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    december 5. 2003 <
Violence Prevention Act of 2000, a California law
prohibiting discrimination against public schixil
students on the basis of sexual orientation.
Under the settlement, the district admitted no
guilt but agreed to put in place an amended anti-
discrimination policy, provide training for teachers
and other school staff on issues of anti-discrimina­
tion and diversity, and provide educational pro­
grams for students at all grade levels on respecting
diversity. It also will pay Massey $45,000.
“I’m hoping this inspires other people to take
a stand when they feel they haven’t been treat­
ed right or when they see someone treated
unfairly,” she said. “It’s not right tor anyKxly to
have to go through this.”
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plant is not based on g<xxl medicine or sound
science, and it may cost him his life.”
William jean Gixigh, 46, was denied a liver
transplant shortly after being accepted as a candi­
date in August by the transplant ream at the
Thomas E. Stanl Transplant Institute because
Medicaid said the procedure was not "medically
necessary.” The institute is a part of University of
Pittsburgh and has performed transplant surgeries
on people with HIV tor years. Gough suffers from
advanced liver disease and is often not well
enough to care for himself because of the ailment.
According to Gorenberg, M edicaid’s justifi­
cation is simply untrue. "It’s flat-out wrong that
liver transplants for people with HIV are
experim ental and have unfavorable ou t­
comes,” she said. "T here’s a solid and
growing Kxly of scientific and medical
evidence that clearly shows HIV does not
significantly affect the outcom e o f liver
he Centers for Disease Control and
T Ì Prevention released a report Nov. 20
showing a rise in U.S. syphilis rates among
men, particularly men who have sex with
men, for the second year in a row. This
trend is of great concern to AIDS activists,
as it offers more evidence that HIV trans­
mission is continuing to increase as well.
T h e new C D C data underscore the
need for additional research to explore
the factors th a t have led to this resur­
gence in syphilis. H ealth care providers
believe drug use— crystal m etham pheta-
m ine, in particular— plays a key role in
prom oting syphilis am ong urban w hite
m en w ho have sex w ith men. A d d itio n ­
al research is needed around the factors
th a t are driving th e disproportionate
prevalence of syphilis infections am ong
Toni A tkins is San Diego’s first queer deputy mayor
com m unities of color.
T he C D C ’s report did contain some good
penly lesbian San Diego City Councilor
news: Specifically targeted government efforts,
Toni A tkins was appointed deputy mayor in 2000, to reduce syphilis among women and
Dec. 1 by Mayor Dick Murphy, becoming the
African Americans appear to have been moder-
first member of the sexual minorities communi-
ately successful. AIDS activists believe that
ty to hold this position in San Diego.
when resources are aimed at localities hardest
“I’m honored that Mayor M urphy has
hit by an epidemic, knowledge increases, and
appointed me to this esteemed position, and I’m
more people come forward for testing, diagnosis
grateful for the support of my fellow council
and treatment.
members," she said. “In a purely historical con-
“It is imperative th a t th e C D C empower
text, it’s incredibly humbling and at the same
local community-based organizations to stem
time empowering to be the first of anything, so I the tide of new syphilis and HIV infections,"
accept this appointment proudly and share this said A na Oliveira, Gay M en’s H ealth Crisis
honor not only with members of the LGBT com- executive director. “It is also im portant to
munity but all the residents of the Third District.” allow frank discussions of sexual behavior and
T he deputy’s duties include running City drug use in language that has been proven
Council meetings in the mayor’s absence and
most appropriate to reach com m unities that
meeting with visiting dignitaries and represent­ are at risk. ” j n
ing the city at official government, civic and
Compiled by News Editor JlM R aix 'STA, who can
s<x:ial functions when the mayor is out of town
or has a scheduling conflict. A tkins will hold
be reached at jim@justout.com.
the position until Dec. 6, 2004.
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aying that Penasylvania’s Medicaid program
might cost an Altcxtna man his life by refusing
to cover a liver transplant because he has HIV,
Lambda Legal argued its appeal in the case at a
hearing Nov. 19, asking the state to reverse its
denial in light of a range of scientific data and the
patient’s personal health history and experience.
“In denying our client the care he needs,
Pennsylvania’s Medicaid program is ignoring
published reports on organ transplants for peo­
ple with HIV and not looking at the patient’s
individual health status," attorney Hayley
Gorenberg said. “In the last seven years since
the advent of better treatments for people with
HIV, the medical community nationwide has
learned a great deal about organ transplants.
Medicaid’s decision denying this m an’s trans-
Ana Oliveira of Gay M en’s H ealth Crisis is
alarmed about a resurgence in U .S. syphilis
rates among men