Rogue news. (Ashland, Or.) 19??-????, April 07, 1932, GIRLS' LEAGUE EDITION, Image 1

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Debaters Meet
Coquille Tonight
Beth Joy and George F. Hmith
Placed for Prenent
Negative Team.
G. Irwin Appears
In Musical Recital
Mlsa II II ma Knander Present
Gertrude Irwin, Senior,
March 23 and 24.
Baccalaureate Audience May lie
urn To Nee Senior Capped
. and Gowned.
Oar hopeful senior! shall
-ike their debut In, the world
of affairs somberly attired in
-vlemlc robes with the accom
""'!ng distinctive caps this
i ring. So decreed by a majority
f three In the Senior class
id from quarters comes a de
5'ghtful titter, while from oth
ers Issues an ominous grunt.
The first Tote, taken after dis
"tission among; bens and girls
separately, resulted In a dead
lock! but the second time the
change of a few Totes effected
the decision.
The gowns will be
Debating between the district
winners has commenced for our
local champion this term.
Coquille will be their desti
nation on April 7. and a deci-
sion over the Coquille team will eue8uay "e" r -be
their- .m...i I dents and Thursday evening for
was beautifully
Oortrude Irwin. Senior and
talented piano student, was pre
sented by Miss Hilma Enander
in recitals on March 30 and 24.
one performance being given on
Wedesday afteroon for the stu-
1 adults.
The studio
The negative team, with Mlssl
Tomiinsun, will leave Thursday j . . , '
decorated with spring flowers,
and return Friday. The teams , k . . nt
have been changed so that Beth
Joy and Ceorge Francis Smith
are the present negative team.
If the I Ashland team wins this
debate, its next one will he on
April 22. There will be several
more debates between the district
championship teams climaxing
with the final one at University
of Oregon on May C.
Seniors So Smart
Progress Perfect
The senior play Is well upon
nts way to. perfection, as one
ither'half ' ,he flrBt art already
black or gray, the gray being memorized.
the most commonly used In hlghl Several i Interludes or between
schools. Samples have come to' " Trformances will be a fea
Mr. Briscoe's office, and a vote ture ,n ,his year's presentation,
will probably be taken soon. I Tnn Plav ' rather short, and
The seniors will wear them- to j these added interludes will pre
one. two, or three of the great f,eBt an opportunity for stu-
events Incident to graduation
comment e m e n t, baccalaureate,
and the reception. The garments
will be kept a week, and their
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Juniors Working
dents of ability to display their
Napoleon Eskridge has taken
the place of Edgar Blake as
stago manager.
Guests were met by Lois Goetze
and Neva Irwin who were hos
tesses for the occasions.
Miss Irwin, in a gown of blue
and white, received many beauti
ful flowers in appreciation ofi
her fine program. j
Miss Irwin was assisted by
Daisy Yaryan "who gave several
The program presented includ
ed: 1. llaydn. Sonota In E minor
(First Movement.)
Heller-Dels. Warrior's Song.
Schumann, Warum. Op. 12.
No. a.
Mozart. Fantasia in D Minor.
Gertrude Irwin
2. Bryant's Thanatopsls
Daisy Yaryan
3. Strickland. From a Caravan
(Piino Suite,
(a). Prelude.
)h. The Well in the Desert
fr. At Ouled Naeil
Junior Say. do you know
ther !s a town in Massachusettes
For Big prom nnmra af,er oll?
. Sophomore No. what is it
Junior Marble head.
Mrs. Gutchell, Former Teacher
Here In Charge of Contest
In Medford.
On April 16, wnen the typing
and shorthand contest is to be
held, fifteen schools will meet
at Medford high school. Chair
man of the contest is Mrs. La
Vera Moe Gatchell of Medford.
It Is felt that there will be a
great deal of competition, even
more than last year, especially
between Medford and Ashland.
In preparation for the contest,
the last three week preceding
the event are always dedicated
to concentration drills. The
squads go to various clubs and
societies to get used to differ
ent atmosphere from that of the
classroom. Thus, when the time
for the contest rolls around,
they will not feel too frightened
nnder the great strain of com
; petition.
: Tuesday. March 29. at noon.
I the shorthand squad attended a
Song to the Crocodiles meeting of the Kiwanls Cluh.
In the ballroom of the Lithia j
Springs Hotel. April 8. at 8:311
o'clock, the Juniors will once
again entertain the Seniors. Ike
Porter's four-piece dance or- '
chestra will furnish the music. Rattle! Bang! Rang! What's
The various committees are. tni tonijn(? the street? Oh.
doing their utmost In preparing Lt otDer one of thoge an.
for thU annual dance. Due to! .
.. ....... . , . tlnue pieces of mechanism that
..... . . ' ate enjoying renewed popularity
denly shrank, members of the
class are donating refreshments . at AMn,ana
For those who do not dance.! ThR FtvI( are ""morons
cards and contests axe being ar-. Here Ford Is it an eight or
ranged by Rachel Forsythe who Paenger? We wonder. One
Is also busy finding appropriate ' tne outstanding characteris
prtses. "p" of ,hlR vehicle Is the hrrn
June Elam Is helping Miss Ma- 0 low bv reaching
goon prepare two feature num- "cross the wind shield,
bers, one of which is a buries- If ou should happen to glance
que by a group i of well-known out a side window of the school
boys, of the class. Girls in the . at noon you see a unique model.
Gertrude Irwin
4. Markham. The Man With
io Hoe.
Daisy Yaryan
5. Palmgren. Finnish Caprice
Mavo, The Humming Bird.
Poldini. Japanese Etude.
Butler. At Sundown.
Gertrude Irwin
other number have obtained
striking costumes. In which they
exhibit considerable pride.
the property of Wardlow Howell
(or it is Sheldon Page?) as It
very gracefully turns around the
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Campfire To Hold
Parade and Circus
Stranger looking four-legged
animals than Noah ever saw
will he displayed in the Camp
Fire one-ring circus. This event,
will be on April 22. at the Ju
nior high school gym.
Other things of note in the
production will be clowns, a
world-famed tight rope walker,
funny-paper characters, a bi
cycle art. tumblers, a Spanl'h
bull fight, doggers, and all sorts
of freaks.
Popcorn and link lemonade
will be sold to the populace
On the afternoon of the circus
there will be a parade which
will include all the marvals afore
Approximately eighty Camp
corner on two wheels. Is is red?
No. Is it gray? What do you
think? Rut here comes the lim
ousine. It has real glass windows
and is only minus one door. You
usually see six or eight feminine
heads hern nnd there, also catch
tli n faint hell-like voices, as they
dive their representative of
Henry Ford up and down the
If you are contemplating buy
ing something to give a thrill
a-minute. Interview an owner of Fire Gills will assist In the per
one of these conspicuous me- formance the proceeds of which
chanlcal contraptions. Maybe the will be used for expenses of their
owners most Informed on the ; summer camp.
subject are the Misses Kllgore. 1 The nrkes for admission
Maroon Reclr anil Ttnhrnrnlnv I 9S nti fnr rfuli. on.'
Able members of our faculty. for students.