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WED., APRIL 1, 1964
Who is the most popular female
dance partner at Ashland High?
This question will be answered
at the Stag Stomp this Saturday
night. The dance, sponsored by
the Flag Girls, will last from
eight to eleven at the high school
As each boy comes into the
dance, he will be given a book of
tickets. For each dance the boy
must give his partner a ticket and
everytime he cuts in he must give
the girl a ticket. Although the
first book is free, an additional
book may be purchased for ten
At 10:15 a call for tickets will
be made and the girl with the
most tickets will be crowned
Spring Queen. In addition, her
class will receive 5 SSS points.
The Queen may choose her king
from the boys at the dance.
Live music will be provided by
the Shandells and a special "half
time" entertainment of folk songs
will be presented by a trio of
seniors. Admission to the dance
is 50c and all students must wear
school clothes.
Students To Vie
In District Debate
Ashland High's debate team, I
which won many trophies this
year, will be competing in the
district finals for individuals on
April 3 and 4. At this time each
member of the varsity debate
squad will be entering one or two
In the Humorous Interpreta
tion division, Trudee Lewis and
John Reid will represent Ash
land. Trudee won a state cup in
this division last year and indica
tions are that she will do the
same again. Jotin will also be
competing in After-Dinner Speak
ing as will Sami Everett.
Gary Gosha and Scot Roberts
will deliver radio speeches. Scot,
who has had two years of debate,
is taking it on the side this eyar
while Gary is a first-year mem
ber of the squad. Scot and Charles
Moore will also represent AHS in
Impromptu Speaking.
Aero from the Mark Antony
18 years experience lelling
the west' best
Standard Oil Product
Phono 432 2232
Market Basket
842 Siskiyou 482-1786
Susie Kapteyn and Trudee
Lewis are entering Poetry Read
ing while Bob Lawrence and John
Reid will be competing in Ex
temporaneous Speaking. Bob and
Susie are both first-year debaters.
Maria Drew and Teresa (Smi
ley) Krug, who competed as i
team at several debate tourna
ments, will be entering the Ser
ious Interpretation division at the
forthcoming tournament. April
Lewis and Jon Roberson, also
first-year debaters are preparing
speeches for Oratory.
Third in Debate
Trudee Lewis and Jon Roberson
represented Ashland High as a
tea min the debating competition
recently. They placed third as a
team. Although Ashland will not
be able to win a state cup in de
bate as a result, it is predicted
that they will bring home at least
three state cups in individuals.
Students Combine Talent
To Produce Spring Play
Whoever heard of a grandfather i
who collects snakes and attends
commencements and circuses for
an occupation? He is just one
of the hilarious (?) characters in
the forthcoming Spring Play, "You
Can't Take It With You". This
three-act comedy by Moss Hart
and George S. Kaufman will be
presented the evening of April 24.
Mrs. Lucy Susee, English teach
er, is in charge of the production
while Pat Dysert is the student
director. Joan Grimm has been
named business manager; Terry
Skibby and Don Scripter, who did
such a fine job on the senior
class play, will be the stage
Crazy Family
The plot concerns the Sycamore
family, almost all of whom are
slightly off their rockers. One
member of the family is Alice
(played by Susan Hess) who is
Palace Cafe
Serving lunches from
11 a.m. to 8 pjn.
Complete Dinner
And Sandwiches
Your Heatess Debbie Mickey
171 E. Main
Diamonds Jewelry
Repairing and Engraving
18 Discount to All SOC
272 E. Main Ashland
surprisingly normal. Her romance
with Tony Kirby (played by Bill
Retter) is complicated by the fact
that her family is odd while his
family is quite normal and mil
lionaires to boot.
When Tony's parents (played by
Mike Lundergan and Diane Ben
son) are asked to dinner at the
home of the Sycamore family,
everything goes wrong and the
whole party is arrested.
Grandpa, who has been men
tioned already, is played by Tom
Reid. Mrs. Sycamore, who loves
to write plays, is played by Cathy
Christy while Paul, her husband
manufactures firecrackers, among
other things.
The two daughters are Alice
(the normal one) who is por
trayed by Susan Hess and Essie
(Kris Nashland) a rather clumsy
girl who aspires to be a dancer.
The latter daughter is married to
Ed (Charles Moore) who plays
a xylophone for her while she
dances (???).
Other Actors
A large, hairy Russian who
teaches dancing is played by Riley
Sauers; a Russian Grand Duchess
is played by Gretchen Graham.
The Sycamore's Negro maid will
be played by Sami Everett; her
boyfriend is portrayed by John
Other members of the cast are
Mr. DePinna (Terry Barraclough),
Henderson (Jim Mayo), and Gay
Wellington (Ila Kneebone).
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11. Crystal Ruth, Joyce Hag
sell, Ann Johnston, and Sue
Conner will sing "Tickle
12. "Goin To Boston" will be
sung by the chorus.
13. Act Thirteen will feature
the Rail Splitting group and
secondly, Tom Thompson sing
ging "Dixie".
14. The orchestra will play
"Red Sarafan" and "El Zapa-
15. Lynda Lewis, Jemily Mac
Collister, and Georgia. Myers
will sing "Put On Your Old
Gray Bonnet".
16. Chris Hoberg will sing a
selection of German songs.
17. "O Marie" will be per
formed by a song and dance
18. "Chec Dance" will be per
formed by the orchestra and
the dance group.
19. The Velvatones, accom
panied by Suzanne Gwaltney,
Linda Leigh, and April Lewis,
will sing "Grandma's Advice"
and "Fisherman".
20. Several numbers will be
played by the Dixieland Band.
21. The Faculty Quintet will
do a number.
22. The Schotitishe dance will
be done.
23. Six junior girls (Barbara
Siebenlist, Janney McCarley,
Maria Drew, Suzanne Gwaltney,
Teresa Krug, and Lyn Voris)
will sing "He's Got the Whole
World in His Hands".
24. "Country Style" Is a
song and dance number by the
orchestra, chorus, and student
25. "The Polka" will be per
formed. 26. A song and dance routine
will be done by the entire
27. "Scarlet Ribbons" will be
sung by the chorus.
28. "Every Night" will feature
Steve Chapman on the har
monica and the chorus.
29. "Erie Canal" will be snng
by the chorus and occampanled
by the orchestra.
30. The Grand Finale
"America the Beautiful" will
be sung by the entire company.
Ingle Drug
On the Corner
By the Post Offiee
Phone 482-1331
"In Business
for Your Heakk"
Serving Ashlamd
For Over 50 Years
The senior class, which has led
SSS points all year, is still
ahead of its nearest rival, the
class of '63. The seniors have a
grand total of 205 points, the
juniors have 190, and the sopho
mores trail with 168.
Sign of
GOOD Service
Flying A Station
345 Lithia Way 4824051