Corvallis daily gazette. (Corvallis, Benton County, Oregon) 1909-1909, June 19, 1909, Image 3

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Daily Gazette 50 cents per month.
Remington Typewriter for sale at the
Bazaar. 6-15-6t
Trunks and suit cases at Blackledge's
Furniture store. 5-17-tf
Mrs. M. S Woodcock is visiting with
iriends at Albany.
Dick Sco-t, of Southern Benton, went
to Portland yesterday.
Sheriff Gellatly is looking after busi
ness matters in Portland today.
For Sale Household furniture at 857
Tyler street. Phone 2264. 6-9-10 t.
Acme Quality Paints and Floor Var
nish that wears at A. L. Miner's.
Born, Thursday evening, June 17, to
Mr. and Mrs. Bert Woods, a daughter.
Call up the Palace of Sweets for your
ice cream and sherbets. Free delivery.
Mary Nolan was an Albany visitor yes
terday returning home on the evening
Mrs. Beardsly returned from Portland
yesterday where she has been visiting
liome folks for the past week.
W. S. Alcorn, Tom Allen and C. E.
Fowler, of Alsea, were looking after busi
ness matters in Corvallis yesterday.
Jim McCausland went to Seattle today
and after taking in the sights at the Ex
position he will spend a month in Mexico.
General repair shop. All work first
class, promptly done. Back of Beal
Bros., blacksmith shop, Wood Bros.
For Sale Two big teams, wagons
and harness. Inquire at Thirteenth and
. Jefferson streets, or phone Independent
463. 6-18-2t
Judge Denman went to Alsea today on
& fishing expedition and as George knows
every fishing hole in the valley he will
be able to tell many fishy stories on his
H. B Carter, business manager of the
Times, came home yesterday from a visit
of , ten days at the Seattle exposition.
Mrs. Carter and the baby will stay over
for an extended visit with her father and
mother who live there. ' j
The Occidental Lumber Company now
' have feet of lumber floating
in the Willamette river and the first logs
are expected to arrive tomorrow All the
mills around Corvallis are running to
their full capacity and still there is a
: scarcity of lumber. 1
A newcement walk is being constructed
by the Masonic fraternity and John En
gle in front of their respective properties
.on South Second street. If should be ex
tended the full length of the block which
might save some pedestrian from un
jointing his neck during the night.
The Occidental Lumber Company re
handicapped by the gravel bar forming
J ti.. jm. .1 r j : - - i -
iu luc uvci jciuw.uic icrry mu in uruer
to clean it out they have made a proposi
tion to the city to furnish them gravel on
this side of the river at the same price
Ihey have been paying at the bar on the
-other side or will put it on the street at
the same price they have been paying.
A petition, with many signatures, has
been presented to the council making a
protest against the wide curbing -and the
-council has taken the question under ad
visement. It is the earnest desire of all
jjood citizens that this matter may be
.amicably adjusted so as to secure
Sale on hand bags all this week at
the Bazaar. ' . - 6-15-6t
Prof T. H. Crawford was a Portland
passenger this morning. -
Did you eat Golden Rod for break
fast? Get it at Kline's. , 6-12-7t
F O. Grey, and Mr. and Mrs. Huston
took in the races at Independence yes
terday. Jesse Tiffanystarted to Manila Wednes
day where he has : accepted a position
with Uncle Sam as a Lieutenant.
Leonard Beck will leave next week for
Sacramento. Califomia, and intends to
make his future home in that state.
For Sale Seven room house, mod
ern improvements and furniture, locat
ed at Eighth and Washington. A snap.
See O. C. Senger. 6-18-3t
Some delay is at hand on the removal
of the public school building the board
waiting for the filing of an acceptable
bond by the contractor.
Harry Withycombe and brother Earle
are camping in the Alsea country and en
joying the delightful condition that exist
iu that section during the summer season
Dr. Johnson and Tom Graham went to
Alsea this morning where they will spend
a few days in fishing. They started early
so as to arrange their camp and lay in a
supply to last over Sunday.
Eat Golden Rod Flakes,
They are better for breakfast,
Than old-fashioned corn cakes,
And five minuets time,
Is all that it takes
At Kline's. 6-12-tf
Mrs. Benshadler, Bessie Spencer, Chas.
and George Benshadler will all go over
to Newport Sunday and spend a few days
in rest and recreation after which, they
will return to their home in eastern Ore
gon The boys were students at OAC.
Rev. J. R. N. Bell returnei from Port
land yesterday where he has had varied
interests to look after during the past
week He was again appointed Grand
Chaplain of the Masonic Grand Lodge
which will make his thirty-fifth consec
utive year.
Contractor Snook and wife, of Salem,
came up yesterday. Mr. Snook has con
structed several of the beautiful buildings
out on college hill and when the bids
are opened Tuesday his little paper will
be found right around the scratch line,.
At the auction sale at the Cater farm
7 miles south of town yesterday very
satisfactory prices were obtained for all
kinds of personal property. A. L. Ste
venson was the auctioneer. In making
report he savs that although crops are a
little short the prices paid for all prod
ucts of the farm are so high that it will
almost make an average year in net re
sults hence very little complaint is heard
Trouble Makers Ousted.
When a sufferer from stomach troub
le takes Dr. King's New Life Pills he's
mighty glad to see his Dyspepsia and
Indigestion fly, but more he's tickled
over his new, fine , appetite, strong
nerves, healthy vigor, all because stom
ach," liver and kidneys now work right.
25c at all druggists.
Mrs Emory AUsn is visiting frien 's at
Portland. :. " " 1 " 1 : . . -
H. M.- Cnmmings, carrier on ; Rural
Route No. 3 sold his fine stepper yester-
ly to George Rowland
The -Withani school closed yesterday
Miss Etta Young has been the capable
teacher during the term.
Lost. On Second street Friday after
nuon, a package containing two yards of
blue silk. Finder will please return to
Henkle & Davis' store.- 6-19-it.
O. W. Taylor, living out on the Wood
cock farm, lost a valuable driving mare
yesterday, the animal dying despite the
efforts of Dr Stickney to save her life.
J. W. Crawford received word this
morning that a roommate of 1857 would
be here this evening on a visit. His
name is H. H Oliver and his home is at
Cedar Falls, Iowa.
The business men of Corvallis have
bought beautiful new suits lor the base
ball boys and they will wear them next
.sunday at Toledo in the Sunday game
with the siletz team.
Mrs. F. P. Close, of Eugene, arrived
yesterday and is the guest of Mrs. E. R.
Hollister. They went to Philomath to
day and will attend the U. B Conference
and camp meeting tomorrow.
Born To Mrs. R. A. Heater, on June
18, a girl. This is girl No. 2 at the Heat
er home when a boy would perhaps have
been more acceptable. Strange, indeed,
that people cannot always have things to
their liking.
the commencment exer cises of the
Philomath , public school were held last
night, the graduating class consisting of
Alary Dewey, Frank Kracph, Clarence
Dewey, Susie O. Fling, Lizz.e Jingle, Ja
cob Mahoney, Roy W illoughby.
formity in the work and thus encourage
property owners to beautify their homes.
Excursion to Newport. ,
On Sunday, June 20, 1909, the Cor
vallis & Eastern Railroad will run an
excursion to Newport, leaving Corvallis
about 850 a. m., arrive Newport about
12:15 p. m. Leaving Newport 'at 6 p,
m. arrive Corvallis about 10 p. m.
nni- Fare will be $1.50 for the round trip.
R: C.
Linville, Agent.
Eadics' Watches need
Constant Repairing
Their method of carrying them is
responsible for the fact. Pinned to
the waist or hanging on a chain the
delicate mechanism is easily disar
ranged. We pay special attention
to ladies' watches, and when re
paired by us you will find that they
keep iu order longer.
W, S, PRATT, Jeweler and Optician
These Garments' for Ladies and Misses
are of excellent quality. The styles speak
for themselves and the prices are really
less than the cost of material and making.
. A Henkle .Davis "
(Coniinued from page two)
success to the directing and guiding
mind of Professor Gatch. He is one of
the pioneers of pioneers in the line of
higher education of the Pacific Coast,
and now at a ripe age he retires with
the honors and with the blessings of
many of the younger people of the statp,
who were by him directed in the path
way of honor and success. Under his
administration new vigor and new life
were felt in every department. To him
s due in a great measure the splendid
nstitution that now tells upon the ac
tivities and development of the material
resources of Oregon, as well as upon
the social life and character of its citi
zens. "
Upon Dr. Gatch's resignation, Dr.
Kerr was elected to the presidency May
2, 1907, and since his inauguration, in
the summer of 1907,' the Mechanic Arts
LBuildiiigAgronomyr.Building, Y. M. C.
A. Building and the new barn have been
built. Alpha Hall has been transformed
into the Pharmacy Building, and the
blacksmith shop into a mining labora
tory. At the present time the follow
ing buildings are under contemplation
Central Agricultural Building, at a cost
of $55,000; central heating plant, $35,-
000; armory and drill hall, $30,000, and
greenhouses, $o,UUU. The course m
Literary Commerce has been changed
to Commerce; also Household Science
to Domestic Science and Art. Several
new industrial courses haye been intro
duced, and it is announced that the
standard for entrance to the freshman
year next fall will be raised one year.
At the time of penning these lines (Ap
ril 3) the entire registration for the
year is 1,346 students, classified as fol
lows: 1,096 regular students: 225 short
course students, and 59 students in mu
sic 34 being counted twice. The num
ber of professors and instructors
about 70, as against the two forty-four
years ago. In his recent biennial re
port to the Board of Regents, President
Kerr said:
"In this great work of industrial ed
ucation, the Oregon Agricultural Col
lege is in harmony with the spirit and
jwlicy of the best land-grant institutions
ot the country, its junction and scope
are clearly indicated in provisions of
the federal and state laws under which
it is maintained. It is the purpose of
the college to meet the needs of the
people for a 'liberal and practical ed
ucation,' and to promote . the develop
ment of the varied resources and in
dustries of the state."
i Twenty years ago the most enthusias
tic predictions of supporters - of techni
cal . training were that the Oregon
Agricultural College might reach
patronage Jof five hundred
within a quarter of a century. Ere the
college will have run its first quarter.
two thousand students will enroll
annually. This is easly computed, for
much of .it is inscribed in the records.
But who is there that can estimate the
future with its increasing thousands
What of the second quarter century
What will our commonwealth be . when
stamped with the impress of cultured
workingmen and , trained housewives
going out yearly in great patriotic
armies to ' develop and , defend the
country? Oregon is beginning to reach
higher ; statehood; - and, the OAC
choosing a niche in history where she
will honor her worthy students and
perpetuate the memory of the departed
Cauthorn. Arnold. Belknap, Clark, and
Coote with the names of - those - whose
lives are steadily, and surely burning
The progressive people of Corvallis
are quick to take advantage of every
opportunity that tends to benefit the'
city. This was evidenced last night at
the special meeting of the Corvallis
Commercial Club, Called to consider
proposition from Gerlinger & Mc-
Cready to erect a big saw mill here,
provided substantial help could be had
to buy a site, for when it was found
that the offer was made in good faith,
the Club quickly approved it and by
generous subscriptions assured the
raising of the necessary amount. ,
Gerlinger & McCready's offer was to
construct and equip a modern saw mill
of. at least 35,000 feet daily capacity
and to have it in operation by . October
if half the purchase price of the
site down on Avery's Hats, $1,100,
was contributed by the people of this
city. ;.
The 'proposition was . thoroughly dis
cussed and accepted by the Club and
the work of raising ' subscriptions at
once begun, over half the required
amount being pledged before the
meeting adjourned.
This prompt and commendable action
assures another big industry for
Corvallis, and one that will give a large
and constantly increasing pay roll, for
it is the intention of the new mill
men to enlarge the capacity of the
plant right along and to also operate a
big furniture factory in connection, as
soon as necessary arrangements can
be made.
A few more industries like this would
be the greatest help to the city and
there is plenty of raw material in this
immediate section to supply many such
wood working enterprises.
reposition of Gerlinger and McCready
Approved at Last Night's Meeting
And Generous Subscriptions Quickly
Raised to Aid Purchase of Location.
Glass Jars, All Kinds, at
Successors to
Second Street, Corvallis Oregon
Dealers In
Hardware, Implements, Buggies, Wagons, Cream Sepa
rators, Granite ware, Tinware and Builders'
Fred .Quick Hurt
In Runaway
Fred Quick met with an accident
yesterday obout a mile and a half this
side of Monmouth, which resulted in
his being seriously injured.
He was moving a load of household
goods from here for Samuel Jackson
and at the time had stopped the team
to fix the harness. In doing so he
stood in front of the horses, which
suddenly started, knocking - him down
and rnnning over him, badly cutting
his ankle and seyerely bruising him
about the hip and head.
The horses ran for a considerable
distance and finally ditched the load,
when they were caught.
, Mr. Quick was given every attention
and it is thought that he will not
suffer any permanent serious conse
quences' from the accident.
Good Business Bringer
Corvallis is reaping the benefit of the
building of the Carver railroad into the
Alsea timber district, a second large
sawmill company being organized there.
It is rumored that Carver will extend
this road from Monroe to Blackly,
tapping the Lake Creek country in Lane
county and turning that trade fnto
Corvallis: It would look as if it is up
to Eugene to sret busy before rival
towns divide up her best territory.
Eugene Guard.
Singers Wanted
A large number of singers are wanted
to form the chorus for the fifth of
July exercises. First rehearsal MonJ
day June, 21st at 7:30 o'clock p. m. at
the Presbyterian Church. Prof. Gas-
kins, director of the OAC School of
Music, will have charge of the music
and hopes that who all like to sing will
lend their assistance. 6-19-2t
Fifteen Cents For Hops
-Local bull hopmen are jubilant over
the news contained in a telegram rej
ceived today from California to the
effect that . 1909 hops had been sold
there at 12 cents. Thirteen to 13 l-2c
is the best figure quoted in this vincmity
while old hops range from 8 cents for
1906i to 10 cents for the 1908 crop.
Chief Wells received a letter Friday
from N. Solomon, the Portland pawnbro
ker, in which that worthy lays claim to
the entire reward for capturing the court
house robbers. ; He also, threatens the
chief with legal proceedings if he ever is
found in Portland, all of which don't
worry the efficient guardian of the peace
in the least. :
Sole Agents for
Congo Booting and Quick
eal Ranges
Phone Your Orders To No. 7,
Where They Will be Promptly Filled.
Fine Line of Crockery, Glassware, Cut
Glass, Haviland and Chhiaware,
Rates East
During the Season 1909
- via the ; 1
Southern Pacific Co.
To OMAHA and Return - - $62.60
To KANSAS CITY and Return $62.60
To ST. LOUIS and Return - - $70.10
To CHICAGO and Return - - $75.10
and to other principal cities in the East, Middle West and South.
, Corraspondingly low fares.
On Sale June 2, 3; July 2, 3; August 11, 12
To DENVER and Return - - $57.60
On Sale May 17, July 1, August 11
Going transit limit 10 days from date of sale, final return limit October
These tickets present some very attractive features in the way of stop
over privileges, and choice of routes; thereby enabling passengers to make
side trips to many interesting points enroute.
Routing on the return trip through California may t e had at a slight
advance over the rates quoted.
Full particulars, sleeping car reservations and tickets will be furnished,
by R. C. LINNVIIXE, Southern Pacific local agent at Corvallis or
WM. M'MURRAY, General Passenger Agent
Portland, Oregon
The Benton County
Real Estate Agent
Corvallis, Oregon
ilT If you have anything to buy, sell or exchange, see us. No padded
prices. As to our responsibility, and methods ot doing business, we refer
you to the business men of Corvallis. If Some splendid bargains send for
list. , .1.7'; :
Bead the p ail y Gazette for all news.
Our books are open for your inspection.
R - Buyers name given if wanted. We not only
- get top prices, but you can satisfy yourself
E&Oia absolutely at any time that youget what w
GHICIZErJS Sliip your produce to us. Writt
to us now for coops, tags, etc
southern onEGOti conmssioii co.
out on per altars. k . - ;. ,