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FBI., MAY 8. 1959
1959. 1960 BIG YEARS
What's Our Future? Student Council Makes Gains
Time is flying by almost as fast as a rocket. For
most seniors it goes by too fast.
In this age of missiles, rockets, and Sputniks the
entrance into life is the beginning of a great chal
lenge to everyone of us.
It will mean going into a world where trained
help is needed. Many seniors will choose college or
other training schools. In this issue it has been point
ed out that many of the girls may look forward to
working twenty-five years, even though they are
married and are rearing families.
Looking back over the years, we will hold vivid
memories of the games, the dances, the sock hops,
and our favorite classes. In leaving Ashland High,
our striving for learning will not cease for we will
continue to train to make our lives better.
The Grizzly spirit should not be forgotten and
the Ashland High Alumni association is open for
membership for those who believe in the friendly
Grizzly spirit.
r " , -
Members of the Student Council from left to right are Bob
Johnson. Jane Yaple. Priicilla Nielson, Jean Fisher and Jim
Back the Band
For Festival Trip
ernment has really meant
something to students of AHS.
Student opinion through excel
lent representation at the meet
ings has been outstanding,"
stated Jim Bjork, student body
In addition to activities men
tioned, the student council has
backed the Oregon State
Champion Debate team both
from an inspirational and
financial way, as well as extra
money to Rogue News, accord
ing to Jim.
"The student council officers
and representatives have work
er dhard this year for democrat
ic student government, and I
know under the leadership of
the new regime that the stu
dent council will have deeper
meaning for all students for a
better conduct of student af
fairs in 1959-60," concluded
Among some of the accomp
lishments of the student coun
cil are:
1. Active interest in the Ash-
land-Talent United Crusade.
2. Starting a project to buy
By Linda Lorlon President, Bob Johnson; Secre-
Tlie Student Council of Ash- tarv. .lane Yanle- Treasurer
land Senior High has done Jean Fisher; Head Yell Leader, a new football score board,
much this year for the better- Priscilla Nielson; these seniors 111,3 wlU e don bv selling
ment of our school. Seniors make up the executive council lar8 bottles of "Coca Cola"
taking part in the student coun- of the student body. Other sen- next Eli
cit this year are: Student Body iors In student council are Bill 3- Sct UP an annual Ashland
Back the "Band to Portland' drive. See that our President, Jim Bjork; .Vice Benson, president of the sen- Senior High Homecoming and
lor class, ana Juay Mann wno '""'"
took over the job of publicity 4- Underwrote "Ashlandia"
manager for the school. In the or be
coming year the office of pub- 5- Sponsored the March of
licity manager is to become an Dimes United Fund,
official job in student council, We can be very Proud of
aDDointed bv Mr. Smith. All u r school's representation
these officers are to be com- for tnev nav given their time
'Pee&itt ct
By Carol and Charlene
a i mended for their excellent iob. and effort for all of us. They
. .... t: m i i ti , ripoirup wnll-famnH "thnnlf
Jim Bjork Looks Back
"We hope that student gov-
j ou.
Ode to Graduates
By Duane Jarnigan
There are tremendous truths THE LAST SYLLABLE
did you
AHS band is represented at the Portland Rose Festi
val. In the past little recognition has been given our
band. These players work year after year. They have
given school athletic events sincere support with
their march music. They have added to our school's
1 1 1 1 r-o 1 nrnorram x-ith xrAQT-lif mucjirfll pnnnorts
" f b J J rrvstnl hall we see the mvstic
After being chosen as one of Oregon's top high future forming in front of us.
school bands, our band has been asked to participate As we 8aze deeper a hazy face
in the Portland Rose Festival, June 11-14. Sr'es of So SLffSSS
This is where you come in. The band asks that of us and we immediately rc
you support their desperate drive for funds; not gnize ihc. ! of s"e IIe!11'
give them a hand-out. Attend their concerts, her class of girls on how to h , JJlTJTfTL ,"rl!
publicize their goal and help them reach it. Not only come efficient car hops. Off in of y,e followjng poem and al. Graduating seniors,
Will It bring prestige to our scnool, DUt It Will neip . Z , j though the general atmosphere Know . . . meres
put Ashland on the map. The greatest satisfaction n? Gy" of tbe serious composition may A hollow in .the breast of every
r . . ... ,, , . . :, , , T' be felt with only one reading, human soul
you can gam in this United effort, Of course, IS tO see Slowly the faces seem to dis- many readings are required be- And when the heaviness of
them leave for Portland, knowing that you have help- PPear and we fmd ourselves fore tne real depth be dis pomped worlds
ed to get them there. IV ZtVJtteVS coverued- soothing line,8 in mth.?1 U'S a"d
b ot lne lulure- Here we see itay whieh an interesting nhilnsn. golden cords
and Fay Babcock teaching judo pny is revealed was written in Has preyed the spirit clement
.. fi I.-J lessons to help seniors defend honor of tne graduatlng ciass of to starve
HKinrV KFAIfPfl their mighty senior benches. '59 by Terry Campbell. In drowsy plight with poison
IIIJIUII IIHIJWU This crystal ball tells us A'ncrfTprrv'.ms.. fruits and ales
Ashland High has an authentic history of the S intZZ 'M" to
school which gives the community a true picture of startling change is seen in Eng- iishec witri a "special men
thp acromnlishments and erowth of the school. land- Hcre is found LlLrrT tion." in the Anthology of High
... ' , , , . . . bcnmaita. champion square School Poetry, a magazine that "From earthly toils be true
Mrs. Alice Gilbert, an alumna of AHS, has USt dance caller at Buckingham prints only .-better" poetry of and fancy-free;
completed the history for. a research paper for Dr. Palace. - capable students across the Vain pride and self-esteem for-
Francis Haines of SOC. cteu'ttawe WaTd. Pretty Unitcd States" TL. . r ,.
Calcutta we see wanaa Pretty- Seek knowledge only of this
Rogue News will run a series Of articles incorpo- man and Sally MacKay doing kingly law
rating Mrs. Gilbert's treatise along with alumni tneir famous ballet dance for through the combined efforts As only sceptcred loins spring
f ' y, j tne natives to promote good of Duane Jarnagin and Dennis trueness forth
names OI each period. Will among the Americans and Hornet, they have changed this Then, something more you'll
Congratulations to Mrs. Gilbert and Dr. Haines, the natives. land of ice into a tropical para- have than human will
Tragedy has marred one of disc Their secret of success To ward your great and airy
1 the lives of a '59 graduate, Pat lies in the method of huge fans trials away.
ROGUE NEWS 1958-1959 Gibson, Editor of the Rogue blowing excess hot air from the The living warmth within your
Published every (month by the journalism class of News We find her in the state equator. temple walls
Ashland Senior High School, Ashland, Oregon cental hospital in Salem after The images in the crystal By His Eternal HLind will soon
Editor-in-Chief - - Pat Gibson a nervous breakdown upon ball become faint. Before the be freed.
Assistant Editor - Betty Duffy completion of the Senior Edi- picture completely disappears There could be divinely usher
First Page Editor Pat Dailey tion. we see one more '59 graduate, ed peace
Assistant .... Sally Mackay Dee Selby, test pilot fox the Myrca Webster. We see Myrna And though, by ma i you part
Second Page Editor - - Judy Mann u. s. Air Force, has just landed preparing one of her many unfelt in love
Assistant . . -- -- Kjjtny Heinzman on tne pianet pluto and is the wonderful dishes as a cook in A stranger to' the world in
Third Page Editor Terry Campbell first man to establish residence the Women's Army. which you've lived
Sot-'mPaae Editor " Jim Susee there- We hoPe m Iittle "ipe So long, you'd be rddicU-d to
Ailli. itJZr. ;.." " --: nVo;""'t;?KIvn We find that our high school into the future will give you a life
Business Manager - '.. Bev Johnson journalism has paid off a great some idea of the future of the With mortal eyes you've never
powers to rest.
However great or
grow to be
small you
Exchange Editor . . . .. Darlene Scherer deal. Here we are in New York, class of '59.
Assistant Ida May working for the New York
Photographer . Dave Jones Times writing a very exclusive
Copy Desk Editor Mavis Emblom column, "Around Coney Island
Junior Staff . Ida May in a Canoe," by Charlene Pet-
Carolyn Farmer, Anita Felter. Diane Gourley arson and Carol Hohnstein.
Senior Staff Reporters ..... ... Linda Lorton Judy Mann, Another hazy image appears
Carol Hohnstein. Jerry ach Chris Pollock Lynn before us and slowly clears. We
Maddox -",w - see Ruth Wyant. We find Ruth Thought for the Future
Advrrtiin Manssrrs " ' rarol Hohnstein. .Tudv Mann managing dairy farm in An- If you arc not afraid of fail-
Assistant Managers Charlene Peterson, Wanda Prettyman, arctica. To the average person urc .failure will be afraid or
Linda Lorton this may seem a fantasy but you.
Before signing off. Don't
forget to buy your conages
at Ashland Flower Shop for
the Junior Prom.
For that graduation portrait
See Memory Lane Studio
233 East Main
seen before.
Prepared you'd be to greet it's
And there you'd pass so rich
in burning flame
That all the world would hear
Him say to you
"Wherein full surely as an in
fant You left horr. an infant, will
you be once more." -
Terry Campbell