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    Beautiful Thing
An u rb a n fa iryta le
October 31
November 15
For tickets call
What's popped
and what's flopped,
in a theater near you.
T he E vent
This drama from the director of The
Hanging Garden gets some strong perform­
ances from dependable queer indie film reg­
ulars Parker Posey (not being comedic—
hold onto your hats) and Olympia Dukakis,
as well as Brent Carver as an A ID S social
worker under investigation for assisting the
suicide of Matt (Don McKellar), who
throws a hig party to say gtxxlbye to friends
and family. There are some effective hits,
hut the maudlin script really needs a tweak.
Opens Oct. 24 at HollywixxJ Theatre.
— Usa Bradshaw
I ntolerable C ruelty
George Clooney could charm the pants
off me (quite literally), which makes up for
the flaws in this old-fashioned screwball
comedy directed by Joel and Ethan Qx?n
(Fargo). Chronic bride Catherine Zeta-Jones
is a perfect match for Clooney’s slick divorce
lawyer, and the double twists are genuinely
unexpected, hut on the whole the film dtx;s-
n’t add up to much.
—Jim Radosta
503 - 239-5919
Theater! Theatre!
3430 SE Belmont
Portland, OR
dud, bottom of the bag
<C§> < £ } only if you’re really hungry
<$£)> <C%>
good effort, pass the salt
<&> mmmm, tasty!
<g> <C£> <&> <5$>
get the big tub o’ com
dix;s well by the actors, including Tim Robbins,
Kevin Bacon, Laurence Fishbume, Laura Lin-
ney and Marcia Gay Harden. (Sean Penn is a
little too Method for this film; his “thing”
works better in the upcoming 21 Grams.) If
Mystic River is not quite the powerhouse many
critics are promising, it’s still a fine example of
solid, confident storytelling.
— CM
TUéré &
ufAo$i Popular
C2 o n t i n e n t a
The M ost Men
The M ost Times
The M ost Popular
> S chool of R ock
Jack Black cements his status as a superstar
in this edgy yet endearing comedy from direc­
tor Richard Linklater (Dazed and Confused)
and writer Mike W hite (Chuck & Buck) about
a wannabe rocker who poses as a substitute at
an uptight prep school to make some quick
cash. He soon liberates the kids by helping
them form a hand, and
they teach him a few life
lessons as well.
Club S e a ttle
1520 Summit Ave
Seattle, W A
12th & S ta rk
ckjfc) m om tör: Rico
o ' TO to
l Jian art '.tmmyiT atamCr,v«lcö«»oit»oom
£> U nderworld
Stealing from The
Matrix and Blade, this
humorless flick imagines
a city infested with
vampires and hairless
(!) werewolves who are
at war, with a human
(Sco tt Specdman)
caught in the middle
Kill Bill is a visual masterpiece. Quentin Tarantino, we love you and Kate Beck insale as
a vampire huntress. T he
costuming— leather and rubber bondage— is
¿ 3 t><gà<£S><gì K ill B ill : V olume 1
the tmly thing to recommend. Devoid of
charm or originality, and with a two-hour-
More pulp fiction from Quentin Taranti­
plus running time, Underworld will make
no. Urna Thurman is The Bride, and The
audiences feel like they’re undead.
Bride is out for revenge— an exceedingly
— Andy Mangels
simple plot into which Tarantino crams as
much visual prowess, ultraviolence, and
V eronica G uerin
trash iconography and movie-geekdom as he
can. His saving grace is an overwhelming
Hollywood action prcxlucer Jerry Bruck­
passion for cinema; there’s a childlike joy in
heimer of the endless explosions and car chases
his gimmicks, and his movies make you
makes a hid for respectability with this lower-
high. Kill Bill is a feast for the senses— the
key drama based on the life of an Irish journal­
anime sequence alone!— and generally
ist whose fearless exposes of Dublin's dnig deal­
deserving of most of the hype.
ers got her killed. What most annoys about this
— Christopher McQuain
mediocre film are Cate Blanchett’s godawful
Irish accent (she must have studied with
M ystic R iver
the Lucky Charms elf) and her charac­
ter’s aggravating indifference to the
This Clint Eastwixxl-directed murder
danger she constantly puts her
mystery is more somber and intense than
family through.
most— it’s a whixlunit with the shattering
— Gary Morris
personal dimensions left in. Eastwixxl
October 17 - November 16
Portland, OR
( 503 ) 242 y )080
At TheateriTheatre! • 3430 SE Belm
ont A