Corvallis daily gazette. (Corvallis, Benton County, Oregon) 1909-1909, May 11, 1909, Image 3

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    C-3) .
C A. Gerhart is in Portland on bu
siness today.
Ira Barkley is clerking at F. L. Mil
lers during the illness of Frances Gel
latly. Frank Hughes, the timber man, was
a passenger on the Corvallis & Alsea
.Railroad train this morning.
, Hazel Hardie, of Portland, who has
Teen visiting Miss Margaret Nicoli, re
turned home Sunday evening.
The Rebekah Lodge held a very inter
esting session on Monday night. Two
candidates were initiated after which
-elegant refreshments were served.
General repair shop. All work first
class. DromDtlv done. Back of Beal
Bros., blacksmith shop, Wood Bros.
S. S. Smith has resigned his position
as freight agent for the Southern Pa- .
ific at Corvallis and is now found in a j
similar position with the Corvallis &
Alsea road.
. M. H. Bauer is mentioned as a possi
ble candidate for mayor. As a business
man Mike has been a decided success
and if called upon to serve the people
as mayor he would me asure up to the
Rev. Evan P. Hughes went to Salem
to-day to attend the East Willamette
Association of theCongregational church
now in session. . R. L. Whitehead, Mrs.
Charles Lunt and Mrs. Martha Burnett
are also in attendance as delegates.
The will of J. J. Cady was filed with
the county clerk " for probate Monday
afternoon. The estimated value of the
property is $5,000 consisting of real es
' tate in Corvallis. The property is de
vised to his wife, Mrs. Annie Cady. '
The ladies of the home mission soci
ety of the M, E. Church, south', will
give a 10 cent supper at the residence
of E. B. Jones, second house north of
the church, Wednesday afternoon and
evening, from 3 to 9 o'clock p. m. The
public invited. '
Three old barns have been torn down
and removed from the block on Eighth
street, between Washington and Adams
and the ground will be used for resi
.' dence properties. This block has long
been disgraced by these old shacks and
the citizens in that neighborhood will
rejoice over their departure.
Lindsey Sharp has torn down all the
old dilapidated outhouses on his prem
ises and will have enough kindlingwood
to last him for a year. He has also had
the house raised and a very neat porch
constructed in front. It begins to show
the earmarks of civilization and when
nicely painted, will make a very com
fortable home. ,
The old barn that has stood on the cor
ner of Sixth and Harrison streets for
jnay years has at last been removed
.and the lot filled in with dirt. It now
presents a very respectable appearance
and from the maneuvering now being
done by the enterprising owner of the
premises a new residence is possible be
fore the summer passes.
George W. Smith, Robert Johnson
and Judge McFadden are attending cir
cuit court at .Dalles, Polk county. The
Judge is the attorney for Benton county
in the case of Bailey vs. Benton county
for personal injury received in Fair
mount precinct by falling through a
bridge. Smith and Johnson are wit
nesses in the case and, of course, will
tell the truth, the whole truth, and
nothing but the truth.
Miss Margaret Snell has returned
from an extended visit' with her family
and "friends in California. Her sisters
were the founders of the Snell Semi
nary at Berkeley, California and Miss
Margaret was the first woman teacher
of domestic science and art in the north
west. For many years she was a pop
ular teacher at O. A. C. and hence her
friends are numbered by the score in
nearly every county in the state. She
will always receive a hearty welcome in
Corvallis. , '
Accommodations for Summer Students
Cathey Family Reunion.
W. G. Cathey who lived at Cedarville
on the O. W. P. railway since 1853,, left
the past week for a six months' visit in
the east.- He was accompanied by his
two brothers, John Cathey, of Humboldt
county, California, and Robert Cathey,
of Leeton, Mo., who were out here on a
visit. A reunion of the family will be
held at the home of Mrs. Mary Cathey,
Leeton, Mo. Sunday before Mr. Cath
ey started 'east many of his children and
grandchildren spent the day with him at
the home of his daughter, Mrs. S. C.
Jones. Among those present were :
Robert Cathey, John Cathey, Dr. B. A.
Cathey and wife, Miss Marie Cathey,
Miss Evelyn Cathey and Collie, Cathey,
of Corvallis ; Dr. George Cathey, of
Portland ; Clarence D. Cathey, of
Wanted A light job by a willing
man. Phone 129. 5-ll-3t
Daily Gazette 59 cents a month.
Go to Dr.. Howard for the best and
most artistic dental work. Twenty-two
karat gold crowns reinforced with 18
karat goldsolder made and put on in
one hour. ' - ' 8tf
In the matter of the estate of Precious
Shedd, deceased. , -
Notice is hereby given that the under
signed as executor of the last will and
testament of Precious She:.d, deceased,
has filed his final account as such execu
tor with the clerk of the county court of
the state of Oregon for Benton . County,
and the said court has fixed Monday, the
17th day of May, 1909, at the hour of two
o'clock in the afternoon as the time, and
the county court room in the courthouse
in CorvaIlisK Oregon, as the place, for
hearing any and all objections'to the said
account, and for settlement thereof
Dated this April 16th, 1909.
Jesse L. Caton,
Executor of the last will and testament
of Precious Shedd, deceased.
First Publication April 16, '09.
Last Publication May 14, '09.
Harry Beck is laid up for repairs at
the family home. . '
students from abroad attending the
summer school will make inquiry for
board and .room from June 21 to July
30 inclusive. Those wishing to accom
modate them will plgase give rates and
other information necessary to the
Registrar of the OAC at once. It is
possible that a few students will wish
to do light housekeeping and will de
sire to rent furnished rooms. Hence
any information on the subject regard
ing the accommodations for students
attending the summer school will be
gratefully received.-.
S - - tV V ;-- '' i Aj?V-.' 'is.V '
It f f-Q r
ff J njty- -
j rrt .
Advanced Steps Taken by State Grange
in the Matter of Practical Education
by Discussion of Uniform Topics or
1 mun-n-iiim- in m wmnM rrmrTr
All Kinds, In
"With the Josephine Deffry Company
Notice to Subscribers to the
Advertising Fund
Subscribers Should Call by Numbers to
Get Prompt Service
You are each and all hereby
notified of the organization of an
executive committee to have
charge of the advertising of our
City and County and the hand
ling of the funds subscribed
monthly for such purpose,
through the election of the fol
lowing nine men towit: M. S.
Woodcock, B.W.Johnson, J. M.
Nolan, Virgil E. Watters, John
F. Allen, N. R. Moore, G. A.
Robinson, F. L. Miller and A. J. ;
Johnson, the former having
been elected as Chairman and
the latter as Secretary . and ,
Treasurer. G. A. Waggoner has j
been elected by this executive
committee as Advertising Mana
ger and with instructions to
make all collections on monthly
subscriptions, beginning on May
1st, all subscriptions are payable
in advance. We trust all will
be prompt with their monthly
payments and thus greatly aid
the Committee in their work.
By order of the Committee,
A. J. Johnson,
4-27-4t ' . Secretary.
Call by numbers. : The Independent
Telephone Company has a new direc
tory put and the same is now being dis
tributed. The directory contains a list
of all of the towns in Oregon, Washing
ton and British Columbia which may Je
reached over the Independent . Tele
phone line, and this list is supplemented
by a map of the Northwest coast with
the line marked thereon.
The directory proper is. a complete
list of all the subscribers , of ' the Inde
pendent Telephone Company in Benton
and Linn counties alphabetically ar
ranged, and in addition there is a busi
ness directory classified - according to
the different businesses. L '
Trunks an,d suit cases at 0. J.
Blackledge's. 4-2-tf
For Sale or Trade A good
Studebaker cart and single har
ness. Apply 360 Jackson street.
4-9 tf
Edison records for May now on
sale at Graham & Wells. 4 27 4t
Eaaies' aiatcDcs need
v Constant Repairing
Their method of carrying them is
responsible for the fact. Pinned to
the waist or hanging on a chain the
delicate mechanism is easily disar
ranged. We pay special attention
to ladies' watches, and when re
paired by us you will find that they
keep iu order longer.
E W, S, PRiVTT, Jeweler and Optician
' Among other places showing a con
siderable, list of users of the Indepen
dent Telephone Company besides Cor
vallis and Albany is Alsea, Bellfoun
tain, Lebanon, Brownsville, Csawfords-
ville, Plainview, Sweet Home, Scio,
Tangent and Peoria. ,
bmce the directory was issued sev
eral new names have been added and
these are on a supplemental list which
occurs in the front part of the directory,
It is the intention of the company to
furnish - their subscribers each month
with a supplemental list showing new
telephones that have been added, and
also changes that have been made since
the last directory was issued. In this
way the subscriber's directory will be
kept up to date. The company espec
ially requests that their patrons call by
numbers instead of by names. This is
not so milch on account of ' the com
pany's convenience as it is for the con
venience of the subscriber and his more
prompt and efficient service. When
parties are called -by names, it is fre
quently necessary for the operator to
consult her directory , requiring a cer
tain amount of time and thus delaying
the call. If subscribers will use the
numbers, this will be avoided and the
operator can get parties much more
quickly. . . -.
The directory also contains an invi
tation to all patrons to visit the office
any day from two to five o'clock in the
afternoon to witness the operation of
the new and up to date exchange which
is complete with all modern appoint
ments. - J . J. LiOWE, 4
- Local Manager.
Dr. Howard don't keep you in the
anxious chair and make you lose your
valuable - time and punish you a half
day for 15 minutes work. A mechanic
can always do a piece of workfirst
class in a reasonable time. . ' : 8tf
. The State Grange meets today at
McMinnville in annual session and this
section will be represented by J. W.
Jones, of Corvallis R. F. D. 4, a mem
ber of the Committee on Good of the
Order; Appeals, Mrs. A. A. Jones of
this city; Agricultural College, H. L.
French, of Corvallis, E. W. Staats,
Arlie, Pure Food, Mrs. Carrie French,
Corvallis. -
There will be a strong effort made to
have the next meeting of the State
Grange held at Corvallis and the dele
gates from here will do their best to
bring this about. - .
In connection with this meeting of
the State Grange,. State Lecturer J. J.
Johnson has Called a conference of all
the lecturers of local granges in . the
state to meet in McMinnville, Thursday
afternoon, May 13, communications sent
out to the 125 granges in the state
several weeks ago, asking lecturers to
attend this conference, have resulted in
nearly 100 favorable answers, so that
State Lecturer Johnson estimates that
at least 90 lecturers will attend the con
ference. The object of the conference
is to render more effective the educa
tional plan that was adopted . in the
fearly part of the year, and generally
carried out, by which a uniform system
of topics has been considered by each
grange in the state, with the assistance
of the state librarian, who furnished
reference books on topics discussed.
The plan was found the best yet used
in the state, according to reports, and
resulted in a wide range of practical
topics being discussed,' including public
schools,! good roads, .. betterment of
health conditions on the farm and im
proved methods of-farming. The. plan
has worked succesfully, said Mr. John
son thenks to the. co-operation of Miss
Marvin, state librarian; Miss Nellie Fox,
of thePortland Library; State Superin
tendent J. H. Ackerman, 'Dr. Withy
combe and other educators. At the
conference the system will be discussed
and improved. It will be made more
practical and mOre local through suggestions-
of local lecturers.
This educational conference will be a-
new feature, in the history of the Ore
gon State Grange, and will result in
nearly doubling the attendance, accord
ing to responses received. - It is thought
the conference will become an annual
affair, and will be officially recognized
as such by the State Grange. The edu
cational plan as carried out by the
State Lecturer Johnson during the year
has been recognized as the most ad
vanced step yet taken by the grange
-order in this state or elsewhere.
It is expected that the State Grange
will take action condemning the pro
posed referendum against the OAC
appropriation, as most of the subordin
ate granges have declared by resolu
tions against the referendum, besides
State Master Buxton has issued a
statement against it. . .
The Benton County
Corvallis, Oregon
1T If you have anything to buy, sell or exchange, see us. No padded
prices. If As to our responsibility, and methods of doing business, we refer
you to the business men of Corvallis. IT Some splendid bargains send for
This includes all the beautiful patterns in crown effects,
cut-outs, ingrains, etc. If you contemplate using paper in
your house this Spring, come to our store, see our goods
and we will show you how many dollars we can save YOU
Second Street, Near Palace Theater
Occidental Lumber Co.
Successors to
Corvallis Lumber
Co. -
We are here to supply your needs in the Lumber line. Please
call on J. B IRVING for information and prices. And take
notice that' if we. have not got exactly what you want we will
get it for you.
G. 0. BASSET IV Local Mgr.
Phone Your Orders To No. 7,
Where They Will be Promptly Filled.
Special Church Notice.
Especial notice is hereby given to all
members of the Baptist church and con
gregation that Rev. F. C. W. Parker,
corresponding . "secretary of " Oregon
State Convention, will occupy the- pul
pit next Sunday, May 16, at 11 a. m.
and 8 p. m. Sunday School opens
promptly at 10 a. m. B. Y. U. at
p. m. Prayer service and Bible study
Thursday evening at 8 p. m. 5-ll-5t
, Notice of Election .
Corvallis, Oregon, May 3, 1909.
Notice Is Herebv erven that the annual
Election for the City of Corvallis, Ore
gon will De heia on Monday, May 17,
1909, beginning at 9 o clock A. M. and
continuing until 6 o clock P. M. of the
said day at the City Hall of said City
for the purpose of electing, A Mayor to
serve for the period of two years; Two
members of the Water Committee to
serve lor the period of hve years; a
Police Judge, Chief of Police, City Trea
surer, each to serve for the period of one
year; hrst ward one councilman to serve
lor the period of three years; second
ward two councilmen to serve for the
period of three years and one year re
spectively; third ward one councilman
to serve for the period of three years.
The Common Council of the City of
Corvallis has appointed W. H. Savage,
of the first ward; S. L. Henderson of
the second ward; and Geo. A. Robinson
of the third ward to act as Judges of
said election and A. L. Stevenson and
Harper Mecklin to act as Clerks of said
election. . - - .
Dated this 3rd day of May, 1909
:"v Geo. W. Denman, ' ,
:. Police Judge
First Publication, May 4, 1909.
Last Publication, May 15,' 1909 .
Fine Line of Crockery, Glassware, Cut
Glass, Haviland and Chinaware,
Ponton County Lumber Co,
Manufacturers of all kinds of
Fir Lumber, Mouldings, Cedar Posts,
Sawed and Split. Cedar Shakes
. Dealers in...-
Doors, Windows, Lime, Stick Cement
, Shingles, etc
Successors to
Second Street, " - . Corvallis, Oregon
- ' Dealers In
Hardware, Implements, Buggies, Wagons, Cream Sepa
rators, Graniteware, Tinware and Builders'
, . Hardware. . , : -M'-
" , Sole Agents for . ' -
Congo Roofing and Quick fcleal Ranges