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■ i l i <ì G u id e
Featuring Queer Eye for the Straight G uy’s
Jai Rodriguez as the cupid-like Zanna, the
musical packs a surprisingly emotional
punch as well. G et a head start on learning
the tunes now— the show is scheduled to
reopen on the Great White Way next fall,
and that means an eventual Broadway-to-
Portland tour.
— Mure Acito
T igers A bove T igers B elow
Ellis • Rubberneck Records
e buy organic vegetables because
we know they’re better for us and
st) we can support a positive agri­
cultural practice. We won’t buy products pro­
duced in sweatshops. We like to support small
businesses rather than dropping our pay-
checks at Wal-Mart.
So, by the same token, why not pick up
a copy of Tigers
Ahoee Tigers Below,
the latest release by
Ellis, whose musi­
cal independence
and hard work has
made her one of
the most respected
queer musicians
Her fourth and most ambitious album
yet, Tigers has been compared to early Ani
DiFranco and Edie Brickell, no doubt
because this Texas expatriate conveys so
much in her songwriting— experiences
extracted straight from her young yet turbu­
lent life that seduce with their mature,
bluesy hixiks. G uest appearances by Travis
M cNabb (Better Than Ezra) on drums and
Julie Wolf (DiFranco) on keyboards round
out the album perfectly.
T his holiday season, support indepen­
dent music and gift that special som eone
with one of the best-kept secrets in folk
music today.
—Jodt Darby
O nly O ne L ife : T he S ongs
of J immy
W ebb
Michael Feinstein • Concord Jazz
ast year, Norah Jones’ mellow brand
of jazz earned her an armful of
ammys, so it’s really no surprise
that other singers might try taking a walk on
the mild side.
In the case
of cabaret star
Michael Feinstein,
the soft touch
suits him, and this
collection of
Jimmy Webb
songs makes for
lovely atmosphere
and an interesting
departure from his usual walk down Tin Tan
Alley. His slow and smooth reimagining of
“Up, U p and Away" is particularly ingenious
and charming. Feinstein’s tremulous voice
sounds both appealingly breathy and luscious­
ly creamy as needed, and the arrangements
are up to his usual high standards.
— MA
E volve
Am DiFranco •
Righteous Babe
f there’s
we’ve learned
during the past
13 years, it’s you
can’t put Ani DiFranco in a box.
(Unless, of course, it’s a small plastic
one with a shiny compact disc
DiFranco’s 15th hill-length album
moves beyond her signature brand of
guitar-driven folk rock and explores a
variety of musical styles including
jazz and funk. Like her last two
releases, E volte showcases her
touring band—Julie Wolf on
keyboards; Hans Teuber on
saxophone, clarinet and flute;
Jason Mercer on bass; Daren
Hahn on drums; and Shane
Endsley, Ravi Best and Todd
Horton on trumpets.
If you prefer the early-day
acoustic Ani, don’t worry—
beneath the horns and harmonies,
our beloved little folk nx:ker is still
there. Fier fierce finger-pickin’ guitar
playing, her powerful acrobatic vocals
and her intimately honest lyrics conveying
sarcasm, humor and paip haven’t gone away.
On “O My My" DiFranco sits down at
the piano and gives us a jazzy tune with a
hint of the blues. On “Serpentine" she gives
us 10 minutes of passionate spoken word. The
title song refers to her personal journey and
throws a few jabs at the government.
A s a singer/songwnter/guitarist/producer/
Z anna , D on ’ t !
Original Off-Broadway Oast • PS Classics
nil disclosure: I’m completely
inclined to love this original cast
recording of the off-Broadway hit
musical; my cousin Tim Acito wrote it. But
don’t take my word for it. This is what The
New York Times had to say about this upside-
down tale of forbid­
den heterosexual
love in a gay uni­
verse: “Few shows
have the appeal of
Zanna, Don’t/ It
would take a hard
heart to resist Tim
Acito s candy-
flavored melodics
that have theatergoers lining up in the lobby
after the show to sign a mailing list for the
CD . He has turned out a number of Top 40-
worthy hits.’’
activist/folkie and overall artist, Ani DiFranco
continues to evolve.
—Jamie Bolyard JF1
A Welcoming
t r
r y
1 ‘ 1&S£S*400’^ t '
Come Celebrate
the Holidays
with as!
* * ?* * *• *
i 'i S w
Sunday Service
^ B u ffa lo C o a rti CHS
3 5 08 SE H a w t h o r n e B l v d
Portland, O regon 9 7 2 1 4
w w w .globalcxchangc.org
G a r d e n In s p ir e d G if t s
Tue 1 2 - 8 • W e d - S u n 1 0 - 8
3 0 3 3 N E A lb e r ta S tre e t • 5 0 3 . 2 8 8 . 0 2 2 0
A Religious
< arbra Streisand has made an astonish-
( V ing 60 albums. The latest, The Movie
Jr Album, is a compilation of 12 of her
favorites from movies spanning the years 1935 to
1988. Some of the songs are more memorable
than the movies they
were in, such ¿is
1935’s "I’m in the
Mood for Love" from
Every Night at Eight.
Accompanied by a
lush 75-piece orches­
tra, Streisand sounds
marvelous, and the
songs are infused with the kind of meaning that
only her unique voice can add. For instance,
her rendition of “Smile,” from Charlie Chap­
lin’s 1936 film Modem Tunes, is heartbreaking
in its simplicity and poignancy.
Streisand is the highest-selling female
recording artist ever, and The Movie Album is
one that every fan on your gift list should add
to his or her collection.
— FLryd Sldavcr
S un A gain
riu r i
Barbra Streisand • Sony Music
Kmme Starr • Maple Music
Memorial Church
text i les • housewares • cra fts
clothing «books* jewelry »toys
co ffee and chocolate too!
T he M ovie A lbum
10:30 am
710 Sixth Street • Oregon City. OR 97045
www atkinsonchurch.com • (503)656-7296
ou might know bisexual singer Kinme Starr
(her real name) from the indie movie
Down and Out with the Dolls, Kurt Voss’
rather dre;xJful tale of a troubled Portland nxk
Kind. The Vancouver,
British Columbia-based
trilingual musician
plays Reggie, the hot
drummer girl with
If yixi haven’t
alre;dy, forget the
movie and, instead,
mn to a record store to check (H it Starrs latest
disc. This third (and first all-English) release
could very well he your most fought-over holiday
gift, so bestow it wisely on all ymir friends.
In its articulate, freestyle lyrical fashion,
Starr’s 2000 disc Tune-Up effortlessly hip-hopped
its way thnxigh loaded political issues aKxit
race, gender ¿md sexuality. The grixivy new Sun
Agam retains her attitide and genuine vulnera­
bility, this time bringing sounds that are more
polished and more trip-hoppy, displaying a style
that has mellowed yet retains riot-grrl spunk.
As the title and the h;ippy beats announce,
things are looking up and moving forward.
Give this seductive prixluction a try. Yixi (er,
your gift-receivers) will not be disappointed.
— Els IXbhaut JH!
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Bottles Under $20!
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