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TUES.. FEB. 19. 1957
Al Harlwell
This blue-eyed, brown-hair
ed junior lists basketball as
his favorite sport. Born in
Klamath Falls on July 21,
1940, Al says his favorite hob
by is golf with skating as his
second choice. He intends to go
to college but as yet hasn't de
cided where. "Just so it leads
to golf," is the way Al puts it.
Asked his favorite color, this
5' 11" ball player replied,
"green." He lists P. E., metal
and wood shop as his favorits
When asked what his ideal
girl will be like, Al replied,
"My ideal girl will have long,
light brown hair; between 5'
to 5' 8' tall; not weigh too
much; have a good figure and
be an excellent cook, mainly
with lemon pie. Of course she
will have to like me very
Pelicans Tromo
Ashland Twice
Ashland Grizzlies fell twice
to the Klamath Falls Pelicans
Jan. 18 and 19. Score of the
first game was 44-53. The sec
ond game score was 40-57. Ash
land fought hard through the
games and had a half time
scores of Ashland 18, K. F. 23
and Ashland 16, K. F. 32.
Summaries: Jan. 18, Dailey
6, Eberhart 10, Tobiasson 6,
M. Fitch 15, Hartwell 7, Ol
son 0.
Jan. 19, Eberhart 4, Dailey
18, Tobiasson 6, M. Fitch 2,
Hartwell 6, Alson 2, Sorenson
2, Murray 0.
Varsity Statistics
Varsity statistics as of January 28:
Won 8, Lost 5
Free Throws '
Ployer FG Made Missed Fouls T.Pts.
Eberhart, Jack 20 60 32 43 100
Dailey, Mel 48 37 20 27 133
Tobiasson, Jack - 19 59 30 21 '97
Hartwell, Albert 26 34 16 43 86
Fitch, Mark 31 15 10 26 77
Sorenson, Harvey, 6 10 11 11 22
Olson, Dale 4 5 12 7 13
Peterson, Scott .... 0 0 110
Murray, Bob 0 0 10 0
Gray, Roy 0 0 0 1 0
Ashland Totals 154 220 133 180 528
Opponents totals 172 158 118 223 502
JV's Go Into
Double Overtime
Ashland J.V.'s played the
Prospect varsity Jan. 16, and
won 39-38. The Prospect vars
ity had played the Medford
J.V.'s and had won by at least
30 points. Ashland - Prospect
scores by quarters, first A.H.S.
16-14, A.H.S. second 26-21, tied
third 32-32, fourth A.H.S. 39
38. Summary: Maurer 13, Peter
son 2, Moores 4, Mickle 6, D.
Fitch 12, Taylor 2.
Ashland J.V.'s lost to Klam
ath J.V.'s Jan. 19, 46 61 at
Klamath Falls. Half time score
A.H.S.15, K. F. 27.
Summary: Maurer 10, Lom
bard 5, Moores, Mickle 1, B
jord 4, D. Fitch 20, Taylor 6.
Grizzly J.V.'s lost the first
game in a two game series to
the Tornado J.V.'s, 30-32, on
Jan 25. Ashland was behind
until the third quarter when
they tied 26-26.
Summary: Maurer 4, Moor
es 2. Mickle 22, Lombard 4,
Ashland Grizzlies went
down fighting Jan. 25, 47-40
with the Medford Black Torna
do in the first game of a two
game series. The Tornado's
jumped into a 13-19 lead in the
first quarter only to have the
Grizzlies square matters at
half time 22-22. Medford mov
ed ahead again in the third
chapter 37-28. After widening
the gap to its widest point, 43
28 early in the fourth chapter,
the Tornado found that it had
its hands full to maintain the
upper hand as the Grizzlies,
far from calling it a night,
moved to within five points,
45-40 with two minutes left.
Summary: Eberhart 13,
Dailey 14, Tobiasson 9, Fitch
0, Hartwell 2, Olson 2, Soren
son 0.
Medford Tornado's won Jan.
26, 42-35. In spite of trailing
most of the game, the Grizz
lies were never out of range
of the Tornado whose seven
point margin at the end of the
game was the widest spread of
the evening. Half time score
was Ashland 15, Medford 18.
Summary: Eberhart 8, Daily
11. Tobiasson 4, Fitch 8, Hart
well 4.
i fr
Pat's Comments I
5S. AS ;
Since track season is coming
up soon I thought I would get
a story on it for this issue.
As most of you already
know the Varsity squad has
no relationship to the Track
The boys that have turned
out so far for Varsity track are:
Discus Stubblefield, Sou
th, Kiser, Barksdale, Conley,
Shot-Put K. Dye, Roden-
mayer, a. Davis, uoo Miller,
Kiser, Rickenbach, Sleppy,
Conley, M. Kerns, Hearn, Jon
Mile Run Dillie, Parker,
John Boorman, Fletcher.
Javalin Throw Collum,
Mickle, Braziel, Seitz .Hamp
ton, Dye, Stothers, Rensfield.
High Hurdles Lombard,
M. Tucker, Rosenbaum.
It's a pretty good turnout so
far, so let's hope we end up
top man on the pole!!
Track and Field
Practice Starts
The Ashland Grizzlies clob
bered the Grants Pass Cave
men Feb. 8, 52-36. With the
score tied 11-11 in the first
quarter the Grizzlies sifted
through the zone defense to
take a halftime bulge of 25-17.
Ashland hit 14 out of 19 free
throw attempts while Grants
Pass connected with 14 out of
Lineup: Eberhart 8. Dailey
16, Tobaisson 8. M. Fitch 11,
Hartwell 4, Sorenson 2, Olson
The Ashland Grizzlies took
the second game of a two
game series with Grants Pass
Low Hurdles Vanden
burg, Peterson, M. Tucker,
Pole Vault Buddy Miller,
Wilson, Hamilton.
100 yard Dash Witt, Gil
lespie, M. Tucker, Callahan.
440 yard Dash Witt, Gib
son, Hearn, Barksdale.
High Jump Tobiasson,
Stubblefield, Hampton, Jones, blefield.
laylor o, Baker, U. ritch ia. Cavemen Feb. 9, 37-35. This
In the second game of the put the Grizzlies in undisputed
series the Ashland J.V. squad
fought hard for a victory over
Medford J.V.'s 46-41, on Jan.
26. The Ashland victors led all
the way with a half time score
of 27-20.
Summary: Maurer 15,
Mooros. 2, Mickle 10, Lom
bard, Taylor 11, D. Fitch 8.
The fighting Ashland J.V.'s
ran away from the Yreka J.V.'s
42-23, on Feb. 2. Ashland led
all the way with Bill Maurer
high point man for Ashland
with 13 points. Lineup: Maur
er 13, Wright, Moores 2, Bjork
2. Mickle 8, Lombard 2, Fitch
11, Peterson, Taylor 4, Baker,
D. Simpson.
The Ashland J.V.'s dropped
a heart-breaker in a double ov
ertime session to Grants Pass
on the 9th of Feb. 60-63, after
losing the first fame the nij;M
before 46-61. Lineup: Maurer
third place in the Southern
Oregon conference. With the
score 35-35 in the fourth quart
er and 5 seconds to go Harvey
Sorenson dunked two foul
shots for the winning two point
Lineup: Eberhart 6, Dailey,
Tobiasson 5, M. Fitch 14, Hart
well 2, Sorenson 2, Olson 0.
Mr. Johnson announced that
regular practice of the Track
and Field club will begin
sometime during the middle of
Feb. The main objective of the
club is to improve each boy's
techniques in his chosen event.
Seniors particpiating are
Jim Boorman, Jim Busch, Ken
Dye, Bob Graves, Larry Ham
ilton, Jim Hern, Jim Reams,
Martin Tucker,' Neal Vanden-
burgh, and Jim Witt.
juniors participating are
Charles Allen, Richard Barks
dale, Frank Conley, Wayne
Collum, John Dille, Eddie Gib
son, Roland Hegler, Hank
Hampton, Mike Kearns, Kip
Lombard, Bob Miller, Larry
Nortridge, Bill Richenbach,
Bill Rooker, Lee Seitz, Pat
Simpson, John Sleppy, Al
South, and Jerry Stubblefield.
Sophomores taking part are
Jerry Braziel, Bill Hernlien,
and Buzzy Parser.
Freshmen participating are
Duane Ash, Harold Bibeau,
Gary Callahan, Jim Hamby,
Wayne Pickett, and Jim Stub- i
Jack Eberhart
Basketball is my favorite
sport, then baseball where I
play first base," commented
the 6' 1", 170 pound, red-haired
demon of the basketball
Born in Ashland on July 25,
1939, this hazel-eyed lad start
ed his schooling in Texas but
returned to Ashland after the
first grade where he has stay
ed ever since. In the future he
plans to go to college so he
"can make a lot of money."
Jack Eberhart lists girls as
his hobby, but to narrow it
down a little his ideal girl is
5' 6" tall, has short black hair,
and is ornery.
When asked what his favor
ites were he replied, "Speech,
physics, the color green, and
cherry pie!" His only pet peev
es are referees.
Jack is a senior so this is his
last year with the AHS Grizzlies.
Broad Jump J. Kearns,
Witt, South, B. Davis, Wood
ell, Hernlein.
220 Yard Dash Hernlein,
Gibson, Braziel, Callahan.
880 yard Run Busch, Joe
Boorman, Fletcher, Hapton
stall, McCartney.
880 yard Run Busch, Joe
Boorman, Fletcher, Hapton
stall, McCartney.
880 Relay B. Davis, Witt,
South, Gibson, Braziel, Gillespie.
17, Bjork, Moores 7, Lombard
22, Mickle, Peterson 10, D.
Fitch 17, Taylor 7. The first
game lineup: Maurer 19, Peter
son 2, Moores 1, Mickle 2,
Lombard, D. Fitch 13, Taylor
7, Baker 2.
While the regular J.V.
game was going on, the Reserv
es were playing in a separate
gym. The results were the
first game Ashland 28, Grants
Pass 47; second game. Ash
land 32, Grants Pass 30.
Ph. 8031 - On the Plaza
Officers of the club are Lar
ry Hamilton, president; Jim
Witt, vice-president; and Jer
ry Stubblefield, secretary-
Ashland High track is un
dergoing improvement for this
year's spring practice and
track and field events. High
grade red cinders from around
the Fish Lake area are being
Because of the lack of funds
to buy proper equipment to re
build the track, several boys
have been doing all the work
by hand.
If your Hair is not Becom
ing to you. you should
be coming to us
69 E. Main
Belter Clothes and Shoos
for Less Money
On the Plaza
V mile south of the college
24 different flaYori
. . . STOP FOR
607 - Siskiyou Ashland
279 East Main
fQ U I C K I
6281 163 E MAIN
-At Free Monile
Moth Proofing