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    g jH S t a n t » november 21. 2003
Continued from Luge 5
would like to see more positive strokes given to
the paper and its dedicated staff.
As a business owner 1 also encourage you all
T h o se w e re th e d a y s
to remember to spend your dollars in the G LB T
Just CJut is supported by their adver­
To the E ditor :
tisers, and these advertisers need your business
appy 20th anniversary, Just Out ! Your
£ anniversary reminded me of a wonderful to remain open— it is a circle. Think where you
spend your dollars and pennies; you are affecting
experience I had with one of your founders, Jay
a bigger picture than you might actually realize.
Thanks again, Just Out, and keep up the
1 have a lot of history in this town and was
amazing job you are doing. First and third Fri­
privileged to he part of the original gay youth
group in Portland, which was called Wtndfire. 1 days are always a joy to look forward to for see­
ing and reading what is new and happening.
was interviewed by Jay when 1 was 16, along
with others who were in the youth group
B ecky B ilyeu
(“Growing Up Gay in the ’80s,” January 1983,
Touchstone Coffee House
Cascade Voice cover story].
As 1 kxik hack on that interview, 1 now real­
ize how special those times were for me, how Jay
The inform tu rn e d
acknowledged the unspoken voice of gay youth
and how he turned his attention toward helping
To the E ditor :
enjoyed Pat Young’s piece on Lon Mahon and
gay youth. He also provided a safe place for me
the Oregon Citizens Alliance, hut there is
to stay when 1 had nowhere else to go.
When things were had at home, 1 ran away a one extremely important (to me, at least) ele­
ment left out, and that is the fact that Lon
couple of times and Jay let me sleep on his
couch. I assure you it was all innocent. I was not
(“O C A Play-by-Play,” Nov. 71
attracted to him and he never made a move on
In the mid-1990s my wife, Nancy, and I,
me, plus he had a boyfriend, hut if I had no place
along with several dozen like-minded, mixler-
to sleep, he would say, “Knock on my dtx>r and
ate-to-liberal Republicans, got so fed up with
you can sleep on my couch.”
1 the O C A ’s thuggish and bigoted tactics that we
Happy anniversary...and Jay, thank you.
formed the Oregon Republican Mainstream
Committee, an organization devoted to the “big
R oger V ines
tent" philosophy of the late Lee Atwater. The
O R M C (www.graphyx.com/mainstream/main-
strcam.index.html) has since become one of the
P in k in k
G O P’s major players in the ongoing struggle
against single-issue politics and litmus-test
To the E ditor :
ongratulations on 20 years of service and
Lon Mahon and his O C A storm troopers
, celebration!
had for years been masquerading as Republicans,
What would Portland he without Just Out! A
when in actuality they were no such thing.
Portland native, 1 began reading Just Out in
1984 as a senior in high schixil exploring my Thus, when this little worm of a man finally
sexuality. It was a comfort to me as I searched for announced, with great fanfare, that the Repub­
answers to the many confusing questions 1 had.
lican Party was tix> liberal for him and that he
When I was a student at University of Ore­ was signing on with the Constitution Party of
gon in the late ’80s Ju st Out was my connection
Oregon, champagne corks popped all over the
to Portland and what was happening. As a
client service specialist at Cascade AIDS Proj­
With apologies to Dr. King: “Gone at last,
ect in the early ’90s, when the epidemic was hit­ gone at last, great Gixl almighty, Mahon’s gone
ting Portland so hard, once again it was a com­ at last!”
fort to me.
And damn gtxxl riddance, I hasten to add.
Now years later I am the proprietor of
Touchstone Coffee House, and Just Out has
R olf G lerum
given me an incredible amount of support. The
paper has been the main source of my commu­
nication with the G LB T community. The paper
Hit th e s tre e ts to d efen d
has held singles parties at Touchstone, it has
ab o rtio n rig h ts
kept the calendar open for live music and
events, and it has profiled Touchstone and the
To the E ditor :
women musicians who play here.
am outraged and disappointed by the way the
As a business owner I appreciate and value
U.S. government is interfering with the right
the pages of Just Out as a way of communicating
to abortion. But Congress and President Bush
with the community. The mission of Touch­ are hell-bent on removing this right with the
stone has always been to he more than a coffee­ “Partial Birth” Abortion Ban Act of 2003.
house; it is intended to he a safe, tun and nur­
Public officials are representing the interests
turing community space as well. Just Out,
of a right-wing movement eager to eliminate
through the years, has helped convey that in
women’s freedom. Their message that women’s
many ways. Whether it he an advertisement, a
lives are not their own is conveyed through var­
calendar listing, a club listing or a story, without
ious methixls: attacks on reprtxluctive rights,
Just Out 1 know my business might not he what
government rewards for marriage and the U.S.
it is tixlay.
Supreme Q uirt’s refusal to hear the appeal of a
So I honor and celebrate your tireless devo­ woman convicted of homicide for dmg use that
tion to our community. For being a window for
led to a stillbirth. Add the increased social pres­
all of us to see through to opinions different
sure on women to stay home, make babies, care
from our own, to celebrate the triumphs and -* for parents and fill in for de-funded public serv­
stniggles and growth and change of our commu­ ices, and it is clear that the government is acting
nity from the small to the mighty.
on a mandate to subjugate women by any means
Our community would not he where we are
without Just Out. I challenge everyone in our
Capitalism needs women to fill the role of an
community to speak up and out, not just when
underpaid, expendable part of the workforce
you don’t agree with an editorial or an opinion
and provider of free labor at home. Without
printed in the paper, but when you see or read
this, the system would go broke.
something that you enjoy as well. This staff
Our elected officials play to the tune of cor­
works harder than we all can imagine, and I porate wealth and voting blix:s. They are eager
22711 N W G ILU H A N ROAD
SAUVIE ISLAND w e d - su n 10-5
6 o 2 SE 38th Ave.
Portland, OR 97214
Wed - Sat
Je w e l A . R o b in so n
B’Zillion $$$ Producer
V isit me now at:
1730 N.E. 10th Avenue
Portland, OR 97212
Northw*« Proporti«
Hepatitis A and B are highly
contagious viruses that affect the
liver. Men who have sex with
men are at greater risk lor getting
Hepatitis A and B. The Centers
lor Disease Control (C D C ) and
the Gay and Lesbian Medical
Association (Gl.M A) recommend
a preventative vaccination.
Monday Nights 5:30-7:30
Washington County Health Clinic -
I2SS0 SVC' 2nd (between
H.ill & Watson)
For m ore in form ation please ca ll
503 \ 846 \ 4734 .