Rogue news. (Ashland, Or.) 19??-????, January 18, 1957, Page PAGE THREE, Image 3

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    TRI.. JAN. 18. 1957
Well here we are again.
Hope you had as pleasant a
vacation as I had. I thought
this time that I would wander
around and find out just what
you dear little kiddies thought
of Elvis. So just to give you an
idea of what I found I wrote
it down. Here it is:
Pat Brewer "I like to
hear him, but I don't like to
watch him."
Lani Knox "Oh, he'll do!
Bev Hakes "I don't like
him that's for sure!"
Carol Gandec "MMmm!"
Sally Lane "MMmm, I
like him."
Jeannie Bjorlie "I like
some of his songs, but I hate
to watch him."
Mr. Wright "Oh he sings
all right as long as you don't
watch him."
Joyce Raphorst "I think
he's stupid and I don't appreci
ate his actions!"
Steve Morrill "I'm get
ting tired of him."
Annette Drager "He gives
me a pain."
Judy Johnson "I like his
music, in fact I go ape over it,
but I don't like him!"
Dale Olson "Oh, he's
real spastic!"
Dean Root "Every day's
Thursday for him."
Wayne Collum "UGH!!
Leland Hartwcll "I like
to hear him, but I don't like
his dance."
Gary Holman "He acts
like a spastic! And he needs a
Al Hartwcll "I don't mind
him, but I don't like him."
Eddie Gibson "I don't
mind his singing."
Mrs. Taylor "UGH!"
Barbara Johnson "He re
minds me of a sissy, and he
needs a haircut."
Vic Lively "Nothin"."
Bob Barger "He's O. K.
and I like his singing real
Larry Nortridgc "Wah-hoo-he-he-ha!"
Karen Engle "He's all
right but he needs a hair cut."
Mr. Smith "I like his
singing but he has a neurotic
twitch end a bobbing Adam's
apple that I don't like.'
Jo Taylor "I think he
Jack Eberhart "I think he
Mr. Green "I think that
there are 2 2-legged animals
in this world that need to be
done away with; he's one and
Marilyn Monroe is ,the other
Phil Rodenmayer "I think
he's a drip!"
tic TVcuf
Boys beware! There is a das
tardly new scheme afoot by
these relentless females. If you
call a gal for a date and she
says she can't go but has a girl
friend who might be able to,
you'd better hang up. Or if you
have a strong heart and think
you can suffer the consequenc
es, go ahead and call but
don't say I didn't warn you!!!
Just what is the matter with
you, D. M.? You have to chase
him madly through the hall,
pull him out of closets, and
watch him constantly to keep
him from getting away just
to take his picture! He must
have a guilt complex, yeh, that
must be it,
How did you kids like Bill
and the others on Platter Par
ty? I think it's pretty nice to
have a program with our own
kids contributing to it. It mak
es it a program that's even
more Ashland's.
Didja hear about Mr,
Wright? The other day in first
period study hall he bawled
out Mia Raphorst and Judy
Fader for passing notes. Judy
said, "Mr. Wright we aren't
passing notes, we're playing
Canasta and I was just handing
Mia a card." Mr. Wright
(blushing furiously), "Oh, par
don me!"
Kids in third period Spanish
must have a real rough time.
One little guy dashed madly to
the door, slipped and slid half
way across the floor on his
side just to beat the tardy
bell! Easy, Mr. Apodaca!
, Seotty, why don't you raffle
off the junk in your locker to
get a little extra money? Last
lme I looked there was an
odd assortment of books, lots
of no-good paper (kept for the
sentiment), one pencil with no
lead in it, a dry ink bottle, one
mouse (kinda dead and dried,
but nevcr-thc-less a mouse),
and to top things off, a bathing
suit! No klddln,' that gal's got
collection that would put a
first-class junk collector to
shame. Forgot to mention her
three-legged spider, one leg got
mashed off under her econ
book, the others just fell off
with age.
This old typewriter can't
spell or type right. Maybe it's
just that it can't keep up with
my tremendous speed all of
15 words a minute. Boy, you
should see the smoke comin'
off this little machine, 'spose
I'm trying to go too fast?
Got your snowshoes on?
This ice and snow's Just too
slick. "If I Go Reeling" should
be the AHS theme song in this
type of weather. You know
what, someone should invent
some snowchains for human
beans. They could be designed
in jewel tones to match or har
monize with your outfits or
blended especially to match
your complexion. Steadies
could swap one chain on,
har think of how lopsided a
little size 4 gal would be wear
ing her not-so-small guy's size
13! Oh, well, it was just a
thought, at least give me credit
for trying!
Tests, tests and more tests!
Honestly, when you finally get
the last answer done, your
knees are shaking frantically.
your eyes are crossed, your
brain (?) is terribly upset by
being used for a change, and to
sum it all up, you've nad il!
Notice the cynical, gloating
smiles on the teachers' faces as
we miserably try out what
the square root of 4 is? Whoev
er wrote about those "dear old
golden rule days" never took
Did you know that the moon j try; metals; dyes and cosmet
is 253,000 miles from theses; and some nuclear chemis-
.. I try-
Mr. Wright explain the us
of laboratory equipment lo
Karen Engle.
earth? And that those glitter-
ing stars are dinereni colors
because of their heats? You
would if you were in a general
science class, taught by Mr.
Warren Lomax, Mr. Bud Sil
ver and Mr. Harry Wright.
Freshmen at A. U.S. start their
study in the science depart
ment in these general science
classes which combine both
physical and biological scienc-
To interest students in all
phases of science is the main
objective of this course.
If you are interested in med
icine, astronomy, rocks, chem
istry, or electricity, general
During the second semester,
students wishing to do so may
work on projects which will
be about anything of interest
to the student. Any student
working for a one or two grade
will be required to do this.
Physics is a study of physic
al changes. It is taught by Mr.
Wright, and in order to take
physics and pass, one must
have a good background in
math. Senior students taking
the course study heat, light,
sound, electricity, magnetism,
radio and television, the tele
phone and telegraph, and a
tomic energy.
science offers these and many j Students that apply them
Friday, December 21, Mr.
Windt and the Ashland High
Orchestra played before the
student body and faculty.
The Triple trio sang two
songs then the orchestra play
ed "The King and I." After the
orchestra had played and the
triple trio had sung their
songs, Mr. Windt had the stu
dent body sing "Joy To The
World" and "Silent Night."
Jan. 6 was the first ski club
trip of the year to Crater Lake.
Lessons were given by Beat
Jinni. head of the Mt. Shasta
Ski School.
The ski club will begin their
first aid lessons soon.
A March of Dimes show will
be shown by the ski club. The
two films to be shown are
'fiki's in the Bamboo Jungle,"
and "Skifully Yours."
other scientific studies to you.
Through this class, you wouM
be able to develop hobby in
terests, get a more well-rounded
knowledge of the many
wonders of science in the
world around you and possibly
get some background for a fu
ture career in science.
"Ugh!" say the sophomores,
taking the required biology
course, as they begin the
much publicized dissection of
worms and frogs. Taught by
Mr. Mel Johnson, head of the
science department, biology is
the study of living things, their
functions and purposes. This
is a general course and stu
dents study such topics as the
different plant and animal
phyla, conservation, diseases
heredity, and the human body
Equipment in the biology lab
includes such items as plastic
models of the human digestive
system, heart, and the ear with
its parts, for use in anatomy
study. And of course, there
are the afore-mentioned pre
served frogs, earthworms, and
other specimens for dissecting.
selves to the courses in the sci
ence department, will find an
unlimited field of study open
to them that will be helpful in
years to come.
This years debate and speech
classes entered in the Voice of
Democracy contest. Those tak
ing part in the contest were
the following: Judy Fader,
Kathy Ingle, Mary Gayle Hod
gins, Polly Moffit, Sue Weller,
and Kiki Doddridge.
Kikl Doddridge won the lo
cal contest and was awarded a
small portable radio.
Mary Gayle, Kiki, and Sue
went to radio station KWIN
and read their speeches O'
the air.
Consent forms for free pol
io shots sponsored by the coun
ty were sent home with stu
dents In every school in Jack
son County. Shots for Ashland
High students whose parents
requested the shots will be giv
en on Jan. 21.
Chemistry Is a course taken
by juniors and seniors and is
recommended for anyone plan
ning to attend college. It has a
bearing on a number of every
day things that we use. Chem
istry, the study of chemical
changes, is taught by Mr. Har
ry Wright. Students taking
this course study the theory
and history of chemistry; wat
er; acids; bases and salts: ele
ment families; organic chemis-
for the frosh: "Frosh, be good
to the seniors, if you do, you
may live to be one yourself."
Alan Bailv "Oh. he's iust an achievement test!
a singer!" And now, this is your kindly I
Mrs. Christlicb "He's dif- old brainwashed philosopher
Icrcnt, but he's not talculcd!" signing off with this thought ,
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