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WED.. DEC. 19. 19S6
The Real Meaning of Christmas
Christmas is coming again and with it comes
the holiday vacation from December 21 to January 2.
In thinking ahead you naturally think of the
fun you're going to have, the people with whom
you're going to associate, all of the pretty presents
you'll get, and, of course, of the food you'll have to
But, do you ever stop to think of the real mean
ing of Christmas? Christmas has a bigger meaning,
'a deeper meaning, than just these few things. Yes,
Christmas is the celebration of the birth of our Lord
so many centuries ago in a stable in Bethlehem.
The holiday spirit mentioned above is fine, but
you're getting older now and should give some seri
ous thought to the topic.
Americans are free to lead their own lives, to
celebrate Christmas in their own way and be happy
knowing that they are right. Think, though, of the
many countries where the people aren't free and
are forbidden to celebrate this day, or of the places
where poverty is so prevalent as to hinder finding
joy on Christmas.
Therefore, thank God on this day of days for
what you have, for what you are (an American,)
and for what you have a chance to be and ask Him
to help less fortunate people see and celebrate the
great glory of Christmas. N
Recipe for a Boy
Mix together:
cup personality
Vz cup wit
cups charm
Blend in:.
Complexion Jim Wright
Nose Bobby Hodgins
Dimples Glines Twins
Voice Jack Tobiasson
Mold into:
Build Jerry Stubblcficld
Hair Jack Pruitt
Eyes Dale Olson
Walk Gerald Troxel
Garnish with:
Brains Larry Neal
Clothes Jim Busch
Dancing Jack Eberha'rt
Athletic ability Tom Delsman
Hunt . . .
Have you finished your Christmas shopping yet?
If not. we have a few suggestions you may not have
thought of. Some people are easy to shop for, but for
others, you need to give something a little bit different.
For a unique gift for that person that takes a great
deal of pride in his home, why not give a permanent
flower arrangement? The MARKET BASKET has them
in non-fading colors so that they are permanently lovely.
For those little brothers and sisters, we have a large as
sortment of toys from $.09 to $.99. For the adults we
have some real cozy moccasins for home comfort. We
also have men's stretch socks, lunch boxes for grade
school children and several cosmetic selections. Come in
and see us about your Christmas poultry.
For holiday fun, get the gang together for a bowl
ing party at Ashland Recreation. We have four wonder
ful bowling lanes. Bowl a few lines, then step over to
the fountain for a cool bottle of pop or a rich, smooth
milkshake. Remember, to make your holiday more en
joyable, go to Ashland Recreation at 30 South First
Street. Our phone number is 2-2731.
With all the special holiday shopping, parties, and
that New Year's Eve date, you need an extra special
hairdo. Come in to the Klip 'n' Kurl and let us help you
pick a hair style that will be the most becoming to you.
And girls, "We need your head to run our business."
You'll probably be seeing one or more shows dur
ing the holidays. For that "before show snack" stop
here at the Ashland Hotel Coffee Shop. We're open from
5:30 to 8:30. "Try our hamburgers ask the kids that
buy them."
No Christmas season Is complete without at least
one unexpected name suddenly popping up on your
Christmas gift list. If this problem confronts you, run
down to the Corner Grocery (Fourth and A) and make
a selection from the various gift items available. We
have Viv lipsticks, nylon hose and other suggestions
for the ladies on your list. For a "live" Christmas gift,
why not give one of our lovely plants? We have azaleas,
cyclamens, poinsettas and unique dish gardens. If you
run out of Christmas wrappings, we also have a com
plete line of Christmas paper and ties.
Each of us want to wish the students of Ashland
High School a very merry Christmas, and we want to
thank you for your patronage in the past year. We hope
that you will continue to come to us for friendly service
and helpful suggestions in the coming year.
What does Christmas mean
to you? It seems like each year
that Christmas means a time
that a person gets a present
and a time to see relatives.
What has happened to the
spiritual part of Christmas?
Have the people of this world
forgotten that December 25 is
the birthday of Christ, and it
should be spent in rejoicing
that Christ was born on that
What do you do on Christ
mas day? Do you neglect the
spiritual part of Christmas or
do you just think of what you
have received from your rel
atives? Think about it!
"Is Santa Claus real?" This
question is asked by troubled
young children every year. Al
so, every year, parents worry
about their children finding
out there is no Santa Claus,
Why worry? Your children
will find out some day any
how. As for losing faith in you
for leting them believe in him.
they won't. They might be
litle let down, but they will
probably think it is more fun
giving presents, too, rather
than just receiving them.
Christmas is the day that
commemorates the birth of the
Christ Child in the manger in
Christmas dates only from
the fourth century. Although
there are earlier references to
the celebration of the feast in
some places, the early Chris
tians worshipped mainly in
The exact date of Christ's
birth is not known, and for a
time various days were chose
for this feast, but in the 4th
century, Dec. 25 was general
ly adopted. The name Christ
mas comes from Christ's Mass,
the Mass said in honor of his
The Christmas tree was used
in Germany as early as 1605.
According to an old legend it's
burning candles represent the
flowers supposed to bloom on
Christmas Eve.
-Ideal Girl-
Looks Kathy Guinn
Shape Diane Lohman
Eyes Gee Hodgins
Eyelashes Marianna Fletcher
Teeth Darlene Miller
Walk Betty Sorenson
Hair ... Peggy Rhodes
Legs Bev Hakes
Dimples Margaret Calvary
Personality Barbara Johnson
Clothes Louise Ward
Lips Vivian Stevenson
Complexion Judy Heinzman
Nose Jeanne Kecnan
Dancing Evey Doets
Fun Maureen Strombcrg
Likable Judy Johnson
Across the Office Desk!
It is often heard that students don't have time
to do their homework, that they don't have time to
tudy. To find out for sure whether or not you have
enough time to do your school work, sit down and
work out a time budget. Make a twenty-four hour
chart of the things you have to do each day. Note
that I emhasize have to do, and it will be quite prob
able that you will find that you have much more time
for your studies than you think.
Many sudents waste valuable time by not hav
ing good study habits. Good study habits begin with
taking good notes in class. The following rules might
be helpful ones for you to make learning much easier
and grades much higher:
1. ' Always take a note book and pencil or pen
to every class.
2. Take good notes.
3. Listen, then write. Don't concentrate so
hard on writing the words that you miss the sense
of the lecture or recitation.
4. Try to co-ordinate your notes so they all add
up to a complete outline or theme of the subject be
ing studied.
5. Listen carefully and write down the main
ideas as neatly as you can.
You may also learn by using the P-Q-R-S-T
study method :
P. Make a 4 or 5 minute PREVIEW of your as
signment. Look through it and find all the topical
headings and read the first sentence of each para
Q. QUESTIONS. When you have formed a gen
eral idea of the subject matter, make up a few ques
tions that you can expect to find answered in the
R. READ the lesson from beginning to end.
S. STATE what was in the lesson after you
have read it.
T. TEST your memory of the lesson the next
day by re-stating what you read the day before.
How many times can you answer yes to the fol
lowing questions:
Do I carry a pencil and notebook to class ?
Do I pay attention in class?
Do I ask questions when something is not
Do I budget my time?
Do I have a good light and quiet place to
4. Do I understand exactly what my assign
ment is?
5. Have my eyes and ears been checked re
8. Do I have access to an encyclopedia and
9. Do I have available pens, erasers, rulers, etc ?
10. Are my homework papers neat?
11. Do I really try to concentrate when I read?
12. Do I think about what I am reading instead
of just memorizing facts?
If you have 4 or less answers on this test, you
had better get busy.
If you have between 5 and 8, you can do better.
If you have between 9 and 10, you've got the
If you had all 12 answered YES, go to the
movies you deserve a break.
GOOD LUCK and good studying.
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