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novemb« 7.2003
O R G A N (O re gon Regional Gay and N aked) is a
social club f a gay men w ho enjoy being nude M onthly
potlucks and events G u e sts are invited to attend two
events before deciding on m em bership (PO Box 3152.
Portland, O P 97293 3152 organjnfofforganpdx org
Metro: Anti-violence
B n d k y A n f h H o u se provides emergency shelter
tor w om an identified dom estic violence survivors and a
support group tor w om en battered by women A lso pro­
vides n d w t a l support and advocacy for queer youth of
a l genders w ho have experienced emotional, physical or
sexual abuse Free, confidential and safe (Kamron
kamrongtibtadeyangle org ) ( 7/04)
Clackam as W om an's Services offers shelter, support
and re so u ce referral to survivors of dom estic and sexual
vd e n ce lesbian tx and trans fnendfy W heelchair access)
bfe TTD. relay c a ls and colect ca ls accepted (Office
5037222366 Cnss One 503654 2288 7(7/04)
Portland W om an's C r is is Lina operates a 24 hour
c o s « nlervention hotfcne for survivors of dom estic and
sexual violent:e and provides inform ation and referrals
tor shelter, counselsig. support grou ps and com m unity
education Foreign language translation available
Anonym ous meetings at Metropolitan Community
Chuich of Portland (5 30 pm Monday Saturday 2400
NE Broadw ay7 (7/04)
A gay P in o c h le G r o u p nvites others to play cards
Su n d ays at H obo s (6 pm 120 NW Third Ave Mike
L u n c h B u n c h hosts queer fnendly Alcoholics Anonym ous
m eetings at Metropolitan Comm unity Church of Portland
Portland B isexual W om en is a support and discus­
(Noon daily, 1 pm Sunday 2400 NE Broadway ) (7/04)
L iv e a n d L o t L iv e C lu b h o sts daily 12 step meet
resources for sexual m rionties w ho fall through the
cracks of tradrtnnal dom estic violence se rvice s (PO
B o x 951. lualatm. O P 97062 w ww safe4aH org 7(7/04)
503 238 6091) (7/04)
Portland Leather M e n meet every second Saturday
Rain bow Re co ve ry is a G LBT focused Al Anon
group for those seeking to recover from the effects of a
fnend or family member M eets Thursdays at
Metropolitan Community Church (6 pm 2400 NE
Broadway 7(7/04)
Se x A d d ic ts A n o n ym o u s is a 12 step program for
those suffenng from addictive sexual behaviors Any
gender and sexual orientation is welcome
(5034525961 w ww portlandsaa o rg) (7/04)
The M ultnom ah C ounty Health Department
S T D Progra m offers testing and treatment for sexual
ly transm itted d iseases. H IV testing and hepatitis A and
B vaccinations B y appointment or walk in M o st msur
(9 am 5 pm Monday Fnday except / 5 pm Wednesday
Sixth Floor. 426 SW Star k St 503 988 3700 ) (7/04)
Portland G LB T Support Group helps people dealing
with mental health issu e s such as depression, anxiety and
post traumata: stre ss d e a d e r Lightly structured activities,
group chats and e m af offer a safe environment (Jerry
503 3668059 porthndgktscpportffyahoogroups com )
Y W C A of G roator Portland C o u n se lin g Canter
offers sk k n g fee scale counseling for individuals, cou
pies and groups n a safe, confidential and supportive
environm ent A lso offers a Sexual M m onties W om en
Support G roup on Thursdays and an FtM Trauma
Survivor Support G roup on W e dn e sdays O f f / S W
lOthAve 5 0 3 29 4 7440 H 7/04)
Willamette Valley: Health
W om enspace provides a confidential shelter for
w om en and children w ho have been abused physically,
sexually or em otionally, a 24 hour hoi line, and a drop in
advocacy center for any victim of dom estic violence
Sp an ish speaking available H o sts to a lesbian and bi
w om en s support group (C risis 800
Business 541 485 8232 7 (7 / 0 4 )'
281 2800
Extended Fam ily h o sts queer friendly A lcoholics
Metro: Arts & Music
B r id g e a V o c a l E n s e m b le se e k s to e m po w e r
and in sp ire the gay. le sb ia n and b ise xu a l com m unity
w txle b u lckn g b rid g e s and pro m otin g u n d e rstan d in g
w ith the gre ater pubfcc. H o n o rs and stn v e s for d iv e r­
sity in its m em bers, m u sic and au d ie n ce s.
(503-233 9554. bndgesvocalensem bleffyahoocom .
community ofegonive.com /cc/bndges.) (7 / 0 4 )
E u g e n e S A A is a 12 ste p fellow ship for th ose w ho
are suffering from addictive sexual behaviors Sexu al
onentation is not an issu e (541 342 5582
w ww eugenesaa com 7(7/04)
5 0 * lesbian socia l gro u p for w om en m eets on the
third Saturday of the month
503 286-3575 7(7/04)
(4-7 pm 503 642-3360 or
Funny La d ie s Tea and P o se y So ciety is a social
group for lesbians 35 and older. They meet for a potfuck
on the se co n d Saturday of each month. E m af new slet­
ter is free on request, (flatapsffaol com.)(7/04)
FBm Fete lea >s tor an g le lesbians older than 30 w ho
Im perial S o v e re ig n R o se C o u rt of O re go n is
e n p y watchm q m ovies. M e e ts fourth Saturday of every
m onth (3 6 0 -6 9 4 -4 1 6 3 7 (7 / 0 4 )
the oldest gay. lesbian bi and trans social/fund-raising
organization in the state of O regon M eetings are the
first two M o n d a ys of each m onth (v/ww.rosecourtorg )
P o rtland L e sb ia n C h o ir is a nonauditioned com m u-
nrfy c h a r that w elcom es singers, supportive m em bers
and vofcxiteers. (portlanAeshianchoirffhotmail com.
wwwpkhcxr o rg 7 (7/04)
Reel Connection « a social gathering for gay men
w ho are artists, w riters or m usicians or w ho pursue
s a n e creative activity M onthly potlucks on the second
Fnday. (0 *1 5 0 3 284 2971 7(7/04)
The Roaa C ity Gey Freedom B e n d provides an
artiste outlet to A G L B T people and supportive fnends
o f ve ryn g m usical s k i levels Perform s a variety of
style s from classical to contem porary m annual and spe
a a l event concerts (5 03 790-2170 mfoffrcgfb org
w w w regfborg. 7(7/04)
Je w ish G ay M e n 's G ro u p
and place
rail for m eeting time
(503 246 5939 efmmleviffaol com ) (7/04)
Leather N igh t and Red H anky So cia l s the first
and third Fnday o f each m onth at G ail s Dirty Duck.
(9 pm midnight 439 NW Third Ave 503-224 8446
pdxsaltydgffaol com.) (7/04)
A peer facilitated Lesb ian D isc u ss io n A So cia l
G ro u p for w om en of any age m eets first and third
W e d n e sd ays to talk about changing topics. (6 3 0 8 pm
800 NW Sixth A v e *253 503227 0605 nghtonles
bos&yahoo com 7(7/04)
A tine l Pacific M a n d a r Lesbiana and G a y a is
The Le sb ia n G arden C lu b is a group of w om en w ho
love gard ens and gardening They exchange plants,
se ed s, advice and encouragem ent w hile having a good
time Call or e mail for a copy of the new sletter and
inform ation about upcom ing events (Kathe
503 909-2002 Igcoregonffaolcom. 7(7/04)
a nonprofit com m unity v o c e tor gay. lesbian and bi
A a e n and Pacific Islan d e rs Activities metode potlucks,
recreebonal ou bn gs and cultural events Fnendfy envi­
ronm ent to meet and connect with other A P I (PO Box
se rio u sly interested in the natural history of birds plants
and anim als to go out hrdm g. botanizing, tracking, etc
and to explore the m eaning of what w e see (Beth
Metro: General
12661. Portland OP 97232. apfgjxtxQyahoo com )
Lesb ian N aturalist N e tw ork form ing for wom en
3 B on sd e ty and educabon W orkshops, d n c u ssio n s
events and parties. W om en of a l orientations and prefer
en e as can connect and a sk questions during the
W om an's Wale ow ing M unch at 7 pm every second
Tuesday (503-9722233 www pdxbadqyrts net.) (7/04)
C ascad e Flyers are gay. lesbian and bi aviators,
both private and p ro fe ssio n al, in W ash in gton . O re go n
aid southern British C o lu m b ia D in n e r m e e tin gs in
Portland area. (503-701 7922 casñyersffyahoo com
C O Q SU R E a a social group for people w ho w ere
assigned a tamale sex at birth but identify otherw ise
(ternWto-mate. genderqueer, drag king, etc.) First
Sunday meehngs are open to partners and fam ilies of
anyconAgurston. (503-471-1515.
groups yihoo.com/grorp/coqsuce) (7/04)
O yha U g ld WasWaad fakes over a bar everv other
Sakaday isgK and a coffeehouse every other Sunday
or 360-254 1718 pdxpnmetimers&yahoo com
www geocities com'pdxpnmetimers) (7/04)
offers educational and social program m ing to queer and
nonqueer com m unity on cam pus and beyond A lso
helps with support and referral se rvice s for people o f aU
orientations N o n -P S U students are w elcom e to attend
activities and m eetings (441A Smith Memorial Center.
1825 SW Broadway 503 7255681.
queersandalltesffmatl pdx. edu
w ww queersandalhes.pdx edu) (7/04)
R o se City D isc u ss io n C lu b the largest open pan
sexual/alternative sexuality d u b in the Northw est, is
open to all onentations. fetishes and lifestyles that are
safe, sane and consensual M onthly m eetings, work
sh o p s and newsletter. (503972 1869.
rcdcffteleport com. www.rcdc.oig.) (7/04)
Urban U pstarts is an activity and social club for pro­
fessional gay men betw een their late 2 0 s and earty 4 0 s
Portland has m ore to offer than clubs, and we can prove
it. (PO Box 2372. Portland O P 97217. 503 285 1414
emailffurbanupslarts com www urbanupstarts com )
(pennyjiltffthefreesite com.
www whatamidoinghere g-fntts net) (7/04)
bians a g e s 40 to 55
W om an on W haols (W O W ) is a m o ta cycle club for
all w om en w ho like to nde W e meet m onthly at Jubitz.
sp o n so r riding clinics and take day trips (5 pm second
Sund ay10310 N Vancouver Way jenorwhffaol com.)
W om an W ho C o o k and Racipa Exchange holds
a potluck the first Saturday of every m onth for wom en
w ho love to cook, eat meet new friends and share
great food (503 356-9552 ¡vrffpeez com) (7/04)
Metro: Physical Recreation
A d venture G rou p Portland's gay and lesbian out­
d o o rs group, organizes a variety of activities year
round, including hiking, walking, m useum and garden
tours, cross-country and downhill skiing, rafting and
(PO Box 2201. Portland. OR
97208 2201. 503-452 5680 www adventuregrouporg)
m ountain biking
The A m n io n D r a g o n s is a lesbian focused com peti
tive dragon boat racing club Recruiting new m em bers in
200 4 W ork hard, meet new people, and have fun
(Eileen 503-762-4742 www amanondragons.org 7
F O R E S T G ro u p outings are cooperative adventures
for w om en Participants are responsible f a providing
their ow n equipm ent and ch o o sin g o u tin gs appropriate
f a their skill and fitn e ss level. All skill levels w elcom e
(Dawn and Tumi 503 659-2/82
ncc I l27ffhotmail com.
www geocitites com/ncc 1127/forestpdx.) (7/04)
The Gay W om en's Golf G roup w elcom es all levels
of players. (www turfgidz com 7(7/04)
The Lesbian Equestrian G rou p pets together f a •
equestnan activities m the Pacific Northw est (Denise
5 0 3 6 5 4 3 8 6 5 Lynn 5 0 3 777-2339 kekavffrdm p.com .)
O ut D a n cin g teaches dancing f a sam e sex couples
503-226 7919)0/04)
at Ankeny Street Studio C la sse s for different dance
styles start the first Friday o f each m onth A lso a
m onthly dance social (503-236-5129
L e sb ia n s Enjoying N ature and Scie n ce (L E N S )
out dancmgffyahoo com) (7/04)
is a fun-loving group of w om en w ho enjoy explonng ail
asp e cts of the‘environm ent Activities include bird
watching, nature w alks, archaeology, camptng, kayaking,
The P a c ific C o a s t Y a c h t C lu b w e lco m e s ga y
and le sb ian sailboat an d p ow erb oat o w n e rs to
B a d G irls is a social and educational leather and
B / D / S/ M club for se # -identified w om en with an empha-
Portland M etro Prim e Timers is a social group tor
mature gay men and those who appreciate them, com ­
ing together for social, educational and cultural purpos­
e s (PO Box 5884. Portland. OR 97228 503-286 4613
W hat Am I D o in g Haro is a social group f a le s­
afternoon S ig n up on the e-mail list at www techn­
odyke com /dykem ght (dykenightportlandffyahoo com >
(3608966665 plmffdirecway com 7(7/04)
Willamette Valley: Recovery
Metro: Recovery
for potkjck and socializing M eet men into a leather
lifestyle and keep abreast of leather happenings N o
dues, no form al organization, no officers or board, just
leather socialization for the past 20 years
Portland State University Q u e e rs and Allies
ance plans accepted, sliding scale fee S e habla espanol
Metro: Mental Health
sion group for bi and questioning women Women of
any age. race, ability a cultural origin are encouraged to
attend Topic discussion meetings second and fourth
Fnday of every month (portlandbiwomenffcomcast net)
Metro: Sexual
S A F E (Stop A b u s s for Evaryona) provides
S03-203-8426) (7/04)
m gs and m onthly clean and sob er activities for the
queer recovery com m unity (2940A SE Belmont St
(503-2355333 or 888 235-5333 www unitedway
pdx org/tamfy/pdxwomen hlml) (7/04)
organ-pdx.org) (7/04)
star gazing and an occasional ‘ lecture ‘ N o experience
n e ce ssa ry (6.45-8 30 pm second Thursday planning
meeting 503-617-1989 lots k cunnnghamffuhc com.)
c ru ise the W illam ette River. C o lu m b ia R ive r and
M u ltn o m ah C h an n e l. P ro m o te s g o o d fellow ship and
pcyclubffearthltnk net.) (7 /04)
identifying w om en who era mto S/ M . Play parties are
held on the se co n d Saturday of the month.
(503-2313992 kAikstffexote com
www spmetech comZ-awntie/kAi htm.) (7/04)
M e n O v e r 4 0 is a sm all social group that m eets alter
nate Thursday even ings (503-2465795 or
503-281 1684)0/04)
N orth w e st G e n d e r A lliance >s a social and support
organization for c ro ss d re sse rs and transsexuals
M onthly open m eehngs and socials (PO Box 4928.
Portland. OP 97208 5036462802
www rmgwpdx o rg) (7/04)
health and techniques Practices are noon Sundays at
Columbia Pool (7701 N Chatauqua Blvd
swimpdxffyahoo com www geocities com/swimpdx )
The Portland G ay and Lasb ian B o w lin g
A sso c ia tio n is in its 26th se a so n 1 M e e ts Su n d ays at
H ollyw ood Lanes D ro p m s w elcom e anytime. (3:30 pm.
4030 NE Halsey St Mailing address PO Box 80002.
Portland. OP 9/208-1002 503-7220438
bowipdxffaol com. www pdxbowlcom.) (7/04)
W hether yo u 're a running novice a a se ason e d
marathoner. Portland Frontrunners welcom e gay.
lesbian, bi and trans people of afl abilities and interests
(503-8194626 www portlandfrootrvnners org) (7/04)
Portland Upstream « a swim team tor the gay and
lesbian com m unity that offers coached w orkouts for A
skti levels C om e swim with the Pu ps and im prove your
the Douglas County H IV Resource Center in Roseburg.
(6 30 pm dessert potluck. 7 pm movie 832 Highland St
541-440 2761.) (T704)
The R o sa C ity Softball A sso c ia tio n is an adult
softball league for the gay. lesbian, bt and trans com m u­
nity, W e offer an open division (co-ed) and a w om en's
division W e are affiliated with the North Am encan G ay
Am ateur Athletic Alliance (503-552-4769
wvyw podlandgaysofthall com www nagaa org ) (7/04)
Rose town Ramblers Portland s gay and lesbian
square dance club dances al mainstream and plus lev­
els (PO Box 5352. Portland. OR 97228-5352
rosetownramblers com.) (7/04)
R o u n d sA b o u t Portland offers social dancing c la ss­
es. including cued waltz and tw o-step m rounds S in gle s
and couples w elcom e (Patty 503-234 7 8 6 8 Boh
503 231-5135. pattyfrench57ffhotmailcom >(7/041
Team Tennis m eets Su n d ays at University of
Portland A# levels of play welcom e. First time is free.
(8 3 0 amnoon 503-735-9058 or 503-282-7210
rayscottvwaffyahoo. com 7 (7/04)
Central Oregon: Social
The Lesbian N etw ork of Central O re go n wel
com es aH lesbian, bi and trans w om en for m onthly activ­
ities. inducing potlucks dances and drum m ing circles
(541-317 8457 ) 0/04)
Social group for ga y and bl men m central Oregon.
M onthly dinners, annual barbecue and holiday parties
(541-3128881 .7(7/04)
Eastern Oregon: Social
sa fe b o atin g
L u lu 's P e r v y P la y h o u s e is a social group f a self
Sonia Kasparian's imaginative works of spirit through substance is on display
through Nov. 16 at Onda Arte Latina
L e sb ig a y G o rg e m eets the se c o n d M o n d a y of
e very m onth at U nited C h u rch o f C h rist m The
D alles. V is it a s to the area w elcom e (7.30-8 30 pm.
111 E Fifth St 541 298 3879 or 541-506-2951
tesbtgaygorgeffchartec net ) (7/04)
Willamette Valley:
Physical Recreation
The O U T d o o r G rou p is a fnendly. inclusive bunch of
Eugene people w ho go biking, hiking, skating, m ush­
room hunting, skiing, hot spnngm g and just about any
other activity you can dream up O ccasional w eekend
cam ping (Kim 541-484-2147 ktmsffefnorg
www outdoorgroup org. ) (7/04)
Frontrunner and W alkers is an L G B T fitness and
social group in Eugene that m eets every Saturday mom
mg (9 am 15th and Agate Davis 541 345-1481 or
Sadie 541 683-2692.) (7/04)
Eugene's G ay Tennis G rou p meets every Saturday
and Sunday, weather permitting, at Roosevelt M idde
School tennis courts. (Noon E 24th Ave and Amazon
Pkwy kfranken8ffyahoo.com.) (7 /04)
Willamette Valley: Social
The Capitol Forum is a gay/lesbian nonprofit social
service agam zation serving the mid-W illamette Valley
(5 03-363 0006 PO Box 663. Salem. OR 97308-0663
www s alemcf org 7(7/04)
Confluence: The Willamette Valley M ixed
G A L A C h o ru s rehearses Su n d a ys at Unitarian
(4-6 30 pm 5090
Center St NE. 503 364 2370 confluenceffaol com
www con8uencechows.org.) (7/04)
Um versalist Congregation of Salem
Eu ge n e 's G ay M o vie N ight group ge ts together to
view and d isc u ss G L B T films. (7 pm Thursdays
kfrankendffyahoo com 7(7/04)
Lesbian Dane# C lu b of Eugene leeches ongoing
ballroom dance le sso n s, (suselyndffyahoo com 7(7/04)
Lesbian Se w in g C ircle m eets m the Corvallis area
to eat. chat and w ork
on projects of all kinds (Diane
54 (-513-2754 7 (7/04)
Southern Oregon: Social
A b d ill EIMs Lam bda Com m unity Center plays
host to social events and groups Call for schedule
(717 Siskiyou Bfvd. Ashland Mailing address PO Box
927. Ashland. OR 97520 541-488-6990
www atxlellis.org.) (7/04)
G ay M e n 's M o v ie N ight is every second Fnday at
M a rio n berry Sa lo n m eets m o ifh ly in Salem f a
potlucks and d iscu ssio n of b o o ks touching on the
(Cary 503-3636036
manonberrysalonffaol com ) (7/04)
gay/lesbtan/bi experience.
The R a in bo w Kennel C lu b offers a chance to get
together with other gay men Bnd lesbians and their
d o gs m Eugene
(Bonne 541 683 2793.) (7/04)