel, $3. 60; whole . wheat flour,
$8; rye flour, $8.75. --.. - ,".
-: Mil Is tuffs Bran, '';' per ton," $15;
shorts, per ton, $16. " . .-'.'. '
" Feed Chopped ' feed, $20.50 per
ton; middlings, per ton, $22; oil cake
meal, per ton, $35. , . .
Ban Franouco Market.
" Wool Spring Nevada. 12 14c per
pound; Oregon, Eastern, 1014o; Val
ley, 17 19c: Northern, 810c. ; '
, Onions Yellow, 7585o per sack.
Butter Fancy creamery, 2526o;
do. seconds, 28 84c; fanoy ' dairy,
2123o do seconds, 1820o per
pound. :'
Eggs Store, 2023o; fancy 'ranoh,
2528o. - - r : .
Hops 1899 crop, 10 13c per pound.
- Citrus Fruit Oranges, . Valencia,
$2.763.25; Mexican limes, $45.00;
California lemons, ; 75o$1.60; ; do
ohoioe, $1.752.00 per box.
Hay Wheat, $69; wheat an
oat, $68; beBt barley, $5.00
7; alfalfa, 6.00 7 per ton; straw, 80
85o per bale. 7 ' ' -
Potatoes Early Rose, 6060c;
Oregon Burkanks. $1.25$1.50; river
Burbanks, 50 70c; Salinas Burbanks,
90c1.15per saok. . - . -.
Tropical - fruits Bananas, $1.50
3.60 per" hunch; pineapples, . $2
4.00; : Fenian dates, 6 6 ko per
nii Ceat Cana-ht, and He Came Rear
; Belnr Cremated. :
A number of club sportsmen had
been telling stories mostly illustrating
"the hair-breadth escapes", they had
experienced on various hunting expe
ditions in the far West There was
only one member In the group who
had remained silent, and he was asked
to relate something for the general en
tertalnment . ' ' ' J-" :.
"I was Just thinking of an exciting
and nearly fatal ride I bad on a farm
wagon when hunting in the Adlron
dacks last November. I had been
out all day shooting partridges, quail
and all other game that came within
the reach of my gun, and late in the
afternoon when ' my bag was full I
cimo to the conclusion that I had had
a fair day's sport and would go home,
But I didn't realize how fagged out
I was until I started on my Journey,
and the fact that I had a heavy load
to carry for Ave miles before I reached
the farm bouse where I was staying
was anything but pleasant to contem
plate. However, I had gone about a
mile on the country road when I heard
the rumbling of a vehicle behind me,
and on looking round I saw a big wag
on loaded with hay. The driver soon
caught up to me, and learng that he
was going a abort distance from where
I lived, I asked him to give me a ride.
He gave mo permission, stopped his
horses and when I had scrambled up
on top I lay down in the hay and went
ewaylng and swinging pleasantly down
the road. I was Just thinking of pre
senting the old farmer with a few
birds wben suddenly there was a bang!
My gun, from which I had'omltted to
take the cartridges, had gone off. The
horses . gavo a jump and the driver
rolled off bis seat Into a' ditch, where
he lay stunned and motionless.
J "Then I discovered that my gun had
set fire to the hay, and I thought it
was about time for me to Jump for the
road. The horses were tearing along
the road as fast as they could run, but
I clambered for the side of the load and
slid for the ground.-- ".rV
"The tail of my stout hunting coat
caught on the top of a sharp-pointed
standard and there I hung to the ca
reening wagon . that every mlnuto
threatened to upset and dump a load
of burning hay on me at every turn of
the highway.
"The fire was crackling and burning
fiercely, and already I could feel the
flames. Still the horses ran and still
my coat held me fast to that seething
mass of fire. My trousers began get
ting uncomfortably hot and then I ob
served with horror that my coat was
on fire. .The next moment the loose
cartridges in my pocket began explod
ing' from the heat and then I smelled
my birds broiling."
"Well, you were not cremated," said
one of the listeners. "What happened
'I had just made up my mind that I
was going to be roasted alive when the
tall of my coat burned off-and I was
thrown into a ditch full of water on
the road." Presently, when 1 had recov
ered my senses, I got up, brushed the
mud from my clothes and resumed my
journey, without stopping to see what
had become of the horses, my gun and
the old farmer. The next morning I
took tho first train for New York, and
thus ended one of the most exciting
shooting trips I have ever had." '
Bow a Man Got Other to Petition to
Have a Judge Hanged.
"I've often heard of folks signing all
manner of absurd papers without read
ing them," said a tenant in one of the
large ofllce blocks, "but '. I saw the
thing demonstrated in a very startling
fashion one day last week.
"A broker in an adjacent ofllce got
Into an argument on the subject, and
to settlo a bet about It drew up a peti
tion to Gov. Foster. It started out with
i long rigmarole of a preamble, the
substance of which was that Judge
(naming one of the most promi
nent and highly respected Jurists In
New Orleans) was a menace to the
public on account of his phenomenal
stupidity, and wound up by requesting
the Governor to order him to be hang
ed Immediately. The whole thing was
clothed in such a mass of pompous and
high-sounding words that It was diffi
cult at first to catch its absurd pur
port, but, reduced to plain EDgllsh, it
was about as I have stated.
"Armed with this Interesting docu
ment, the lawyer went the rounds of
the block. 'Here's an invitation to
Judge to deliver a lecture on Ro
man law,' he said to every man be
met i I want you to sign it Shall I
read it to you?' 'Good heavens! No!"
the other fellow would say as soon as
he glanced at the mass of writing, and
down would go his signature.' Incred
ible as It may seem, he got forty-four
signers In less than two hours and won
his bet, which was based on forty. :
"Out of the wholo crowd he encoun
tered only one man who Insisted on
reading the document before affixing
his no rue;- He happened to be a bitter
political enemy of the Judge's, and
when he got through he smiled grimly.
'I'll sign that with pleasure,' he said,
'and I'm' glad so many other citizens
feel the same way.' But, leaving him
out, thero were forty-three Intelligent
men, lawyers, doctors, merchants, bro
kers, bankers, manufacturers and
other representative citizens who had
deliberately but unwittingly signed a
petition to hang one of our Judges.
When some of them heard what they
had done they were highly indignant,
but It certainly taught them a valuable
lesson. They couldn't be caught that
way again." New Orleans Tiinea
Democrat ':i- '. . .. -J , . ; -
Burglnr Device.
One of the latest burglar devices Is
directed against the Intruder who wish
es to appropriate the contents of our
safes. It la to place a grating lu the
floor near the safe, and bide under It an
arrangement for heating water by elee-l
tricity. When the safe-breaker steps
on the covered grating and sets to work
there gradually rises a volume of steam,
which soon makes him hurry off.
Biff? Street Railway Profits.
One street railway system in Chica
go netted over $1,000,000 beyond IU
usual Income In the World's Fair year
of 1893. The receipts from passengers
on the banner day were $37,500.
Even the successful dentist encoun
ters a snag occasionally. "
' You May Bend the Sapling
- But Not the Tree."
Vhcn disease has become chronic and
deep seated it is often difficult to cure it.
That is the reason why it is best to
iake Hood's Sarsaparilla tuhen disease
first shows itself. In long-seated, tena
cious cases. Hood's " Sarsaparilla is also
wonderfully successful. l, ,
; ' An -Exi'lnnation. . ', ;
"It strikes ma . this ioe water, is
dirty," said a Cincinnati hotel guest,
- "flully gee!" exclaimed the bellboy,
as he looked in the pitcher, "I betcher
de porter forgot 'tei wash it," Chi
cago Evening News.' ' s ' ' .
Recent investigations has shown that
a bright green lineoliaraoteristic of the
speotrum of the new gas, krypton, is
almost identical with the spectroscopic
line that characterizes the aurora bore
alis.; ' .,-' - :''"''--' ; - " '
' For some troubles a German physi
cian has discovered a new and simple
remedy, whioh oonsists in massage of
the livei by holding the breath at the
height of inspiration and breathing out
slowly. ; - . , ' ' .. -, , .
Blood flows- through ' the bones of
very young children, almost as freely
as through the veins. , :- -i v., a ?
Climate, ) Scenery and ' Nature' Sanl-
-' : ;' r 'tarlum.-. ' ;'
Scenery,: altitude, sunshine and air,
constitute the factors which are rapid
ly making , Colorado the health and
pleasure grounds of the world.
Here the sun shines 857 days of the
average year, and it blends with the
crisp, electrio mountain air to produce
a climate ' matchless in the known
world. No pen can portray, no brush
can picture the majestio grandeur of
the scenery along the line of the Denver
& Kio Grande Railroad in Colorado.
Parties going East' should travel via
this line which is known all over the
world as the Scenic Line of the world.
For any information regarding rates,
time tables, etc, call on or address R.
C. Nichol, general agent, 251 -Washington
street, Portland, Or., or any
agent of the O. R. & N. Co., or South
ern Pacifio Company. : ;
Just before W. V. Smith, Of Flor
ence, Kan., goes to bed he carefully
places his beard in a muslin bag. Af
ter he has entered the bed he puts the
bag undr his pillow. His beard is
nearly eht feet long. -'' . ,
England has oneflookof pure merino
sheep. . . ' , : :
June bugs are thick in parte of Ger
many' this year. At Brody- school
children lately gathered 25 hundred
weight from a 16-aore field. Some one
has figured out that this means 1,270,
000 June bugs.' ,
v Five women, Clara -Barton, Anne
Bouligny, Margaret - Clian'er, Annie
Wheeler and Helen M. Gould, have re
ceived the thanks of congress for their
valuable services in the cause of mercy
in the late war.
Most people eat more than is good. for. them. The stomach tries to digest all that's put into it, but if
repeatedly overloaded, it goes on a strike. That's indigestion. Rich, over-sweet, indigestible food weakens the
stomach and makes it unable to take care of the material put into it. More food taken into a weakened stomach
than the stomach can digest, stays there, forms gases and rots, bringing on all the horrors of dyspepsia. ; The
only way to cure dyspepsia is to clean out the digestive canal with CASCARETS. '. Keep it clean with Cascarets.
eat light food sparingly, and give the stomach a chance to rest up and get strong again.
Be sure you get the genuine CASCARETS I
Na!W Jr rt"- David H. Mdbpbt. Newark, a -
I I ' &&.-Jr. . ' e The discovery by. the -"-jhbors tvt a J 1
vAoCarbts are absolutely harmless, a purely vegetable compound. Ho mercurial or other mineral pill-poison In Cascarets. Cascarets promptly, effectively and permanently
core every disorder of the Stomach, Liver and Intestines. They not only cure constipation, but correct any and every form of irregularity of the bowels, Including diarrhosaand dysentery.
Pleasant, palatable, potent. Taste good, do good. Hever sicken, weaken or gripe. Be sure you get the genuine I Beware of imitations and substitutes I Buy a box of CASCARETS
to-day, and If not pleased In every respect, get your money back I : Write ns for booklet and free sample! Address 6TBRLINQ REMEDY COMPAHT, CHICAGO or HEW YORK.' "!
9. -
29 to 3B First Street PORTLAND JDR.
(1i ".charge, fiiliainniatiuns.
irritatious or ulceratioiis
of mucom mem branes.
Ptainlou .
ItheEvams CheMIOUCo. ent r Powonoug.
or sent in plain wrapper.
ii .iiu, or 3 Dottles, fi'.r.V
Circular oont on request.
. liUKtS WMtKt ALL tLSt 1AILS. I
I Best Cough Syrup. Tastes Good. Use I
'sIa1 "iviii wtm. Tjivip"
id time. Hold dt arugffists.
f fit, 16J.T1.I
not to mature.
Queernes of Men. - , .
. It's a wise child that ' knows its own
father when it sees him out in com
pany.. , . .' ',.. i ' ''';..
It doesn't take much of a man to
tell how a thing ought to be done. The
one who does and does it deserves the
The man , who goes to church may
not enjoy the sermon, but he generally
goes home with a good appetite ; for his
Sunday dinner. -
It is claimed by some ' people that
baldness indicates great brain power,
but the makers of alleged hair restor
ers keep - on getting rich. Chicago
Times Herald. "
The Best Man Winn.
Pri7ft fitrhtins' mav nnt hfi a rilpjumnt: smh.
ject, but it teaches a lesson the inability '
of man to hold the championship for any '
length" of time. How unlike the great
champion of health, Hoptetter's Stomach
Bitters, which has for fifty years cured
constipation, dyspepsia, Diliousuess ana
liver trouble. ..:-'. , ; -
Mrs. May Preston Slosson has been
appointed chaplain of the Wyoming
state penitentiaiy at Laramie,
--:,'' Information for the Publle.
' In selecting' your route to the East
you cannot afford to overlook the ad
vantages and comforts offered by the
Rio Grande Western Railway in coll
ection with the Denver & Rio Grande
and Colorado Midland railroads. .Jt is
the only transcontinental line passing
directly through. Salt Lake City, and
in addition' to the glimpse it affords of
the Temple cityt the Gr6at Salt Lake,
the salt palace, and the picturesque
Utah valley, it offers choice of six dis
tinct routes to the East and the most
magnificent scenery in the world. A
double daily train service and through
Pullman palace and ordinary sleeping
cars, free reclining chair cars and a
perfect dining car service are now in
operation via these lines. r
For pamphlets descriptive of the
"Great Salt Lake Route," apply to J.
D. Mansfield, general agent, 253 Wash
ington street, Portland, Or. -
' The Princess of Naples is said to be,
the most beautiful, member of a reign
ing family. . ,' --;. " ,.'.
Piso's Cure for Oonsnmptiori is the best
of all cough cures. George W. Lotz, Fa
bucher, La.. August 26, 1895.
It appeals that Miss Enid Yandell is
not the only woman sculptor member
ot the National. Sculptor Society. In
addition to Miss Yandell the 'society
includes Mrs; H. H. Eitson, of Boston,
and Miss Bessile Potter, who, like Miss
Yandell, now lives in New York. ,
According to - Nilsson, the zoologist,
the weight. of the Greenland whale is
100 tons, or 224.000 pounds, or equal
to that of 88 elephants or 440 bears.
Mme. Melba caught cold at a boat
ing party on the Thames not long ago,
and had to give up singing at Mrs.
Ogden Goelet's party, where she was to
have been paid $2,000.
t What"' are known as "tidal waves"
have nothing to do with the tides, but
are supposed to be causd by. earth
quakes. They do not, therefore, ap
pear at regular intervals.' '
When a person is completely run down, pains
in the back, headaches, tired, utterlv worn out
feeling, why put off taking something to stop
the ravages of disease? .. -
rioore's Revealed Remedy
Will make you well, quickly it makes yovi feel
like a new person. It's pleasant to take. $1X0
per bottle at your druggists.
Ask for it. If your dealer hasn't
it he can get it easily.
For Gonorrhoea and Gleet ceX Pabst's Okay Specific. It
la the ONLY medicine which will cure each and every
case. NO CASE) known it has ever failed to cure, no
matter how serious or of how long standinir. Results
from its use will astonish you. It la absolutely safe,
prevents stricture, and can be taken without inconve
nience and detention from business. PRICE, $3.00. For
sale by all reliable druggists, or sent prepaid by express.,
plainly wrapped, on receipt of price, by
PABST CHEMICAL CO.. Chicago, lit
Circular mailed on request. . ....
elief for Women"
oenijTee, in piun. sealed envelope, write
to-day for this Book, containing Particu
lars and Testimonials of DR. Jd ARTEL'S
French Female Pills.
Praised by thousands of satisfied ladies aa
safe, always reliable and without an equal.
Rnlrl hv all Hr-llirirlstain (natal hn I7t-Aiir.h
flatj on top In Blue, White and Red. Take no other.
hMMb tfrug Co..3bi m Pearl SU, Hir Xw City.
Improved Train Equipment. -
The O. R, & N. and Oregon Short
Line have added a buffet, smoking and
library car to their Portland-Chiongo
through train, and a dining car servioe
has been inauguarated. The train is
equipped with the latest chair cars,
day coaches and luxurious first-class
and ordinary sleepeis. . Direct connec
tion made at Granger with Union Pa
cifio, and at Ogden with Rio Gran do
line, from all points in Oregon, Wash
ington and Idaho to all Eastern cities.
For information, rates, etc., call on
any O. R. & N. agent, or address W.
H. Hurlburt, General Passenger Agent,
Portland.- , - " ' . . .
Burlington, la., people" have laised
$30,000 of the $100,000 which they are
asked to subscribe in stock in order to
secure a new railway that will run
north from that city and penetiate new
territory. ' - v.
' A blacksmith In Grass Valley, Cal.,
decided, to close his career on the an
niversary of his birthday, at the very
hdur of the day when he was born.
He waited .until the clock struck 11,
and then committed suioide.
By local appllcatlom, as they cannot reach the
diseased portion of the ear. 'l here is only one
way to cure deafness, and that is by oonstltu
tioaal remedies. Deafness is caused by an in
flamed Condition of the mucous lining of the
Eustachian Tube. When this tube gets in
flamed you have a rumbling sound or imper
fect hearing, and when It is entirely closed
deafness is the result, and unless the inflamma
tion can be taken out and this tube restored to
its normal condition, hearing willbe destroyed
forever; nine cases out ot ten are caused by
catarrh, which is. nothing but an inflamed
condition of the mucous surfaces. .
-We will give One Hundred Dollars for any
case of Deainess (caused by catarrh) that can
not be cured by Hall's Catarrh Cure. Bend for
circulars, free.
P. J. CHENEY & CO., Toledo, O.
. Sold by Druggists, 7So
Hall's Family Pills are the best.
, It is announced that Italian experi
ments on vegetable life with Roentgen
rays have shown that theeffeot is iden
tical with that of sunlight.
Are You Golnf East? ,
If so, you should see that
your , ticket reads via the
Great Rock Island route,
and you will get the best.
Pullman palace sleeping cars, elegant
reolining ohaircars "free," and library
buffet cars on all through trains.. Best
dining car service in the world. Popu
lar personally conduoted excursions
once a week to all points East. For
full particulars call on or address any
ticket agent, or ' A. E. COOPER,
G. A. P. D., O. R. I. & P. Ryi, 246
Washington street, Portland, Or.
Mrs.' Tower,' tha wife of the Ameri
can ambassador, has the reputation of
being one of the best gowned women
at the Russian oourt.
France employes ' over 6,000 women
in her civil service, telephone and tele
graph offloes. - -; - ; '
The National Council of Women of
Holland is now fully organized, having
adopted a conbtitution and by-laws and
elected officers. .Mrs. Klerok van Ho
gendorp is president. Z'? v'v. .:.
: Queen : Wilhelmina of Holland, has
received from the Dutch journalists
five large bound volumes oontainiru; all
the accounts of her coronation' that
were written by the foreign journalists
who attended it.
when he is pr. losing to a heiress, do you?
Indianapolis vournal.
For alx year I was a victim ofdra
pepsia in its worst form. I could out nothing
but milk toast, and at times my stomach
would not retain and digest even that Last
March I began taking CASCARETS and since
then I have steadily Improved, until I am as
well as I ever was in my life."
David H. Mdbpbt, Newark, a -
ot '
ha .
he t
Fence and Wire. Works -
and iron iencing; office railing, etc. 834 Alder.
Machinery and Supplies.
chlnery, supplies. 48-50 First St., Portland, Or.
JOHN POOLE, Pobtlahd, Oregon,
can give you the best bargains In general
machinery, engines, boilers, tanks, pumps,
plows, belts and windmills. The new
steel I X L windmill, sold by him, is un
equalled.. .... ; ,.- .
IT BICKFORU. Washlnaton. D. C. they will re-
I I ceive quick replies. B. 5th N. H. Vols.
Staff 20th Corps. Prosecuting claims since 1878.
treated scien-
tifically and
confident! al
ly. Corriipondintl
C. H. W00DARD & CO., 108 Second St., Po Hand.
ITCHING Piles prodrjoe moisture and cause itching.
This form, as well as Blind, Bleeding or Protruding
Piles are cursd by pr. Bosanko's Pile Remedy
Stops itching arid bleedintr. Absorbs tumors. 60o a
Jar at druftiutsor sent by mail. Treatise free. Writs
me about jour case. pR. BOSAN KO, PhUadft.. Pa
: ::.:The 1
1 Who -.
j Hope
1 yJUUlA. .-ai.tW.iyi 1.1, J.I.U "r
Mr. H. N. Warner, of Minden,
Neb., said:
. I l m I was attacked with para
lysis in my left side. You might
stick a pin to the head Into my loft
hip and I would not feel it. I was
unable to do any kind of work and
had to be turned In bed. 1 made
up my mind that I could not ba
cured as I had used all kinds of
medicine and had tried many doc
tors. I was advised tn trv Dr. WI1.
A Hams' Pink Pills for Pale People,
3 and commenced their use lastSep-
tomoer. jjerore 1 had finished my -first
box I felt better, and by time
I bad used six boxes the disease
had entirely disappeared, and I
have not been so free from pain
Inoe I was a boy. The paralysis
also disappeared, and although two
months cave passed since 1 fin
ished my last box, there has been
no recurrence of the disease."
From ih Gazette, Minden, Jfeb.
Dr. Wllllsms' Pink Pills for Pale Peoole
are never sold by tht doisn or hundred,
but always In packages. At all druggists,
er direct Irom the Dr. Williams Medicine
Co.. Schenectady, N. Y., 60 cants par box,
d uuxvs -
In the African elephant both sexes
have ivory tusks, while in the Asiatio
they are generaly restricted to the
male.' .v. .. 1 : . ..
ffT6 Permanently Cured. - No fltsornerrousnesa
110 alter first dny's uso of Dr. Kline's Great
Nerve Kestorer. Send for IF It EE SJSS.OO trial
bottle and treatise. DR. B. K. KIXSH, IM.,0M
rch street, Philadelphia, Pa.
The Princess of Wales has made such
a loving hobby of musio that she plays
with much skill the piano, harmonium
and zither. ; . : -' ,
Mothers will lind Mrs. Winslow's Sooth
ing Syrup the best remedy to use for their
children during the teething period. - ; -
-Many animals in desert regions
never have any water except the dew
on vegetation. A parrot in . the Lon
don Zoo, is known to have lived 63
years without drinking a drop of water.
' 1 ' . ;-v': v ... " '
uniy 6o per cent or toe Dioncies
marry, while 79 per cent of the bru
nette sisters engage in matrimony.:;: ,
The - women ' who hav& interested
themselves In the case of Mrs. May
briok are greatly disappointed that Mr.
Choate had failed to obtain favorable
action on her case. '..f"';;.S
The most costly piece of railway line
in the world is probably that between
the Mansion House and Aldgate sta
tions in London, whioh required the
expenditure of close upon $10,000,000
por mile. ': . ' ...
25c 50c
378 .
...GO EAST..,
Throoch Palace and Tourist Sleepers -Diniiis;
and Buffet SiuokiuK
Ijibrary Cars. . .
....FAST TIME....
f3ervlce and Scenery Unequalled.
For Tickets and all information apply to '
your nearest agent, or address
' " C. P. and T. A., Portland.-"
R. C. STEVENS, G. W. P. A., Seattle. ..
ONE FOR A DOSE. Cure Sick Headache
and Dyspepsia, Remove Pimples and Purify the
Blood, Aid DiecstiontndrreTent Biliousnus. Do
not Grinn nr HiVon 'IV. i . i i
jarap1 free, orfull box for26c, DB.BOSANKU
uiiut, ooia oy jrusgista.
N. F. N. V.
NO. 89 '5.
HEX writing to advertiser pleaie