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    In Memorium
Debate Teams
Take Honors
The debate students of Ash
land High school came away
with several prizes from the
24th annual Linfield Interschol-
astic Tournament of Champions
at Linfield in McMinnville,
Feb. 16, 17, and 18.
Twelve students made the
.trip and they entered 12 finals
and had four debate teams in
the finals.
Marv Ann
'second place in humorous dec
lamation. Tim Keating and
'Lynn Hales both won third
places in extemporaneous. Viv
jian Stevenson ' won second
; place in oratory, and Bev Hak-
Rex Clarke, Kip Lombard jes won second place in sales-
la memory of the lata Gov
ernor Paul L. Patterson of
Oregon thara was no school
Friday, Fab. 4.
Governor Patterson died
Jan. 31 of a heart attack in
Portland while discussing
campaign plans for his race
for the U.S. Senate.
Governor Patterson shall
long be remembered for his
service to our country as a
distinguished American citi-sen.
Highest Award
Given Scouts
Parks Gets Bandon
Roland L. Parks, principal of I Mr. Parks, is discussing his
the Ashland Senior High school imove, stated that he never hop-
Anderson won Gayle Seymour and her es
cort. Harold Edick, Senior
Piincess, Peggy O'Keefe and
escort. Ray Bohn. and Junior
Princess, Vivian Stevenson
and escort. Roy Gray. The
for the past nine years, has an
nounced his resignation to ac
icept he superintendency of the
Bandon Public Schools. Mr.
Parks came to Ashland in Sep
tember of 1942 as head foot
Iball coach and vice-principal of
the high school. He was princi-
e J to find nicer people or finer
young people than he has work
ed with in Ashland. He stated
that Ashland should be very
proud of its fine schools and of
the progress made in recent
years. The school children of
Ashland have a distinct advant-
and Bill Rooker, three Ashland
boys .Thursday night achieved
the highest rank of Scouting,
that of Eagle Scout. The cere
mony was held in the Briscoe
school auditorium with guest
speaker Arthur Krcisman, of
Southern Oregon college.
This was the first time three
such honors have been wpn in
a single Court of Honor. The
Eagle Scout award has not
been awarded to an Ashland
boy for the last 12 years. All of
tuiea nour TPncrl Qrni 1 1 9rff
sophomores at Ashland Senior I the distinction of being the
t;u i.i i school s number one science
Of the four teams in the fi
nals. Judy Schopf and Doreen
Phillips won second place in
the junior women's division
and Gregg Monroe and Tim
Keating won third place in the
men's division.
Tvvo Senor Boys
Receive Honors
Peter Windt of Ashland Sen
ior High school has claimed
pal of the Ashland Junior High age in living in such a beauti
school from 1944 to 1947 when ful and cultural city,
he succeeded Earl Rogers as Mr. Parks has been active in
principal of the high school. In xivic life here serving as prefi
1947 there were 270 students 'dent of the YMCA, Lions Club,
in the high school with 13 full- Izaak Walton League, chairman
To win this rank the boys
had to complete requirements
for 21 merit badges and demon
strate high achievement in
Scouting, school, home, . com
munity and church. i
Rex Clarke is in Troop 112,
while Kip Lombard and Bill
Rooker are in Troop US.
two crown bearers are Sally time teachers. Later the ninth of the Community Chest, Exalt- was movea up ana loaay (cu iuicr ui uie cms, atmut
! there are 570 students with 25 I Warden of the Episcopal
teachers. 'Church and president of the
Mr. Parks stated that ho has 'Ashland Teachers Association.
wanted to get into a superin- He is currently serving as pres-
tendency of a first-class district jident of the Oregon Secondary
for some time but wanted to School Prinicpals Association,
see his daughter, Tammy, grad- I .
uate from Ashland High which
has been the Alma Mater of AHS SfUQGflfS
both Mr. and Mrs. Parks! Tarn- ,
my graduates this May. 'Attend Career
oanaon nas grown rapidly in
the past few years and now is
a first class school district with
over 1,200 children on the
school census. The town has a
fine new high school end two
A new high
Ashland High
Honors Citizen
Of The Week
More help than ever before
was provided for Polio victims
as a result of the Teens Against
Polio drive in Ashland High.
The students took a great in
terest in this drive. Money was
collected through car washes,
rummage sales, candy, cake
and cookie sales and donations. and 50 per month.
This was done entirely by the Robert Edson and Elmer
students. iBiegel, Jr., have been the past
student by being presented
with the Bausch and Lomb sci
ence award by one of Ameri
cas greatest scientific institu
tions. Competing with Oregon's
top high. school students, Peter
reached the semi-finals in the
national merit scholarship tests,
and has made application for a
scholarship to Stanford Uni
versity where he plans to ma
jor in science.
A senior, Don McMurchie,
the son of Mr. and Mrs. Don
McMurchie. Sr., of 163 C St.,
has passed the first examina
tion for NORTC, a naval of
ficer's training plan. As a re
sult of passing this three-hour
exam ,Don will take a physical
exam in Portland on Feb. 17.
The winners of this competition
are offered a scholarship to any
of 52 colleges of their choice.
This includes tuition, books
In January, a new custom
was started in Ashland High,
the Citizen of the Week. Each
week a board consisting of Ro
land Parks, principal; Jerry
Miller, student body president;
Nancy Norbury, editor of Rog- grade schools.
ue News; Mary Ann Anderson, school gymnasium and a new
student body secretary; Ray junior high school are contain
Bohn, president of senior' class: ed in a bond issue to be voted
Tim Keating, president of jun- en this spring,
ior class; Scott Peterson, presi- Mr. and Mrs. Parks visited
dent of sophomore class; . Al Bandon recently to meet the
McKinnis, president of fresh- iboard, the school principals,
man class meet and choose a and some of the townspeople.
fnUwL7tStand" !!,Cth farably im- t attending tnree panelg out of
. First and second citizens of schools, and the lovely ocean .gneral businesSi geography,
the week were Sue Eudey and beach. 'bookkeeping, clerk-typists and
uu rtiitrjf. uie uuuur was con-
lerrea upon them for their
Day in Medford
Through the cooperation of
the businessmen and women of
Medford, and the commercial
teachers of Ashland, 'Prospect,
Rogue River, Medford, Phoe
nix, Jacksonville and Eagle
Point, a Business Career Day
was held Monday, Feb, 6, at
Medford. Miss Geremoth and a
bout 35 Ashland students at
tended the conference.
Each student had the choice
Rill Benson was presented
with a clock-radio, donated by
Home Appliance, for guessing
the correct amount of beans in
a par. Mr. Neal and Mrs. Sah
ler were the runners-up and
were given the beans. . j
Mis Wickham's -freshman
homeroom alonfc collected $74.
13 and won the competition be
tween homerooms. The chair
man for this homeroom drive
was Jane Yaple. ;
Crater collected money from
door to door campaigning and
many other things. Our student
council has proposed that we
send over a talent assembly to
Crater because they won the
The total amount of money
collected for the March of Dim
es was $438.52. This amount
was obtained wholly and com
pletely through the student
body itself.
Ashland winners of this award.
LeAnne Williams
Wins Award Pin
LeAnne Williams, an Ash
land High senior, scored high
est in the Betty Crocker Home-
making test which was given to
all interested senior girls. ,
Th test, sponsored by Betty
Crocker, is a search for the
Homemaker of Tomorrow. Le
Anne, who does not take home
economics this year, says that
she entered "for the fun of it."
Winners in each town or city
will have their tests judgd in
a state-wide contest, the winner
of which will be entered in the
nation-wide contest.
As a reward, LeAnne receiv
ed a pin and a letter of congratulations.
Nancy Norbury, editor of the
Rogue News' attended a "Meet i
For Scholarships
work in the "Teens Against Po- 1 Cfininrc Annl
lio drive. "ff" I
The third citizen of the week
award went to Sharon Brown-
son for her work on the sen
ior's cap and gown orders.
LeAnne Williams, fourth re
ceiver of the award was so pre
sented because of her excellent
work on the many AHS bulle
tin boards and signs through
out the school.
business machines.
. The panels had from three to
four representatives on them.
Some of these members were
from th armed forces.
When the Career Dav was
A series of scholarship study 'over, the students as well as
classes, instructed by Principal teachers returned to school
Koland Parks, have been start- I with the feeling that they had
they would profit by.
ed for senior students with high learned something new which
scnoiasuc records.
Thirty interested students
came to the first meeting and
began an investigation of schol
arships offered by the state,
various colleges, private busi
nesses, and fraternal organiza
tions. Southern Oregon college re
ceiver the largest number of Philip Sword a senior in Ash
annliranta Thou ucr Pnnnin land Hioh Kelinol ha Kw
the Press" conference at the Kimsev Kar1n. r-arlUlo rw. named winnrr of th inks'
Jackson Hotel in Medford on Ven Phillins Jndv Knhnnf !"Outstandinir Youth leader.
Tuesday, Feb. 7 at 4:00 p.m. Myrtle Converse, Sue Eudey, ship" contest along with the
Nancy and another school Dolly Jack, Joyce Hild. LeAn- previously announced winner,
paper representative were the ne Williams, , Linda Madison, .Peggy O'Keefe.
only 'high 'scliobl students-at- Marsha Clary, Carolyn Crow-j Phil, who has done out
tending "the conference at "ley,- Jeanette Purvis. Morton .standing work in both the ath
which were about 12 prominent Scripter, Ron Fader, Robert Al- letic and scholastic fields, is
representatives of various pa- ley, Marjorie Osgood, Richard president of the Boys League
pers throughout the region. .Green, Barbara Baker, Jerry and was a representative at
Among those present were ! Miller,' Peggy O'Keefe. Bob IBoys State in Salem last sum-
two wll-known political lead- jWright and Nancy Norbury. I mer. He will represent Ashland
erg, the Honorable Elmo Smith, j Others were: Oregon State as a center on the Shrine team
Governor of Oregon, and Mr. College, Gary Watts: Stanford which will play in Portland
Dan Thorton. former Governor .university, Peter Windt and .this summer
of Colorado. Mr. Smith and Mr. jBruce Everett; University of
Thorton were interviewed on Oregon, Ray Bohn, Phil Sword,
rational and local political , Sharon Brownson; Lewis and
questions. .Clark, Dennis Lohman; Colora-
joo tocnool of Mines, Don Mc-
- , ;Murchle; New Mexico State,
The fourth six weeks has , Mary Ann Anderson.
come io an ena. wnicn leaves) Scholarships were won last , for the state winner and s
just 12 weeks left in this school ,year by 25 Ashland high stu- '$1000 defense bond for the na
year. (Eleven for the seniors!) dents. 'tional winner
Leadership, citizen apprecia
tion perservance and resource
fulness were th traits considr
ed in determining the winners.
Each will receive a $25 de
fense bond. They are also eli
gible for, a. $100 defense bond
Published by the Associated OrJZ Ui(,. c . ,
' JS Student, of the hUoyMhSSL
FRI.. FEB. 24, 195S