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TUESDAY. JAN. 28. 1958
Bears Split
With Crater
Journeying to another point
for their first action in the
Southern Oregon Conference,
the Ashland eager crew suffer
ed their third and most disap
pointing loss of the season.
The Grizzlies completely domi
nated the first half as they
built up a fast 14-5 first quar
ter margin of superiority and
tipped that lead to 23-11 at
halftime as the offense clicked
from the start and the defense
contained Crater's scoring am
bitions. This comfortable picture
changed considerably in the
second half as the Comets zip
ped out into a small court
press and began working their
offense. Crater outscored the
Grizzlies 13-5 in the third quar
ter to come within hailing dis
tance, 28-24. Hot from the
field and the foul line, the
Comets knotted he affair at
32-32 in little less than three
minutes of the fourth quarter
, , ,
Dave Robinson of Klamath attempts to block 5' eld try by
Scott Peterson as Jack Tobiasson. Glan Mooze, and Ytmael
Herrera look on.
AHS Grizzlies Calm
Medford Tornado
After building up a nine work trying to figure out what
point lead and then falling was going wrong. Apparently
seven points behind, the Ash- they did solve the problem and
land High Grizzlies beat the came back out on the floor and
Medford Black Tornado 47-44 began gnawing away at the
in the Grizzlies gym last Fri- Tornado lead. Then finally
day night. It was a big victory with just three minutes left in
for the Grizzlies as they fell the game, the Grizzlies tied the
behind seven points in the score at 42-all. Ashland went
third quarter but came back on and opened up a five point
strong to win. lead on the Tornado with just
The Grizzlies started , out seconds running on the clock,
like a "house-a-fire" building The Tornado got one more
up a 15-9 first quarter lead basket before it was over and
and the building up spread to the game ended AHS 47, MIIS
19-10 near the end of the half.
. At this point the Tornado be- Bears Win 40-37
gan to roll and out scored the The Grizzly cagers scrapped
Grizzlies 7-3 in the next two to a 40-37 victory over the
and one half minutes. . Medford Black Tornado, who
As the third quarter began. Is in an off year but is still
the Tornado opened up with toiuh to beat, last Saturday at
both barrels while the Griz- Medford. The Ashland margin
zlies did little or nothing. It of superiority was due to more
was in this quarter that the chances at the free throw line
By Scott Peterson
-Wrestling," according to Ashland boys face has had tornados held its largest lead as both clubs were even with
Coach Cliff Engel, "is coming three or four years more ex- of the evening, 41-34. 12 field goals apiece. Medford
This score was immediately "long very well." rne Mis penence ana, as in an amie- ", " UUiiUUru ...
. . i . craDnlers are lookine better tics, experience under contest took a time-out and went to Things looked pretty dismal
to 34-34. Two free throws with each match. Ashland has won situations is an athletes most
little over two minutes left onlv one OI ,ts seven matcnes vaiuame asset, in wrestling
gave the Crater club the win- to date. Three of these seven this is especially true, accord
ing score. Al Hartwell drew losses have been, two to Kla- ing to Engel.
two foul shots, hitting he first math and one loss to Grants Coach Engel remarked he
but missing the second to end Pass. Both of these schools are wished Ashland could have B Sco" Larry first quarter, 21-18 at the mid-
the scoring at 36-35 in favor of always state powers in wrest- started wrestling just one year Tie Ashland Grizzlies are f,'
r . ,,. . v., line .. l V. 4Uaa ..... 1 11 1 '00 U fl 1 if I 1 . M(? .
for the first three quarters as
it was evident the Tornado
was trying hard for its first
conference victory. The Griz
zlies were down 8-5 at the
In the fourth quarter, Coach
Iba's ball-control offense and
ball hawking defense settled
Crater. High scorer was Wayne earlier, as ne ieels that mere now in second place in the
Allin of Crater at 14. For Ash- EXPERIENCE NEEDED are some seniors on the squad Southern Oregon Conference,
land, it was Bill Maurer with Another reason for the un- tnis vear that could rank a- The previous three-way tie for
12 : i .ui a u mone this vears exceDtional r,,i ,., h-nirn
Out for revenge Saturday land has just started wrestling n'eh school grapplers, "had they Klamath Falls won two games dwn b"s.incss and uickly
night on their game floor, the this year while the other naa one previous year oi from crater and Medford
Ashland aggregation slowly schools the Grizzlies have fac- wrestling. swept two from Grants Pass
but surely built up a 8-4 lead ed, except Henley, have had Bovs naving the best varsity iast weekend.
in the first quarter and main- wrestling for at least five win-ioss recoras are. buzz
tained that lead as they swag- years. Wrestling in these other Parker 8-1; John Dille 6-2; Jer
ged scoring lit for with Crater schools starts at the junior ry Stubblefield 3-4; and Ger-
and ending the first half lead- high school level. This rheans rv iroxei J-o
ing 17-12
Profiting from experience,
the home town boys avoided
the disastrous third quarter of
the previous night. They suc
cessfully cooled off the Comets
to end up with a third quarter
score of 22-19.
Iba's casaba men then put
the game on ice building up a
9 point lead at one time to
give Ashland their first confer
ence victory of the season to
the tune of 37-30 over Crater,
that almost every wrestler the i-oomng aneaa 10 next year
Engel stated, "We have some
Grizzlies Tin
Lose lo Shasta
good wrestlers coming up if
they continue to improve as
they have done this year.
Klamath Falls 7
Ashland . 3
Medford 2
Central Point .. 2
Grants Pass 2
boomed out in front with min
utes remaining. They main
tained this lead to the end in
spite of all the Big Wind could
do and evened up their con
ference record at 3-3 and rose
to a three-way tic for second
place in conference standings
with Crater and Grants Pass.
The Ashland crew was led
by Al Hartwell with 14 and
The Grizzlies are considered Jack Tobiasson with 10 while
Some of the outstanding pros- by mar,y to have an excellent Medford's scoring was evenly
pects include Buzz Parker, Art chance to earn a berth in the distributed among Anderson
Kiser, and Jerry Joy. ' state tournament. In order to with 9, Peck 8, and Bilbee
. accomplish this the Ashland Lane and Lowell Dean, 7 a-
FRESHMEN club must take either first or piece.
Looking into the future we SCCOnd piace in conference
uiu. ms. ii im play. This will be no easy
that have potential as good cn0re for the Iba-men as Med-
In the second series of the matmen. The freshmen squad for(j anc( Grants Pass are also
season, the Ashland hoop consists of 15 boys, three of favorites to cod second iDot
Hiah scorer was Maurer of squad Journeyed south of tne which wrestle on the varsity Tnus tne Bames comine ud
Ashland with 12. For Crater it border to Redding. There they squad. The freshmen have had this weekend may be tabbed
was Campbell with 11.
TAP Needs Your Support
On the Plata
were bounced bythe tall lads two "bouts to date and have
from Shasta Union 37-24 and won one and lost one. They school participating
47-3Z on sucessive mgnis. a- uppeci MeancK ana lost to me
gressive play saturated with Loughlin.'
personal fouls marked the ac
tion as the Grizzlies were be
leagured by cold fingers from
the field and tight defense by
the Shasta Wolves. High point
men from Ashland were Hart
well (7) on Friday and Maurer
(10) on Saturday. For Shasta
it was McGown (11) on Satur-
Grizzliet in Conference Play
Compiled by Harry Wright
Hoop Clubs Have
Good Season Start
before the varsity games. Bud
Silver's jayvee basket ball
as "must" games for every
school participating. Ashland, P"" PTA Pp TP
Medford, Crater and Grants Lombard 4 3 11 6 11
Pass must win to stay in the Maurer 26 14 20 16 66
contention for a state tourna- Tobiasson 6 15 28 19 27
ment passage. A split in any of Hartwell 13 14 23 25 40
the series will not be suffi- Peterson 17 n 14 26 13 48
cient as each school must win Daniels 11 12 18 9 34
two games to secure a safe Watrus 5 5 13 15 15
lead in conference standings. Murray 2 0 2 2 4
This, coupled with the yearly Johnson 3 0 2 2 6
rivalry, should prove to make ... , ,,,.,,,,,
the contests this weekend Ashland 87 77 143 107 251
doubly interesting as we ap- Others 77 94 147 106 248
S. L.
1475 Siskiyou
night. for jQcal fans as thcy havc proach the half-way mark in
- Playing an Oregon school. come from behind in games a- the cage season. .
for the first time, the Casaba Bainst Grants Pass and Klam- JuniOT DOWlMQ . . .
men of Ashland easily sub- ath iosing to Grants Pass in As a result of this intense
dued the Cheesemakers from overtime and to Klamath by a rivalry, the question of sports- Continued from Page 1
Tillamook in a two-night stand scant two points. manship has arisen this year Junior league Bowlers he re
al Asniana. jfriaay nigni vne Led by the consistent high as it usually has. As Mr. Jobe pUcd, "besides bowling, plans
victory margin was 48-37 as scoring of sophomore Steve has pointed out, we must prac- will be made for matches bc
Hartwell poured in 20 points Grcy and occasional help from ticc good sportsmanship to tween other teams in the Ro
to lead the Bears' attack. For varsity squad men Jim Bjork, stay in comjietition with other gue Valley under the Ameri
the Cheesemakers, Trammell Bob Johnson, and Clark Smith, schools, to earn a good repu- can Junior Bowling Congress
hit for 13 in a losing cause, they have compiled a respect- tation for our school, and to sanction."
Saturday's scoring chores were abie 7.3 record thus for in the win the Southern Oregon
divided between Maurer (li), casaba season. sportsmanship cup. These are
Tobiasson (10), and Peterson Results of the individaul very good reasons from a logi-
games have been as follows: cal point of view. However,
(10). For the Tillamook crew,
Berry Miner shucked in 12 as
he lead the effort which closed
the Ashland margin of superi
ority to 49-42.
Fortuna 47 Ashland 45
Ashland 45 Eureka 30
Ashland 39 Redding 34
Ashland 34 Redding 22
Ashland 31 Talent 27
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from "our instinctive point of
view, we think it should be
done away with, especially be
tween rooters. It is our con
sidered opinion that fights be-
Grants Pass 42 - Ashland 41 tween rooters add greatly to
Ashland 39 - Grants Pass 18 the enjoyment of the contest
Ashland 33 Crater 25 and encourage widespread par
ticipation in it. It also releases
pent-up emotions which, if re
pressed would lead to nervous
Ashland 46
Klamath 40
- Crater 30
Ashland 38
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