Just out. (Portland, OR) 1983-2013, September 19, 2003, Page 14, Image 14

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Jus« out • September
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As seen in
Vogue. Allure.
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Family Circle
( .r.iiul ripening
special 15‘VioH
First package
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skin solution lor men and women
the o n ly FDA approi rd /n >// -, m/v/ii a I, non-in i'll.' tee Irrn /in rn l /<>/• /*< vV eonhm ri/iij
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C a ll fo r a Ire c c o n s u lt a tio n
5 0 3 -2 2 8 -0 2 7 4
w w w .v e lv e t- s k in .c o m
1920 N W Johnson St, Suite 108 Portland. O K 97209
1809, 1815 A 1823 NW 17tH
c°me fry °ur m°of h w af ering
► Vegef aria* and vegan meals.
► We feafure a delicious Tofu i
► FVfaf o Purrif o and a Tofu Sweef
► Tequila Purr if o. We can make any 5
► of our dishes Vegan, dusf ask/
► Eat Fresh • Eat Healthy • Eat delicious
Urban convenience on a Green Leafy S tre e t
t i H31 S.E. Hawthorne * Wvd. Portland • ( 505 ) Z 56-5000 «
914 N.W. 2 Sri Ave. Portland • ( 505 ) Z 16-9600
k A A A A A A A
Not too far from where the city meets the
wilderness are the Rooftop Rowhouses with the
latest in hi-tech amenities, high quality finishes
and close in accessability. 1950 to 2050 Sq. Ft.
2 BD/Den/2.5 B A. $509,000 A $525.000.
T L U 'k i& h s
I w ip o ~ r t y 816 NW 23rd Avenue
Carpels, Kilims anil more
A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A i
5 0 3 274-9936
O bstetrics and Gynecology
Donor Insemination
Farmhouse Revisited: Close to MAX A PCC
Q mc &U, U/o^fv'4- f
1040 N.W. 22nd, Suite 330, Portland, OR 97210
Vintage cottage, all dressed up Great big porch
and just enough garden but not too much Wood
floors, new kitchen, baths and updated electric
and plumbing. Great for students A teachers.
1,272 Sq. Ft. 3 BD/2 BA $179,000
medicine and excelling
2330 NW Flanders, Suite 207
Dan V o lk m rr, A ssociate B ro k er
JT "!
wwsv.danvolkmer.com p
Serving the community for 17 ycaro
W inderm ere
C ro n in & ( apian R e a lly G ro u p . Inc.
While shopping,
dining or visiting in
ixJiur t l r w a s t
1 P o ! m c m ¿1
pick up your copy
of Just Out at one
of these locations:
N orthwest
Offering general internal
in sexual health care
5 0 3-226-667 8
Portland, OR 97210
Ph/Fx: (503) 295-7965
23rd Avenue Market
360 Vinyl
Acapulco’s Gold
Aesop’s Tables
Anna Bananna’s
Another Moon
Apex Pharmacy
Blue Moon Tavern
Bull Ring
Caffe Fresc o
Cinema 2 1
City Laundry
Coffee People
Coffee Time
Cracker Jacks Pub
El Zaguan
Escape from New York Pizza
Friendly House
Java Vivace
Le Happy
Music Millennium
NW Neighborhood Market
NW Service Center
New Renaissance Bookstore
• Trans Friendly
• Private Office
• Since 1988
Jean Rapp, RN, LE, CPE
503 274 1466
C o rn e r o f N W 2 3 r d & Q u im b y
Nob Hill Deli
Northwest Branch Library
Pizza Oasis
Ram’s Head McMenamins
Rich’s Cigar Shoppe
The Foothill Broiler
Three Lions Bakery
Torrefazione Coffee
Twenty-Third Ave Books
Una Mas
Village Coffee
World Cup Coffee