Rogue news. (Ashland, Or.) 19??-????, January 18, 1929, Page PAGE TWO, Image 2

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    Pago Two
Friday. January IH, l21l
The Rogue News
I'ubllNheJ St'iiii.Moiillily by the
Ktu)-nla of the Asl-land High
Editor Tom Ttewliklto
places where it is over-worked.
One goes to class with the
idea that he lg being abused in
some way. He does not take
kindly to good advice nor does
he enter willingly into the dis
cussion, tie is very disagreeable
everyone, instructor included.
Ass't. Editor Audrey Brown
business Mgr Robert Dodge
Ass't. Bus. Mgr Arthur Most
Helen Heartley
Finally in exasperation the teach
er gives way to his disgust with
words to this effect: "Mr. , why
in the world did you get up
Faculty Advisor Irene Berg .wrong this morning? Your at-
Associate Keillors Ititude has been entirely wrong
Sports Howard Wiley 'today. Snap out of it. Don't be
Grace Coombe(like that."
Society Ern,a May I After several classes one begins
Typist and Muslc- Mildrei Moss realUe that ,ne worId ,Hn t
Joke Harry Smith guch a bad place ater al, He
1 lrcuiaiiou KODert uumore ,i ,... thnt
capialn carrying the State cup, I
they will be treated (not treat!
themselves as Is now the case) to (
a banquet in the best hotel in
town. When they need shoes or
other equipment they will not
have to help pay for them but
will receive them from the
Just back of the school will
be a lauding field where the
children of the students who are
going here now will leave their
aeroplanes during the school
Exchange Beulah Wright
Junior High Thelma Good
Sylvia Provost
Dena Spencer, Leon a Spayde, John
Baldwin, Lloyd Davies, Thelma
Naylor, Rarbara Taylor, Clara
Atterbury, Pauline Gillespie, Tom
Simpson, Lauranre Leedom, Gus
Moore, Louise Hanson, Carol
as human as anyone and has Just
S) much patience which some
times gives out.
Sometimes a person says a
thing which is misunderstood. He
cannot Bee how it could be taken
:o heart in anyway except the
In the basement will be a gym
narluin as large as those at Eu.
i gene and Corvallis, containing
1 tennla courts iwlmmlnK nools.
teacher is just ! Dal4ketbaU courts etc. Upstairs
you will find a large auditorium
which the students can use at
any time they wish for dances,
parties or plays. There will be
large rooms for the boys to pass
.he.r spare time in containing
pool and billiard tables, card
way In which he meant it, but tHi,ies, and other forms of amuse,
somehow It has been mlslnter- meut.
1 preted. Someone's feelings have
been deeply hurt. One is be.
wlldered as to how the hurt can
be healed. He gropes anxiously
for the right thing to say to
straighten things out. Then in
icjT,peraii(iii he blurts out, "Oh,
don't be like that! Can't you see
what I menu' Y,,n muul nn.ler-
Locker doors flung open wi le; j stan(j
coats bunging on the doors; hats I
and galoshes on th floor under o:teu u .np,Da :... feat deal.
(other "tinfe. It "make! ttmrg
, Press Association
Senior Lockers
But what is the use of dwell
ing in the future when we are
only concerned in the present?
We won't benefit by the future
and advantages of this school so
perhaps I had betlcr keep still
or the students will become dissatisfied.
Whitman's Candies j
and jQ
McNair Bros.
The lU-vall Store
Herbert's Grocery
j PHONE 69 19 E. MAIN
' St iple and Fancy Groceries
We Deliver
Insure your radiator against
'reeling with
Union Oil Service
Ashlands Popular
j Trading Center
I HnrHv Rrn5.
t o li:..f I
AakJ-Utf. UiKb. ScbMl. ---
tkat- Trtghr not have ro revert
to slang by way of making things
all right with the world.
- ror many years the lockerg in
the hall directly back of the
assembly room have been re
served for the seniors, but each
year a few lower classmen desir
ing all the rights and privileges
of a senior, insist upon -hanging
their coats in these lockers. Their
coats in addition to those of the
seniors make the lockers crowded,
and since there Is not room for
all of the wraps inside, some must juIa('e w111 ne found
hang outsiJe. There would nn.h. i s;hool In the state
ably be plenty of room for the
- seniors and the doors would be
easily closed, but there certainly
Is not enough room for the coats,
hats, and galoshes of every per
son In the school.
When we become seniors we
like to have the privileges that
have been granted to us, unmo
lested by the lower classmen. All
lower classmen will be seniors
some time. If the proper amount
of work U done, and they too
will resent the intrusion of their
younger classmates.
Future Forecast
Of Ashland High
Yes! I'pon loosing into the fu
ture I see many strange things.
The Ashland High School of to
day will be no more and in its
the best
!o Ion per
will the athletic teams have to
finance the sports themselves,
but when they go to play for
the state championships, they
will be able to command, not a
bus which is their ambition now,
hut a large, roomy aeroplane.
And when they return, with the
Popvlar Sayings
"Don't be like that."
How often this is heard when
there is some misunderstanding.
It just fits the ailuatlon when
one is at a loss as to what next
is to be said.
Like other phrases such as
"act your age," "stop me If
you've heard this," and numerous
others, this one has a place where
It often Is very handy and many
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Silk Laces
Shoe Creams
j A. H. S
Note Books
50c $1.00
East Side
Car Keys
r. i. v
i in iitv rvcya t i
Now is the time to have
j hat class picture made.
Fixit Shop
343 East Main
Darling Studio
Pi:rtrars That Pl'"ae
Llthia Springs Hotel Bldg.
Drop In' and tfyott? 3
dining room. A meal
that will make your
mouth water.
The Avtomotive Shop
24-Hour Service
Genuine Chevrolet
Saunders & Son
Barber Shot. .
Beauty Parlor
")uaran-eed Satisfaction from
very pen purchased at our
tore. We know how to fit
Book & Music Store
Ashland's Popular
Service Station
Under personal man
agement of
in the kik s mag. j
Your Patronage is Appreciated. !
How appropriate that Janu
iry 17 Franklin's birthday
should be Thrift Day. It bIiouIJ
help you to keep that resolu.
Lion you made to save a little
livery month this year be it
jver so little.
The First
National Bank
AhIiIhikI, Oregon