Rogue news. (Ashland, Or.) 19??-????, November 14, 1952, Page PAGE TWO, Image 2

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Published every mnth by the Journalism class of
the Ashland High School, Ashland, Oregon
Miss Laura Hershey, Advisor
Editor in Chief
News Editor
Club Editor
Pat Abbott
Linda Whiting
Fat Wells
Feature Writers Ann Colley, Janice Carter, Paul Clute
Sports Editor Jim Jeffries
Assistant Sports Editor David Stemple
Business Manager . Nancy Graber
Manager, Candy Sales : Ben Heitz
Exchange Editor Barbara Van Vleet
Reporters: Donna Boggess, Kenneth Daily, Leroy Hill, Paul
Clute, Joan Woods, and Sara Jamison
This one word has been striking terror in the
hearts of everyone. People miss dances, parties, and
games just because they are afraid to be in a crowd.
But the situation isn't as critical as everyone
seems to believe. So far, it hasn't turned into an epi
demic and it won't if everyone follows a few simple
health rules. If you follow these measures you can do
much to prevent yourself from getting the disease.
1. Avoid excessive fatigue.
2. Get enough sleep.
3. Avoid overwork.
4. Don't allow yourself to get in a rundown con
dition. 5. Follow every day rules of health and cleanliness.
Pel Peeves
Gregg Lininger Having a
girl who lives in Seattle.
Glen Ingle When Richie
Taylor picks me up a block
from school and takes me to
Barbara Owen Going to
Judy Briggs Having peo
ple say, "Why don't you get
Jason Wilson trying to
run chorus when Mr. Windt is
Dick Norris Sophomore
Glenda Winner blond
Pat Wells When I put a
nickel in the juke box and
someone else starts tapping his
foot to my music.
Mrs. Wright People who
go around asking for pet peev
es. Barbara Van Vleet Peo
ple who say "Van Fleet" in
stead of "Van Vleet."
Ann Colley People who
call me Annie May.
David Stemple Journal
ism. Johnie Johnson Mv Det it
Barbara. Simmonds and my
peeve is bald men who wear
Be A Sport!
At each game, Ashland High students are judg
ed as to their conduct. Being last in line for the
Sportsmanship Trophy last year should have redden
ed our faces and improved our conduct.
Perhaps you hadn't even thought of the import
ance of conduct at a game, but hasn't it annoyed you
to see others behave like babies? Both the booing of
officials and coaches and rudeness toward the other
team and yell-squad are things that can lessen our
chances for the honor of being known as a good
Start now by improving sportsmanship at all
Are You A Doodler?
Are you a doodler? The term , although coined in
recent years, describes a practice which must be as
old as writing. Everyone, loves to scribble in a preoc
cupied manner.
Here in Ashland High the custom is particularly
prevalent. Very often the results are quite interesting
and humorous, as long as they are confined to sheets
of paper, book covers, and blotters. However not all
people apreciate the same types of art. Since many
different people make use of the desks and walls in
the course of the day, may we suggest that doodlers
refrain from decorating the school and public prop
erty. Remember, the best way to keep your name be
fore the eyes of future Ashland High students is by
performing worthwhile deeds. These will be better re
membered than marking on property other than your
own, rather than when it is not welcome. .
Personality Poll
On Record
There are many new songs as
well as old ones, which are in
the topbracket of popularity
this month. Have you heard "If
I Had Wings" by Tony Alamo?
"Alter Your Love" is on the
other side.
Others that are still popular
are: "You Belong To Me" bv
Jo Stafford, "Meet Mr. Calla-
ghan" by Les Paul, "Half As
Much" by Rosemary Cloonev.
"Wish You Were Here" by Ed
die Fisher, "High Noon" by
Frankie Laine, "Somewhere
Along the Way" by Nat "King"
Cole, "Jambolaya" by Jo Staf
foid, and "Glow Worm" by the
Ames Brothers.
Have you heard "Store Bou
ght Teeth and Taffy Candy?" If
you want a laught, listen to it.
About the best sources of
fine dance music and popular
songs are the Hit Parade,
which can be heard Friday
nights at 8:30 and Lucky Lager
Dance Time, which is on every
night from 9:30 to 12:00. Ev
ery Saturday night on Lucky
Lager the "top ten" records are
played. These are the most pop
ular records of the weeks.
It's All in a Name
Not: Bill House
But: Bill Church
Not: Elaine Falswick
But: Elaine Falwell
Not: Marvin Plumber
But: Marvin Gardner
Not: Joyce Queensley
But: Joyce Kingsley
Not: Pat Buick
But: Pat Austin
Not: Jimmie Roads
But: Jimmie Bridges
Johnie Johnson
Bob Delsman
Al Caudol
David Stemple
Gregg Lininger
Bob Myrick
Bob Delsman
Gregg Lininger
Dick McNerney
Johnie Johnson
Bill Welch
Best Liked
Prettiest Hair
Prettiest Eyes
Best Dressed
Best Dancer
Best Build
Best Looking
Happy Go Lucky
Most Talkative
Glen Ingle Most Likely To Succeed
Bob Myrick Best Line
Barbara Bugbee .
Barbara Bugbee
Pat Abbott
Mary Jo Barrows
Judy Briggs
Nancy Graber .
Barbara Owen
Mary Jo Barrows
Carole Culp
Barbara Bugbee
Judy Briggs
Nancy Dunkeson
Ann Colley
Here and There
Miss George thought she
would outsmart the Hallowe
eners by putting screens on her
windows. But this didn't stop
three of our high school girls
who soaped the screens. Miss
George got them back though;
she went to the door and squirt
ed them with her water gun.
Which of you gals got the worst
soaking Shirlene, Mary Jo or
Halloween night, Johnie
Johnson was going to- burn
down the bleachers on the
football field. What happened
Johnie? They are still there.
Mrs. Christlieb was carry
ing two parts of a chair down
the hall the other day. I won
der if it is the one that Colette
fell out of in steno class.
Colette isn't the only one that
falls out of chairs. It seems
that Jerry Micke also fell out
of one. I wonder If it could be
the same chair.
There seema to be a few
thieves in last period girl' P.E.
class. They stole something
from Carol Cragle the other
day. Did you ever get it back,
Wayne South must have con
fidence in himself. He doesn't
study the football plays until
the day of the game. Do you
know them very well, Wayne.
You can always tell who, on
the football team, gets to go on
the long trips. They are always
dressed up. That's probably the
only time we'll ever see them
that way.
Seems that Tad Evatt likes to
sit on the floor in band. A ter
rific crash was heard and
there was Tad his legs
under a table.
- a
Sandy: "What's the hurry?
What are you running for?"
Richie: "I'm trying to stop
Sandy: "Who's fighting?"
Richie: "Me and another fel
He: "Can I?"
She: "No!"
He: "Aw, please?"
She: "Absolutely not!"
He: "Even if I tell you I love
you more than anyone else in
the world?"
She: "Certainly not!!"
He: "Aw, but Mom . . . All
the; other sophomores get to
stay out after ten.'
Customer: "I'd like to buy a
Clerk: "Something light?"
Customer: "It doesn't mat
ter, I've got my car with me."
Zing a Little Zong
"Once In a While" There is
vacation from school.
"Tell Me Why" The teach
ers are against me.
"Whispering" That hap
pens in every class.
"Put Your Little Foot" Out
in the aisle for someone to trip
"Stay a Little Longer" Aft
er school.
Always Late" Richard
Just a Little Lovin' " Re
lationship between students
and some teachers.
It s No Secret" Report
Wish You Were Here"
Graduation. '
'Give Me Five Minutes
More" To finish my homework.
"Don't Fence Me In" A
pair of levis.
Home Sweet Home"
Where to go when there Is no
other place.
"Shrimp Boats" Girls'
Too Old to Cut. the Must
ard" Teachers
"So Far" Driver's Train
Yea Boo" At a football
"You Passed Me By "1
"Longing" for 3:45 to come
every day.
I Get Ideas Seniors.
"Half As Much" School.
"Take Me Back and Give Me
One More Chance" tcon stu
dents to Mr. Lewis.
"I Wanna Be With You Al
ways" Ashland High School.
If it Weren't
For School . . .
If you weren't in school,
what would you rather be do
ing? This question was asked
at AHS and here are some of
the answers:
Bill Church in Stockton,
Jim Jeffries ha ha.
Ben Heitz be a book
Maryalice Philpott in the
Miss George sleeping.
Carol Fowler movin' on.
John Reynen drive a beer
Ann Colley traveling.
Dick Norris at some lake,
Mary Lou Morgan eating.
Two mosquitoes were rest
ing on Robinson Crusoe's arm:
"I'm leaving now," said one.
, 'I'll see you on Friday."
School Secretary Versatile
Being a private (?) secretary
to Mr. Parks is not the easiest
thing in the world to do, and
if it isn't an easy thing to do,
you may be sure that Mrs. Ei-
Every Friday, for several
weeks, discussions have been
held on the right and wrong
ways of working in an office
during the last- hour ' steno
graphy class.
Mrs. Mary Christlieb pointed
out some good reminders for
Not: Wayne North
But: Wayne South
Not: John Snowin
But John Reynen
Not: Ann Cocker
But: Ann Colley
Not: Gayle Deer
But: Gayle Bear
Not: Harrol Mansion
But: Harrol Castle
Not: Dave Hollers
But: Dave Hoots
Not: Elaine Drene
But: Elaine Fitch
. . c
I . ......
fice. Good posture is essential
'.he. girls to remember, always ! in office work and should be born, Mrs
whenever' working, in an of- Jpracticed at all times.
len Wright is right in there do
ing her best.
Besides raising a boy and a
girl, who are in Junior High
school, she sews, which is her
favorite hobby, keeps house,
and likes to hunt and fish.
I When her son, Bobby, was
Wright received
co World Fair because Bobby
was me nrsi cnua Dorn ounng
the ticket sales drive.
One day when Mrs. Wright
was; just a little girl, her bro
ther was driving the horses and
wagon home from school. She
was sitting on the back of the
wagon, letting her feet dangle,
when her brother started up
the wagon at a fairly fast pace.
"I Just rolled right off the back
of that wagon." she said. "I
could Just see myself walking
home from school, because my
brother just kept right on go
ing." She started to cry, but fi
nally he came back and got her.
Mrs. Wright attended school
here at Ashland, and had Miss
Million, Miss Kennedy, and
Miss Reid for teachers in Jun
ior High. Then, moving to
Klamath Falls, she attended
High School rnd Business Col
lege there. S'le married while
in Klamath Falls; then, mov
ing to San Francisco, lived
there for teii years.
One and a half years have
ben spent working here in our
"Halls of Ivy," and she deserv
es praise for all the marvelous
I season pass to the San Francis- 'work she has done!