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    Page 6 THE ROGUE TUES..MAY 11. 1971
A.H.S. Music, Drama Theater
Nears Final Building Phases
By Larry Taylor
Because it won an Oscar and a Grammy, it's probably about time
Let It Be was dealt with. Besides, being the last Beatles album, it
deserves some attention.
The album starts with the song, "Two of Us." This is good old
Beatles. The instrumentals are simple; the vocals are nice. Still,
there's really not too much to it.
"I Dig a Pony," the next cut, is really outstanding. John Lennon's
haunting lyrics, accompanied by a very heavily bass-led instrumental,
make this one of the best songs of the album. George Harrison's
guitar makes its first big show of the album here.
The strumming guitar line and special vocal effects, along with
the Om chant in the chorus, are the most .apparent features of
"Across the Universe." The poetry of the lyrics is excellent: "Images
of broken light Which dance before me like a million eyesThey call
me on and on Across the Universe."
"I Me Mine" is George Harrison's combination of waltz and
rock'n'roll. The idea is an indictment of selfishness. The next cut,
"Dig It," is hardly worth mentioning in its cut form on this album.
Of course, the most important song (not to say the best) on the
album is the title cut, "Let It Be." This is Paul McCartney's forte.
Listening to it lends credence to John Lennon's claim that the
Beatles, in their final days, were simply a backup band for Paul. Still
the song is well put together; the lyrics are good, and the
instrumentals feature George Harrison on the guitar and guest artist
Billy Preston on the organ.
One of the immortal putdowns of rock music is contained in
"I've Got a Feeling." "Oh, please believe meI hate to miss the
trainAnd if you leave me1 won't be late again." The instrumentals,
as well as the lyrics, are impressive. "One after 909" is straight
rock'n'roll. The lyrics are predictable, but fun. George plays a good
rock'n'roll guitar, John's bass isn't bad at all, and Paul does well at
the piano. Ringo, of course, is keeping the heartbeat of the song.
The most heavily orchestrated out on the album, and also the
most popular with "adult audiences," is "The Long And Winding
Road." Even more than "Let It Be," this song features Paul
"For You Blue" is a cute love song, written by all four Beatles.
"Because you're sweet and lovely, girl, I love you." And, of course,
the final song on the album needs no description. "Get Back" speaks
for itself.
Let It Be combinesallof the good stuff which the Beatles finished
with. The fact that the Apple on this album is red, rather than green,
is of course significant. And the ripe fruit turned out all right, after
aii. :
Outstanding Seniors Honored
As Citizens and BPW Girls
In the right wing of the old
building where the typing and
bookkeeping rooms used to be,
the new auditorium is slowly but
surely coming along.
The new addition to the high
school was planned and started
toward the end of last school
year. During the year of work on
the auditorium, the first phase
of construction was finished.
The walls have been
remodeled, plastered, and
painted. The light fixtures have
all been installed and the stage
The stage is put together in
such a fashion that it may be
taken apart or at least part of it.
The stage is modeled to suit
Elizabethan-Shakespearean plays
or curtain productions. When
curtain productions are in
the front portion of the stage
can be removed and carried to a
store room. During
Shakespearean type plays the
front portion can then be added
When the auditorium is
completed, the plans are to have
riser seats, carpet, and of course
curtains. Drama Director
Ellsworth London says the
auditorium will seat about 2 50
London felt the auditorium
probably wouldn't be completed
for a couple of years yet due to
BPW Girls of the term award
and citizens of the nine weeks
have been given to four seniors.
Senior class President Billie
Hays and Honor Society
President Kit Nidever were
honored as citizens of the nine
weeks. BPW girls of the term for
the 3rd nine weeks was Jackie
Leigh and Debi Gates got the
award for the last nine weeks.
Citizens of the Nine Weeks
Miss Hays has been active in
AHS activities during this school
29? E. Main
year. Besides being Senior Class
President, Miss Hays organized
the computer Dance, the senior
horror shows and is a member of
AHS stage band and symphonic
band. She also attended Able
and Gifted classes at SOC this
last fall.
Nidever is the valedictorian
for the class of '7 1 with a grade
point average of 3.976. He has
attended Able and Gifted classes
for the past two years and was a
delegate to Boys State last
summer. He was also chosen as
Elks Most Valuable Student.
BPW Girls of the term
Jackie Leigh was given this
award because of her
participation in Debate and
being President of AFS. She also
spent a week in New York at a
Science Symposium.
Debi Gates who is girl of the
term for the last nine weeks also
participates in Debate is a past
honored queen in Job's
Daughter. She was also alternate
to Girls State last Summer.
Craft's Variety
Let us help you
with all your
variety needs
250 E. Main
Ideal Drug
the current budget. The first
pnase of construction so far has
cost an estimated $?a,000
London said.
The stage will be used in the
future for music and drama
conbined. London felt panel
discussions may be another
possibility to use the new
theater for.
The theater will offer more
opportunity for student
performances, larger
productions, and will hopefully
involve more students in drama
and other activities.
Next year London hopes to
1515 Siskiyou Blvd.
Open 24 hours
start a two period course
emphasizing play production
and staging entertainment. The
theater may be used tor noon
time entertainment suih is
bands or small productions.
London hopes that the
auditorium will become the
center of activities such as
dances and plays. He also hopes
students will get more involved
and possibly start a new
tradition such as the noon time
The theater is a project which
London felt showed some
support from the school board
along with support of others.
frrf r r '4--
-"' rnlna4l- J
THE NEW THEATRE enters its stage of completion with the recent
addition of the lights.
Giles Green Holds
Seniority Distinction
by Charles Crulchf ield
Ever wondered, "Who is that
guy that's always hanging
around the library?" Chances
are, it was probably Giles Green,
assistant librarian.
Mr. Green came to Ashland in
1947, and taught math here for
ten years before becoming
Ashland's full time librarian. He
has gone through three
principles, and has the
distinction of being able to say
that he has been here two years
longer than Herb Lewis. Six
years ago, Mr. Green retired
from full service, and now serves
in position of assistant librarian
and only works for half of the
But when he is working, you
will find him in the little room
behind the library, marked
"Conference Room", probably
busily typing away at his desk in
his continual job of typing cards
for the card catalogue. "I've
probably done 30 of the 36
trays in the card catalogue," he
also said that he has enjoyed
every moment.
And if anyone has ever
wondered about any of the
giaduates of Ashland Senior
High, just ask Mr. Green, he has
made an alphabetic card file
with the name of every
graduating senior since the first
class in 1891.
Green was born in Minnesota,
but when he was there, his
parents moved to central Idaho.
He got his elementary school
education in a genuine log cabin
school house, where the snow
was so deep at times that classes
were dismissed because of it. He
then graduated from high school
at Kooskia, Idaho, and attended
the University at Moscow . . ..
(Idaho), he studied for a year,
then taught for a year to earn
money lor his education. He
then taught full time in Idaho,
Montana, and Washington before
coming here in 1947.
Mr. Green also remembers
most of the changes that have
been made in the school layout
since 1947. When asked, Mr.
Green was most helpful in
explaining where some old
rooms and things were, at least
to this reporter. Mr. Green says
that he might retire in a year or
two. According to many, it
would be a great loss, for
Ashland High could use a lot
more people of the caliber of
Giles Green.
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