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<£> < £} B rother B ear
<£%><& G othika
Disney’s latest (and perhaps final)
hand-animated feature isn’t a bore,
but it doesn’t really growl into life either.
When a young Native American kills a
bear, he is transformed into a bear by the
spirits. Now he must escape his hunter
brother and help an orphaned cub find
peace. Some fun humor but truly awful songs
by Phil Collins and Tina Turner.
— Andy Mangels
E lf
<£b <££><%> S cary M ovie 3
Halle Berry plays a psychiatrist who ends
up in her own insane asylum, accused of
killing her husband and haunted by ghostly
images. Working with Robert Downey Jr., she
must free herself and find the truth. Though
this film has a few gixxJ scares and mostly
strong acting, several scenes have all the
stinky cheese appeal of an old B movie.
— AM
M aster AND
C ommander : T he F ar S ide of the W orld
Few humans could pull off yellow tights
and a childlike Christmas spirit as well as Will
Ferrell, and he defies all expectations to deliver
a tmly magical performance. As a human who
has grown up among the N oah Pole elves, the
tall Buddy doesn’t fit in, but once he journeys
to New York, he’s just as odd there. Sure, it
gets a bit treacly at the end, but Elf is a holiday
film the entire family can enjoy.
— AM
T he E mbalmer
Although its title sounds like a good
pom movie, this bravura historical prixluc-
tion is actually about a ship of all-male
sailors in the Napoleonic era (which sounds
like the plot o f a gotxJ pom movie). Russell
Crowe and Paul Bettany are excellent leads
in this adventurous spectacle that mixes in
personality, humor and a sense of discovery
among ferocious sea battles.
— AM
Q'C> <X> T he M atrix R evolutions
If you’re the type of person who digs for­
eign films about a taxidermist dwarf (Ernesto
Mahieux) with Mafia ties who hires an obliv­
ious hunk (Valerio Foglia Manzillo) as his
assistant and develops an unhealthy cmsh on
the guy, then run— don’t walk— to Holly-
wtxxJ Theatre, where this opens Nov. 21. If,
like me, you tend to shun baffling tedium
and morbidity, then just stay home.
—Jim Radosta
Watching a random epistxJe of Jerry
Springer offers more plot and story than does
the third (and, please God, final) Matrix film.
Keanu Reeves and friends continue to mope
about in their vinyl and pleather and save the
future of mankind from evil mechanical cala-
mari (a future seemingly free from gay people).
Save your money until the DVD release or see
Elf instead. Everyone else is.
— AM
Director David Zucker
( Airplane!) takes over for
Keenen Ivory Wayans, who
was at the helm of the first two
installments of this consistently
entertaining horror film spoof. Admitted­
ly, this is the weakest of the three, lampooning
unremarkable movies (Signs, The Ring, 8 Mile)
and concentrating on physical comedy instead
of pushing the envelope of bad taste. But, hey,
it made me laugh.
What's popped
and what's flapped,
a theater near yon.
"jO Jud, bottom of the bag
<g)> only if you’re really hungry
<£> <£> <£> good effort, pass the salt
< ^ ¡ £ ^ < ^ < 2 ^ mnunm, tasty!
<?><*> <£><S><?> Ket the bi8 tub °’ com
21 G rams
Director A lejan­
dro Gonzalez Iniir-
ritu ( Amoves Petros)
has set up this
wrenching drama of
loss, serendipity and
cruel fate in a shaky,
hand-held, grainy,
hyper-realist style, so
the whole thing
hangs on the ragged
emotion expressed
in the actors’ faces.
Thankfully, those
belting to Sean
Penn, Benicio del
Toro and Naomi
Watts, and the result is one o f the best movies
of the year. Opens Nov. 26.
—Christopher McQuamj
There are different levels of friendship, different levels by which
we know and are known by others. We all seek people whose
company gladdens us and keeps us from loneliness, but the friend
who knows us Inside and out, the good and the ugly, is rare indeed.
One biblical Proverb reads:
mm i
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A man of many companions may come to ruin.
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Mot all of us are blessed to have such a friend for various reasons.
We may not know how to be close to another if sexuality isn't part of
the picture. For som e, friendship is merely an am usem ent for
avoiding boredom, while many find the risk of being known too
intimately by another intolerably threatening. Yet, without genuine,
deep friendship, with whom will we share our sorrows and joys, our
hopes and our dreams?
It makes sense to devote at least as much time and care to
seeking and maintaining good friends as we do to building careers
and making money. Who we become as we grow older depends on,
in good part, with whom we share our time. Good friends reinforce
our deepest values and challenge us to lead lives of integrity. Each of
us needs to take responsibility to be a good friend and to seek others
worthy of our most authentic self.
A M e s sa g e from th e Anaw im C o m m u n ity
A Community of Qay Men Seeking to Follow Jesus