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    TUêrê is Ow[y
" M Popula/
CC o n t i n
The M o s t Men
What's popped
and what's flopped,
in n theater near you.
The M o s t Times
The M o s t Popular
f a r m en
Club S e a t t l e
1520 Summit Ave
dud, bottom o f the bag
C abin F ever
Sick of horror flicks where the acting is
lacking and the gore is a bore.’ Then bow at the
feet of dehut director Eli Roth, who has co­
written an instant cult classic filled with nause­
ating bloodhaths, tongue-in-cheek humor and
colorful characters. 1 can’t wait to see it again.
— Jim Radosta
only if you’re really hungry’
D uplex
An unexpected queer twist (Harvey Fier-
stein’s involved, but the twist is still unexpected)
does little to aid this Danny DeVito-directed
comedy about a couple (Ben Stiller and Drew
Barrymore) purchasing a dream apartment and
eliminating ils feisty, rent-controlled centenarian
tenant. All-around clumsy vapidity sabotages
laughs that should’ve been had from the inter-
generational warfare. There are still some giggles,
but you could do better with Simpsons reruns or
even DeVito’s own The War o f the Roses.
— Christopher M cQ uam
L ost in T ranslation
Writer/director Sofia Coppola’s sopho­
more effort stars Bill Murray as a down-on-
his-luck actor shooting T V commercials in
Japan and Scarlett Johansson as a recently
wed, ennui-ridden young woman. Adrift
against the backdrop of a sometimes very for­
eign culture, the pair strike up an intense,
ambiguous friendship. Coppola has the visu­
al artistry and emotional subtlety to make
this feel like a less eccentric, more platonic
Harold and M aude. It’s a terrific film.
— CM
S chool of R ock
Jack Black cements his status as a super­
star in this edgy yet
endearing comedy
from director Richard
Linklater ( Dazed and
C onfused) and writer
Mike W hite (C huck
& Buck) about a
wannabe rixker who
poses as a substitute
at an uptight prep
schtxil to make some
quick cash. He soon
liberates the kids hy
3 0 3 aw 12th & S ta rk
Portland, OR
«Ci c I m *^. atom dnv*|(ö*xoit*coni
<C£> <j^> good effort, pass the salt
< J>
m m m m , tasty!
get the big tub o ’ com
...take responsibility for their own erotic education.
learn about waking up and sustaining erotic energy,
giving and receiving pleasure, and expressing
your desires.
- JR
City slickers Dennis Quaid and Sharon
Stone buy a house in the sticks and face
nasty opposition from local yokels in this
sleek thriller from director Mike Figgi>
(Leaving Las Vegas). Sure, villain Stephen
Dorff is a ham, but at least his lean shirtless
scenes prove h e’s no pig.
Club P o r t la n d
Club m e m ö e r : Rico onoto u o n
a band, and they teach him a few life lessons as
C old C reek M anor
Seattle. W A
S econdhand L ions
Haley Joel Osment plays a bland, apparently
hormone-free teen-ager left with his cunnudgeon-
ly uncles (the venerable but mostly wasted Robert
Duvall and Michael Caine) hy his frivolous
mother (Kyra Sedgwick, in a much-too-broad
Southem-gal performance that wouldn’t have cut
it on Designing Women). Charmless whimsy and
folksy value lessons ensue. You know the kind of
children’s movie that’s great because grown-ups
can equally enjoy it.’ This is the other kind.
— CM
C e le b ra tin g t h e ,
B o d y E r o t ic
Portland • Nov 8 & 9
Call Al, 503-493-9421
____ School
w w w .b o d ye le ctn c.o rg
U nder T he T uscan S un
J ust
After Diane Lane’s ravishing performance in
Unfaithful, 1 was so hoping she had landed one of
those cut-above romantic comedies. Rut not really.
This tale of a woman whose lesbian friends give
her their Italian tour tickets after divorce has left
her battle-scarred begins really well with genuine
emotion, earned laughs and gay-friendly subplots,
but it becomes so hogged down in metaphor and
moral it’s ultimately suffocating.
— Lisa Bradshaw
w hen
IN T H E WA T E R . . .
The Portland Spirit presents
£$> U nderworld
Stealing from The Matrix and Blade, this
humorless flick imagines a city infested with
vampires and hairless (!) werewolves who are
at war, with a human (Sco tt Speedman)
caught in the middle and Kate Beck insale as a
vampire huntress. T h e costuming— leather and
rubber bondage— is the only thing to recom­
mend. Devoid of charm or originality, and with
a two-hour-plus running time, Underworld will
make audiences feel like they’re undead.
— Andy Mangels
Portland’s favorite “Loungecorc "act
Belying the trailers,
School of Rock is
charming fun
C all
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