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JS 22 IStudent, of the AMandS
FRL. JAN. 28. 1955
. Greg Fury and Al Lorenz
late for third period one
The reason given they
Hn't get out of Alvln's car,
h Just goes to show what
set door handles can be.
Mr. Lewis appeared efter
tition in some real passion-
clothes he had received
Christmas. There was a
ft which was pink, and
Sching bow tie and socks
pink and black. They were
deled gracefully in gener
Assembly with a blue slut,
any of you missed the sen
Eon ask Tom Swift to show
b his clever sketch.
here's a man in Donna Dun
jn's life. All anyone can
out is that his name is Wil
. Tell us more Donna.
Jne of our younger teachers
Back Row, left to right: Donna Howell. Susan Weller, Toby Fox. Lillian Stults, Pat Keene.
Donna Dunkenson. and Jeanne Eberhart. Front row. left to right: Marlene Gardener. Beverly
Hakes. Linda Madison. Connie Kimsey, Pal Brewer. Elaine Falwell. Sandy Anlhous, Barbara
Allen, and Barbara Johnson.
Flag Team Game Attraction
Ashland High's flag girls,
sixteen in all, have made three
appearances during half-time at
basketball games.
Their first appearance was al
Crescent City. They did a
waltz routine to "Let Me Call
You Sweetheart." as they twirl
ed their red and white flags in
various movements.
The girls then appeared a t
the Klamath Falls game and
did a marching routine. They
... . . ' ...,;!
and the rest was formations
done by the Girls.
Their latest appearance
Ashland Boasls
New Students
The freshmen and sophomore
classes are the only classes in
which new students have been
enrolled since November, 1954.
Among the freshmen stu
dents are: Dorothy Main, who
has moved to Ashland from Sil
rtz, Oregon; Ronnie Brower,
from Happy Camp; Paul Brien
er and Vernon Grow, who havt
just enrolled in school for the
first time this year; Walter and
Judy Schneider, from Mission
Bay High school in San Diego;
and Peggy Attaway from Tal
ent. New sophomores in school
are: Carol Johnson from Yreka,
California; Kathie Guinn from
Yuma. Arizona; Joe Roberts,
from Riddle, Oregon; and Alice
Colley, from Medford.
With these new students,
there are now 541 students in
school; 107 Seniors, 124 Jun
iors; 152 Sophomores, and 158
Happy Birthday
Best wishes and many happy
returns of the day to the follow
ing students who have birth
days in January:
Tina Blankenship, 1; Barbara
Stoddard, 7; Edith Edmonds
13; Jeanette Therres, 19; Mar
garet Hull, 20; Judith Mills, 21;
Steve Morrill, 22; Dorothy
Main, 22; Judy Bounds, 23.
Maralyn Michael, 8, Tom
Delsman, 13: Jeannie Hargis
17 : Sichsrd Watson. 19; Tm
Gentlemen Prefer Blonaes"
Hoy to Marry a Millionaire
Doreen Phillips.
Place in the Sun Jerry Ro-
Athena Lillian Stmts.
Battleground Competition
in Gym.
Battle Cry Donna Dunke-
Prince of Peace Richard
Neptunes Daughter Linda
Little Boy Lost Dan Hakes.
Song in My Heart Evelyn
King Richard and the Cru
saders Mr. Parks and teach
Ace in the Hole
at the Medford game where
they did a flag routine with Pat
Speech Cup Won
By Richard Lamb
Ashland High debaters were
represented by a foursome at
tending the debate tournament
at Gonzaga University in Spo-
ikane, Washington, January 20
through 22.
The four debaters taking the
trip were Richard Lamb and
Larry Kerr, seniors, on one
team and Bruce Graham and
Jerry Miller juniors on the oth
er team. The group was accom
panied by Mr. and Mrs. Drew
Lamb, Richard's parents.
Larry and Richard won five
debates and lost one. Jerry and
Bruce won four debates and
lost two. Richard Lamb took
second place in extemporan
cous speaking, bringing a gold
cup back to Ashland High.
The tournament at Ganzaga
had debaters from the states of
Montana. Idaho. Washington
and Oregon. It was the largest
tournament AHS debaters had
ever participated in.
Practice Meet Held
The other debaters had a pre
liminary tournament Saturday
January 8 with Medford here
at AHS. The main purpose of
this meet was to give the de
baters more experience. AHS
debters participating were:
Jeanne Keenan, sophomore, and
Lynn Erwin, senior; Tim Keat
ing and Gregg Monroe, sopho
mores; Beverly Hakes and Bar
bara Johnson, sophomores and
Nancee Bissell and Betty Sor-
enson, sophomores.
Tournament at SOC
January 28 and 29 there will
be a non-competitive tourna
ment held at SOC. The follow
ing students will be attending
the tournament: Richard Lamb
and Larry Kerr, seniors; Bruce
Graham and Carol Beare, jun
iors; Nancee Bissell and Betty
Serenson, sophomores; Jeanne
Keenan and Lynn Erwin
sophomore and senior; Tim
Keating and Gregg Monroe,
sophomores; Beverly Hakes and
Barbara Johnson, sophomores
Janet Saltus, senior, will be en
tered in the poetry division
Debaters have a big tourna
ment at McMinnville in three
: weeks to work cward ar.a pre
A blessed event occurred
January 12. 1937, in Ellens
burg, Washington, at the May
house, for that was when Lois
May made her first appearance
in the world.
This senior girl has blond
hair and hazel eyes, is secretary
Brewer and Lillian Stults doing
The girls costumes are made
of white cordoroy and red cot
ton. They have short sleeves
and a split skirt.
There are nine senior girls,
three junior girls, two sopho
more girls and two freshmen
Home Ec. Test
Taken by Girls
On Wednesday, January 12,
the senior girls met in the li
brary to take a homemaking
test, sponsored by Betty Crock
er in search of the American
Homemaker of Tomorrow.
This test was given to the
girls for the purpose of select
ing the girl with the most cor
rect answers from each school
in Oregon that participated in
this test.
This girl will compete with
the other girls in Oregon and
the winner will then go on to
tne national test.
To the winner of the contest
will go $3,500 as a national
scholarship to the accredited
couege, university, or junior
college of her choice; and a
specially designed solid-gold
diamond set, Betty Crocker Alt-
American of Tomorrow award
AHS's winner of this test has
not yet been announced.
Honor Roll Students
Headed by Seniors
Seniors topped the honor roll at the end of the
third six weeks with 22 of their 108 members being
listed. Juniors, sophomores and freshmen tied, each
contributing 15 to the honor listing.
Faculty assembly coming
Tentative date is during the
first week of February.
Actors and actresses for this
annual affair include: Miss
Sparling, Mr. Pierc., Mr. Price,
Mr. Windt, and Mr. Parks as
the Dixieland Five: Misses
Lasher, Sparling, Jones and
Germeroth as the Coeddettes,
Mr. Simpson as Jackie Simp
son putting Jackie Gleason tj
shame and Mr. Geen as Mr. Bas
so Prof undo. Several other act-
o ana actresses wiu also ap-
This year the faculty assem
bly will also be put on for the
P.T.A. on Thursday, January
27 at 8:00 p.m. in the library.
Adull Classes
To Be Offered
New adult education classes
will start at the high school,
Tuesday evening, February 1.
Classes to be offered will de
pend on the interest and regis
tration. According to present
plans the following courses
will be offered: beginners prac
tical typing, taught by Mrs.
Mary Christleib; metal shop,
Mr. Clifton James; wood shop,
Mr. John Schreiber; clothing,
Mrs. Maxine Stephens; driver
training, Mr. Gilbert Ellis; and
shorthand. Miss Donna Spar
Any adult interested should
call the high school, 8801,
where information will be giv
en and registration will be ac
cepted. All classes except shops are
$4 for eight weeks and shops
at $5 for the eight weeks.
Twenty week classes are $8.
Seniors: Nancy Bundo c k.
Dave Carter, Sherrill Clark,
Marlys Elhart, Elaine Falwell,
Greg Fury, Grace Hamilton,
Barbara James, Dick Lamb,
Heather MacDougall, Lois May,
Jerry Mickle.
Elaine Morrill Ted Noon-
chester, Yvonne Ochs, Nancy
Pierce, Janet Saltus, Sandra
Sander, Alaine Straus, To.n
Swift, Noel Turner and Thyllis
Juniors: Bob Alley, Barbara
Baker, Sally Bullard, Sue Eud
ey, Bruce Everett, Sharoi.
Huck, June Hopkins, Denis
Lohman, Don McMurchie, Jer
ry Miller, Marjorie Osgood, Ju
dy Schopf, Morton Scripter.
Gary Watts and Alberta Wiltse.
Sophomores: Marianna Flet
cher, Sandra Gibble, Mary Gay-
le Hodgins, Kathy Ingle, Julij
Joy, Diane Lohman, Phyllis
Mapes, Gregg Monroe.
Jane Palmer, Jim Sinko, Bet
ty Sorenson, Harvey Sorer son.
Vivian Stevenson Lynn Snsee.
and Clarice Williams.
Freshmen: Judith Alley, Ca'
ol Burrow, Florence Eyrd,
Franklin Conley, Tommy Con
ner, Jean Fitch, Margaret Hull,
Carol Lininger, Kip Lombard,
Jack Marion, Steve Morrill,
Don Simpson, Pat Simpson,
Jack Tobiasson and Linda
Future Teachers of America
club of Ashland. high met for
the first time, Wednesday, Jan
uary 19. Mr. Robert Todd Is the
faculty advisor.
Officers were elected and
are: Marjie Reed, senior, presi
dent; Lois May, senior, vice
president; and Phyllis Walker
senior, secretary-treasurer.
The purpose of the cl';b is to
encourage more young people
to enter the field of teaching
and to find out more about the
qualifications of teaching and
of teaching itself.
Coming Evenis
Calendar. January 21, to Feb
ruary 19.
Jan. 21, Friday, Basketball.
Grants Pass at Ashland.
Jan. 22. Saturday, Basketball.
Ashland mi Grants Pass.
Jan. 25. Tuesday. Basketball.
Crater High at Ashland.
Jan. 29, Saturday, Basket
ball. Ashland at Myrtle
Feb. 1. Tuesday. Basketball.
Ashland at Roseburq.
Feb. 8. Tuesday. Basketball.
Ashland at Crater High.
Feb. 11. 12. Fril and Sat.. Bas
ketball. Ashland at Klam
ath Falls.
Feb. 18. Friday, Basketball.
Medford at Ashland.
Feb. 19, Saturday. Basket
ball, Ashland at Medford.
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