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udents of the Ashlar
FBI.. JAN. 27. 1956
sSSt f II a i
Parks Elected
To Presidency
Principal Roland L. Park'
became the new president of
the Oregon High School Prin
cipals Association at the annu
al mid-winter session held on
the University of Oregon cam
pus Jan. 13 and 14.
Mr. Parks will represent the
Oiegon Principals at the Na
tional Meeting in Chicago in
lale February.
Some of Mr. Parks' past ex-
perience includes president of
the Klamath County Superin
tendents Association, member
of the board of trustees of the
Oregon Education Association
president of YMCA, Lions and
Exalted Ruler of Ashland Elks.
Peggy O'Keefe
Honored by Elks
Debate Class
Will Attend
Twelve members of the Ash
land debate class and their ad
viser, Mr. Lewis, will represent
Ashland High at the Southern j
Oregon Debate Conference to
be held at Southern Oregon
College on Jan. 27 and 28.
Starting on Friday afternoon
and running Friday evening
and all day Saturday the con
ference will end with a banquet
at 8:00 Saturday evening.
As the conference is non
competitive, each team or
speaker will be ranked with the
others and no trophies will be
Tim Keating, Gregg Monroe,
Lynn Hales, and Jean Keenan
will take part in the extempor
aneous speaking event.
Mary Ann Anderson will
speak in the after-dinner speak
ing class while Judy Schopf,
Doreen Phillips, Barbara John
son and Vivian Stevenson will
enter the oratorical class.
Speakers in the impromptu
class will be Tim Keating,
Gregg Monroe, Lynn Hales and
Bev Hakes.
Barbara Stoddard, Jean
Keenan, Bev Hakes and Carol
Beare will speak in the poetry
division with Judy Schopf and
Doreen Phillips entering radio
Debate teams for the confer
ence are Keenan and Beare.
Stoddard and Hales, Keating
and Monroe, Phillips and Sch
opf, and Stevenson and Ander
son. Each team will debate both
both sides of each question.
In December Peggy O'Keefe
was honored with the Elks Out
standing Senior Girl Award
which is a $25 defense bond. In
choosing nominees for this a
ward, four outstanding qual
ties were considered: leader
ship,, citizen appreciation, pre-
serverance and resourcefulness.
Peggy, along with the other
nominess, is also eligible for
$100 defense bond for the state
winner and a $1 000 defense
bond for the national winner
Peggy is a prominent citizen
in Ashland High and has won
other honors and awards in
cluding the D.A.R. citizenship
Rules for the annual Ameri
canism Essay contest have been
distributed to all Ashland High
School 'English teachers.
This contest, which the
- mcrican Legion Auxiliary Is
sponsoring, is open to all stu
dents in high school and junior
The subject and title of the
senior division (grades 10, 11,
and 12) is "What is the Mean
ing of Democracy?" "How is
Brotherhood Guaranteed Un
der the Constitution of the U
nited States?" is the topic for
the junior division (grades 7
8, and 9).
"Help me. too"
The Teens Against Polio
Drive Starts in AHS
Rascher To Be
Guest of Band
Ashland High's band, direct
ed by Mr. Huot Fisher, will
have a special guest, Mr. Sigu
ard Rascher at their concert
Wednesday, Feb. 15, at 8:00
Since he will spend three
days in Ashland visiting the
6chooLs and working with band
students, the school board gave
their approval of Mr. Rascher's
The program will be as fol
lows: the band alone will play,
Americans We, by Massenet;
Folk Song Suite, by Vaughn
Williams; Lady of Spain, by
Caillict; and Dance Intcramez
zo, by Sibelius.
Mr. Rascher and the band
will play "Adagio and Somba"
by Whitney. This composition
was written for Mr. Rascher
and was dedicated to him. The
band will also accompany Mr.
Rascher in The Wayfaring
Mr. Rascher's solos with th.-;
piano are to be announced. The
admission for the program is
$1.00 for adults and 50c for all
students and SOC students.
Tickets will be on sale Mon-
Seniors Bring
Honors to
Ashland High
Jerry Wayne Miller and Pet
er Yale Windt, seniors at Ash
land High School, have placed
in the upper 5 per cent of the
semi-finalist winners in the
state of Oregon according to
word received by Principal
Roland Parks of the high
Jerry Miller rated in the 98
percentile, which means that
only 2 per cent of the senior!
taking the test scored higher.
Peter Windt, with a score of 78,
was in the 96 percentile, mean
ing that only 4 per cent scored
These two boys will compete
with 56 other seniors in the
semi-finals for this district at
Medford on anuary 14. The
state winners will receive out
standing scholarships.
The first test could be taken
by only the tp 5 per cent of
the seniors of Oregon. This test,
which was of two hours dura
tion, quizzed the students
strongly on ma .hematic, scien
tific and English achievement.
Other Ashland High students
taking the first test were: Mor
ton Scripter, Bruce Everett,
Denis Lohman and Marjorie
The Teens Against Polio i
drive in here and what are you
doing about it?
People seem to think that
since the Salk vaccine is here,
polio is stopped. But they
don't realize that there are
thousands who already have
polio and the vaccine will be
too late in 1956. Manufacture
of the vaccine is expensive; the
National Foundation needs
money to carry through the
enormous vaccine program.
Even if there were not one
case of polio in 1S56, the
March of Dimes would still
need help. There are other ex
penses besides the vaccine. To
further a patient on th road to
rcovery, iron lungs, rocking
Coming soon is the Harmon
airs, Laurance Smith and Bar
bara Pearson, who will enter
tain the student body at our
next National Assembly, Jan.
27, in the gymnasium.
The Harmonairs are stars of
concert, stage, and television.
During the program they will
sing several types of music,
from novelty songs and Broad
way hits to Negro spirituals.
Plafler Parly
Thursday night, 8 to 8:30 is
the time to tune in to KWIN
and listen to Ashland High's
Platter Party, with host Phil
The songs that are played
are those requested by the stu
dents. The request box is locat
ed in the main hall.
In order to receive more
money for the Teens against
The 'Teens Against Polio
Drive' was off to a good start
January 3 when buckets were
passed in a general assembly to
collect money for the March of
Dimes. Perhaps the fact that
Crater High has challenged us
makes this drive mightier than
any other.
Some of the different pro
jects which are being used to
get donations have been very
For instance, a blanket is car
ried around the gym at our
home games by the Pep Club
girls while people contribute,
The selling of the crutches in
homerooms has also proved to
be a prosperous way of receiv
ing funds. Future plans which
should raise our fund include
placing beans in a jar, and in
order for a student or teacher
to guess the number of beans
the jar contains, they must give
a donation. The winner or the
person coming closest to the
number will receive a combina
tion clock radio, most gracious
ly donated by the Home Ap
pliance of Ashland.
A car wash was sponsored by
Mr. Neal's freshman class. The
drive will continue through the
month of January.
Mystery Man
This month's mystery man is
a 16-year old junior who is 5'
11", weighs 170, and has black
hair and brown eyes.
He is frequently seen In the
halls with a cute blue-eyed
blond Junior girl. On weekends
he is seen driving a '51 Ford.
The name of this person may
be found by reading the adver
tisements in this issue of the
Rogue News.
beds and chest respirations are
contributed by the March of
Dimes. When a patient is final-,
ly taken home, his path to re
covery has cost the National
Foundation between $20,000
and $30,000. Very, very few
families can afford a financial
burden like this without the
help of the March of Dimes.
From a letter received by
our representatives, Bob Alley
and Sue Eudey, from Sharon
Lander, state representative
the following was taken:
"If you could walk with me
as I go through the polio ward,
you would understand why we
must strive to help the Nation
al Foundation of Infantile Pa
ralysis. There, in an iron lung,
lies a pretty, young mother
Her every breath is dependent
upon a machine which the
March of Dimes has provided.
In this room two fellows lie in
rocking beds. Up In another
room, a little girl lies crying.
She hurts so badly, and can't
understand why she can't
move. In a heated pool, a ther
apist works with a ten year
old boy. As she gently moves a
twisted arm, he screams with
pain. And here is a wonderful.
26-year-old guy my brother.
Dale! He is about 6 ft. tall and
he used to be very husky. I re
member excitedly watching
Dale playing football, in a
huddle one moment, running
swiftly across the field the
next. But now Dale is lying qui
etly in a bed. When it is meal
time, someone will come in and
feed him. We enjoy talking to
each other and comparing not
es. I was stricken with polio in
May. I know that agony of
wondering, 'Can I ever walk
again?' I'm one of the lucky
ones because I get around quite
well on my crutches. It was a
thrill to discard a brace in Oc
tober, and it is a continual
thrill to be able to attend
school and engage in many ac
tivities with my friends."
Recently we received a lcttei
from Crater, challenging us to
a contest. Knowing how much
the March of Dimes needs con
tributions from everyone, it
should not be hard to show
Crater who's really the best.
day, Jan. 0. These tickets may
The essay, which should be :be purchased from any band iPolio drive, the representatives
written in not more than 500 membcr and a cash award will of the Platter Party are asking
woras, win De judged oh cnuite u given iu me uuu iiiciiiuc. mow covu ircisvu wisuing
of subject matter, organization
of subject matter, and correct
who sells the most tickets.
All proceeds will go to buy
ing new band uniforms.
make a request enclose a small
donation along with the request
Coming Events
Jan. 27 Basketball Ash
land at Crater
Jan. 28 Basketball Cra
ter at Ashland
Fab. 1 Basketball. Harlem
Road Kings vs. Coaches
Feb. 4 Basketball. Ash
land at Yreka
Feb. 10 Basketball. Ash
land al Medford
Feb. 11 Basketball, Med
ford at Ashland.
Feb. 15 Midwinter Band
Concert, AHS Band. 8:00
p.m. Gym.
Feb. 15-18 AHS Debate
Team to Linfield
Feb. 17 Basketball, Grants
Pas at Ashland.
Feb. 18 Basketball. Ash
land at Grants Pass
Feb. 23 Representative of
Oregon Colleges meet with
Seniors 12:30.
Feb. 24 End 4th six weeks.
Basketball. Kl amain Fall
at Ashland.