Rogue news. (Ashland, Or.) 19??-????, October 17, 1962, Page PAGE TWO, Image 2

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WED., OCT. 17, 1962
Advertising Is Necessary
Since we have received several complaints about
the large amount of advertising in the Rogue News,
we will try to explain why all of this advertising
is necessary for the publication of the paper.
It costs approximately $110 to publish just one
edition of the paper. The school journalism class
also has to pay for extra supplies, films, and mem
bership in the Oregon Scholastic Press. As twelve
issues are published, the total cost for the year to
publish the paper is from twelve hundred to fourteen
hundred dollars.
The Rogue News receives only $400 per year
to publish the paper. This means that more than
$800 must be raised by the journalism class in order
to publish the paper.
Aside from dances, game concessions, and cup
cake sales, the only other practical means of raising
this money is by selling advertising to the local
If the students and faculty feel that there was
an abundance of advertising in the last issue of the
Rogue News, we would like to point out that there
still wasn't enough as only $50 was raised through
advertising when the amount should have been
closer to $75.
The staff would like to please the students since
this is your paper, but unless a satisfactory way can
be found to raise more money, we shall have to
continue with a large amount of ads in each issue
Red and White Fight Fight!
Red and White Fight Fight! How
can de expect our team to fight
if we as a student body don't
show that we are supporting them
100 oer cent? Maybe it would be
profitable if each Ashland High
Student took a look at himself and
determined just how much school
spirit he has. He should afSk him
self just how much he shows that
school spirit. We must remember
that we cannot expect from others
what we are unwilling to give
We each should ask where are
we when the football, basketball,
and baseball game is played no
matter what the outcome is
when the track meet is held
when the band and majorettes
represent our school well when
the yell leaders do a good job
when the debate team returns
home victorious or not? No matter
what the case may be the question
is where are we?
Let each student feel, work,
and talk Ashland High first. If
we do this, we can bring the
townspeople along with us. Let
Scholastic f Official Student Publication
Pkkss I Of the Associated Students of
Ashland benior High benool
Issued Tri-weekly by the School Journalism Class
Editor Lonna Baize
Assistant Editor Dave Mott
Advertising Manager .. Kathy Tilford
Sports Editor Bruce Bamforth
Reporters Penny Clements,
Loren Close, Geraldine Donigan, Judy Guile, Charles Hillestad,
Mary McCulloch, Sharron Oviatt, Vicki Schweikl, Linda Weber.
Advisor Mrs. Selma McAlaster
each one of us be convinged that
we have the best School there is
and we will not only be wearing
Red and White but we will be
fighting all the way for Ashland
Flair for Fashion
By Linda Weber
FASHION! Who knows what the
latest fashions are? Long shirts,
short shirts, full skirts, or straight
skirts? White socks, plaid socks,
cords, or plaid slacks?
Fashions play a tremendously
important part in the lives of most
high school students yes! the
boys too.
Won't you help inform us of
the latest fashions so that we can
publish choice bits with each issue
of the paper?
Just a tip form a leading
fashion designer of California,
"No woman, not even a high
school student, will be caught the
spring of '63 with her knees
showing." Don't flip girls this
is a quote.
Western Auto
Your Home Owned Store
Corner Pioneer & Main
Ashland, Oregon
By Sharon Oviatt
In my opinion, this year's band
which consists of some 70 mem
bers, is the best ever. I sincerely
hope we have the chance to see
them perform often this year.
Students! The Ashland High
Grizzly decals will be sold by the
journalism class when it comes
time to decorate your car, bike,
or kiddy car, whichever class you
happen to fall into, for the home
coming parade. Don't forget to
get yours.
Has anyone noticed that there
seems to be a lot of publicity con
cerning our school spirit featured
in this paper. Take note, there
must be a reason for it.
The following items may be
familiar to some of the stu
dents. They are the sayings found
writen on a few of the English
teachers' boards. These sayings
are taken from reading and other
Mrs. Susee:
Take time to prepare for the
future; that is where you will
pend the rest of your life.
A smile is something that adds
to your face value.
You cannot do anything by not
doing nothing.
Mrs. McAlaster:
A good listener is not only
popular everywhere, but after a
while he knows something.
The pessimist finds a difficulty
in every opportunity. The optimist
finds an opportunity in every
It is better to be silent like a
fool than to talk like one.
Student Council
Committees formed
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day out of school to the class
with the most points.
The other committee is the
evaluation committee consisting
of six members. Barbara Barry
and Craig Pennington are the
senior members. The juniors are
Scott Roberts and Richard Willis.
The sophomores are Sami Everet
and Kandy Korthase. Scott Rob
erts, the second vice-president.
is in charge of the group. Their
job is to evaluate all student
body activities including National
School Assemblies.
Ingle Drug
On the Corner
By the Post Office
Phone 482-1321
"In Business
for Your Health"
It's FUN to EAT or the
Henry Carr Jewelers
Two Stores in Two Locations for Easier Shopping
and Greater Savings
Pioneer Village Shopping Center
OPEN 7 Days a Week 9:00 A.M. to 9:00 P.M.
" -j " Grocery and Meats The 88c Store
Beauty Salon Westinghouse Laundromat
Green Bakery Department
842 Siskiyou Blvd.
Grocery and Meats OPEN 8 TO 8
Week Days
Frozen Food Lockers Closed Sundays