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WED.. MARCH 27. 1963
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To the Editor:
There seems to be a lot of
comment lately about the fairness
and objectivity of the S.S.S. Com
mittee. As the facility advisor
of this committee, I would like
to state my views on their work.
I have been associated with
high school and college students
for more years than I am going
to admit to, and I have never
worked with four more unbiased
students. We meet each week,
sometimes quite late, trying to
determine how points shall be
awarded. Other students and
faculty members come In occas-
Typing Contest
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for judging. Three Ashland High
School students qualified with
perfect five-minute writings. They
are: Karen Wood, John Siebert,
and Richard Willis. Many students
over the United States participate
in this contest The best typists
are invited to regional contests
held all over the United States.
The ten best are invited to New
York for the finals. These stu
dents and their teachers are
guests of the Facit Company
while in New York. Winners in
New York earn an all-expense
' paid trip to Sweden.
S It. B Y
1M Baet Mala Mrtwc
"By Our Good fevtic
To WW w W
Fheae 46C-M11
Chevrolet OlInaniMii
ionally and are always given a
polite reception. The committee
members listen carefully, then
evaluate the suggestion (we had
three special meetings on one
suggestion). When a vote is
finally taken, it is almost always
a unanimous one. Since all three
classes are represented, I don't
see how the members are "unfair."
Since coming to A H.S.I have
been extremely proud of the
Grizzly spirit. Heckling doesn't
become us. Let's criticize in such
a way that we will improve not
destroy that spirit.
(Mrs.) Margaret Zwick
This n' That
By Dave MoU
Every day students hear these
favorite expressions of favorite
-Tomorrow's assignment is on
the board. I'll give you the period
to copy it. Mr. Apodaca.
There will be a test on Wed
nesday. Be sure to bring your
absent slips on Thursday. Mr,
The next person who talks
will go to the office, and Tom,
while you're up there, bring
back some library permits. Mr,
Please get rid of your gum
Suzy, Dave, Rick, Bill, Jim, Cris
class. Mr. Wright.
I have enjoyed having you all
in my class this year and I will
enjoy having you all in my class
next year. Mrs. McAlaster.
There will be no assignment
this week-end if you promise not
to come back. Mr. Leybold.
a a
LOST: My book of etiquette.
Contact any sophomere.
LOST: Unexcused tardy slip.
Please pretend you didn't see it.
LOST: Ending to a song. Con
tact Frank Schubert.
The Year Around
Headquarters for School
270 E. Main
S&H Green Stamps
Two locations to serve
YOU Better
10 N. Main
1217 Siskiyou BWd.
Is A Dirty School Your Fault?
Is some teacher always reminding you to clean up the paper
around your desk? Do the announcements over the intercom about
the messy halls and dirty water fountains get on your nerves?
Does the fact that there is a severe penalty attached to any
person seen littering the streets bother you?
Well, fellow students, don't let it disturb you. It is simply
that the adults don't understand us. They don't know that it's not
lack of pride that causes us to be messy. No. whatever it is, it
isn't that Is it? We have other reasons.
In regard to dirty drinking fountains, the following reasons
might be offered:
1. Didn't want to cook oa my m and cause the school an
expensive insurance bill.
2. Couldn't pot the gum in the wastebasket because it might
stick to the container and cause the maintenance men trouble.
3. Out of the question to put it on the heater; someone was
sitting on it.
4. If anyone needed anything sticky to put a poster up with.
it would be there, right handy.
S. Didn't want to drop it on the floor; the halls are con
gested enough.
Some of the reasons for the messy halls might be:
1. Paper on the floor gives the janitors a chance to see just
what they're sweeping up.
2. Didn't want to seem bossy and tell my buddy to pick up
the paper he dropped.
3. Shouldn't pick up paper already on the floor as it may be
there for a reason.
4. Don't pick up paper on the floor as someone may have
lost it, and won't know where to look if you pick it up.
3. Paper on the floor serves as a mat so students don't track
mud all over the hallowed halls of AHS.
So students, if you hear any more announcements or pleas
from a teacher, or see. a buddy cleaning up a 50-mile stretch of
littered highway, think nothing of it We (you and I) know it's
not because we don't have pride in our school, don't we?
From Midnoon to Midnight
Serving Ashland
Fer Over 5 Tears
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on world affairs, Einstein s the
ories, world soccor's scores. You
can even learn how many points
Chamberlain made in his last
game, what is the politics of Rus
sia, even of Vaduz, or what hap
pened in the last Olympic games,
or you can learn your chemistry
or physics lessons .This is the
hour of discussion and of the
At nine o clock everybody goes
to their dormitories and are
supposed to sleep at nine thirty
which is never done. You cannot
sleep unless you are deaf or
have a strong nervous system.
Discussions keep going on in the
dormitory until 11 or 12 o'clock.
Everybody talks to his neighbor
or even sings or runs around, be
cause the dormitories are very
big and I believe last year there
were 70 boys in my dormitory.
Some boys try to have fun in dif
ferent ways. For example, some-
Low Bright Diamonds
283 East Main in Ashland
times you cannot find your pillow
or your slippers or even your
bed in its place. Everybody knows
where it is but nobody tells you.
Anyway, I believe I couldn't
exactly show you the different
faces of my school. I tried to
show it by it's funny faces. I will
show you later the serious faces
of my school. Wait a little bit
On the Plaza
Fer Less Money
Anderson's Pharmacy and
Photo Center
264 E. Mem in AahUne
Brad Ceeeaetiee Vttamias . Seneal Supplies Photo Needs