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    VOL. I. NO. 12
Vie Written Pamuhlets and Descriptive Folders on Corvallis and Benton County
' are now Being Sent Cat by the Thousands to Prospective Home-:
seekers From the East W5io Have Made Inquiries for
Information About this Part of Oregon.
Geo. A. Waggoner, the official boost
er, is now busily engaged in letting
Eastern people know about the advan
tages which Corvallis and Benton Coun
ty offer to prospective homeseekers.
He has just received from the Republi
can press a large issue of descriptive
pamphlets and these, with the follow
ing information in folder form, he is
sending out by the thousands to parties
who have inquired about this section of
the state: . . ' . ;
f Benton County, comprising an area of
40,000 acres of. level prairie, gently
rolling and mountain lands, lies in the
heart of the Willamette Valley.
Soi!s The soils' of' the county are,
sandy loam along the rivers and black
and brown alluvial deposits on the
prairie and uplands, all of wonderful
productiveness. - 1
C!imate-The climate is mild, equable
and free from extremes. The average
maximum temperature for the last six
. years has been 93; average minimum,
plus 9; average temperature for. the
year, 50.9; average yearly rainfall,
40.22 -inches; average number of clear
or partly clear days per year, 230;
cloudy . days, 135; .. rainy days; 114.
The average , range of 94 degrees ,'is
always traversed lay gradual change.
There are no cyclones, blizzards or
thunder storms. We never have to
irrigate and a drouth is unknown. :'
Lumber is $5 to $18 per thousand;
wood, $2.50 to $3.50 per cord.
Markets Seaport markets, with lines
of ships to all quarters of the globe,
and lines of railroad radiating to all
parts of the continent are within easy
reach. Portland, the greatest seaport
of the Northwest, is only 100 miles
away and is accessible by, train or
steamboat. San Francisco and Seattle
are comparatively near by. ' '
. Transportation Three lines of railroad
and a line of, boats on the Willamette
River connect Benton county- with all
the other parts of the state, and give
her1 an outlet to all parts of the conti
nent and the world.
Cities and Towns Corvallis, the Coun
ty Seat, is a modern city of 6,000 in
habitants. It has a system of electric
lights, good mountain water and sewer
age systems, 12 churches, an excellent
graded school, subtantial National
; banks, and many mercantile and manu
facturing establishments, besides num
erous pleasant homes.' In addition
there are several smaller, but flourish
ing towns in the county. V
Schools We have an excellent public
school system. The available school
funds furnish about $7 for each child
and nearly all the', districts have nine
months school. There are two institu
tions of higher learning at Philomath,
and the State Agricultural College, the
greatest industrial school in the North-
For the First Time the College Will Do
Extended Work During the Holiday
Season to Aid Teachers and Students
in Industrial Education.
Plan Is to Sell Tickets to Meet the Ex
- pense Incident to Removing Every-
thing Objectionable from the Streets,
Alleys and Vacant Lots.
Committees Have Been Appointed to Make Every Preparation to Greet and En
tertain the Old Soldiers in the Most Hospitable Style and to Make
Their Visit to Corvallis One Long to Be Remembered -'
- All Citizens Should Co-operate.
wpst. is loratpd at Cnrvallrs.
barley, oats, rye, peas, clover, timothy,
orchard grass, rye grass, .cheat, vetch,
' rape, and various other grains, grasses
and forage plants grow to perfection
yielding immense crops. Hops make
excellent yields and our product is
among the best in the world. Potatoes
and field root crops .yield magnificent
crops and .garden vegetables of; all
kinds produce excellent products. We
have no , grasshoppers, potato tags,
chintz bugs or other crop destroying
. insects. . ' :
Horticulxure: -.Apples, pears, cher
ries, plums and prunes grow to perfection.-;
Strawberries., blackberries, rasp
, berries and gooseberries grow evjary
' where without attention; Peaches: and
grapes do .well in favored localities.
Oregon apples are famous the wjorid
around, and hundreds of carloads ; of
strawberries and other small fruit are
shipped to the Eastern markets each
' year. One orchard" near Corvallis
yielded ,.this year 245uO. bushels of
prunes. j
S TO CK-Raiszng: Horses, caittle'
sheep and swine of excellent quality
are grown here as economically as any
where in the United States. Stock not
intended for market often run on the
range all winter without feed. .A good
market awaits every hoof of stock
" raised.
Dairying: Our mild climate, abun
dant pasture " and jure water makes
. " dairying an exceedingly remunerative
pursuit. A market .which - has never
been supplied awaits every pound of
dairy products. Butter ranges from
15 to 30; cheese 10 to 14 cents ! per
pound. Our milk averages nearly 4
- per cent butter fat and is exceptionally
free from undesirable taints or Jlayors.
Creameries and skimming stations are
, within reach of .most parts of pthe
county. I "
Poult r y-Ra i si n g: Poultry 6f all
kinds is healthy , and prolific, and Imar
' ket conditions for poultry products are
most satisfactory. ' Eggs run ifrom
- 12 1-2 , to 30 cents; chickens, $ 3 'to $5
. per dozen. - Duck, geese , and turkeys
, .bring 12 1-2 to 18 cents per pound g joss.
' Wtar The water is pure ' and abun-
dant. : Streams everywhere 1 are dear,
" cold and sparkling "with' gravellyj bot-
: toms. Good wellwater is obtained! ahy-
where at a depth of 20 to. 50 feet. I iet.
" Timber There . is an- abundance of
: timber for all local purposes; and mill-
1 ions for' export in the form of lumber.
We " have Fir, Pine; Hemlock, - Cedar,
, Oak, .Ash, . Staple and Cottonwood.
Churches lhe county has 2u cnurches.
representing all . the principal dedomi
nations. One-half of the people of the
county attend church service regularly,
and the religious and moral tone of
the community is pure and emphatic.
Homes and Price of Lands Farms may:
be bought at from $25 to $100 per acre.
according to location and improvements.
Easy terms of payment are generally
offered. Large tracts of land are be
ing cut up into smaller f amis. -. We
have abundant room .for four time our
present population, '
All communications relative to lands
will be promptly answered.
Address . G; A: Waggoner," ;,.
' " Corvallis, Oregon. '
City Ticket j ff
; Now Complete
The Oregon Agricultural College will
offer a six weeks' course this summer
extending froVn Monday, June 21, to
Friday, July 30, and covering the fields
of agriculture, domestic science and art,
manual training and commerce. . . . . :
This is the first time that the college
has undertaken such extended work in
the summer session, but the demand
for industrial e curses to :e given during
the summer months .has become so ur
gent that the . work has finally . been
taken up. There is a demand from
the grade iand high school teachers of
the state for work in industrial subjects
and industrial pedagogy; which the. col
lege hopes to be able to satisfy by
this summer session. . -
While designed principally - to -meet
the heeds of the teachers of the state,
the work will be so organised as' to
make it possible for students now in
attendance or for anyone not a "student
of the college to take work during the
summer and receive credit in the regu
lar degree courses.' -'t .
The School of Agriculture -will offer
courses in agronomy, animal husbandry,
dairying,' poultry husbandry and horti
culture. -The School of Engineering will
give work in mechanical drawing, man
ual training and surveying. .. The other
schools will offer courses in the different
political economy, civil governmant, '
commercial law, typewriting, mathe
matics, English, ' history, -chemistry,
botany, entomology, psychology, bac
teriology, physics, drawing, physical
culture and musjc In addition to 'these
there will be offered a course in ; indus
trial pedagogy. f .1
The committee having in charge - the
arrangements for the summer school
has provided fw recreation as well as
work. Week-end excursions to places
of interest a feature of the ses
sion. -It is planned to visit Newport,
Niagara and Mill City, Mary's J Peak
and the State Teachers' Association
meeting at Albany. - t
-:4--'. : ,. ... -", , .
The Ladies Auxiliary to the, Corvallis
Commercial Club .and Improvement So
ciety have decided to make an effort
for, a cleaner Corvallis. On Saturday,
May 22, wagons will be sent through
every street and alley to gather rubbish.
Meantime 25 cent' tiekets will be sold to
Arrangements for the reception and
entertainment of the many who will be
visitors to Corvallis during the first
week in June as delegates to the Grand
Army of the Republic State encamp
ment, are going rapidly forward and
the Gazette today is able to give practi
cally the first two days' program.
The different committees Having the
matter in charge are laboring faithfully
those wishing to assist and who have ! to have everything , in readiness when
rubbish to haul away. It is earnestly
hoped that the effort of these ladies will
"be crowned with success and that every,
household will respond to this call for a
more beautiful city. 1 - '
Everyone should take a ticket, and
'ollowing directions theron, rake, clean;
tidy, and slick -up, pile all t rash not
burnable in the street or alley ready for
the wagons.
Now every up-to-date man, woman
and child in the city will heartily en
dorse this effort and make all reasona
ble exertion to gather up all unsightly
objects about the premises. . h
. Any one who is unable to purchase a
red ticket will be given one and its cost
will be borne by the societies managing
this movement. ' ,
We are sending out thousands of in
vitations asking strangers to visit us.
Surely all should welcome them by the
sight of clean lawns, streets and alleys.
.- x.: .G.A.Waggoner.
the first delegation step from the train
on the morning of June 2. The G. A.
R. reception committee is as follows:
Comrades Vidito, Shrack and Kerry and
in addition the .Women's Relief Corps
has a like committee, whose names,
however, could not be learned at this
time, but will be published as soon as
they can be obtained. : There is also a
citizens' committee on reception who
will act in conjunction with the above
named in welcoming to Corvallis the
old -soldiers and their wives. These
committees will, on the first day,, meet
all trains and welcome the delegates
and assign them to hotels and homes
during1 their stay. ! !
" During the forenoon the G. A. R.
and W. R. C. will meet and organize
and after organization is perfected
there will be a reception to the dele
gates. The afternoon will be devoted
to business sessions and in the evening
at 8 o'clock at the rink the following
program will be carried out:
Music... . ...... . J. v ... - O AC Orchestra
Address of Welcome...:.. .....City' Mayor
Music............ ..................Male Quartet
Response ...Department Com
mander J. T, Apperson and De
partment President Mrs.. Higginson
Music ...... Orchestra
Especial notice is hereby, given to all
members of the Baptist church and con
gregation that Rev. F. C. W. Parker,
corresponding secretary of Oregon
State Convention, will occupy the pul
pit next Sunday, May 16,; at U a. m.
and 8 p. m. bunday chool -opens , Address. -.President Ladies of G. A. R.
promptly at 10 a. m. J. Y. V. at 7 1 Music... ........Male Ouartet
p. m. Prayer service "Sir d Bible study , This program will end the first day's
Thursday evening at S p. xa. -5-j.l-5t j proceedings. - .
' J 1 The second day will be devoted to the
5 The Deffry Company closed a success-- j Easiness f the Encampment and in the
fed engagement here last night at the evening at the rink the local post and
opera :nouse. ,-: i their. ladies will civea camn-fire. the
Tonight there will be lots of fun at jcomplete program of which will be pub-
fflipm hmvu vlmi lw'Y, W- C. A I lished as soon as arranged. - - , .
girls appear in a case of Suspension and ! I16 'Citizens ot "Uorvallis should see : luullu
ather laughable specialties. , ; to it that every house and business o-io-ou
place in the city is decorated during
the entire time of this encampment. It
should be remembered that the men
who' will gather here at this time, went
forth in their young manhood to pre
serve forever the glorious. Stars and
Stripes, and that now, as their feet are
descending the western path of life, it
is no more than just and right that the
ones who are now enjoying the blessed
liberty under, the protection of the flag
they fought to preserve, should, on the
occasion of their gathering, display to
their gaze some show of appreciation
of their many sacrifices and sufferings.
Let everyone fling to the breeze Old
Glory. If you haven't a flag get bunt
ing and decorate your residence or place
of business. There will be visitors here
from all parts of the state and perhaps
from other states as well, and to have
the city buried in the national colors,
so to speak, would make a lasting im
pression on those who will be our guests,
at this time.
Then let every "citizen act as a com
mittee of reception and help to make
the strangers within the city gates feel
they are . welcome and . that the city
feels honored by. their ' presence. It
should be the determination of every
one to send the visitors home with the
feeling in their hearts that Corvallis
is the most cordial city in the state,
and with a desire to come again.
Mrs. Higginson, of Eugene, Depart
ment President of the Women's Relief
Corps, was in the city yesterday and
made the local corps a business , visit,
Bn'ofaiso4- perfected- the ,detadlsoffRe'
coming encampment of , the State Corps
here in June in conjunction with the
G. A. R. encampment.
Rkodedendron Excursion to Newport.
Girls' Physical Culture Classes Give an
V ? Entertainment ;
The official ticket to be voted at the
municipal election Monday, May 17, is
now complete, the following candidates
having"filed their declaration, of inten
tion to run for the various offices up to cessJ
noon baturday, the time hxd for re
cording such declarations at the office
of the Police Judge:
Mayor Virgil JS.Watters, P. Avery.
Police Judge George W. Denman.
. Chief of Police-J.' D. Wells, J. T.
Looney. v
Treasurer Z. H. Davis.
Water Committee J. , M. Nolan,
Evan McLennan. ' . - - . ; : '
Councilman, First Ward, P. O. Gray.
Councilman, Second .Ward C. V.
Johnson, William 'Bogue, Sam Moore.
Councilman, Third f Ward-G. -; V.
Skelton, R. H. Colbert. . - , -
' The demonstration of gymnastics giv
en last night at the Armory by the
members of the young women's Classes
in physical culture , at OAC was a de
cided novelty and certainly a. great .suc-
Sunday, May 16th, 1909, the C. & E.
will run the first excursion to Newport,
this will be a through train from Cot
tage Grove and will leave Corvallis at
8 a. m. j arriving at Newport at twelve
o'clock noon. Returning, leaves New
port at 5:50 p. m., arriving at Corvallis
at 10 p. m. : The fare will be $1.50 for
R. C. Linville, Agent.
Punderson Avery .
To Run For , Mayor
t Punderson , Aviry, who. was one of
the citizens placed in nominatiorf 4or
Mayor at Wednesdy, night?s public
meeting, announces that he will accom
pany Virgil .E. the race ior
the office as an independent candidate
at the election next Monday. - ?
,s This decision on the : part of Mr. Av-
, The. many graceful evolutions dis
played in the various drills and dances
showed the most careful training -and
the entire .audience was loud in its ap
plause, several enthusiastic encores be
ing given. - ' "" '
There were seven ' numbers on the
program, .and all of ' them were so
good that ipecial mention is almost im
possible, the list being as follows:
March; Rataplan ' Chorus; Hamburg
Extension Drill;. Jumping Jacks; Fan
tana Wand Drill; Sailor's Hornpipe,
Miss Cleva Peery; Swedish Daldans,
After the calesthenics were concluded
the Seniors' and Freshman contested
for "the inte'F-:lass-"-championship ; in a
rattling good game of basketball, tha
pluckylittle Freshmen lasses Scoring
11 to 8 at the end of the first half,
, . ' '
but failing to come out victor in the
end,, the more experienced Senior te'am
winning by 15 to 13. i- .. - j
Special Announcement.
It is a pleasure to announce that Prof.
Otto Herse,. a yocalist of super ior abil
ity has Kindly consented to sing i a so o-
at eacn, service, morning '- and evening.
ery, it is authoritatively stated, is due I next Sunday at the Presbyterian church,
to the request of a large, number of his The public is cordially invited to hear
j,CiDUii iucu,. "'fflr. Herse m the rendition of
Daily Gazette (5Q xenta per
Why not take it.- . v.-
month, red solos,-which will be well pita n
thea di fiaation of all who attend.,
E ' 1 js&h - it.
A . . .&XV EVERY
. EVERY, DAY " . j.g & B
'.-.. . ; . ,
Our -entire stock of High . Grade ' Clothing
is on sale without reserve. The finest and
most complete stock in Corvallis. Five of:
Society Brand, micDaels-SKrn ana Senior
College lotbe$
9.95 $20.00, special, $ 15.85
11.S0 25.00, " 19.75
14.25 30.00, " 24.85
All Odd Suits Coats and Vests and
Youth's Suits, half price
Regular $ 12.50,' special, $