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    Citizen of The
Six Weeki
For hit work on the
Plalttr Party.
Citisen oi Tha
Six Weeks
For her work in the
Pep Club.
TUES.. FEB. 19. 1957
Students Net
$390 For Polio
This year, Ashland High
went all out for the March of
Dimes. The whole student bo
dy, working through classes
and clubs, took part in raising
money for it during the week
from Jan. 24 to 31.
A senior slave auction in
which seniors were sold to
s'udents interested in having
their services for a day bro
ught in $9.80. The seniors also
gave a luncheon at which po
tato salad, hot dogs, beans, and
cupcakes were served. Fifty
six dollars was made on the
Nearly $28 was brought in
to the fund by a dance given
by the junior class.
A talent show sponsored by
the sophomores brought in $50
and a food sale put on by the
freshmen brought in over $12.
Contestants in the "Ugly
Man" contest sponsored by the
Drama club were Paul Alley,
Doug Fitch, Gerald Troxel and
Jack Eberhart. Each vote for
these candidates was accom
panied by a contribution to the
March of Dimes. Doug Fitch,
sophomore, was the winner.
Boys' and girls' privilege
days and faculty versus stu
dent volleyball game, sponsor
ed by the Girls Recreation As
sociation brought in over $80.
Other money making pro
jects were a Tri-Hi-Y cupcake
sale. Ski club movie, Pep club
candy sale and "Guess the
Bear" contest, sale of programs
by the journalism class. Letter
man club shoe shine. Skate
club skate party, donations for
Platter Party requests and a
donation by the Girls' League.
A total of $390 was raised
by the students and turned ov
er to the local March of Dimes
chairman to be used in fighting
Hatfield Speaks
At Youth Rally
-Lite 1
VV K ; ' f J
r ? "Sxr , ' IT -Y ' ' -
1 & , i . 2i
Pictured above are: Paul Alley. Mary Lee Clark, Gerald
Troxel, Barbara Stoddard, Sally Lane, Gerald Grosclaude.
Kathy Guinn and Jack Eberhart.
SOC Plays Host
To Debate Teams
A debate tournament was
held Friday and Saturday, Jan
25 and 26 at Southern Oregon
College. Friday afternoon
there was debating; individua
talks were given also. A ban
quct was held Friday night at
the Elk's club and after-din
ner talks took place. Speeches
were made Saturday after
There were 12 schools repre
sented and approximately 200
debaters were present. School
represented were North Bend,
Marshfield, Roseburg, Klam
ath Falls, Grants Pass, Central
Point, Medford, Phoenix, Illin
ois Valley, Eagle Point, Talent
and Ashland. This was a non
competative tournament & no
ratings were given.
There were three rounds of
debate, three rounds of extemp
and impromptu, and two rou
nds of poetry and radio. From
Ashland there were seven two
man teams. They were as. fol
lows: Tim Keating, impromp
tu and extcmD. and Greea
H. S. These brainy pupils were , Monroe, impromptu and ex-
Mark Hatfield, Secretary oflon the onor ro11 for no' iusttemp: Larry Neal, impromptu
Jack Eberhart and Mary
Gayle Hodgins were announc
ed to be the winners of the
Elks Leadership Award. They
were selected as this commun
ity's outstanding young lead
ers in competition with other
high school boys and girls.
Boys and girls compete in
seperate divisions and are
ludged on leadership, Amer
icanism, citizenship apprecia
tion, perserverance, stability,
resourcefulness and sense of
humor. They will be entered in
the state-wide contest which is
sponsored by the Oregon State
Elks association and the state
winners will compete in the
national contest.
Other candidates included
Gregg Monroe, Roy Gray, Viv
ian Stevenson and Kiki Dod
dridge. Gaylord Smith was
chairman of the committee in
Forty-nine Head
Semester List
It appears that we have ;
few intelligent people in A
Barb Stoddard Crowned
Queen of Cupid's Ball
Barbara Stoddard was crowned queen of the Cu
pid's Ball la3t February 14. This dance was sponsor
ed by the Letterman's club and G. R. A. Decorations
were carried out by a valentine theme and music was
supplied by the Tunesmiths of Medford.
Princesses were Mary Lee Clark, freshman with
Paul Alley as her escort, Sally Lane from the sopho
more class with Gerry Grosclaude as her escort, sen
ior princess was Kathy Quinn with Jack Eberhart
as her escort. Queen Barbara was escorted by Gerald
Troxel of the junior class.
Queen Barbara wore a strik
ing red taffata dress with sil
ver heels. President of the Let
terman, Tom Delsman acted as
master of ceremonies.
The dance was semi-formal
and lasted from 8:00 to 11:00.
Committees were: Gene r a I
chairmen were JJarlene Miller,
president of G. R. A. and Tom
Delsman, president of the Let
termen's Club. In charge of
decorations were Nancy Lin-
inger, Pat Roach, Larry Ham
ilton and Jerry Stubblefield.
Refreshments were handled by
Phyllis DeBoer, Jack Eber
hart, and Kip Lombard. Pro
gram chairman was Jody Mit-
tag. Linda Wright was in
charge of the publicity. Chap
crones were obtained by Bob
Murray and Judy Heinzman.
This was Ashland High's
second formal of the year and
it turned out to be very suc
State, spoke at the Rogue Val
ley Youth rally sponsored by
the Ashland Ministerial assoc
iation and the young people
from Ashland churches. The
rally was held on Feb. 3, 1957
at 2:30 p.m. in the First Pres
byterian Church. No admission
charge was taken but offer
ings wtre accepted. All Rogue
Valley youth groups were in
vited to come.
The program included the
Ashland Senior High school
chorus and the Triple Trio.
Members of the Triple Trio arc
Ruth Wyant, Sharon Abbott,
Yvonne Click, Julie Joy, Su
san Bundock, Nancee Bissell,
Janet Speirs, Kathy Heinzman,
and Judy Heinzman. They
wert- accompanied by Carolyn
Smith on the piano.
"Green Cathedral," "It's Me
O Lord," and "The Bells of
Saint Mary's" were sung by
the chorus. The Triple Trio
sang "Into the Night."
but the whole se-
and after-dinner, and Lynn
Hales, impromptu; Beverly
Hakes, oratory, and Barbara
Johnson, poetry: Jean Keenan,
poetry, and Vivian Stevenson,
six weeks
Freshmen achieving mention
on the semester roll are Paul
Alley, Wayne Covington, Jo- oratory: Kiki Doddridge, ora
lene uearaorii. uenise uoagc. tory and pot.try, and Kathy In
Betty Duffy, James Hamby, fiIe extcmp and poetry; Susan
Laurie Ross, Lynn Sohler, Mer- wcller, oratory, and Carol
edith Williams, and Brcnda Gandee, extemp; and - Nancy
wodS. iLininger, radio, and Jane Ya-
j Sophomores on the list arc ipIo raJl-
i Lynda Abbott, Bill Benson,
Virginia Bowman. George Con- ! , .
verse. Svbil Hamilton. Jerrv!5' Gee "odKina. Kathy Ingle
Joy, Jody Mittag, and Jane
(Barbara Johnson, Julie Joy,
Jean Keenan, Diane Lohman,
iGlchda Matthews. Lillian Mc-
Juniors making the honor Nerney, Gregg Monroe, Jim
roll are Carol Burrow, Frank , Sinko, Betty Sorenson, Vivian
Conley, Tommy Conner, Flo- j Stevenson, Neal Vanderburg,
rence Byrd, John Dille, Judy . and Lynn Susee.
Fader, Jean Fitch, Margaret
Hull, Kip Lombard. Larry
Neal, Laurel Scripter, John
Sleepy, and Linda Wright.
Seniors on the list are Er
rolyn Aflring, Marinnna Flet
cher, Sandra Gibbel, Bev Hak-. semester!
As you can see the seniors
lead with eighteen and the
juniors follow with thirteen.
Come on undcr-classmen; get
on the ball and see if you
can't make it on top for this
Sophs Sponsor
Talent Show
Sophomores of Ash land
High put on a talent show on
Thursday, Jan. 31. Donations
to the March of Dimes were
taken at the door. Gerald Al
len, announcer, first announc
ed "Whatever Will Be, Will
Be" by sophomore members of
the band. Herbert Bell, accom
panied by his mother at the pi
ano, did a solo of "Trumpeter's
Judy Mann announced the
models of 1960. Costumes of
the past were modeled by boys
and girls of the sophomore
class. "Jamaica Farewell" and
"Since I Met You Baby" were
sung by Peggy Cameron, Lee
Osgood, and Jean Bjorlie.
One of the main features
was Elvis Presley and his
hound dog, portrayed by Ol
ive Taylor, pantomiming
"Hound Dog." Even the dog
went ape over Presley this
The band played another se
lection, "Green Door," before
the stupid version of Jukebox
Jury.' Two songs were pro
nounced hits. They were "Girl
of My Dreams" and "I Love
You Because" pantomimed by
Wanda Prettyman alias "Sexy
Susy." ,
"Alabama Jubilee" was
played by Bonnie Noble on the
accordian. It was followed by
Joan Blanchard and Fay Bab
cock singing "The Siamese Cat
The last attraction of the as
sembly was the band's version
of "Shortnin' Bread."
Willamette Band
Gives Concert
Under the direction of Maur
ice Brennan, the Willamette
University band presented a
concert Feb. 14 in the high
school auditorium.
Opening the program with
Hoist's "Second Suite for Mil
itary Band in F", the band
played selections keyed to an
audience of young people.
Dedrick's "Londonerry Air,"
a cornet solo, was well receiv
ed by the audience, which in
cluded a number of towns
people. Mixing a little comedy
with their number, a Dixieland .
combo, accompanied by the
band, presented "Southern
Four." The audience was taken
south of the border as the band
played a Latin American rhy
thm number, "Relax."
Selections from the Broad
way musical, "My Fair Lady"
including "On the Street
Where You Live" and "I Could
Have Danced All Night" were
included on the program.
Three movements of Her
mann's "Ballet For Young A
mericans" were played. The
movements, "Teenage Over
ture," "Daydreaming" and
"The First Driving Lesson,"
described the modern teenager
and displayed some realistic
sound effects. As no concert
would be complete without
marches, the band included
Gould's "American Legi o n
Forever" and "Burst of Flame"
by Bowles.
The university band has
been touring Oregon and
Northern California presenting
concerts in various towns. The
towns in southern Oregon in
cluded on their itinerary, in
addition to Ashland, have in
cluded Central Point, Medford
and Klamath Falls.
Ed Sullivan & Hal March
will head the list of stars lo
be presented on the junior
assembly, Feb. 21.
The popular TV quix
show, "The $64,000 Ques
tion" will feature brainy
students of the Junior class.
Ed Sullivan'i variety show
headlines such show stop
pers as Scripter and Hull,
ventriloquists, and that love
ly dancing star, Barbara
Stoddard. As an extra added
attraction, the show will fea
ture a well-known chorus