Rogue news. (Ashland, Or.) 19??-????, November 23, 1932, THANKSGIVING EDITION, Page PAGE THREE, Image 3

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    Wednesday, November IHll'J
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Page Thrvt
Boys' Soprts M. Koherson, L. Niningvr, N. Elliott, H.' Chipman.
GirlB Sports Caroline Roee McN'eal.
Wallin Makes Touchdown
In A. H. S.-G. P. Game
Ashland Grizzlies were taken
for a fall when the Grants Pass
Cavemen trod on our local team
to the final a: ore of 44-6. Al
though this Is another defeat for
Ashland, our Grizzlies left the
'a"rmen six points to remem
ber them hy.
The Grants Pass f'eld was
in excellent condition for the
Several times during the game
Willie Durham used a sneak
flay which gained the Ashland
team considerable yardage.
Fneed also carried the ball part
of the time.
Outweiphed 15 pounds to the
man, and playing a faster team,
the Grizzlies rallied in the
fourth period and scored a lone
touchdown. It is notable that
Aehland made her first touch
down of the season against this
the second best team In South
ern Oregon. Medford being the
Gcod Turnout Is Featured
In First Basketball Call
Del Norte Boys Brought
Sand Along To Win Game
During a strenuous clash with
the Ashland Grizzlies, a team
from the Crescent City High
School subjected themselves to
penetrating bombardment of
end runs and power plunges
which drove them far into their
own territory. Yet they emerged
with II points to Ashland's noth
ing when they Tied on the field
here November 12.
Lark Vwh
After piling up the 1$ points
In the first half ot the game,
the coast boys stopped all at
tempts to snore further and at
tempted then with earnest ef
forts to check a suddenly Invig
orated eleven which had torn
down their defense with smash
ing power drives and telling off
tackle plays which were threat
ening to put the pigskin behind
their final marker.
After a steady drive to the
one yard line in the third per
iod, the Grizzlies found the op
ponents had solidified their for
wards into an impenetrable
wall and that the charging plays
gave the ball no more progress,
After being held for downs, the
ambitious eleven promptly march
ed back the coast boy'a punt to
the three-foot marker by the
same plays where again the ad
vantage was checked and the
Californians punted out of dan
ger. Another drive with similar
results was made In the second
period when the Ashland ball
was at one time not sis inches
"I believe," said Coach Faber,
that basketball is a tougher,
harder and faster game for the
fellows than football." Hence,
o- a better start in this major
sport, practice was begun on
November 14, quite a bit earlier
than usual. This additional -rrac-Ico
will aid the basketball team
In the early games.
The opening game of the sea
son has already been scheduled.
The Grizzly hoopsters will first
meet Yreka. December 9, in
local game. It was learned from
ood authority, however, that
.lits contest may have to be can
celed if the squad is not in good
.-.rape, j
Nevertheless, Ashland has a
good start. Twentf-flve men an
swered Coach Faber's first bas
ketball call of the season. A
ronp of small and rather Inex
periemed liien went through two
hours lapsing, dribbling, piv
oting, and basket shooting,
which will be the main part of
pri!tice for the next two weeks.
Pr?tlcc will he held In the Ju
nior High gymnasium every
eight with everyone except foot
lit. 11 players expected to be out
Table Rock Is Destination
of Ambitious Hiking Club
In the early 60's, the Table
Rocks were the center of Indian
fights. After attacking the set
tlers and killing two of them,
the Indians were repulsed by a
re-enforcement ot settlers and
some federal troops. The red
skins then withdrew to lower
Table Rock. After some time a
peace treaty was signed between
the warring groups.
Hikers of the school were an
xious to see for themselves the
scene nf these battles and so
they planned an excursion to
Table Rocks. Last Sunday, the
group left here at noon in ears
for the historic scene. They en
joyed full;- all the time that tltey
hud on the top of the big rocks.
Ashland Eleven Defeated
13-0 In Lakeview Buttle
L. Dalkenberg Is Selected
By Council As Yell Leader
Acting for the student body
the executive council last week
appointed La Verne Dalkenberg
yell leader. He is the former
associate leader, now filling the
position left vacant by the resig
nation of the yell king.
The executive council, com
pound of the student body offi
cers elected last fall, includes
five members. These are Jimmy
Hall, Nancy Gill, Buster New
house. Marietta Whitney, and
Robert Hardy. This group was j
called together when the po
sition became vacant to deter
mine the course of action. They
decided not to hold a special
election, but rather to appoint
the assistant to fill the position.
La Verne Dalkenberg has had
quite a little experience in this
line in high school as well as
Junior high and has officiated
at several rallies.
W'th the wind sweeping
tins, like old Mother Hubbard's
broomi the Aihland gridders rmt
l.nkelew at their home field.
Playing agaln a strong wind
file tram fe'.i the handicap.
Missing one of their best
i hAiices to win. the team I.?
to the- Lek,vi?w school by
score of 15-0. Despite their in
creasing experience, the Ashland
team did . not hw sufficient
trant:th to overcome the super
ior advantage of weight.
The team started from Ash-
laud at six o' -lock in the morn
i:isr, Saturday, November 5, and
drove all the way in threatening
weather to try their might
against another team. After the
game, the men returned to Ash
land in record time.
Although the U'am has hail
pretty hard luck so far, the.v
still are hopeful. Their chief ob
ject now is to gi'-e their oppon-
uets for the rert of the season
i'mething to Miink about. -
Fancy Box Candies
35c to $1.00
Plaza Confectionery
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Taylor
from the end zone.
Baily made the first touch
down In the first period by an
end run from Ashland's 10-yard
line. - The second two were both
made by spectacular runs from
forward trasses: Johnston's tally
ing later In the first quarter wai
fallowed by a conversion a id
Caravalli's scoring the third
touchdown In the second period.
Student's Hair Cuts S5c
at the
I."S North Main
;(! Kat Main
4th trret
W. J. Lane
Work Guaranteed,
with McDonald Jewelry
Lithia Barber and
Beauty Shoppe
Come Here For Distinctive
Hair Cuts.
"Where All the Students Go"
The next time that Dorothy
Bectel starts leading yells In
the middle of an assembly hall
song someone's gonna nominate
a new yell leader.
They tell us that Lucille
Cramer is staying at home and
entertaining a bright shiny font
ball Star until 10:00 every
night. We told ou so.
C'axh for your old pen on
the New Parker Lire-Times
McNair Bros.
On the Ilaaa
By the Post Office
Ten to Fifty Cafe
Serve hlghewt claxs food ob
tainable at lowest powdhta
We Cater to School Boya
and Girls.
May the turkey's hard
luck be your good luck!
Shoe Repairers
Roast That Turkey
Right! Use