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The Questions;
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meetings have been held at New Hope for
years. According to Parks, who attends serv­
ices at New Hope hut was unaware of its play­
ing host to an anti-gay conference, the church
is one of only three sites in the area that can
accom m odate the annual event, which
includes a catered lunch, audiovisual presenta­
tions, department exhibits and display of
county vehicles. Unlike Clackam as’ Monarch
Hotel or Oregon City’s Abemethy Center,
however, the church doesn’t specify event sup­
pliers, freeing the chamber to arrange for serv­
ices from among its membership.
The church also provides the space rent-
free, allowing the chamber to charge lower
ticket prices in order to encourage higher
attendance— though, Parks added, the public
may always attend the presentations free of
charge. She noted that the county does not
share in the cost of the event, which is spon­
sored this year by Regence Blue Cross/Blue
Shield of Oregon.
County and chamber representatives agreed
the venue can’t he changed this year hut indi­
cated that future planning will consider context
as well as finances and logistics.
“I’m not just going to ignore it, hut I have to
look at all those realistic factors,” said Parks,
who added that she’d hate to hold the building
responsible for what people have said within it.
“These are legitimate questions, and Clacka­
mas County is about being responsive to both
reality and perception," Parker said. “If some-
Kxly perceives this as not being correct, then we
want to talk to them about that, because that’s
not what we’re about."
area’s high number of registered party voters.
Should Adams join the race for Washington,
D.C., his opposition therefore might include a
number of faces familiar to the sexual minorities
community, including state Sen. Kate Brown,
D-Portland, and Multnomah County Commis­
sioners Serena Cruz and Lisa Naito.
If elected, Adams would make political his­
tory as the first openly gay man voted into office
as a nonincumbent.
“I’m very proud of the work I’ve done on
behalf of the local LG BT community," Adams
told Just Out. “I’ve played a key role in extend­
ing domestic partner benefits to city employees
and in establishing the county’s domestic part­
nership registry. I helped to prohibit city con­
tractors from being able to discriminate based
on sexual orientation, and I worked to extend
local civil rights protections to include gender
Adams also serves as chairman of the hoard
for Cascade A ID S Project. He has served on the
board of Basic Rights Oregon and recently
helped launch Portland’s LG BTQ Community
Center Fund.
“ In Congress,” he added, “I would build on
my local work on behalf of our community to
extend federal protections for LG BTQ Ameri­
cans. I look forward to the challenge, and to rep­
resenting the diversity that makes our city and
state great places to live.”
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For more information call the North Clackamas
Chamber of Commerce at 503-654-7777.
A dams A nnounces
C o ngressional C andidacy
am Adams, former chief of staff to Portland
v Mayor Vera Katz, officially announced
Aug. 1 that he will seek the congressional seat
held by U.S. Rep. Earl Blumenauer, D-Orc.,
should Blumenauer chtxtse to throw his hat into
the Portland mayoral race rather than run for re-
"Politics is about right and wrong...not just
fixing things," wrote Adams, quoting President
Abraham Lincoln in a fund-raising e-mail from
his recently formed exploratory committee. “I
will fight to address key problems facing our
nation: The Bush administration still lacks a
coherent joh-creation strategy, even though we
have been shedding jobs for years; spiraling pre­
scription and health care costs force seniors to
chose between paying
" P olitiC S ¡S
for their prescriptions or
L i * Li
J other basic needs; key
about right ana environmental polic les
are being shredded; and
w rong... not
basic legal rights are
under attack.”
just fixing
ih in n e "
Adams, 39, also had
llllliy j
been considering a hid
— Sam Adams for the Portland City
Council seat being
vacated hy Commissioner Jim Francesconi’s run
for mayor. However, Adams told The Oregonian
that his congressional hid nixes any City Coun­
cil campaign. If Blumenauer decides to pursue
re-election, then Adams would seek other forms
of public service.
Blumenauer, who represents the 3rd C on ­
gressional District covering parts of Multnomah
and Clackam as counties, is expected to
announce his decision in September. The dis­
trict’s Democratic primary likely will reflect the
Human rights activist Kathleen Sadaat (left)
and Alyson Bolles of the Lesbian Community
Project speak out about the Patriot Act on
Aug. 5 at Portland State University
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A P atriotic P anel
he Lesbian Community Project co-spon­
sored a forum Aug. 5 at Portland State Uni­
versity on “The Uniting and Strengthening
America Patriot Act and Those in the Minority."
Panelists included human rights activist
Kathleen Sadaat, librarian Kim Willson-St.
Claire, civil liberties legal expert Carolyn Long
and U.S. Rep. Earl Blumenauer, D-Ofre. The
U.S. Department of Justice is pressuring politi­
cians to expand its surveillance powers under
the sweeping “Patriot Act II.”
D ean R eturns
P ortland
ormer Vermont Gov. Howard Dean will he
back in town to hype his Democratic presi­
dential campaign 12:30 p.m. Aug. 24 at Port­
land State University’s Urban Center Plaza,
506 S.W. Mill St.
A report released Aug. 4 by the National
Gay and Lesbian Task Force reveals he is the
first choice of a large sample of gay voters. The
random survey of 1,471 people took place at
Gay Pride events in Los Angeles, New York
City and Washington, D.C.
About 32 percent of those planning to vote
in the Democratic primary said they would
support Dean. This was nearly three times the
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