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    Windt Directs Music Program
Christmas trees, a beautiful
Come," "O Leave Your Sheep,"
and the beloved traditional
carols of "Come O Come Em
manuel," "O Holy Night" and
"Silent Night."
Numbers by the orchestra
were "Symphony Pastorale"
from Messiah by Handel; "Ag
nus Dei" by Bizet; and "Suite
in C Minor" by Handel.
For the finale, the orchestra
presented the "Hallelujah"
chorus from Messiah of Han
del. The Lusk Piano House loan
ed AHS a Baldwin electric or
gan for this program. It was
played by Mr. Bray.
church window and candlebra
formed the setting for the
Christmas program presented
Citizen of the Six Weeks
For outstanding work on
the Sadie Hawkins dance
by the chorus and orchestra.
Dec. 18, at 8 p.m.
This program featured the
chorus singing "Christ is
Born," "Come Shepherd
I 1 iY
Girls' Volleyball
Intramural Start
Ashland High's volleyball
tournament this year, consists
of eleven teams of ten players
on each.
Judy Johnson Is captain of
team 1, called the Terriers;
Frances Johnson, captain of
team 2, called the Hounddogs;
Clarice Williams, captain of
team 3, called the Willies Hill
billie; Betty Sorenson, captain
of team 4, called the Double
N; Naomi Taylor, captain of
team 5; Sandy Wilson, captain
of team 6, called the Niki;
Mary Mathews, captain of
team 7, called the Bluebabes;
Sally Mackay, captain of team
8, called the Dainty Din ties:
Charlene Peterson is captain of
team 9; Jane Yaple, captain of
team 10, called the Tiny Ten
and Judy Howard, captain of
team 11.
On Monday, Dec. 7, 6:15 to
7:00. Sally Mackay and her
Dainty Dinties defeated Fran
ces Johnson and Hounddogs
38 to 24. Betty Sorenson and
her Double N's defeated Jane
Yaple and her Tiny Ten, 31 to
23. Charlene Peterson and her
team 9 defeated Naomi Taylor
and her team 5, 27 to 25.
7:00 to 7:45, Mary Mathews
and her Blue Babes defeated
Clarice Williams and her Wil
lies Hillbillies, 36 to 15. Sandy
Wilson and her Niki's defeated
Judy Howard and her team 11
46 to 11. And Judy Johnson
and her Terriers defeated Bet
ty Sorenson and the Double N,
28 to 21.
The volleyball tournament is
being run on double elimina
tion. Double elimination is the
system whereby when a team
loses two games they are auto
matically disqualified from the
Football Letters
Awarded Players
Nov. 30, 1956, Al Simpson,
Coach, awarded the letters to
members of the Varsity foot
ball team. The Varsity letter
men were; Jim Witt, Roy Gray,
Dick Rensfield, Tom Dclsman,
Jack Eberhart, Dale Olson,
Harvev Sorenson, Neal Van-
denburgh, Larry Hamilton,
Ken Dye, Bob Davis, Jerry
Stubblcficld, Frank Conlcy,
Mike Kearns, Phil Rodenmay
cr. Jerry Troxel, Larry Glines,
Hank Hampton, Larry Sweem,
Ron Mickle, Al South,, Al Mc
Kinnis, Bill Maurer, Pat Simp
son, Bob Murray and the man
agers were Jim Boorman and
Jerry Grosclaude.
Bud Silver, Coach, awarded
the letters to the Junior Var-
Paul Alley ha announced
that the freshman class is
making plans for the fresh
man assembly. According to
Paul it will be a talent show.
Citizen of the Six Weeks
For outstanding work in
concessions and on the
Senior play.
r m V l r
- i
Pictured above from left to right: Paul Alley. Marilyn Stringer. Phil Rodenmyer, Priscll
la Neilson, Richard Barksdale, Susan Weller. Bob DbtU and Sally Lusk.
Luslc Crowned Queen
Of Tri-Hi-Y Dance
Senior Sally Lusk was
crowned queen of the Crystal
Ball on Friday, Nov. 30. Queen
Sally was dressed in a striking
white ballerina length formal
with blue accessories. Her es
cort was Bob Davis who is
.also a senior.
The coronation took place
following an intermission
which was held at 9:30. Teddy
Warren, four year old son of
Bill Warren, Secretary of the
YMCA, was crown bearer;
Gregg Monroe presided over
the coronation ceremony. As
the band played "Stardust,"
Gregg placed the crowns on
princesses Susan Weller, Juni
or; Priscilla Neilsen, sopho
more; and Marilyn Stringer,
sity players. The Junior Var
sity letterman were; Dick
Barksdale. Bob Jones, Dick
Woolman, Dee Selby, Jim Mat
teson. Bill Hernlein. Lee Seitz
Robert Roscnbaum, Kip Lorn
bard, Jerry Tcpper, Don Simp
son, Norman Dye, John Sleppy,
Jack McNcrncy, and Wayne
Gaylord Smith, Coach, awar
ded the letters to the Fresh
men players. The Freshmen
lettermen were; Chuck Rush
Wayne Pickett, LeRoy Hannon
Verne Speirs, Mike Brewer,
Harley Dickerson, Steve Hess
George Moses, Gary Callahan
Bill Knight, Steve Gray, Jerry
Mitchell, Jerry Walker, Doug
Forest, Phil Tucker, Ken
Reeves, Glenn Davis, Bob
Hardy and Paul Alley. The
Freshman managers were Gor
Published by the Assoc
freshman. Then a hush fell
over the students as Gregg
said, "I crown you Queen Sal
ly." The queen was then pre
sented with the traditional
kiss from the Master of Cere
monies. Gregg Monroe. Fol
lowing the coronation there
was a loud applause and the
queen and he court danced to
the theme song, "Stardust."
Escorts for the princesses were
Richard Barksdale, junior es
cort; Phil Rodenmayer, sopho
more escort; and Paul Alley,
freshman escort.
The dance was held at 8:00
the Ashland High Little
Theatre. It was sponsored by
the Tri-Hi-Y of Ashland. Chap
erones were Mr. and Mrs. Nor
man Christlieb, Mr. and Mrs.
Bill Wright, Mr. and Mrs. Bill
Warren, Mrs. Carl Harris and
Mr. Stanley Jobe. The dance
lasted until 11:30.
Carol Burrow, committee
president, and advisers, Mrs.
Harris and Mrs. Wright were
in charge of the Crystal Ball
arrangements. Committee
chairmen , under them were
decorations committee, Laurel
Scripter; refreshments, Mar
garet Hull; publicity, Judy
Campbell and Linda Wright.
Crowns were made by Margar
et Hull and Carol Burrow.
Snow flakes and snow cover
ed manzinita lined along the
wall with an overhead blue
and white canopy, transformed
the theatre into a winter won
derland. The smooth music
was supplied by Ralph Leach
and his band.
Some liny couples were
present at the dance which
A.H.S. Ski Club
Plans Lessons
Pre-season conditioning for
skiers got under way at the
last meeting, Dec. 6. Points
will be given for time prac
ticed on the special ski exer
cises, and awards will be given
to the three people with the
highest number of points.
Nancee Bissell, president, has
been selected the delegate
from the high school to rep
resent the school and the Griz
zly Ski Club at the Winter Car
nival at Mt. Hood Jan. 25-27
Marjorie Osgood, Honorary
Alumni member, is a candidate
for princess from S.O.C. for
the Winter Carnival.
Ski lessons and first aid
classes for the club will begin
the first part of January.
Anyone wishing to join the
club must do so before Christ
mas vacation; no one may join
after that. Dues are $1.00 and
petitions may be obtained from
any member or Mr. Buell.
Tentative plans are bein
made for the big annual trip
of the year. Last year the trip
was to Mt. Hood, and possibly
may be to Sun Valley this year
Plans are also being made
for water sking next spring af
ter the ski season is over.
Friday, Dec. 21 Christ
ma program, orchestra and
girls ensemble.
Friday, Dec. 21 - Jan. 2
Christmas vacation.
Friday, Jan. 18 End of
first semester.
Smith Performs
Before Students
Dec. 7, Richard Smith and
s managei, H. C. Cooper,
gave a free performance for
the students and faculty here
at Ashland High school.
The performance was spon
sored by a society for the
blind and donations were col
lected toward the end of the
performance. The donations
were taken to buy books for
the blind.
Richard Smith is blind and
can play many types of musical
instruments. Among the many
instruments he played were
the accordian, piano and organ.
Numbers played by Mr.
Smith are. as follows: "Lover
Come Back To Me" and, "Un
der v The Double . Eagle," a
march, on. the organ. He play
ed th song, "Jealousy on the
Requests were asked for by
the manager for Richard to
play. "Green Door" and "Love
Me Tender" were requested
and both of them done.
One thing Richard Smith is
noted for is composing a song
from four notes given by the
audience. He composes the
song while at the organ in
front of the audience. The four
notes given by the audience
were A, E, C, and F. Rock and
Roll was requested for the
While donations were being
taken, Mr. Smith played "True
Love" n the piano.
Mr. Smith has other talents.
too. He wrote Ashland High
School in brail and also typed
it on a brail typewriter which
costs $100.00.
From a brail book, he read
a selection chosen by Mr. Jobe.
The selection was from the
book "An Iron Will."
Another fascinating thing ac
complished by Mr. Smith was
playing the piano and the or
gan at the same time. A last
request, "Friendly Persuasion,"
was made for this number.
Glen Prescott and Larry
Gordon have been selected to
be the first honorary lettermen
of A.H.S. Mr Prescott was
chosen for his support of the
A.D.T. during football season
and Mr. Gordon for his tre
mendous show of f.upport and
spirit in following the team to
broadcast the games over
One honorary letterman a
week will be chosen by the
high school lettermen's club.
Selections will be made on the
basis of spirit, support and
backing of the Grizzlies. A big
banquet which will be given
at the end of the school year
will honor these honorary club
A word of advice: Don't give
don Hull and Jack Elder.
proved to be a big success.