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    Ciiiien of The
Six Weeks
For his work in- intra
mural and his work on
a youth center.
Citizen of The
Six Weeks
For her outstanding
publicity work.
Death of Elvis
Causes Hysteria
Throngs of mourning teen
agers today surrounded a low
mound thoroughly covered
with millions of flowers. The I
flowers and wreaths were
brought to the cemetery and
wired In from all parts of the
world, especially in large num
bers from a small backwoods
town in southern Oregon call
ed Ashland. The teenage world
has struggled bravely in the
face of the loss of its hero,' El
vis, but without success; the
tears and hysteria of 5 million
teenagers accompanied the
last rites of the great E. P.
A prelude to the tragic
death of Elvis occurred when
screaming mobs of teenagers
attacked policemen guarding
the executioners. The young
teenage idol was executed for
a great crime against society
he neglected to equip his
"Hound Dog" with a license.
Plans For Hew
School Passed
Last week in a secret meet
ing, and only top officials
knowing, a bill was passed for
the building of a new modern
Ashland Senior High school.
Included In the plans are
new pastel color schemes for
each class room. A modern
parking lot will be furnished
for the students and their rods.
Plans have been set up to re
sow the lawn and plant flow
ers and shrubs around the
A modern cafeteria will be
in operation for the students'
convenience. And here's the
biggest and the best thing of
all! A modern swimming pool
will be ' constructed with a
synthetic fiber glass top that
can be removed by folding
panels, during warm summer
days and will be heated in the
winter. There will be a warm
pool and a cold pool. Near the
pool will be constructed a soda
fountain where there will be
room for dancing at any time
For the boys taking metal
shop, a garage will be built
big enough that it will provide
room for six cars insid it at
one time with individual tools
and . equipment . furnished to
each six areas. '
Total estimate of this plan
is two million dollars. It will
probably be completed in 1959.
Ya! This bill was passed
all right passed In one door
and right out the other.
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Students Expelled For Revolt
A.H.S. sayi goodbye to the 1956-1957 yell leaders. Back row.
left to right. Sherry Ttylor. Ann 'Winters, Vivian Stevenson.
Jeanne Keenan, Diane Bowlin. Front row. Evey Deets, Bob
Jones and Kiki Doddridge.
Yell Leaders End Season
The last basketball game ,
with Medford was not only the
end of basketball season, but
also the last public appear
ance of the yell leaders. The
yell leaders practiced In the
park all during the summer
learning new yells, practicing
the motions to the yells and
learning new dance steps.
During the home basketball
games the yell leaders decor
ated the halls and gym with
signs to promote school spirit.
They held Pep Assemblies
every Friday before a game.
They also had noise parades
through the middle of town(
during football and basketball
There were five senior yell
leaders and two juniors. The
On March 16. Gregg Mon
roe and Tim Keating went
to Medford fox a district de
bate tournament with Med
ford. Grants Pass, and Cent
ral Point.''
In this debate the boys de
baled in everything with all
three schools; they did this
twice and won both times
without losing any debates
in the whole time.
The boys will go to stale
this year in April.
Bears Make
Tomato And
Pelican Stew
seniors were Evcy Deets, Viv
ian Stevenson, Kiki Dodd
ridge, Diane Bowlin, and
Jeanne Keenan. The two jun
iors were Ann Winters and
Sherry Taylor. Bob Jones was
the Grizzly bear for most of
the basketball games and help
ed with some of the yells.
Even though it has been
lot of hard work they are sad
to see the ball season end so
soon. ,
Vivian Stevenson is this
year's yell queen and chair
man of the School Spirit com
mittee. Other than yelling,
most of her time is spent on
the telephone or in deep study.
She plans to work this summer
and go to college next year.
Evey Deets is the next mem
ber of the yell squad. This is
her second year. She lists her
favorite pastimes as dancing
and leading yells. Evey plans
to work this summer in Cali
fornia and attend SOC next
Jeanne Keenan is another
member of the yell leaders.
This is also her second year.
Besides practicing yells and
dance steps, she spends much
of her time studying debate.
Jeanne plans to work this sum
mer and attend the University
of Oregon next year.
Diane Bowlin is the next
Thirteen students walked I
out oi xirst period nistory
class in open revolt of too
much homework last Friday,
March 29. Students protested
when Miss Judy Alley, teach
er, gave the homework assign
ment of outlining a complete
unit and answering all chapter
Students Gerald Eurich, Bud
Silver, Shirley Hagen, Gaylord
Smith, Iona Taylor, Mel John
son, Stanley - Jobe, Harry
Wright, ' Ralph Buell, Mary
McLarnan, Earl Iba, Keith
Moblcy, and Mary Christlieb
complained that Miss Alley
had given them similar assign
ments every day for the past
After talking to principal
Jack Tobiasson, the students
still refused to return to class
and accepted the penalty of
expeltion until the difficulties
have been straightened out,
Miss Alley stated that other
students have not complained
of the homework assignments.
She went further to say that
she considered the assignment
When questioned. Smith de
clared that he refused to re
turn as long as -the heavy
assignments continued in the
history class. "That much
homework interferes with my
baseball practice. I can't be a
star pitcher and study all the
time 'too."
"Track occupies all my
spare - time. I can't possibly
run the mile in less than four
minutes, if the history assign
ments continue," said track
star Johnson when asked how
he felt about the issue.
Grandstands and bleachers
were over-flowing with Griz
zlies and Tomatoes at Ashland
Friday night. After the game,
Medford was no longer red
and black, but black and blue,
and the team was on their
knees begging Ashland not to member. This is her first year.
be so rough. The Grizzlies
were kind that night-only
five of Mcdford's best players
were hospitalized with broken
The next week at Klamath
Falls there was a real mad
house with the Pelicans flying
around to keep out of the
G r i z zli es' clutches. White
feathers were flying all over
and it looked like a snow
storm had blown in. The game
was really a wild one, with
Ashland ahead all the way.
After the game the Pelicans
were so skinny from the fight
for control of the ball that
Ashland took mercy on them
and gave them a week to fat
ten up before stewing them.
Well, back to the present
now. It was fun looking into
Besides practicing yells, she
spends much of her spare time
on the telephone. She plans to
work this summer and go to
college next fall.
Kiki Doddridge is another
member and this is also her
first year. You can usually
find Kiki reading or walking
in the park. She plans to work
this summer and go to college
next year.
Sherry Taylor is one of the
yell leaders from the junior
class. This is also her first
year. She spends most of her
time practicing yells and bowl
ing. She plans to work this
Ann Winters, another yell
leader is from the junior class.
She spends much of her time
practicing yells alio. She is
undecided about the future.
Track Squad
Takes To Field
Track coach Mel Johnson
put nearly thirty thinclads, of
which eleven were lettermen,
through their paces this week
in preparation for the first
meet of the year, which was a
short distance affair at Crater
on March 23.
In spite of the weather the
1957 Grizzly track 'and field
squad has been looking good
in early drill sessions.
Two lettermen who are miss
ing from this years squad are
Phil Austin, who has transfer
ed to Medford, and Alan Dunn,
who is in the service.
Back from last year's squad
are Jim Busch, Bob Davis, Ken
Dye, Jim Hearn, Kip Lombard,
Martin Tucker, Neal Vandcn-
burgh, Jim Witt, Al South, and
Jerry Stubblefield.
Boys from last seasons frosh
and jayvee squad are John
Dille, Buzzy Parker, Wayne
Collum Braehm Woodell, Ron
Mickle, Don Winner, Dick
Barksdale, Scott Peterson, rt
Kiser, Ken Fletcher, Nolan
Haptonstall, Phil Rodenmayer,
Jack Tobiasson, Jerry Braziel,
Bud Miller, Hank Hampton,
Lee Seitz, Bob . Rosenbaum,
Eddie Gibson, Tom McCartney,
Bob Jones, and Bill Hernlein.
Three transfers who will
see considerable action this
year on the Grizzly track
squad are Jim and Joe Boor
man from Tule Lake, and
Clinton Gillespie from Central
Silver claimed he walked
out because he was still ex
hausted from playing in the
state championship basketball
game Ashland won last month.
Silver scored 100 points in
leading the Grizzlies to their
triumph over their arch rival,
Medford. Silver stated that he
is unable to get enough sleep
at night to put him in shape
for baseball, if he has to study
until very late.
Other students involved
were not available for com
ment. They are taking advant
age of the holiday for a vaca
tion in Southern California.
School board members are
investigating the matter at
present. The board has
announced no further action
in the matter will be taken
until the investigation has
been completed.
Juniors Stage
Hit Program
Wednesday, March 6, the
junior class presented their
assembly. They dedicated it to
the senior class of 1957. They
had two different parts to
their program. The first part
was a skit of the "$64,000
Question" and the last part
was the "Ed Sullivan Show."
Lee Seitz. master of cere
monies introduced the opening
of the "$64,000 Question." Bill
Baker protrayed the famous
Hal March with Hank Hamp
ton as the first contestant, back
for the $32,000 question. Nat
urally in all TV programs
there are commercials; Frank
ie (Frank Conley) came out
with her commercial of Satin
Set. Hank was taken into the
isolation booth and asked his
$32,000 question which he
missed. His consulation prize
was a beautiful speed bicycle,
almost twe feet high.
Back came Frankie with her
commercial on Clean and
Clear. The next contestant was
Rollin Hegler who chose hist
ory s his subject. When asked
the $512 question which they
received from Mr. Fite. (Scott
Peterson),' RoUin was a very
bad - boy and looked at the
question for the answer; he
was shot down by one of the
guards (Simpson Twins).
Next was the "Ed Sullivan
Show" with Jim Wright as Ed
Sullivan. The first feature on
his show was Bill Haley and
his Comets (Rex Clarke as Bill
Haley and Gary Holman, Hank
Hampton, Richard Barksdale,
Rollin Hegler, and Charles Al-
lin as his Comets). Thev did
two numbers, "Rock-a-Beatin
Boogie" and "Birth of the
Then came Al Newman
(Frank Conley), the ventrilo
quist, and his dummy Melvin
(Alan Bailey). Their act was so
poor that they were carried off
stage in a trunk by some of the
stage hands. Lee Seitz told
what it would be like if Elvis
Presley were lost in several
foreign countries. He imitated
voices of people from Britain,
Japan, and Italy, begging who
ever lost this man who cries
"You Ain't Nothin' But a
Hcunddog," to please come
and get him.
The Swiss Alps Sextet, min
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