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    VOL. I. NO. 19
Higgins, of Kood River, Went Mi!e in
4:43 and Set New Record Astoria
Team Won the Relay and Highest
ladividaal Scores V
Good Points of Men Who Will Meet
Here Saturday.
With a total of 23 points, the Eugene
High School carried off the honors in
the, annual interscholastic track meet
held here Saturday. - Washington High
School, of Portland, received second
place, and Astoria third. ..
. , Kuykendall, Abshire, Jenkins and
Bailey wers the point winners for Eu
gene, the; entire score- being mada by
these four men. -With four first places
and one second, . the men easily carried
off the 'meet. Jenkins the 100-yard
dash, Abshire the' J: 220-yard hurdles,
Bailey the hammer-throw, and Kuy
kendall won the 120-hurdles, and also
came out second in. the broad jump.
The Astoria team ran a very fast half-
mile relay, winning easily. By winning
this race they also received the medal
for the highest individual record. Pre
vious to the relay, Kuykendall of Eu
gene, Norris of Portland Academy,
Barber, of Washington High School and
Harbert, of Astoria, were 'tied each
having won eight points. Each of these
schoo's having a team in the relay, the
winner was given the individual medal.
In nearly every race in the contest
the time was better than last year.
The record for the mile was broken".
Huggins, of Hood River, winning at
4:43. The broad jump was won at 20
f eet 4-inches. " .
.Different from the original plan, the
preliminaries were held in the, forenoon
and the finals in the afternoon. Twenty
schools were represented and over 100
athletes took part. The students of the
college, acting as hosts on this occasion
did their best in entertaining the visit
ors. With an automobile parade in the
. morning, as well as a review of the
cadets on the college campus, and end
ing in tne evening wicii a banquet at
Waldo Hall and a dance in the Armory,
the young men were royally entertain
ed. . .
The number of points won by the
first six teams are as follows: Eugene
High School, 23; Washington High
bchool, 17; Astoria High School, 14;
Portland Academy, 11; Ontario High
. School, 10 1-3, and Baker City High
School, 10,
The various events were won as fol
lows: 100 yard dash Jenkins, Eugene,
Time, 10 2-5.
220 yard hurdles Abshire, Eugene,
Time 27.4. ' -
440 yard dash Walters, Cove, Time
120 yard hurdles Kuykendall, Eu
gene, Time 17.3.
830 yard run Barber, Washington,
Time 28 2-5. -
220 yard dash Kay, Salem, Time
One mile run Huggins, Hood River,
Time 4.43.
High jump Harbert, Astoria, 5 feet
6 inches. .
Discus throw Mears, Baker City, 96
feet 6 inches. -
Broad jump Norris, Portland Acad
emy, 20 feet 4 inches.
Hammer throw Bailey, Eugene, 138
feet 7 inches.
Pole vault Fisher, Ontario, 10 feet
6 inches. -
Shotput Grant, Lincoln High Port
lanJ, 4rf feet 2 1-2 inches.
Relay won by Harbert, Short,
Holmes, Parker, Astoria, Time 1:38,-
2-5. -
The Oregon Agricultural College ath
letes won a clean-cut victory from Ida
ho last Monday and the day brought
forth a number of mens who will be
heard from" later on. Scott, a young
sprinter on the O AC team, won the
100-yard ; Jlashf rom Montgomery in
fairly good .time and Bergman, another
'Corvallis lad made a good run in the
high hurdles. The Oregon Agricultural
College was weak in the long runs, but
wen 26 out of 27 points in the weight
events." in which Wolff, Enberg ai;d.
Hall-were-Jthe star performers.
The annual dual meet between Ore
gon and -GAG will be held at Corvallis
next Saturday, . and if this 'season's
records count for anything, the Oregon
athletes should win. The score, how
ever, promises to' be close, and Corval
lis is said to. have more than a fighting
chance. . Comparing Oregon's records
in the tri-state meet with- those made
by the Corvallis men ; in their dual con
test with Idaho, the Eugene athletes i
should take all the runs next Saturday.
Oregon is especially strong in the long
runs and in the relay race, and ought
to score seconds or thirds, as well as
firsts, in, both the half-mile and mile
runs, as well as in the quarter. With
such "sprinters as Huston, Reed and
Moon, Oregon ought to show her heels
to her rival in the dashes. In the
Weight events, the condition of affairs
will, no doubt, be reversed. Wolff will
win the shotput with ease, and Hall the
hammer throw, and their teammates
bid fair to' score in both events. The
discus is always an uncertain event,
but Wolff looks like a winner in this as
well as in the shotput. Chapman, of
OAC, should take the high jump, but
the broad jump is an. uncertain quanti
ty. ; Williams, of Oregon,- seems to
have the lead on all the pole vaulters
of the season and ' ought to win from
Farnsworth and Olson, a: Huston , and
Hawkins can be depended upon for
good time in the hurdle events, but
Bergman is a classy" hurdler, and, as
these . events are " always uncertain,
there is no assurance' that any forecast
One Hundred acd Fcur 'tQ Six Yfes the
Result of Saturday's Election and as
Soon as Bonds are Sold a New High
School Building Will Be Erected.
The people oi Corvallis,. have ."again
shown their interest in- and approval of
the plans outlined' by the Board o Edu
cation for the ' improvement' of the city
schools and the;, providing of all neces- ;meet the . constantly
G. H R. nCRIM. SEiffi
Post and Corps Pay Tribute to Depart
ed ComraSes Sunday Night.
The union memorial service held last
night at the opera house by Ellsworth
Post, G. A. R., and the Women's Relief
Corps was a touching tribute to the
memory of those who had been muster
ed out and gone to answer the last roll
call. :. -;
The members of the Post and Corps
marched in a body from, their head
quarters and the opera house was well
filled with an attentive and apprecia
tive audience.
Rev. H. H. Hubbell, pastor of the
Christian Church, delivered an eloquent
address and the music, under the direc
tion of Professor Gaskins, added great
ly to the impressiveness of the service.
Director Angell '
Metzger, the
the Country,
Finally Secures S. S.
Best Football Man in
to Train the Orange
Team During the Coming Season.
increasing attendance by voting Almost
unanimously for the, $30,000 bond issue
to provide funds for a new HighlSchool
building,, as well as for the purchase of
an additional ,, site and the removal of
one of the present school jhousea to the
north end of the city yhgrp it will ac
commodate the growing population.
Saturday's bond election was' an un
qualified endorsement of the progressive
policy of the Board of Educatipn, the
vote being 104 in favor of-the bpnds to
six against them and .it has singe been
learned that two- of . these negative
votes were cast by mistake the parties
having intended to cast an : affirmative
ballot. " ' ' . --, A - ." . '"& "
There were 90 votes f cast in favor of
the north side site for the' location of
the school house to be remove,, to 14
against that section, while 86 vted for
the south side aiid 12 qppogd'i r -This
settles the location of tne school build
ing at some point out in the nolth part
seems - to be m line to win more first
places than OAC, and if Hayward's
proteges can carry off 3. majority of
the seconds and thirds : they should win
the meet.
The Agricultural College has not had
a championship team since the days of
the late "Dad" Trine, but good men
are being developed each year. The
Corvallis team, however, may upset
the calculations next Saturday, and de
feat its old-time rivals. ,
Arrangements for the commencement
exercises of Willamette University have
been practially completed. There vill
be 55 graduated rom' the university
this year from all departmdnts,with the
greater proportion from the College of
Liberal Arts, that department sending
out 8. The class from the Liberal 'Arts
is the second largest class to graduate
from Willamette University during its
existence.. The College of Law comes
next," with 11 graduates, the College of
Theology has one, the College of Medi
cine 10, the College of Or"at6ry five,
the normal department five, while from
the Acadmey. which is equal to the
state high schools, there will be ' five:
There will be no graduates from the
College of Music this year, as the course
has been lengthened by Dean Fredrick
S. Mendenhall from two to three years.
of town and the Board of ' EFcation
orilifiemwpuld prove xorreet.i
A Bad Blaze
' At WVB. Cat
At the 'recent open wrestling meet
in Salem three OAC men won the hon-.
ors, Frank Thompson carrying off the
points in the 145-pound class, J. C
Leedy at 155 pounds and Charles Sitton
at 165 pounds, thus demonstrating their
right to the Northwest Intercollegiate
To commemorate their . victory three
handsome cups have been sent the whi
rs, each cup being appropriately en
graved with the place of : meet, event
won and name of champion.
These cups are now on display in the
Toggery windows and the winners have
just cause to be proud of them.
. Oregon City Boosts
The big booster meeting that will be
held at the Shively Theater'next Tues
day evening under the direction of "the
publicity department of the Commer
cial Club is being extensively advertis
ed. Hon. Gilbert L. Hedges and Hon.
George C. Brownell will deliver stirring
addresses on the growth and upbuilding
of Clackamas County and there will be
speeches by J. R, Wetherbeepresident
of the Portland Commercial Club, and
C. C. Chapman' of Portland. , The Ore
gon' City Concert : Band will furnish
The Amacetian and Pyerian societies
of OAC. are having a joint picnic today.
Mrs. E. Mclntyre left today for Phil
omath where, she will demonstrate the
benefits of the Portable Vibrator which
she has introduced here with such
.ccess. v". " -
There will be an interesting special
meeting of St. tMary's Chapter No. 9,
at the Masonic hall Tuesday night.
Seven candidates are to be initiated. "
- Joe Underwood, or Lebanon, was m
town today looking after business mat
ters. Joe is "" a good citizen and all
would rejoice to" see him move back to
.. There will be a special meeting of
Corvallis Lodge No. 14 A. F. and A. M.
at the hall tonight. "There will be work
in the M. M. degree and the 'member
ship are urged to be present.
And now comes the news that Daisy
Brown nd Albert Tedrow were mar
ried7 : at Chehalis, ? Washington on No
vember 23 and so ' quietly and , neatly
have they made their arrangemets that
the tongue of gossip among the fair
No. 25, in Avery's Second" Addition,
Clerk Buchanan having been authorized
to receive sealed bids for the purchase
of the property up to Friday night,
June 4. ; ' '"'-;-
This second election now settles the
matter of erecting a new High School
building on the east end of the school
block at Madison and Seventh streets,
and the bonds will be sold to the high
est public bidder, 102 votes having been
cast in favor of this method to three
for private sale. ' , ,
As soon as the plans hav been defi
nitely decided upon the "new $30,000
building will be commenced and it is
hoped to have it finished and equipped
n readiness for the opening of the fall
term. . . .
Fire broke out shortly after noon to-
day at the residence of W. B. -Cate,
corner third and Adams streets and out
for the prompt work of the department
the house would have "been totally de
stroyed. -' . ; - '. '.
Hardly had the alarm sounded before
the hose carts were started on the run
S. S. Metzger, ' head coach of the
football team of . the University of
Pennsvlvania last vear. and cojnsidered
by Eastern critics to be one of the best
coaches in the country, has signed a
contract with the Oregon . Agricultural
College for next year. Being interest
ed in a large fruit farm in the southern
part of the state and obliged to spend
most of his time in Oregon, Mr. Metz
ger accepted - the offer of Director
Angell to coach the Beavers during the
coming season.
While attending college at the Uni
versity of Pennsylvania, Metzger was
one of the strongest men of the team,
playing in the position of end for three
successive years, and in 190-3, his last
year as a player, he was elected cap
tain. !
In 1907 he wa3 induced by the ath- j
letic manager of Pennsylvania to return
and coach the freshman eleven. . He
produced a championship team, and in
1908 was elected head coach of the var
sity, in which position he more clearly
showed his ability by going through
the entire season undefeated, all of the
games being with the big schools, in
cluding Cornell,,.- Michigan, Princeton
and Yale. The all-American champion
ship was claimed by both Pennsylvania
and Harvard, tip opportunity being giv
en for the two schools to settle the dis
pute. The Quakers, during the season,
Benson Fills Appointive Offices Re-
ceirtly Created
1 Governor Benson has filledTjy appoint
ment all the positionscreated bythe
new laws going into effect Saturday ex
cept the membersof theConservative
Commissibh and" the"Judge"of "the Fifth
Jucical District, which appointments .
will not be announced until today. .
Members of the Tuberculosis Com
mission -A. L. Mills, Multnomah County
four years; Geo. F. Rodgers, Marion
County, two years; R. A. Booth, Lane
County, four years; Leslie Butler, Hood
River County two years. The Govern
or of the state and the president and
secretary of the State Board of Health
are exofficiomembers of this commission
Crater Lake Road Commission H.
D. Norton, Grants Pass; Dr. J. M.
Keene,NAshland; George T. Baldwin,L.
F. Willits, Klamath Falls:C. S. Jack
son,Portland. -
Board of Commissioners First Central
Oregon Agricultural Society (two-year
term) J. H. Grayand TrH."Laf olletteT
Crook County. ' -' - " " -
Directors Yamhill County Fair As?
sociation (two. years term) Mrs." Inez
Butt, H. F. Wilson" Milton Potter,
Yamliill County. -.
Bin Crowd W ent .
s On Excursion
for the blaze and two heavy streams r coach Metzger did
were quickly playing on the roof and 1
interior of the house, bringing the
flames into subjection in a short time.
Willing hands helped carry out the
household effects so. that there was
hardly any loss on the furinture; though
the roof and inside of the building had
to be flooded in order to stop the fire,
which had gained, considerable headway
on the inside of the house.
The blaze started in the back kitchen
flue and quickly spread to the eaves
and upper part of the building, where
it was difficult to get at on the start.
Directors Linn County Fair 'Associa
tron (two years) D. H,2Bodine,G..G.
Belts, I. A.'Munkers.Linn County.
Hawley Wins
For Mrs. McElroy
Representative Hawley has finally se
cured the allowance of one of the first
pension claims in wmcn ne Decanie in
terested after his election to Congress.
It is the claim of Mrs. Agnes C. Mc
Elroy, widow of E. B. McElroy, ex
Superintendent of Public Instruction in
Oregon. This case has met with so
many obstacles that on many occasions
its allowance was believed to be beyond .
the bounds of possibility. .- '
However, Mr. Hawley persisted and
has finallv secured Mrs. McElroy a
pension of $8 a month from January 1,
1903, . to April 19, -1908, and from the
later date, when the new widows.' pen
sion act went into effect, an "allowance
of $12 per month. "Mrs. - McElroy will
defeated the University of Michigan by J receive accured pension to the amount
the decisive score of 29 to 0, and Cor- 0i "DU- - .
During his
nelll7 to 4.
The excursion to Monroe Saturday
under the auspices of the Corvallis Ma
le Band was a great success, there
being a jolly crowd that filled . four
coaches going from here and all had a
most enjoyable time. ,
There were addresses of . welcome,
short talks on the. union of country and
city and the formal exercises of dedi
cating the opening of the Corvallis &
Alsea River Railroad, Miss Howser, of
Junction City, gracefully doing the
honors of the occasion by showering the
track with milk, instead of wine, as
emblematic of one - of the great re
sources of the country. - .
Baseball games were played, the Ma
rine Jand gave a tine concert, . the
barbecued steer was done to a turn and
everybody was happy.
The Monroe people had made all the
preparations for the excursionists and
they all exerted themselves to give the
visitors a hospitable welcome.
Notice For : Sealed Bids.
By order of the Board of Directors
of School District No. 9, Benton Coun
ty, Oregon, I will receive sealed bids for
the purchase of School Block No. 25,
Avery's Second Addition to Corvallis,
up to eight o'clock p, m. of Friday,
June 4, 1909. - Bids to be addressed to
W. A. Buchanan, Clerk, and marked
'Bids for School ' Property. " The
Board reserves the right to. reject any
or all bids.
- W. A. Buci'ANAN,
5-24-2t " Clerk.
Mrs. Wastell," of LaGrande, i3 visit
career as a
a large amount of
newspaper work and was also the auth
or of several magazine articles.
'- $5.89 Reward
Mrs. Charles Sheffield, of Newport,
who- has been in attendance at the Re
bekah Assembly at Albany, stopped over
Saturday and visited at the A. E. W il
kins home. ' '
For the party or parties who are
maliciously circulating false reports
that I am going away. I am here
stay regardless of all libelous reports.
Mentor Howard, Dentist.
. ' 5-24-lt D. W
j Miss Grace Lowell leaves Corvalli;
! tonight for an indefinite trip to Cali
1 fornia. " -
M. G. McAllister and wife, of Penn--
to ' sylvania, are among the latest arrivals.
f They are friends and neighbors 01 ur.
Morris and come here with an enviable
reputation. They -will receive a cor
dial . welcome by the citizens of Corvallis.
Read the Daily Gazette for all news.
Sale ends
more for you to
Our 45t
May 29th. Just one week
secure unequaled bargains
Contract Goods Excepted
Extra Special prices this week on Men's
lotiiing ana.
s Suits and Skirts
TRADE ....a - V-r J. J LLW -JtiiTJ "WM'-k. t Mrj --'rliiiitiiii. -- - -
music for the' occasion.
sex has been completely muzzled
ing her eon who is a t tudent at OAC.