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    FRI.. MAY 8. 1959
National Honor Society
Selects 26 AHS Students
Quill and Scroll
Have Initiation
"If you keep happily busy, Principal Smith presented Gladys Banks Chapter of
you will enjoy a fruitful life," certificates of membership to Quill and Scroll, honorary soci
was a bit of advice given by the following seniors: Jean ety for high school journalists.
Dr. Arthur Kreisman, guest Fisher, Catherine Fowler, Lee will hold their annual initia
speakcr from SCO. at the in- Osgood, Charlene Peterson, Pat tion May 14, 1959
duction service of the National Roach and j0yce Stewart. Pat Gibson, editor of Rogue
Honor Society. Juniors who received member- News wiu address the group
Six seniors and 19 juniors ship were Paul Alley, Sharon and conduct the initiation,
were recognized for their scho- Alner, Diane Cochran, Wayne Guest speakers will be an
lastic accomplishments, char- Covington, Jolene Deardorff, nounced this week in the Ash
acter, and leadership by indue- Danise Dodge, Betty Duffy, jand Tidings,
tion into N.H.S. on April 28. Steve Gray, Phyllis Grow, Candidates for Quill and
Dr. Kreisman told the group Mike Hall, Jim Hamby, Jeanne Scroll are Herb Bell, David
that success in life is measured Millet, Roberta Richie, James jones, Duane Jarnagin, Linda
in different ways by different Skibby, Lynrt Sohler, Carolyn Loiton, Wanda Prettyman, Ida
people. Some may measure Wells, Meredith Williams, May, Carolyn Farmer, James
their degree of success by Brenda Woods, and Ted Kin- Kogan, Jim Susee, Kathy
money or power, but this does ney. Heinzman, Mary Carole Col-
not necessarily bring them hap- Those members of the Na- lins, Betty Duffy, Lynn Baker,
tional Honor Society who were Judy Mann, Mavis Enblom,
elected last year and who are Terry Campbell, Carol Hohn
now seniors are: Lynda Abbott, stein, Darlene Scherer, Diane
Bill Benson, George Converse, Gourley, Jerry Leach, Pat Dai
Phyllis DeBoer, Mavis Enblom, ley, Sally Mackay, Anita Felter
Clinton Gillespie, Sybil Hamil- and Pat Gibson.
Dean Freeman will be given
Anne Mittag, Jeanette Oeser, a special award for his work
in photography.
Space Flight
Continued from Paee 1
quet prepared for us by that ton, Jerry Joy, Geri Miller, Jo
famous rhpf Lamar Lisonbce.
served by Brinn Rashe. Of Ruth Wyant, and Jane Yaple.
course. Dean Freeman and Bill
Hughes will photograph physi- WINNERS
cist Bill Benson while he is "
eating bananas. Jody Mittag
will publicize the banquet in
the Saturn Review edited by
the distinguished magazine and
newspaper editor, Carol Hohn
stein. Many characteristics found
on Earth will be carried over
'59 Seniors Win
Space Elections
Girls shown in dress up day costume, from left to right are:
Annette Drager, Connie Lively, (background) Sybil Hamil
ton. Ruth Wyant, Kay Dailey, Jody Mittag and Lynda Lewi
son. Horoscope Reveals
Thespians Futurama
Rumors concerning the AHS mour, will sing the lead in
Thespian Society have been George's first opera. Both stars,
confirmed. They are going to of course, will take their les
continue their united league sons from the already famed
and someday become the great- stage and motion-picture star,
est acting company in the Connye Lively, of "Spacctow
world. Is there any wonder, er" fame.
though? Already distinguished Yes. someday, through the
It seems the elections of this Phyllis Peters and Jim Hyde, playwright George Converse producer-director, Mrs Suscc,
to the new colonies. One of happy year went quite smooth- And as we wind up our world modestly boasts that he will AHS Thespian Society will be-
these is the building of huge ly. Many of the 1959 graduates wide elections we find Myrna keep the company .supplied come the greatest acting com-
housin gprojects. To beautify of Ashland High were elected Webster, Carol Reeder, Bob with top-notch plays, operas pany in the world.
these, the talents of Therza for very high offices in the Hodgins, and Nolan Hapton- and ballets. (This story is confirmed
Bratcher and Alan McKinnis, world space elections. Here is stall as the new dictators of Ballet Featured through "Astro - Horoscope
landscape artists, will be ex- a brief look at the results. Western Russia. Ray Childreth will take up Magaxine" and famed horolo-
ploited. To supply the needed New President of the United Recognition should be given Russian ballet and dance the gist, Terry Campbell.)
trees and shrubbery, forester States is Eddie Hanscom who to these hard working grads of lead in George's first ballet,
Larry Hayncs will be called was one of our highest quali- '59. while his side-kick, Danny Sey- ' Support Our Advertisers!
upon. To haul all of the equip- fied Senators before he was
ment and ' foiage,' the Rocket elected, and - Floyd Taylor is .
Trucking Company of Jim Vice President. Campaign man
Hyde will be brought under agers for these two high offi
contract. Alyce Woods, home cials were Sally Mackay and
extension agent, will freely pat Dailey, former doctors for
give her talents to make the the Mau Mau's in Lower Sh
project a success. The homes bovia.
will be modern in all respects McKinms Honored
acording to the plans of drafts- new prime Minister of
man, Don Westfall. Great Britain is our own local
Pete Stemple, official geolo- dog catcher Ai McKinnis. Al,
gist, will survey vantage, giv- sMse of his faithful attend
ing Valuable data to anthropol- ance on lhis job for 35 years
ogists and archeologists Diane finally m0Vcd to a higher posi
Richenbach and Ruth Wyant, tion which he so greatIy de.
respectively, enabling them to eryed Xaking his place as dog
prove their long, disputed catcher ls his assistant, Linda
theories of life on other plan- Lorton. She is the first female
ets. Carol Tower will translate dog catcher in history.
the information into punch NJrlh Greeniand
caras ana Anna r-aimer win re- Hcre in this fair country wc
lay it to Earth via the Ding- haye i.,
dong interplanetary teiepnone street deaner
Phone MU fl-9316
New Shoes Are Sold '
Old Shoes Are Resoled
383 E. MAIN
Ashland Bowling Lanes
30 Se. First St.
OPEN 1 TO 12
Tbone MV 2-0032
most adored
Trashy Rashe.
Brinn has been our most talk
ative street cleaner. She is now
holding the position of secre
tary of the pencil factory in t
Greenland. Her manager is the
lovable Pat Winkler who .
formerly was Brinn's broom
Now onward to Tijuana,
Mexico. Here we have the un
forgettable Gary Haas as the
new world famous matador.
Okie Swamp Reveals 'S9ers
Now we'll travel down to
the Okie Finokee Swamp in
southeastern Italy. Here wc
have June Maddox and Bev
Johnson as pur main net using
bug catchers. Helping them is
Darlene Peterson, and Linda
Rugg, assistant bug catchers.
As we move onward we find
Floyd Grimes and Larry Hayn
es as the tw oleading marble
champions of Eastern Siberia.
The two runner-ups were Don
Westfall and Mary Ellen Kelso.
Last year's champions were
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Wc Give S&H Stamps
Ashland, Oregon