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power to something “higher” than myself (if
need he the group), isolating myself from family
and friends who aren’t “clean” and that because
I am addicted to cocaine I am automatically
addicted to all drugs. 1 advocate for a harm
reduction approach to drug addiction. Accord­
ing to the Harm Reduction Coalition: “Harm
reduction is a set of practical strategies that
reduce negative consequences of drug use,
incorporating a spectrum of strategies from safer
use to managed use to abstinence. Harm reduc­
tion strategies meet drug users ‘where they’re at,’
addressing conditions of use along with the use
It has been eight years since I last used
cocaine. In that time 1 have earned a GED,
graduated from Portland State University with a
3.9 grade point average and become an activist,
writer, performer and filmmaker— including a
nationwide tour with the Sex Workers’ Art
Show— all while using alcohol moderately and
smoking marijuana.
CtKaine was a major problem for me, and 1
believe 1 have stayed abstinent from cocaine
because of changes in my life. For example, the
processes of casting off the stigma and hate that
have been perpetrated on me as a junkie ho,
connection with community and love of family,
learning multiple histories and oppression theo­
ry and applying it to my life, and most of all liv­
ing through art and writing for survival.
Read my chapbooks online and contact me
at www.confluere.com.
L eslie B ull
Vancouver, Wash.
Glenn Scofield Williams resfxmds: The photo
teas based on the interview of one user and a docu­
mentary on meth use m which users applied heat to
the meth and water solution. The use of heat, as I
have teamed since, is not always used and is not
necessary for its melting. I can only assume the users
who do this apply it out of habit or comfort, as a way
to reduce the shock to the system.
None of the treatment centers in the article are
12-step oriented. Only Crystal Meth Anonymous is
12-step. The others use drug treatment techniques
such as one-on-one and group counseling, detox and
in-house treatment. The only retd necessity for kick­
ing meth is a solid support system, whatever that
may mean to the user. If users can get that support
without a 12-step or treatment plan, they can be
successful. But it’s rare.
using crystal meth, please come to a CM A
meeting. You are welcome, wanted and needed.
National meeting schedules are available at
www.crystalmeth.org. Here are the local m eet­
ing schedules:
• A New Day Has Come: 8 to 9:30 p.m.
Mondays, Meeting Room West, Medical Office
Building, Emanuel Hospital, 501 N. Graham
St., Portland.
• Last House on the Block: 8 to 9:30 p.m.
Thursdays, Lorenzo Center, Emanuel Hospital,
301 N. Graham St., Portland.
• Survivors: 8 to 9:30 p.m. Fridays, Down­
stairs, 401 E. 10th St., The Dalles.
R on H uxhold
try and workers in other countries for the dis­
appearance of American jobs and the lowering
of wages, 1 blame the world economy of capital­
ism, which prioritizes profits before people. T h is,
economy uses “free trade" agreements that
export jobs to countries where labor and envi­
ronmental standards are the lowest internation­
ally. The hardest hit by these practices include
women and people of color; just look at the
example of the maquiladoras.
Here in the U nited States, African Ameri­
cans have almost twice the unemployment rate
of whites. All of us need a world economy that
prioritizes the needs of people— one that plans
production and distribution so that no one goes
hungry and everyone can thrive. T h at economy
is international socialism.
Help is o u t th e re
W hat re c o v e ry ?
E mma A llen
Radical W omen
To the E ditor :
To the E ditor :
s an interviewee for the article by writer
aily, the contradiction between reality and
G lenn Scofield Williams in your Oct. 17
the media myth that we are enjoying a
issue, 1 would like to provide a minor correction
“jobless” recovery is becoming more obvious.
to an item mentioned. No crystal meth was used Com panies are increasing their profits hy
in my suicide attempt in February. 1 have not .decreasing the price of labor through layoffs,
used crystal meth since Feb. 11, 2001.
having more employees at part-time hours to cut
back on full-time benefits and dem anding
1 am pleased to see that the gay community
is addressing the use of crystal meth. I was inter­ increased productivity with the threat of a pink
viewed for the article because 1 want the gay slip.
community to know there is help for them out
1 am one of many in the ever-expanding
there. My purpose for participating in the inter­ service sector who deals with the triple burden
of keeping a high level of productivity while
view was to provide knowledge about recovery
meetings of Crystal Meth Anonymous in the
working less than 40 hours and barely earning
enough to live on, let alone to think about vaca­
Portland area.
If anyone would like to contact me for fur­ tions, health care or savings. In addition, 1 have
to work a “flexible”— i.e., chaotic— work sched­
ther information about recovery, addiction or
that changes on a weekly basis.
support, I can be reached at 503-816-7417 or
RHuxhold@aol.com. If anyone wants to stop
Instead of blaming immigrants in this coun­
N ow accepting opinions on all topics
in "Letters to the Editor"
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