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“Suddenly friends and sex was all linked to
meth,” Charles says. “Without meth, you have
no friends and no sex. You must keep doing it
to keep all you think you have gained. Even
after the high wears away, you have been psy­
chologically altered. It never goes away. Meth
changes your way of thinking. You must have a
grasp of your balls if you do not want it to take
away your life."
Not many meth users have that gixxl of
“I had a boyfriend who was into crystal," says
Huxold. “We were moving and everything, so I
tried it. It was love at first sight.”
Fantasia Williams (left) works with alcohol and drug specialist Kat Barrett at Outside In, which
encourages young meth users to move along the harm reduction continuum toward treatment
Immediately ad­
dicted, Huxold’s re­
lationship with his
boyfriend deterio­
rated when they
began hcxiking up
with other men and
going to bathhouses
while high. Huxold
kicked out his
boyfriend and tried
to kick meth out
with him. But it
wasn’t all that easy.
“I was depressed,”
Huxold says. “1 was
using again. I was
not wanting to feel.
List year 1 knew I
had a serious prob­
lem. My clients were
getting concerned.”
Then his mother
,• i.
was diagnosed with
lung cancer.
“It was like God Val Lawson leads ASAP Treatment Services’ Triangle Project, Oregon’s
wakened my life, only comprehensive treatment program specifically designed for the
saying, ‘You need to sexual minorities community
be present for this.’ 1
went to Cocaine Anonymous, was lucky enough “Rut my sponsor tcxik me to meetings and 1
kept at it.”
to find a gay sponsor.”
Last February, the fight against meth
Huxold says point blank: “Crystal meth
breaks down your whole spirit and it fucks up became hx> much. Huxold attempted suicide.
your brain. I had to change my friends because “1 had a battle. Pills on the bed," he said. “1
all my friends used. It was the hardest thing was either going to kill myself or...G od, what
when 1 was clean. I’d stay home and watch Life­ else can 1 do? 1 took the pills. But first I called
a friend.” That friend saved Huxold’s life by
time and cry."
Huxold lixiks down at the flcxir a moment, driving him to the hospital.
“1 fight every day to stay alive and not use
trying to compose himself before continuing.
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