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    VOL I. NO. 33
Available Funds for State Use , Stow
Splendid Financial Condition Pub
Ik Schools will Receive Larger Ap
portionment OAC Gets $195,129.
OAC To Help
New Station
The available cash on hand in the
state treasury at the close of the five
months' period ending May 29, as shown
by the financial statement issued by
Treasurer Steel, has oyerreached the
million-and-a-quarter mark, the exact
figures, including all funds, being $1,
256,bs3.27. The amount ot cash on
hand January. 1 was 892,147.44; the
receipts for the period covered by the
i report were $1,629,843.04, transfers
$12,500.93, and disbursements $1,265,
312.21. The cash on hand in the gener
al fund June 1 was $493,175.79, as
against $312,373.94 January 1.
One of the features of the statement
is the steady increase ot the common.
' school fund, interest, which amounted
to $253,581.52 on June 1, as against
$201,241.23 upon the corresponding date
of last year, including $119,000 which'
was apportioned among the several
counties of the state for the benefit cf
the public schools in April. The law
provides that this fund shall be appor
tioned among the ssveral counties of
the state upon the basis of the school
population of each county, October 1 of
ach year, but the State Treasurer
may, in hi3 own ciseretion, dispose of
the fund in one or more apportionments
before that date, according to the dic-';tate$-ef
his- judgment. Last year the
fund was paid out in two apportion
ments. . The cash on hand in the com
mon school fund, principal, June 1,
which is -subiect to loan upon interest
for the benefit of the public schools,
was $344,616.93.
The principal items among the re
ceipts during the five months' period
covered by the report were; State taxes,
: 1908, $23,797.96; interest on 1908 .state
taxes, $57312, paid by Yamhill county
for withholding its portion of the state
tax of 1908 pending the decision sof a
test case of the system of tax appor
tionment; state taxes, 1909, $747,791. 25;
tax on foreign insurance companies,
$14,646.13; fees of Department of State,
$32,423.52; corporation license fees, $6,
577.10; express company license fees,
$4386.74; telegraph and telephone com
pany fees, $1349.09; sleeping-car com
pany license fees, $2075.95; Supreme
Court fees, $1945.50; interest on deposit
of state funds, $3411.74; rents and sales
of state property not required by state
institutions, $2160.55; convict labor,
$8497.66; inheritance tax, $11,780.93;
miscellaneous, $3025.47.
The total amount of money invested
from the educational funds to June 1
amounted to $5,515,526.99, of which $5.
218,288.42 is credited to the irreducible
school fund, $195,129.93 to the Agricul
tural College fund and $102,108.64 to
the university fund. Of the loans cred
ited to the irreducible school fund, $1,
417,876. 12 is out on first mortgage loans,
$155,025 is invested in school district
bonds and $645,387.30 in certificates of
sale of state lands. Of the Agricultural
College fund, $191,361.03 is out on first
mortgage loans and $3768.90 is due up
on certificates of sale of state lands,
and of the university fund $97,618.64 is
out on first mortgage loans and $4490
due on certificates of sale of state lands.
The Oregon Agricultural College, Pa
cific University, the universities of Ida
ho, Montana, Oregon, Puget Sound and
Nebraska, and Whitworth and Whit
man colleges have offered their co-operation
in the work of the new marine bio
logical station, which will be established
at Olga and Friday Harbor, on Puget
Sound, next summer by the State Col
lege, the University of W ashington and
the three normal schools of Washing
ton. The announcement for the new Wash
ington station offers courses in explora
tory zoology, Invertebrate zoology,, hab
its of insects, molluscs, fishes, element
ary cryptogamic botany and systematic
Lincoln County
twites Benton.
Old Soldiers Have Entered Complaint
Before State Railroad Commission
Against S. P. for Exacting Fell Fare
from Albany to Corvallis on C. & E.
Lincoln County is going to hold a
big fair at Toledo, September 8,9,10,
and Wallis Nash, chairman of the exe
cutive committee, sends through the
Merchant's Association here a cordial
invitation to the people of Corvallis
and . Benton county to join their
neighbors on the west and help to
make the event a great success.
Friday, September 10, has been, set
apart as Benton County Day, and the
committee earnestly bopes that as
many as possible from this section will
be over to take part in the gala occasj
All possible arrangements will be
made to care for visitors and the good
people of Lincoln county would like to
feel that their many friends in Benton
will take advantage of this .opportunity
to shake hands and become even better
Fifty More Attorneys
Examination of candidates for admis
sion to the bar was held this week by
the Supreme Court. There were about
50 candidates who represent nearly
every portion of the state. The exam
inations were very rigid this year and
practically all the candidates passed in
a most successful mannerr" -
Among the applicants for admission
wno took tne examination are two wo
men and two members of the House of
Representatives of the 1909 Legislature.
The women applicants are Miss Blanche
Irene Langley, of Forrest Grove, and
Miss Wilda Buckman, of Portland.
The Representatvies are J. C. Bryant
and A. W. Orton both of Portland, the
latter having recently received appoint
ment as Register of the United States
LandOffice at Lakeview.
Exercises ?09
Alleging that the Southern ' Pacific
Company misrepresented matters in its
advertisements of rates to the recent
state encampment of the G. A. R. in
Corvallis, some Albany veterans of the
Civil War are planning to take the mat
ter before the State , Railroad Commis
sion, Edward Washburne, a past com
mander and prominent ' member of Mc
Pherson Post, G. A. R., of Albany, has
written to C. A. Williams, of Portland;
assistant adjutant-general ofthe state
organization, asking that such action
be taken.
The claim of the old soldiers is that
the railroad company advertised a one
fare round trip from Albany to Corvallis
over the Corvallis & Eastern line dur
ing the encampment, . and then refused
to allow it. The advertisement read
"One-fare round trip, from June 2nd to
4th." A number of veterans who came
from Albany to Corvallis on June 3rd,
were forced to pay full fare each way.
This applied to Albany veterans, as
well as those who came into Albany
from both directions on the Southern
Pacific, and came from there to Corval
lis on the C& E. - : '
Mr. Washburne and other veterans
whose names he has secured, assert
that they started for Corvallis on th
understanding that the one-fare round?
The Board of Regents and ' the fac
ulty of OAC have issued a handsome,
invitation to the fortieth annual com
mencement exercises of the college, the
program to be carried out in the fol
lowing order:
Friday, June 11, 8 p, m. Armory, In-
terscholastic Debate for Gatch cup.
Saturday, June 12, 8:30 p. m., Ar
mory, Junior Hop. ... ., .-
Sunday, June 13, 11 a. m. Armory,
Baccalaureate address, by Dr. Luther
R. Dyatt. .- . : ' ;
Monday, June 14, 9:30 a. m., Campus
Class Day Exercises ;4 to 6 p. m.Pres-
ldent Kerr s residence, Reception to
graduating class by President and Mrs.
Kerr.; 8:30p.m., Opera house, i "Mi
kado." , . .. .
Tuesday, June 15, 3 p.i-m. Campus,
Graduating Parade ; 6:30 p. m., Waldo
Hall, Alumni Reunion and Banquet.
Wednesday, June 16,. Commencement
Day, 10:30 a. m., Armory, Graduating
Winsome Lassies From Waldo Hall Vie
With City Maidens in Track Events
on Athletic Field This Morning for
the Honor of OAC Championship.
Races Begin
The big three day's race' meet which
will be held here this week begins to
morrow at the Driving Park and will be
continued Friday and Saturday.
Entries have been ' made by the lead
ing horsemen in all this section and
some exciting sport is looked for.
The program for tomorrow is as
as follows :
1. Benton county driving horses,
3:00 minute class, 2 in 3, purse $75.
2. Running, 1-2 mile dash, free for
all, purse $100.
3. Pace or trot, 2:25 class, free for
all', 2 in 3, purse $100.
4. Three mile race, Benton county
saddle horses, 1 mile walk, 1 mile trot,
1 mile run; purse $50., , ' j
One of Oregon's First Baptist Ministers '
Is Dead
Rev. Carpus Clark Sperry, one of
Oregon's first Baptist ministers, died
at his home in : Brownsville, Monday,
at 5 P.M. of paralysis, following illness
since May 26.
Rev. Mr. Sperry, was born in Lawr
ence County, Ohio, October 8, 1830. He
moved to Iowa in 1840 and there em
braced the Baptist faith. He was
married to Miss Rachel A. Fulton" in
Jefferson County. Mo., February 12,
1851, and on April 1, 1851, with his bride
started by ox team for Oregon, arriving
here the same year: rie settled near
Brownsville. He was licenced to preach
in 1857, and from that time until h's
death worked continually tor the ciurch.
About 1858 he moved to Shasta Coun-
Long before Old Sol had arisen from
his slumbers this morning to smile a
welcome to the coming day, long lines
of merry maidens might have been seen
flitting through the mists of . the cold,
gray dawn to OAC Athletic Field, had
there been any profane masculine
awake at that" early hour to view so un
usual a sight.
The gathering of all these winsome
lassies was by prearrangement, the oc
casion being a genuine track meet by
the co-eds of OAC to decide whether
the Waldo Hall girls or the students
who resided around in the city should
be known as athletic champions for the
year about to close. 1
It was a sight for men and gods, had
either been fortunate enough to get a
peep at the charmingassembly, but the !
girls had. kept the meet such a profound
secret that not even-a "Rookie" was
prowling around to mar the pleasure of
the fair contestants and their admiring
; friends. Those who did witness the
I brilliant bursts of speed in the dashes
C. E. Peterson went to Portland this
morning to attend the Rose Festival.
For Sale Household furniture at 857
Tyler street.
6-9 -10 t. -
Splendid singing, handsome costumes,
fine , chorus, . lots of fun. Mikado.
Don't miss it.
Ira M, Davisson to E. F. Pernot, lots
6 and 7, block 4, Wilkin's addition to
Corvallis, $800.
Miss Audrey Close, of Eugene, arriv
ed this morning on a visit to friends in.
Corvallis and at Philomath.
prices. .
J 1 - J- J.T ' J- - 1 J- J-1 .
ty, California, where he remained four ;say lnal lne .P were u,
vprS -M5aT,o- 5n romVD- two or hest varsity time, the jumps were
Battle With Salmon
Ted Rossman, who lives on the Mc
Kenzie river, 20 miles east of Eugene,
last Saturday, caught a 35-pound sal
mon with a 7-ounce rod and fly,, requir
ing three hours and 20 minutes from
the time the fish.took the fly till it was
landed on the bank of the stream.
This is said to be the largest salmon
ever caught in the McKenzie river with
a small xod and fly.
they got to the depot they were forced
J to pay full fare each way or stay at.
home. -. . .
R. IT. Montgomery, Southern Pacific
agent at Albany, says the trouble has
arisen over a misunderstanding of the
rate on the part of the old soldiers. -
"The cheap rate was effective," he
said, "on June 1 and 2. We sold tick
ets on those two days at that rate to
everybody who applied for them. , The
advertisement means that these tickets
were good returning during the entire
convention, but we never had orders,
and it was never intended, '- to sell the
cheap tickets on the 3rd and 4th. Tick-'
ets sold on the two former days were
good returning on those days, but no
new tickets were sold. It is merely, a
misunderstanding, for we never repre
sented at any time that one fare tickets
for the round trip would be sold on the
3rd and 4th of June." -
i record breakers, the hammer and dis-
assisting in
TYrct t-inTvr.iar. runrchpa. ma T.npn -rp- i
turned to Brownsville and was ordained ' throws a complete refutation of the
Pi.,t Dfa r!fcwi. Wo erroneous impression that the feminine
kripateasin- is not equal to such a fe&twhile
moved to Eastern Oregon and spent I e reiav race wa one. coiiunuoun vib-
two years traveling for his health. In iQn ot nying teet, graceiul bodies and
1883 the Brownsville church again call- a panting crowd in over the finish line,
ed him, and he returned to his old home The only feat that was not attempted
and preached for that church and out- j was the pole vault and this was omitted
lying stations until 1888. After that he fm the Program for sundry and van
was pastor at Halsey, Scio, Harrisburg , ous reasons whlch e girls refuse to
and Providence I make Public. although the impression
Mr. Sperry was one of the most popu-: has gained ground that it was because
lar and widely known pioneer ministers the lassies did not want to show how
of this state, and he probably preached easily they could beat the best efforts
more funeral sermons than any other , 01 Ule
livinz Dioneer minister. He Breached i The girls from the city beat the Wal-
continuouslv until Mav -23'. 1909. his ! do Hall; misses by one point
boarders at that classic
Peddlers' Law Defective ! '
According to an opinion written by
former '. Justice of the Supreme Court
R. S. Bean, now Judge of the United
States Court at Portland, and handed
down March. 23 of this year, the act de
fining, licensing and regulating peddlers,
as enacted by .the last Legislature and
filed by the Governor February 24, is
. in contravention of section 8, article 1
section 1, article .XIV, and section 1 of
the Fourteenth Amendment to the Con
stitution of the United States, and sec
tion 20, article I of the state constitu
tion, because it interferes with the pri
vate . rights " of citizenship, and, if it
were to be put o the test of the courts,
would probably be. declared null and
The Pythian Sisters
There will be a 'regular meeting of
Alleta Tempie No. 44, Pythian Sisters
at the hall tomorrow, Thursday night,
and all members are urged to be
present, the men folks as well as the
ladies, there being business of import
ance to recieve attention.
Horticultural Trustees
Governor Benson has appointed J. R.
Cardwell, of Portland, one year; L. T.
Reynolds, Forrest Grove, three years
to serve their respective terms as trus
tees of the State Horticultural Society,
under the provision of the act of the
last Legislature. They are to ser
without pay. -
Chamberlain Is L. L. D.
Senator Chamberlain has returned
to Washington from Mississippi, where
he delivered the address to the graduat
ing class of Oxford University. While
there the degree of LL. D. was confer
red upon him. During his absence Sen
ator Chamberlain paired with Oliver,
of Pennslyvania, on Senate roll calls.
Special Booster
Edition Issued
See the Mikado. Popular
Opera house Monday, June 14.
at Graham & Worthanjfs today.
Miss Clara Quick, of Indianapolis Ind.
is visiting her cousin, Miss Anna Quick,
and may remain here during the sum
mer. The musical event of the season. The
Mikado, Monday night at the" opera
house. Get your seats today at Gra
ham & Wortham's.
Lost Cloud . agate brooch, about a
month or more ago. Finder return to
402 North Third and Harrison streets
and receive reward. 6-9-1 1.
Thos. . Whitehorn and sons, Claude
; and Tommy, went to Portland today,.
where the latter will undergo an oper
ation for a growth in his nose.
His honor, the Poo Bah, is an animat
ed example of pompous aristocracy.
His ancestor was a primordial atomic
globule. Mikado Monday night.
Flower Mission Day will be observed
at the W. C. T. U. reading tomorrow,
June 10. All members and friends are
invited to come with a flower or a mes
sage to some one in need of cheer and
comfort. .
Misses Ariel Ewmg and Helen Hyde
Br,.l rh i Tobin, the OAC instructors who went
to Seattle last week to place the
t -j. tj.- i nnnrnprs sit. rnnr. f aRsif. p.n.ravansarv
last sermon oeing at me center bciiooi- ------- ----- , nnmpt,V Sr-ipnr.e denartment.
i p t mi tt. rtpc aro Thar rma was nn v nosR n p nv - vri -
nouse. soum oi orownsvine. lie was -- j i j i
striken with naralvsis Mav 26. . the former having had the advantage
of a square meal the night before.
Kay Posey, of Portland, is the guest ,
of Corvallis friends.
The Daily Gazette, 50c per month.
sent from the college here, send word
that the display is in every way super
ior to that exhibited by Washington
State College.
- A pleasent surprise ' was given Miss
Ruby Fowells last night by a number of
her old schoolmates. Numerous games
were played, light refreshments . served
and a very enjoyable evening spent by
the young people. MissFowells leaves
tomorrow for Seattle, to visit her broth
er, Edward Fowells : and wife, and to
attend the exposition. .
Daily Gazette 50 cents per month.
The publicity department of the
Corvallis Commercial Clmb has just re-'
ceived a special booster edition of the
Times, the subject matter for which
was compiled with greatest care bv
Booster Waggoner.
This special edition consists of 5000
copies" and will be given wide distribu
tion throughout the East and middle
West, a large list of names of parties
who have signified their intention of
coming out to the Coast this summer!
having been secured for this particular
The descriptive work in this'excellent
number is accurate throughout and
gives a remarkably good idea of the
resources and advantages of the county
and the desirable features which make
Corvallis such an attractive residence
The edition is a credit to the publicity
committee, to Mr., Waggoner and to
the publishers,, it s. being certain to
accomplish good results.
t : j - '. ''. ; - ' ',
i Excursion to Klamath Falls'
Friday and Saturday, June 11th. and
12tk, round trip tickets will be on sale
to Klamath Falls to celebrate the com-:
pletipn of .the. Southern. Pacific to that
city, rare irom uorvaiiis to Klamath
Falls and return will be $15.50 with
stopover privileges on return ' trip.
Barbaque and many other festivities.
Through Sleepers.- Make reservations
as early as possible.
R.C. Linville," Local Agent.'
Wm. McMurrayj General Passenger
Agents - Portland Ore. - 6-9-lt
New Oxford Styles
V S. . -X 1 Jl 4 111
June Styles Here
We are just in receipt of a
shipment of all styles of Nemo
Corsets, to fit all figures. These
corsets are so well j known we
can riot say more for them but
with Reu2fSthap
7; Just received, a new i lot
tailored suits in blue, th
summer color, Panamas and
made with' long coats, trimmed
buttons. Just the thing for- outing.
of ladies'
now popular
h'405 ""Relief Bands m
. ..- J
,v;: Latest styles in tan oxfords just re
ceived. Fifth Avenue last, short vamp,
new color of Russia calf and tan vici. :
$2.50 to $3.50